Digging in Along the Virgin River

Mike Vanderboegh of Sipsey Street Irregulars attended Easter services at the Bundy ranch yesterday and spent some time with the armed patriots who have volunteered to guard the Bundys.

Below are excerpts from his report:

After the [Easter] service, I hitched a ride up the road to the volunteer base camp, where Jerry, the tactical commander of the Oath Keeper-supported security force led another service for the troops from Chapter Six of Ephesians. Somehow, hearing Paul’s words about pulling on the full armor of God there, in that setting, as I looked from one face to the other of these volunteers — who have come so far and risked so much already and who still risk all in a confrontation of right and wrong with the militarized police forces of the most powerful government on the planet — I shuddered with the power of the image, the emotion of that moment, unchanging since the Founding, immortal in its moral force.

There is a feeling among those who merely pay attention to the news cycle that this is somehow over, that the potential for disaster has been averted. It has not. The men and women dug in on the banks of the Virgin River understand that and are in it for the long haul. It ain’t over until it’s over. The defensive operation, almost despairingly comic in its early days of confusion, is coming together now. Volunteers come in, others leave, but will be back. The logistics, fueled by the generous donations of money and material from all over the country, are coming together, as are the various “shops” of planning, operations, communications and support. The inevitable snitches, most of them painfully obvious, have nothing to report to their masters for no laws are being broken. The paid provocateurs are gradually tipping their hands as well. Jerry, his hardy band of mission-focused veterans, and the Oath Keepers and Three Percenters who form the teeth of the teams in overwatch and the muscle of the logistics tail are doing pretty well, thank you very much, despite all the psy-war games played by the Feds, including a regular but invisible bombardment of all of the various forms of our communications by the Feds. (Notice that we still haven’t been able to get the videos of Saturday’s speeches on YouTube? Your tax dollars at work.)

Today I must fly out of here, having helped, I hope, in my own small way. Left behind will be that determined minority of increasingly confident and competent volunteers. I wish I didn’t have to leave. My instincts cry out to stay. But I have other duties that must be seen to. Yet, I know I will be back. These men and women are where God placed them at this precise moment and place in history, carrying out the function of that “well-regulated militia” that the Founders intended to defend the people in times such as these. They represent the shield, the armor, of a free people. They are also a tripwire. The Feds must go through them — they must kill them — to get to the Bundys. The Feds know this, and they are hesitant about what will happen if they try. That is called strategic uncertainty. And in the present context, that is a very good thing. They need to be cautious.

So I fly out today. But the volunteers are digging in along the Virgin River for the long haul. I have a feeling that they will still be there when I get back, keeping the Bundys safe from the evil intentions of armed bureaucrats. And as the sun rose over the desert on Easter Sunday, it was brought home to me by those twin services that here is a cause worth living for and returning to — it is a cause worth fighting and dying for as well. Jerry and his volunteers of indomitable spirit know this. They have taken the measure of the situation, the weight of their duty, and they have acted.

They are digging in along the Virgin River — a fragile human tripwire arrayed against an out-of-control imperial federal government that ought to know better. They are digging in, and they need your support, in whatever way you can give it.

Read the rest at Sipsey Street Irregulars.

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24 thoughts on “Digging in Along the Virgin River

  1. From this side of the pond all that I can offer is my conviction that there is great rightness in this thing that you do together with my abiding hope that you all come through this, your time of trial, together and intact. My heart is with you even though the corpus cannot be so. S III

  2. This kind of thing would not have happened under the American Republic as it was meant to be. The American Republic is dead and its place is an Oligarchy – according to a recent finding from Princeton University the SSM (soviet style media) have left well alone – an Oligarchy that is intent on keeping what has so far been taken from the American people – their individual liberty.

    And it is an Oligarchy that is run by criminals for their own criminal purposes who will stop at absolutely nothing to keep what they have stolen – America’s wealth.

    I note that some of the Oligarchy’s supporters are now calling for Drone strikes against those who are now prepared to fight for their personal freedoms by standing with the Bundy’s in Nevada – what hypocritical and ignorant fools those who support such action are!

    I see huge problems for those who choose to fight the evil that now runs rampant in Washington. The criminal government has the advantage in massive and technologically superior firepower available to them, while the Patriots have the logistical nightmare of keeping ammunition and supplies available to keep the fight going. And the criminal government has complete control of the air while the Patriots will be kept busy watching for what may be put into the air against them.

    This will be a David versus Goliath fight if it starts. I wish the Patriots well!

  3. I just looked at the NBC, CNN, and Fox news websites. I saw nothing at all about the standoff. It’s very strange. Even denunciations and slanted news stories would be better than just a blackout. I would think some muckraking paper, or some reporter out to make a fast name for himself would break the logjam….but, nothing. It feels like Russia under the Communists, where the only real news came from the Samizdat, the sheets passed around and retyped by hand, since the state maintained tight control over all mimeograph and copy machines.

    I’m wondering if the confrontation does degenerate into violence, how the news media will justify their previous news blackout.

