Fjordman Interview, Part 1: The Mark of Cain

July 22 of this year will mark the tenth anniversary of the explosion and massacre committed by Anders Behring Breivik in the city of Oslo and on the island of Utøya. Seventy-seven people were killed, many of them teenagers attending a left-wing summer camp on Utøya.

The Butcher of Utøya implicated our Norwegian correspondent Fjordman by citing his writings in his (Breivik’s) “manifesto”. Longtime readers will remember that Gates of Vienna was drawn into the center of the whole ugly affair because we happened to be the principal venue for Fjordman’s essays. Life was nasty for a while here at Schloss Bodissey as a result.

Any consequences we may have suffered, however, pale in comparison to what Fjordman went through. For months there were calls for him to be arrested, especially as the time of Mr. Breivik’s trial approached in the spring of 2012. Fjordman was forced to flee the country, and resided outside of Norway for a number of years. When the situation became less ominous he returned home, but had been so thoroughly stigmatized that he was unable to find a job, and is now planning to leave the country again.

For a sample of Fjordman’s observations on the Breivik trial, see the essays “Fjordman’s Suggested Testimony for the Trial of Anders Behring Breivik” and “Fjordman on the Verdict in the Breivik Trial”.

For the first time since he was publicly identified during those fateful events, Fjordman has given a video interview under his real name, Peder Jensen. The interviewer is Hans Rustad, the editor of the independent news website The interview was taped on January 7 and published online on January 11.

The full interview is more than an hour long. The following clip covers the opening seven minutes. It was translated for subtitles by Fjordman himself.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   Hans Rustad: This is a Document special, and this is an interview
00:07   with Peder Jensen. Welcome to Document. —Thank you.
00:23   As we all know, you are known as Fjordman. How comfortable are you with this nickname today?
00:32   I have been a little bit unsure of whether to continue using my pen name,
00:36   since I am now publicly known.
00:39   I have increasingly started using the name Peder Jensen.
00:42   I haven’t completely stopped using it [“Fjordman”].
00:46   Among other things, I still have a Twitter account in that name.
00:51   However, I have been a bit unsure of whether to continue…
00:55   In my book Vitne til vanvidd [Witness to Madness],
00:59   which I published about the July 22 case, I use the name Peder Jensen.
01:03   I will probably do this in future books.
01:07   I interpret this as a wish to put that period behind you?
01:14   A little bit, if I am being honest.
01:18   Because this has cost you a lot.
01:21   It has cost me a great deal. To those who are watching this: The reason why
01:24   I am giving this interview now is…
01:27   I have actually never given any video interviews since July 2011.
01:30   I was asked by both NRK and Norwegian TV2. I said no.
01:34   I also do not trust that I would be fairly treated or be allowed by them
01:39   to say what I want to say. That is why I am doing this with Document.
01:44   The reason why I am doing this interview right now is because
01:47   I am moving away from Norway, for the second time in nine and a half years.
01:50   So the reason why I am doing this now is personal. However, it is now 2021,
01:58   and just a few months away from the 10-year anniversary for the July 22 attacks.
02:01   That is an aspect of this, too. However, this is mainly personal, if I am being honest.
02:05   So you are not moving now because it has been ten years this summer?
02:11   No. It is a public secret, but I moved,
02:16   or rather fled, from Norway in 2011 because of that case.
02:22   Semi-publicly, I moved back to Norway again in 2017.
02:28   I have lived in a small municipality in Møre og Romsdal county. Not in Ålesund,
02:31   but a bit outside that town. I have tried seriously for several years to apply for jobs.
02:38   I have tried to get a regular job in Norway. That was not easy.
02:44   After three and a half years of attempting this, I have essentially given up.
02:47   If I am going to do any work related to Norway,
02:51   it will be freelance and online. Perhaps I will translate a book.
02:55   However, I will not get a normal job in Norway. This is probably because I am who I am.
03:00   There is a fatwa against you.
03:04   In reality, there probably is.
03:07   I have lost track… I have applied for many hundreds of jobs between 2017 and 2020.
03:11   I believe the last one I applied for was in late November 2020.
03:17   That was at the Ekornes furniture factory in Sykkylven, Sunnmøre,
03:23   who said that they needed more workers.
03:28   I have not heard anything from them.
03:33   In many of these cases, I have not been given any reason why they don’t want to hire me.
03:39   Of course, there can be legitimate reasons for this.
03:43   Other people can have more knowledge and formal qualifications.
03:47   But there are a couple of cases where I know with 100% certainty that this happened
03:52   because I am who I am, and that they did not like my viewpoints.
03:56   Yes, but does this really have so much to do with your viewpoints?
04:01   When we are now having this conversation nine and a half years later…
04:06   Several years ago, some of your worst critics, such as Ali Esbati,
04:12   started complaining that the rhetoric had become normalized.
04:27   When you are talking about your viewpoints, are you sure that is the cause?
04:33   Because your viewpoints are not anything out of the ordinary today.
04:39   You were branded in 2011.
04:44   You received a mark of Cain upon your forehead.
04:50   This sustains those who…
04:58   There is an unspoken agreement that you are a scapegoat.
05:01   I admit that I have felt a bit like that myself.
05:07   Let us return to 2011. First of all:
05:11   What Breivik did was an unspeakable crime. We all agree on that.
05:14   Yet this was also a massive security failure. It really was.
05:18   Nothing worked. The police were poorly prepared and equipped. It was embarrassing.
05:27   And then I ask myself: What kind of real consequences
05:31   did this have for those who held positions of power back then?
05:35   This had almost no consequences for anybody.
05:39   The only exception, I believe, was [Øystein] Mæland,
05:42   who became Director of the National Police Directorate in 2011.
05:46   Ingelin Killengreen previously held this position for eleven years.
05:50   He had only been director of the police for a few months when this occurred.
05:54   And he was a friend of Jens. —He was a friend of Jens. He got that job because he was a friend
05:58   of Jens [Stoltenberg, PM]. Ingelin Killengreen was also appointed
06:03   by the government of [PM] Jens Stoltenberg in the year 2000.
06:08   He had to formally resign after the Gjørv Report, if I remember correctly.
06:15   However, he [Øystein Mæland] is not barred from working in Norway.
06:19   He had a well-paid position in the public health sector, the last time I checked.
06:23   The only person who has been barred from work [yrkesforbud, Berufsverbot] after July 22 is me.
06:31   I had a job in Oslo in July 2011. I was working part-time with young people with autism.
06:39   I held no position of power and had never held any position of power before.
06:45   So while the entire ruling elite did a bad job, the one who got squeezed out of work
06:49   was a person who held no power at all. That is something to think about.

