Wilders: Paralyze the Dutch Government

Geert Wilders is the leader of the Party for Freedom (Partij voor de Vrijheid, PVV) in the Netherlands. His party is now #1 in the polls, and there is an election coming up. Despite the fact that he can’t safely venture into the streets without being surrounded by armed bodyguards, Mr. Wilders plans to campaign vigorously.

Below are excerpt from today’s Reuters report:

INTERVIEW — Anti-Islam politician Wilders aims to “paralyse” Dutch govt

Jan 23 (Reuters) – Dutch anti-Islam politician Geert Wilders is counting on concern over Paris militant attacks to help him “paralyse” the centre-right coalition government and stake a claim to greater national influence.

Accused by critics of inflaming tensions in a land that has long welcomed workers from Morocco and Turkey, Wilders goes into local elections on March 18 with his Freedom Party commanding about 25 percent support — far more than any other and enough, possibly, to give him a blocking vote in the Upper House.

Wilders, who has lived under 24-hour security since the murder of Dutch filmmaker Theo van Gogh a decade ago by an Islamist militant, says he will make forays onto the street to campaign. But he will appear in public only briefly surrounded by bodyguards.
His message to Dutch electors, couched with warnings of “Islamisation” of Europe, was direct.

“Vote, vote today. You can perhaps send the government home,” Wilders said, in an interview with Reuters. “If not, you can paralyse the government. So those are very important elections.”

However, while Wilders may be able to block legislation in the Upper House, he would be hard pressed to find coalition partners to form any national government. At best he might increase his power to press anti-immigrant policies.

Liberal Prime Minister Mark Rutte’s cabinet nearly collapsed in December after losing a vote in the Upper House, where he lacks a majority.

“Most people expect that he (Wilders) will gain some seats, and perhaps even a considerable number of seats,” Henk te Velde, a political historian at Leiden University.


Wilders sees himself vindicated in his anti-Muslim and anti-immigrant ideas by Islamist militant attacks two weeks ago in Paris that killed 17 people.

He accused Rutte of failing to jail militant jihadists and said the army should be deployed to protect potential Dutch targets.

“If somebody makes an attack, you are not a perpetrator, Mr. prime minister, but you have blood on your hands, if somebody commits a terrorist act in the Netherlands.”


Wilders, on the same al Qaeda blacklist as the slain editor of French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, said he would travel to all 12 provinces to meet voters.

“There will be a lot of security, but I will do it anyway, even if it’s just to let the other people, the terrorists, see that they will not be able to stop the democratic process.”

An opinion poll taken after the Paris attacks showed the Freedom Party winning 31 seats in the country’s 150-seat parliament, more than doubling its showing in the 2012 elections and becoming by far the largest party. The governing Liberal-Labour coalition would win just 28 seats.

10 thoughts on “Wilders: Paralyze the Dutch Government

  1. The threats against Geert Wilders and the threats and following attack against Charlie Hebdo have strong parallels. I fact their stem from the same fascist ideology, where 95% are the moderate – the base of the pyramid – the the rest -the tip -that do the job through radicalization, violence and terror – one supports the other.

    Je suis Geert

  2. Godspeed, Mr Wilders.

    It has to start somewhere. If the Netherlands sets the example of electing such a Party in Europe, other countries may follow.

    Wilders could potentially be the new Charles Martel.

    Now, can someone please take care of Iran and of ISIS?

  3. I imagine when the free world eventually and finally decides it cannot live like this anymore the Godless gutless Koran abiding masses of Muslim humanity haters will get that certain gut feeling that something is just not right right. It will be too late.

    • Ah, Killjoy – Momma always said if I listened to gossip, I oughta consider the source of the juicy stories and what the person had to gain by sharing. Thus, this Prof Hein de Haas makes his living as a shill representative of these fine folks:

      International Migration Institute (IMI) at the University of Oxford where he appears to be the co-chair. IMI is a nest of Leftist academics, people unlikely to ever hold a real job.

      He also makes a nice living as a perfesser fella here: Maastricht University.

      Teaching what, you ask?? What else? “Migration and Development”. Ahem. Seeing any circles within circles yet?

      Since he makes his living offa migrants – though at the stratospheric level of graduate studies – it’s no wonder he doesn’t like Geert Wilders. I’m sure the sentiment is returned…if Mr. Wilders has noticed.

      Note the eternal dichotomy between the teachers and those that do. Geert Wilders is dedicated to preserving what is left of his country. Dr. Heine de Haas has other ideas.

  4. (Wilders,) “Accused by critics of inflaming tensions in a land that has long welcomed workers from Morocco and Turkey…” This is the classic line isn’t it? The question is though, welcomed by whom?

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