  4. There is a worse thing than stealing a nation’s wealth. There is stealing a nation’s future. Through demographic sabotage, importation of millions of primitive Morlocks, lowering the individual educational and cultural standards to fit those of the Morlocks, tying the population in a net of legal sanctions and reprisals to pre-empt — as “racism” — any opposition to this depredations, putting the entire population under snoop and spy system to avoid admitting than only Morlocks do the Morlock thing, and lowering the national IQ to a level so as to permanently hobble them relative to Far East countries that have an already higher average IQ and strive to make it higher: though all those, the ruling oligarchies of all Western countries, led by the governments, are stealing the future of the indigenous serfs who were once free citizens.

    • Precisely what is happening, Takuan. demographic sabotage. All Western countries are now victims of this and our rights are being taken away by stealth, piecemeal so that the population at large are unaware. This process is supported by media propaganda and television programmes planned to divert attention from the worrying reality and worse, to encourage the process by suggesting that the Morlocks are beneficial to our culture. The stranglehold is now getting tighter by the day and will be almost impossible to break within the near future. A terrifying situation indeed.

    • Would you care to be more specific as to who these “Morlocks” are, Takuan, and provide evidence of your allegation re IQ?

      • Mark,

        The Morlocks are are what’s known in the US as NAMs — i.e. “Non-Asian Minorities.” I need to modify this further because “Asian” means in this context “Chinese-Korean-or Japanese.” All those minorities exhibit the salutary traits — we are talking about statistical means — of high IQ (105 v. 100 for Whites) and cultural imprints that stress education, achievement, lawfulness and hard work. They are, therefore, net contributors to the countries they immigrate to, with some reservations about the Chinese whose ethnocentrism may put them in a position of working on behalf of the old country (China) at the expense at the new one through various forms of espionage and influence brokering.

        I cannot go beyond that, i.e. into the issue of NAMs, as you seem to lack the most elementary factual knowledge about the subject — e.g. comparative IQ studies with race-differentiated results that now span 100 years, impact of immigrants’ race/ethnicity on GNP etc. There are library roomfools of published academic research on this, though you must persist in demanding that key from its keepers who are most uncoooperative.

        I suggest you familiarize yourself at least with the works of Charles Murray, Richard Lynn, Arthur Jensen, Philippe Rushton, Tatu Vanhanen, Linda Gottfredson, Richard Putnam, Jason Richwine, Steven Farron, Frank Salter and Michael Levin. These are all academics, so it won’t be easy for you to dismiss their writings as “racist prejudice.” Of course there are many other great writers on these subjects, but start from here. When you have acquired some basic store of knowledge that goes beyond the lying pap you have been fed in your schools and the media you consume, it will be possible for us to begin to have an intelligent conversation.

        • Haven’t been to the library, Takuan, but a look online suggests that the first academic you cite, Charles Murray, acknowledges environment as a factor in intelligence, while the second, Richard Lynn, has been criticised by other academics for highly selective use of data. Would you care to narrow the field for me?

          In any event, describing some of our fellow humans as “Morlocks” (I’ve read Wells) is gratuitously offensive.

          • Oh dearie me, we can’t have anyone feeling offended, can we? The world will end or something …

          • Mark,

            Environment accounts for somewhere between 20% and 25% of IQ. Besides, IQ is just a small part of it. Even the average testosterone quotient differs by race, as do its correlates of aggression, lawfulness, propensity to cooperate and compromise, family formation and many others. A famous academic study showed marked racial differences with respect to the ability of deferring present gratification for the sake of a future gain — and so on. Sorry, I can’t do this learning work for you; you must do it yourself.

            As to gratuitous offensiveness, if you educate yourself as to how violent crime breaks down by race in the Western countries with Black populations, or who is responsible for the majority of rapes in each and ever Western multiracial- muticulti country, or who trashes fast food restaurants becuase the chips (what we call french fries) were not hot enought, or who grooms young white girls for prostitution, you will be far less prone to be offended by those who merely report from the field of Reality. If you don’t want to do your own research, or spend time with scholarly tomes, you will find multiple references to relevant facts, figures and statistics in my own writings going back 7 years, in the popular writings of others such as John Derbyshire, Steve Sailer and Heather MacDonald, and in the daily news stories relayed by the website “American Renaissance” (and some half-dozen others, apart from all the stuff in White Nationalist media, none of which I follow). Gates of Vienna is of course an excellent source for facts that should enable you to reach similar conclusions relative to Pakistanis in the UK, Moroccans in Holland, Afghanis in Sweden, Somalis in Italy and so on.

          • Hi Takuan,

            I’m replying here to your comment below to stay in the neighbourhood, so to speak.

            I daresay testosterone levels may vary between ethnic groups; they also vary between genders. Maybe the US and other “Western” countries should discriminate in favour of female immigrants? Never mind if this may result in a drop in the birthrate, leaving fewer young people paying taxes to support the pensions and healthcare of ageing persons such as myself, as is happening in, say, Japan.

