BREAKING: Fjordzilla Rampages Through Downtown Oslo

The second anniversary of the massacre by Anders Behring Breivik was marked by an outpouring of even more journalistic bile than usual directed at Fjordman.

In the space of a single month, from late June until late July 2013, the Norwegian media have compared Fjordman to Adolf Hitler, Vidkun Quisling, Heinrich Himmler, and several convicted murderers. It has been suggested that he represents a “modernized Nazism”.

A journalist in Adresseavisen referred to him as “Breivik’s ideological mentor”.

Øyvind Strømmen insists that the mass media don’t tell people how extreme Fjordman really is. At the same time, a professor emeritus in history, Hans Fredrik Dahl, wrote in one of the country’s three largest newspapers directly comparing Fjordman to Adolf Hitler. He predicts that there will now be more books exposing the alleged “right-wing extremist” ideology behind Breivik.

I’m afraid that Messrs. Strømmen, Dahl, et al. have it wrong. They have greatly underestimated the monstrously evil danger that has been spawned and is growing in their very midst.

It’s worse than Quisling. It’s worse than Hitler.

It’s worse than Lex Luthor, Darth Vader, and Sauron combined.


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  1. I don’t know the Norwegian legal system but isn’t he able to fill in a complaint against them because of defamation? He’s a citizen like you and me and so he should (!) have got the same abilities & rights to stand up against the Norwegian media

  2. The years pass, and the Norwegian Multiculti establishment gets more and more IRRATIONAL.

  3. It’s so bizarrely counter-logical, the using of Fjordman as a target to blame. His convenient usage for deflection and related psychological purposes is just so transparent. Even a child could recognize the unnaturalness of locating the responsibility for Brevik’s actions in Fjordman’s published writings.

    A big group-think dynamic may be crucial to most Norwegians’ agreement with this laughably specious narrative.

    Not altogether off-topic, I last night found myself reading an interesting article about Norway’s key role in the grotesque ‘management’ of former Yugoslavia. As well as Norway’s similar dishonest destructive role in other “peacemaking.” I’m struck by the distinct *costume* of agenda-free decency, so distinctly civilized, never self-serving, etc. that Norway wears as it embarks on contra-reality courses where it self-righteously smears some party as an evildoer, and perhaps brings on that party’s actual destruction.

    And I wonder if some related tendency is among the drivers of this horror show.

    • Thank you for the link to that site. The essay is from 2005. If I recall correctly, Fjordman once served as an observer in one of Norway’s “peace-keeping” missions – though I may be mistaken in my memory of that. However, if that is the case…lets hope he talks about it in his book because if there is one thing the man does it is observe.

      This could also explain the elites’ unrelenting attacks on him. Aside from the cultural obsession with scapegoats and assigning blame there could be further insecurities they can’t fully soothe without thoroughly discrediting an innocent man.

      There sure are some tantalizing references in that piece. Who knew Norway figured in the founding of the OSCE??

      Or that the US contingent back then was packed with CIA operatives?

      It has been my unprovable contention for a long time that “CIA operatives” were also over-represented in Norway until Wiki Leaks sent them scurrying out of the country.

      But the book about all that skull-duggery remains to be written, and that will be a long time after the major players are long gone. Perhaps later generatiosn may safely search, holding onto some of the labyrinthian red threads that twine themselves back to ABB. At that point his display of an encyclopedic ‘understanding’ of minor American conservatives (knowledgemanifestly beyond the man’s life experience or pay grade) will become clearer.

      There are lots of names in that piece to look up.

  4. These people need to have read Fjordman’s work in order to know what they’re talking about.

    (The alternative is they haven’t read it, and quite literally, don’t know what they’re talking about.)

    If as they claim, Fjordman’s work causes a sane rational person to go loopy and run around shooting people then why haven’t they gone loopy and run around shooting people?

    Just a little question for them to ponder … a little logical point there …

    Also: if they want to link writings to violent deeds then they ought to investigate the Koran & the connection between it and the actions of people like Mohamed Merah.

  5. I trust that Fjordman will share the spoils when he decides to take over France. We Canadians deserve a few tidbits too…

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