For a complete archive of Fjordman’s writings, see the multi-index listing in the Fjordman Files.

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  1. The folks in power do not like to be mocked nor criticized and they will make you pay anyway they can if you do. Fjordman found this out the hard way and always will in Scandinavian countries where they never forgive and they never forget.

    Now this is what our powers may be will try to do here in the US, where your job, retirement, family and your very lives will be at risk for speaking truth to power. Believe me when I tell you free loving folks that this is only going to get worse from here on out. Plan accordingly and never EVER give up your guns.

  2. Norway – totally castrated. The eunuchs will soon disappear. The 3rd world will run the place.

    Hope Pedr Jensen goes to Eastern Europe and is happy.

    • The Nords, like the Swedes outside of their capitols, are a hardy yet patient lot, but once that anger rises watch the heck out. It’s only a matter of time before that anger becomes visible and deadly. It amuses me to no end to hear that 3rd worlders disappear in the outer regions of all the Scandinavian countries all the time, yet no one has heard of it?

  3. My suggestion to Fjordman is thus, join the Legion and gain some very valuable skills that you will soon need. They will harden you up and get rid of that soft norse living that you have been far to used to.

  4. Breivik was right. I read his manifesto.All those leftist would have been future leftist snakes.

  5. This year, I noticed a sharp increase in conservative censorship, and boldness by muslims in the EU, and in Britain they seem to own it already . Impunity almost.
    I began searching deeper, late I know, I’m sorry. Being a New Zealander is my excuse. But not expecting anything like what I found. I found the problem so much worse than imaginable, and also what I found wasn’t the far right militia type rhetoric but extraordinarily intelligent people with stunning revelations of factual research and documentation. Still finding more daily.
    Fjordman. Brilliant. Reading from 06, but knowing 2011-2021 is still to come, well it’s, it’s heartbreaking. Tragic.
    And that they’d silence this insight how they did.?
    I love my history. Can’t see that rewritten, I just can’t. Sorry govt and current mainstream left.
    Well I’m kinda spinning in circles trying to write this. I’m not an educated man. As far from that as you’d get, no family no job.
    But I haven’t felt the same since my eyes have seen…. I can’t. When so much is lost already. Obviously so.
    Well, I’ve no other real purpose now, well quite aimless for some time now. I must help how I can.
    I keep thinking of my Granddad. Looking on. All the Granddads. I do hope Blair & co- etc, have to face theirs again and account. Explain. Just how, just why.
    What do we do.
    What Can we do. If even…

    I saw an acc no to assist, but can’t find it again now. I’m 100% sure I don’t need an address in any case.
    If could take a tiny bit of pressure off. Could my detail be passed on at all.
    What’s the point of writing,? I understand. How many years can you scream at someone they’re walking off a cliff…
    The Western World owes this man, that’s clear to see.
    I’d best wrap this up. (Please no one jump on errors ok haha.)

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