Fjordman Interview, Part 7: “An Entire Civilization That Has Lost the Ability to Think”

This is the seventh and final excerpt from a January 11 interview with Fjordman. Previously: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6.

Below is the final installment of the interview, recorded on January 7 and published on January 11. It was translated for subtitles by Fjordman himself.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

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Video transcript:

59:53   You were squeezed between some large millstones
59:59   that you were completely defenseless against.
60:05   They have no interest in saying sorry, we did not mean it that way.
60:12   No, I have no illusions about that.
60:15   Most people will never [apologize for what they said].
60:18   Maybe a couple of people years from now, but most of them never will.
60:25   There is a lot that can be said about this case.
60:29   One of them is the hunt for [other] culprits.
60:34   After many Islamic terrorist attacks, it is claimed that [the attacker] was a lone wolf.
60:40   Then you start investigating, and find out that his brother knew, as well as his aunt and sister.
60:45   And his father says that [the terrorist] was such a nice guy.
60:49   It often turns out that [the Muslim terrorists] were not actually lone wolves at all.
60:52   Yet Breivik really was a lone wolf.
60:55   But he [allegedly] came from a pack.
60:58   So where is his pack? We have now been searching for it for a decade.
61:03   Det mørke nettet [“The dark web”], by the writer Øyvind Strømmen.
61:07   He became a star for a short time.
61:13   It has now become quiet around him as well.
61:16   But this idea [of Breivik’s alleged flock] had a strong traction in the media back then.
61:20   That the medium itself was dark.
61:23   However, this idea is making a comeback now,
61:28   with some people saying that the Internet must be controlled.
61:31   Now, the problem is [Donald] Trump.
61:34   Trump has allegedly created fake news, so the Internet must be controlled.
61:40   This goes on and on.
61:43   This conflict is about the West’s encounter with itself,
61:49   as well as with another religion and culture.
61:52   And with China’s Communist Party, too.
61:55   I was at the debate with Steve Bannon in Oslo [in May 2019].
61:58   He did not really talk much about Islam.
62:01   He talked a lot about the threat from China’s economic warfare and China’s Communist Party.
62:06   We have seen more and more of this [problem] recently.
62:10   What worries me is…
62:13   My master’s thesis at the University of Oslo [in 2004] dealt with Internet censorship in Iran.
62:19   15-20 years ago, regimes in the Middle East,
62:24   for instance Iran, copied China on Internet censorship.
62:28   China has built its Great Firewall and become quite efficient at online censorship.
62:32   What has happened in the last 15 years is that we are becoming more like China.
62:36   This development is, frankly, rather scary.
62:39   I would further claim that this is an accelerating trend.
62:43   I have personally been using Twitter since 2012 and Facebook since 2015.
62:49   I would argue that until 2016, Twitter was relatively free.
62:53   There is a dividing line there.
62:56   I suspect there were two things in that year that scared [the ruling elites]:
62:59   Brexit, and the election of Donald Trump.
63:02   Since then, one can see a clear tendency towards increasing censorship and restrictions.
63:06   More and more people are being thrown out [of social media].
63:10   I have already decided to start with Parler and maybe Gab.
63:16   The censorship on Twitter has become annoying, and Facebook is almost worse.
63:22   They openly censored [President Trump] during the [American] presidential election [in 2020].
63:26   People are being excluded for all kinds of reasons.
63:29   I followed Tommy Robinson on Twitter.
63:35   I there read open death threats made by Muslims against Tommy and his children.
63:40   He is a family man.
63:44   Twitter reacted to this by banning him.
63:47   So he received death threats, and Twitter removed him.
63:50   Facebook, Instagram [and others] did the same. He is persona non grata.
63:58   [The treatment of] Tommy Robinson is a symptom of increasing censorship in Western countries.
64:06   This is a development that seems to continue and intensify.
64:09   I fear this will get even worse, after Trump.
64:14   Now, [dissenting voices] should be silenced.
64:17   We will not say where you are moving to, but you are leaving Norway now again.
64:22   You have not received grid [translation: amnesty or remission of sentence].