            OK, that was maybe glib (but it’s still a problem). In your reply below you draw particular attention to the behaviour of some young Muslim men in particular, which you hadn’t made clear above, and we’re on the same page there. Most crimes committed by young, non-Muslim black men, at least in the UK, seem to be directed against their own “community”.

            Your original comment referred to intelligence in particular. I’m a white Brit, mostly English with a bit of Scots. The last time my IQ was checked (in my teens, when Mammoths still roamed the Thames Valley) it was 125. You’re of mainly Slav ancestry, and let’s assume that your IQ is, say, 140. Would you characterise me as a “Morlock” relative to yourself?

            This is not meant flippantly. Variations in intelligence, and other attributes, are far wider within any given human population than between ethnic or other groups. Many, perhaps most, immigrants move to better themselves and their families by working, and they should not be lumped together with the lazy, ungrateful and downright hostile.

            So I repeat: “Morlocks” is gratuitously offensive, and suggest you replace your shotgun with a sniper rifle.

        • Takuan & Nick,

          It is bad policy to be so rude to Mark H. Even if he is a simple troll, it is better to assume that he has an earnest interest in the exchange of ideas and might want to learn more about the ideas being presented here.

          In that light, your rudeness seems counterproductive.

          Mark H: consider taking some time to work through the ideas – they are worth the effort for the open minded.

          • @RJ and MH

            I am by no means rude to Mark H. He comes across as a good, decent and intelligent man. My time is extremely scarce, both for personal circumstances and the burden of creativity — yet I have given Mark H over an hour of it in this exchange alone.

            On the other hand, the liberal persuasion is like filter shades glued to one’s nose bridge and covering all perception of social and natural phenomena. I have to try to jog Mark H. to consider how to yank off those shades, for whatever I say, no matter what facts I cite, what phrases I use — all that slides off and cannot penetrate.

            Sometimes, the futility of the effort of discussing race, gender, economics, equality, history, geopolitics etc. with liberals may manifest as curtness; you are vastly overstating the case by calling it rudeness. BTW, the same may occur when discussing religion with the most civil, likeable Muslim, for Progressive Liberalism is indeed our prevailing religious and highly fanatical cult.

            Mar H. and RJ: useful profile just came out of a man who has suffered much more than I in the bog of his peers’ hostile incomprehension: http://www.americanthinker.com/2014/04/every_man_his_own_commissar_jared_taylor_and_the_politics_of_race.html .

          • Thanks for your replies, gentlemen (does anyone still use that expression without irony? “Ladies” seem to be extinct, since even well brought up women now think it acceptable to make themselves up on public transport. But I digress…)

            RJ: Thanks for your support. I’m no troll, but quite happy to identify as a “liberal” (not a dirty word this side of the pond) except on PCMC and especially the undermining of our civilisation by Islamists and their enablers.

            Takuan: Read your link to the article on Jared Taylor, and think I’d like him; I’ve saved it for reference. I wonder if you’ve checked out his near- namesake, Jared Diamond? The spread of our common culture, which I’m happy to acknowledge as the finest on the planet, may be more fortuitous than we’d like to believe.

            In any event, even if you and the authorities you cite are entirely correct about inherent differences between ethnicities: including all of certain groups of people, even the best, under such a derogatory blanket term as “Morlocks” is unjust and unhelpful.

            Just to take black Americans as a case in point,and ignoring any special pleading for victimhood due to the inheritance of slavery, do you have a just and practical suggestion? Forced, as opposed to voluntary, “repatriation” to, say, Liberia is not an option.

  5. Got to give infowars credit here, they’ve been right on this affair from the get-go.

    Apparently some other “alternative” news outlets have taken the line that the fellow Bundy didn’t pay his taxes like a good little boy, so the state’s response was not over the top at all.

    Don’t these people realise that the IRS has been targetting people and organisations who don’t agree with the state’s agenda?

    If they are stupid enough to think that turning up at someone’s home armed, setting dogs on you, tazering you, throwing people around, threatening to shoot you and (allegedly) killing your livestock – because of a tax dispute – is A-OK and the state is right to do that … they’re just asking for trouble.

    Because as soon as someone in the IRS puts their name on a list … they’ll be next.

    And there’ll be no one to say anything about it.

    Except maybe Alex Jones and David Knight …

  6. The British are too far gone to stand up for themselves now! Wimps- An utter disgrace to their Grandparents. They are too busy looking to be “offended” on behalf of minorities…Who will soon rule them. Churchill’s nation is dead!

  7. Well done to all the volunteers and their supporters – both in thinking and those providing the moolah! We have been lied to for generations as the Left tore into the institutions and cut the West loose from its historic and moral moorings.

    From the Ukrainian mass murder in the 30s to the North Korean starvations of today, how many have they killed? Yet FDR and his crew recognised the Soviet Union when the mass-murders had been well reported on. Why? If you need to ask you are stupid. As he was. Another cretinous and dangerous Utopian.

    The Founders got it. Since FDR, no US leader except Reagan has. Thank God for him. Wishing you all well from across the pond. If it kicks off, some of us will have to support you, as you did us before when needed.


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