Journalistic Malfeasance and the Kangaroo Court

Over at the Conservative Treehouse Sundance describes Bill Whittle’s video as having “quite an impact”.

Now there’s an understatement. In the four days since Mr. Whittle aired his criticism of what went down in Sanford, and his praise for The Misfits (Sundance & Crew) and Jack Cashill’s essays the numbers of hits keep climbing for this latest “Afterburner” video. When Sundance published his update, the counter was over 500,000 views. It has since climbed another 156,000 and shows little sign of slowing. In addition to that video, he provides thumbnail links to previous PJ videos which have received a high number of views.

Since I subscribe to Bill Whittle’s channel, I saw this video when it first aired. His work is admirable and this one is a particularly fine effort. I hadn’t planned to publish it since it appears in so many other places, but requests for us to put it up continue to come in:

An essay by Paul Green was not available when Mr. Whittle’s video was posted, but our readers will find his ideas congenial. Yesterday, Paul took the conservative poo-bahs to task for dissing George Zimmerman. No doubt they’re anxious to prove themselves fair and balanced to their liberal cronies. But if they’d bothered to research Zimmerman, as the FBI certainly did, they’d find he is exactly the kind of neighbor any of us would want.

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