64:26   This is almost like in the old Norse society,
64:30   where some [individuals] could be outlawed.
64:37   When the public narrative about 2011 is created,
64:43   you have been given a role that you have no control over at all.
64:48   From July 22, 2011, I essentially lost control over my own life.
64:53   It has taken me a decade to regain even partial control.
64:58   Have you visited the 22 July Centre [in Oslo]?
65:02   Not really. I have passed by the Government Quarter, though.
65:08   There, [the politician] Sylvi Listhaug is singled out…
65:12   I suspected that, therefore I have not looked at this [exhibition].
65:18   The reason why this narrative is built up, I believe, is because it fills a need.
65:25   Yes. I also realize this.
65:28   You could say that I was assigned a role [in the official narrative].
65:32   I do not always take this personally.
65:35   The person that Peder Jensen is portrayed as in the media is not really me.
65:39   It is an invented character.
65:42   However, it is a fictional person who has my name and face.
65:45   Every time I apply for a job …
65:48   I have applied for numerous jobs, even in the fishing industry and in factories all over Norway.
65:55   Every time I apply for a job, people respond to the public narrative of the July 22 events.
66:02   I face this obstacle every single time I apply for work [in Norway].
66:05   Are you going to play a public role now in your new life?
66:11   Will you participate in the public debate?
66:14   Maybe sometimes. But I am starting to approach a point
66:18   where I would rather not write more about July 22.
66:25   In most cases, I will not respond in the Norwegian media either.
66:31   I have postponed my English language book Witness to Madness for several years.
66:35   It will be shorter and a little bit different from the Norwegian book.
66:38   But I hope I can finish it this year [2021]. It is now ten years since the 2011 attacks,
66:41   and twenty years since the September 11 attacks.
66:44   I lived in Cairo, Egypt [in the year 2001].
66:47   After that, I hope I am largely done with this case.
66:51   I may well publish more books, both in Norwegian and English, in the years to come.
66:56   But I have no desire to be on TV. I never did.
67:03   It is a bit provocative to speculate, but…
67:07   We have not had any [attacks], except for [Philip] Manshaus in Bærum, which was not…
67:13   Is it possible to reflect on how Norwegian society would have reacted today to a new Breivik?
67:21   I do not know, really.
67:24   I suspect there would be more censorship of the Internet today.
67:30   There were some who called for more censorship [in 2011], including Thomas Hylland Eriksen.
67:35   Yet there was no immediate spike in censorship back then.
67:40   What was a little disturbing, or rather very disturbing…
67:44   These manifestos left by that man in New Zealand. Christchurch…
67:53   It became a criminal offence merely to have it on your computer.
67:58   People were sentenced to jail simply for possessing it.
68:03   Well, you should be able to read this and criticize it.
68:08   There are scholars who study this.
68:11   Should it be criminal to possess material from al-Qaida, for example?
68:15   I do not have much of this on my laptop.
68:18   But some people have this material to see what al-Qaida says about its ideological rationale.
68:24   One cannot ban all such things, in my view.
68:27   Nevertheless, there is a growing trend towards banning and censoring speech.
68:33   This does not indicate a culture that has great self-confidence.
68:39   No. I have lived and worked for several years
68:44   in the Middle East and started studying Islam on my own.
68:50   I became more and more frightened, the more I studied Islam.
68:56   As mentioned before, I lived in Egypt during the 9/11 attacks.
69:00   What scared me the most was not that many Arabs hate the USA or the West.
69:04   I already knew that.
69:07   What scared me the most was the misleading information people received through Western media.
69:12   They claimed, for example, that no Muslims celebrated the attacks.
69:15   Yes, some did. Some of my Muslim neighbors celebrated [the Jihadist attacks] with cakes.
69:22   This frightened me the most.
69:25   We are talking about an entire civilization that has lost the ability to think.
69:30   Lost the ability to recognize itself as well as to recognize its enemies.
69:34   Here, we should refer to Sun Tzu in the Art of War:
69:39   “If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.”
69:44   It does not matter what kind of technology you have.
69:47   This is basically where we [in the Western world] are today.

