Sharia Watch UK Launched in House of Lords

The following account of yesterday’s events at the House of Lords was originally published at the International Civil Liberties Alliance website.

Sharia Watch UK Launched in House of Lords

Today ICLA attended an event at the House of Lords at which a new and important organisation, Sharia Watch UK, was launched. The new organisation will campaign for recognition of the dangers posed by sharia law in the UK, particularly in relation to women’s rights. ICLA has been highlighting similar issues as part of its Victims of Sharia Action Network (VOSAN) initiative and welcomes the creation of the new organisation.

Sharia Watch UK was introduced by Anne-Marie Waters at the House of Lords event who emphasized several times that she was only interested in telling the truth. The event was hosted by Baroness Caroline Cox who has campaigned against the use of sharia law in tribunals and councils across the UK. Lady Cox has argued that sharia law “undermines the most fundamental principles of equality enshrined in British law” in respect of its treatment of women.

The new Sharia Watch UK web resource aims to highlight the impact of Islamism in Britain, and the often hidden face of is proponents. Sharia tribunals and councils currently operate a system of family law in the UK which denies women unilateral divorce rights — even in cases of domestic violence. Sharia family law also denies child custody to women and treats their testimony as worth less than that of their husbands.

At the launch a new report, ‘Sharia Law — Britain’s Blind Spot’, was published. The report analyses the beliefs of apparently “mainstream” Muslim organisations and argues that such beliefs represent an extremist view and should be regarded as such. Some of the senior figures involved in these groups advocate not only sharia law, but “jihad” against non-Muslims. Furthermore, they express a desire for a full Islamic state — including barbaric punishments — in Britain. Such groups have been represented as “moderate” and endorsed by the legacy media and mainstream public figures.

Sharia Watch UK will show the public, and our political leaders, the extent of the threat that sharia and Islamic extremism pose to the rights and freedoms of women, freedom of speech, and democratic principles.

ICLA’s representative at the event did notice that journalists from The Times and the Daily Telegraph were present at the event. It will be interesting to see whether those news outlets actually report anything about the event or whether the event will be conveniently ignored by the legacy media altogether or relegated to parts of their website where the fewest people will get to read them.

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4 thoughts on “Sharia Watch UK Launched in House of Lords

  1. have you a face book link so we can watch and join as we /me and friends are behind you 100% this needs stopping dead mistreating women and there rights women have fought for yrs for equal rights and thay want wipe it out uk noooooooooo

  2. I remember I read a pamphlet co-authored by Caroline (now Baroness) Cox which warned of the dangers of islamisation of the UK. In those days, hers was a voice in the wilderness. The pamphlet was published by Civitas’ a community of researchers committed to discovering how best to strengthen democracy,uphold limited government,maintain personal freedom and encourage free enteprise.
    Although my worldly goods arrived from the UK in a container a few months ago, some of my books and CDs still have not surfaced including the one by Baroness Cox so I can’t give you the title. I recommend that you visit the Civitas site. They do not declare themselves as counterjihadists just people exercising common sense. Unlike the outpourings of the EU, the MSM and the mainstream political parties, their pamphlets make a lot of sense.

  3. I’m Persian and have first hand experience on how dangerous and destructive Sharia law and the Islamists can be.
    Iran went from being a democracy to a very dangerous place literally overnight .
    Sharia causes desolation and needs to be stopped.

  4. I think, at last, people are beginning to realise the dangers that Islam poses in our moderate societies. There may be Muslims who are peaceful and wish to live peaceful lives in western societies but they are far out-ranked by those Muslims who want to Islamise and take over completely by bringing in their laws and edicts and whose only agenda is World Domination. At the end of the day, if you are of the Islam faith – if Jihad is called you must follow regardless.

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