It’s WAYCIST Time for Cliven Bundy

“Who cares? He could believe Bette Midler is the 12th Imam, it doesn’t change the fact that the government has sent SWAT teams to collect a tax bill from a free citizen.”

— Kira Davis

The legacy media have been waiting for this moment: a sound bite that proves Cliven Bundy is a WAYCIST! Anyone who respects the Constitution and resists federal tyranny must be a racist, right?

You’ve probably seen (or read) the carefully edited words of Cliven Bundy about blacks in North Las Vegas. If the media were honest, they’d play the entire unedited clip:

But that wouldn’t fit the “narrative”, would it?

Here is a brief commentary on the whole sordid business by a movie producer named Kira Davis:

The media (and Harry Reid) now have everything they need to fire up the politics-of-personal-destruction machine against Cliven Bundy. By the time the FBI and BLM amass enough firepower for a second assault on the Bunkerville ranch, they can expect that public support for him will have been nicely eroded. Watch the networks prep the battlespace by playing that sound bite over and over.

I noticed last night that the Bundy clip had the top headline on the CNN website. Two weeks ago, just before the standoff under the Interstate when the Feds turned tail and fled, CNN gave the topic no coverage at all.

Funny about that.

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Hat tips: for the Cliven Bundy clip, Vlad Tepes; for the Kira Davis clip, Mike Vanderboegh.

12 thoughts on “It’s WAYCIST Time for Cliven Bundy

  1. Bundy raise an interesting point that merits discussion:
    Is the welfare state a trap, a modern but more insidious form of robbing you of your freedom and self-respect.

      • I Like Star Parker. And all the other black conservative essayists. My favorite remains Walter Williams. He has a great blanket amnesty for all whites so they don’t have to “act like damn fools” about race:

        In his gracious tongue-in-cheek proclamation Dr Williams notes the other groups who were mistreated…

        in the recognition Europeans themselves have been victims of various and sundry human rights violations to wit: the Norman Conquest, the Irish Potato Famine, Decline of the Hapsburg Dynasty, Napoleonic and Czarist adventurism, and gratuitous insults and speculations about the intelligence of Europeans of Polish descent…


        Here is a page full of information about his work, interviews, videos,etc.

        I can’t believe he’s still teaching at 78. But since his wife died, what is there to retire to? She was his true love, as is teaching. In his wiki is this passage:

        As an economist, Williams is a proponent of free market economics and opposes socialist systems of government intervention.[12] Williams believes lassez-faire capitalism is the most moral, most productive system man has ever devised. “Capitalism is relatively new in human history. Prior to capitalism, the way people amassed great wealth was by looting, plundering and enslaving their fellow man. Capitalism made it possible to become wealthy by serving your fellow man.”[13] In advancing these theories, Williams has said “That’s a challenge I love: making economics fun and understandable.”

        If Dr. Williams’ books were used in high schools (they are quite accessible and easy to read), kids wouldn’t be so gullible about the “advantages” accruing to them via the state. They’d be knowledgeable enough to recognize a scam when they saw it. But government schools will never permit that, sadly. If they did, the game would be up. Can’t have that – imagine all the unemployed politicians roaming the streets.

        If economics seems cloudy, read Dr. Williams and the fog will begin to lift. There is always a waiting list for his classes because he knows how to teach and make it stick.

        Anyhow, there are many, many black conservative writers…they are vastly smarter than the aggrieved snakeoil salesmen the media loves. All the way back to Booker T. Washington, these folks have had to take grief from those leftists who see clearly how threatening a peaceable, accomplished black person is.

  2. Cliven Bundy is naive. Perhaps deliberately so? He is being provocative and he knows it. Probably his use of the word negro is his pushback – he’s of an age which would remember the orders we were given: Negro, – capital ‘N’ was out – Afro American was in. Then Af Am was out and Black – with a capital ‘B’ was in. Then Black was out and African American was in. And when the next diktat comes down from the professional grievance monsters – “yeah, Jesse Jackson, come on in! Ring the dinner bell” – then a new name for NegroAfricanAmericanBlack, etc. will be heard issuing forth from your TV.