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5 thoughts on “Fjordman Interview, Part 7: “An Entire Civilization That Has Lost the Ability to Think”

  1. Re: “An Entire Civilization That Has Lost the Ability to Think”

    Yes, it is true that civilizations have life-cycles: They’re brought into existence, grow, mature, remain stable and prosperous for a time, and then decline and perhaps even disappear entirely.

    However that historical pattern does not always describe the arc of each and every civilization. Sometimes civilizations perish before their time. Like people, they can die a slow death or a rapid one. They can die of natural causes, or they can be killed – murdered – just as any individual human being can.

    Western civilization isn’t dying of natural causes, or even committing suicide; it has been under unrelenting attack for decades by enemies within and without – who wish its death, and are doing everything in their power to hasten its arrival. Should that death occur, it will have been a premeditated act, a murder in cold blood.

    The enstupidification of her people is just one of the many means by which the globalist elites have attacked ordinary western men and women and the civilization built by their ancestors. These so-called “elites” have waged an unrelenting campaign of psychological warfare, gas-lighting, brain-washing, indoctrination into political correctness and group-think, and the simple dumbing-down of the population.

    Left untampered with, legacy European civilization was high-IQ, high-trust in function, high achievement in outcome. Intelligent people, however, have little need of rulers – hence the deliberate watering-down and dilution of European genetic heritage with the diaspora of the Third World.

    This is where the propaganda entered into it. As long ago as 1968, British member of Parliament Enoch Powell gave what has since been termed his “Rivers of Blood” speech, which has proved to be remarkably prescient about the hazards of untrammeled mass immigration into Britain (and the West in general). If one read novels, Jean Raspail’s “Camp of the Saints” foretold much the same message. However, wave upon wave of relentless propaganda was directed against the European public, telling them that they should not believe what their eyes and ears were sensing, not heed the warnings made to them by patriots like Powell and others.

    Intuitively, humans possess what biologists term “in-group, out-group behavior,” which is nothing more than the genetic predisposition all humans have, in one degree or another, to prefer their own kind to outsiders. Taken to extremes, this may be one of the wellsprings of racism and xenophobia, but in modest amounts, most anthropologists, sociobiologists and other experts in the genetic/developmental bases of human behavior agree, it has a modest beneficial function or acts neither as a positive or negative influence.

    That such genetic/biological preferences exist is settled (if controversial, in certain quarters) science. As recently as half a century ago, a parent expressing the desire that his son or daughter marry someone of the same race, ethnicity, religious heritage or culture, was unremarkable and uncontroversial. Today, however, the commissars of PC have turned such once innocent statements into thought crimes. Why? Because their bosses are trying to remake Europe in the racially-hybridized vision of Count Richard Coudenhove von Kalergi, that’s why. Kalergi being the acknowledged founder of modern globalism, and a confessed eugenicist.

    In sum, then, the powers-that-be do not want Europeans – or the people of European civilization – to think about what is going on around them, about what is being engineered to happen around them. They’ll do our thinking for us, they say – and they are much more comfortable with people who behave like docile cattle or sheep in the field than actual sentient human beings.

    “In a time/state of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act”
    – George Orwell

    Orwell was right, or whoever authored that observation. Nothing frightens the would-be tyrants more than people who think – and act – for themselves. The link between liberty and learning was known to the ancients; learn not only for its own sake, but in order to live as a free and sentient human being. Steer your own ship of life Learn to think for yourself. Be an informed skeptic. Question authority. Be a life-long learner and don’t follow the herd just because it is there and going a certain way. Develop whatever skills and talents you possess; they are your unique gift to the world. according to your own course. Blaze your own path. Be a light in the darkness.

    And if the worst happens and classical European civilization perishes for a time, then it will be incumbent upon its people to preserve whatever can be salvaged for future generations. Like the monks in the monasteries a millennium or more ago, who struggled during the Dark Ages to preserve what was best of classical Greco-Roman civilization and the antiquities, we must do the same.

    • 3rd world Diversity = Balkanization = Massive Bloodshed. History has shown this time and time again, yet the left, who wants to destroy Western Civilization, keep ramming it down our throats, they will be shocked and horrified when the results of their marxist utopia backfire. For we are tribal for a bloody good reason.

  2. “We must do the same. ” But how ? The laws prohibiting you from thinking out of the box are already written . One cannot even say ” birds of a feather flock together” because it implies cultural , racial and religious association , and thats a no-no. Thats racism.
    We cannot correct the labour camp death stats and the reasons why they died , that means prison. And so it goes.
    But besides all those laws , I still tell a spade its a spade . Older people like me know where we stand in history and how things really went and why . Not this nonsense they tell you today.

  3. @ Michael Lawson

    Re: “‘We must do the same. ‘ But how ?”

    Only you can answer that question, for only you know your precise circumstances, your desires, your determination to do or not to do, and so forth. But having said that, the short answer is: “Whatever it is in your power to do”….

  4. Fjordman – if you need a job, why not try Eastern Europe? It may not be Norwegian level of pay, but I’m sure there’d be lots of opportunities – you must have fans in Polish and Hungarian government, for example. And they have lots of staff (ie public TV) in Norway too.

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