    You know the drill: all those heigh-ho jornolisting we go overpaid news anchors will once more cross out the old term and write in the new correct word. You will never hear the words “African American” on the news again. All the style books for media will have to be re-written. As they were for “The War on Terror” and “Islamoterrorists”…and I do believe “jihadist” is heard no more. Can’t say “evil” either. Only Google can say “evil” (in their lame, ignorant attempt to squelch it. Those boys need to hire a psycholinguist to tell ’em they’re doing it wrong. But they won’t: too much hubris).

    Kira Davis has it exactly right: how she lives her life is not affected at all by Cliven Bundy’s words. She’ll still get up in the morning and live her life. She’s also right when she distinguishes between the law and justice. In this country it has come to pass that many of our laws are not only unjust, they are harmful. They create an even more fertile ground for the crimes their ignorant laws were attempting to redress.

    Ms. Davis should have defined her terms as she understands them. What is the difference to her between “racist” and “bigot”? Or maybe it’s her way of increasing her audience. Good idea…

  3. The Precious Buttercups on Left and Right have got their panties in a twist over this. All of the supposed Right Wingers who flocked to Bundy’s defense are now running full speed away and back pedaling. Never seen a bigger bunch of cowards.

    This black man, EW Jackson, tells it correctly. Sorry, it is YouTube.

    • I’m not sure why you apologize for You Tube? Is there something wrong with it? Yeah, they arbitrarily remove videos but they own the site and their removals are predictably based on leftist points of view. People who care about talking past the p.c. rules simply find another venue.

      You don’t provide a source to make your claim about those who flocked to Bundy’s defense “now running full speed away”…will you please give some links of people who changed their views based on Bundy’s words? And those who only listened to the CNN edited versions of what Bundy said don’t count. Anyone who finds CNN credible isn’t listening. Find some real supporters who gave of their time, resources, and money. People who went there to help, people who stayed tuned in.

      Here’s one man who was there, saw what happened and hasn’t changed his mind:

      Here are some more:

      These folks are not cowards. Nor are they “Buttercups” – is that some sort of effeminate derision?? Aimed at whom? For what reason?

      Sadly, Bishop Jackson is a rabble rouser; I don’t need to watch your video to know that. I watched his campaign here in VA before it disappeared. His divisive, extremely authoritarian libertarianism made his campaign for Virginia’s Lt. Governor a losing proposition. He is not a conservative, though the media is ignorant enough to let him take that label and run with it.

      Genuine American conservatism does not espouse the things he does. Here is a succinct explanation of conservative principles:

      Russell Kirk’s work served as the guideline for young emerging conservative thinkers who came of age in the early 1950s. His work remains the most accessible.

      You have only to read the principles to see the ways in which Bishop Jackson violated them.

  4. Even if this fellow said something along the lines of “since the blacks migrated to the North Las Vegas area, the place has become a hellhole, crime is out of control, the kids in school who do want to learn are disrupted by the ones who don’t, and you can’t even go outside and walk your dog and be comfortable in the area”, I wouldn’t care if it’s “racist”, I’d care if it’s the truth or not.

  5. “Let’s assume that Bundy ‘s Islamophobic, homophobic and transphobic. So what? Does that make criticizing the Bureau of Land Management “racist” or “homophobic”?

    The very “law” Bundy is guilty of breaking is a fraud. The federal bureaucracy’s “grazing fee” was never to provide a fair-market value for the cost to taxpayers of permitting grazing on public land but simply to drive those cattle off the land, and their owners out of the ranching business” (We gotta prepare for Agenda 21, you see..)
    By the way: does anybody “think it’s absurd and obnoxious that an unaccountable government agency should rule an area the size of France, Germany and Italy combined”?

  6. I literally do not care about who is ”racist”,and who isn’t.The fact that above blacks are quoted, perpetuates the notion that blacks need to be consulted to determine what is sinful and what is not. This is also why I continually warn against changing the demographics of the United States, it will only remain a somewhat peaceful country with a white majority.

  7. It’s pretty clear that he’s not saying it was better for blacks to be slaves. He’s rather unartfully asking if life on the government dole is really freedom; if it’s the basis for a dignified life. It don’t think he harbors ill will on racial grounds; he just doesn’t have a lot of sophistication in expressing himself.

    I’ve certainly heard more open hostility expressed by black “leaders” toward white people, but somehow that doesn’t seem to bother the racism police.

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