Signs and Portents Everywhere… But of What? (Part IIA)

This is the third installment of Seneca III’s latest treatise. Previously: Part 1, Interlude.

Signs and Portents Everywhere… But of What?

Part IIA — Signs hiding in plain sight, continued…

1968 to present — Education: The beginnings of the destruction of the tried and true traditional education system began, as far as I can make out, in 1968 with what was presented as a revised syllabus. This syllabus came with radically new formats for GCE (General Certificate of Education) Ordinary level examinations. [Junior High School in the US.]

I only came across examples of this change many years later when I stumbled across copies of the Maths papers I had sat in 1957 at the age of 16. Essentially, the Maths syllabus that I had been solidly grounded and then examined in was somewhat narrower but far, far deeper than its replacement(s) from 1968 onwards.

Arithmetic, Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry together with the History of Mathematics were taught in a disciplined way and consequently students ended up with a comprehensive understanding of the subject; the modern system of rote learning within a far broader and much shallower syllabus may impart certain facts but no deep, intuitive understanding of this essential foundational component of human knowledge and achievement.

I also gathered from friends that the History Syllabus and examination had changed likewise, generally devolving to a non-rigorous curriculum whereby instead of learning and connecting facts, genealogies and dates students are now required to parrot revisionist interpretations derived from a distorted modern perspective rather than that of the time and place in which they happened.

This is not education; it is indoctrination. Thus it is no surprise that higher education today is polluted with dons and tutors who squander young minds and churn out butterfly hordes of snowflakes with ‘Studies’ degrees who, being wholly untrained in critical thinking and with no awareness of reality, cower in their safe spaces fully ‘woke’ and terrified of being thrust out into the harsh realities of the world beyond their artificial academic womb.

No doubt all of this well serves the objectives of globalism — millions of useless drones to labour away at non-creative work, pacified with bread and circuses and uncomprehending of their psychological imprisonment, but of no other use whatsoever. You will find one such here…

The original report in the UK was at ‘Order Order’, but they no longer seem to be able to ‘find the article’ for some strange reason (lawyers, perhaps?), which is a pity, because some of the comments were, shall we say, rather pithy, when it came to the inane witterings of a lost generation.

But Order-Order did cite the original offering from this somewhat less than charming misandrist here, so do indulge yourselves in the meanderings of an inadequate intellect, incredible though that semi-literate drivel may seem to the sound of mind. And, in case that for some strange reason the HuffPost original should also go missing, there is a copy and paste of it for your delectation in ANNEX C below.

Overall one may well wonder how this parlous situation came about. In essence, it did so after privatization of the University system, when profiteering replaced rigorous academic disciplines with spurious degree subjects such as Football Management, Tourism etc. designed for those youngsters of limited academic ability, and then ‘Gender’ and many other weird ‘Studies’ which were designed to attract the weak, porous intellects of single-issue fanatics, anti-white racists and the near brain dead:

Our university system was fully privatized only a few years ago. It happened in several steps as the Government withdrew the base funding that most of the population thinks it still has.

People noticed the marketisation, of course — the introduction of tuition fees, the student loans company and a newly competitive “market” for students from home and abroad. Inevitably, this “market” then needed a regulator. Value for money was to be decided by excellence frameworks ranked gold, silver and (fearfully) bronze. Marketing budgets soared.

However, many people failed to notice what had really happened. Our universities had become providers of education and research with the equivalent of zero hours contracts…

[From the Daily Telegraph — 24th April.]

2015 — Foreign Aid: The UK currently spends 0.7% of its Gross National Income on Overseas Development Assistance (ODA). The 0.7% target was first adopted by UN General Assembly resolution in 1970. In 2015 the Conservative-Liberal Democrat Coalition government, formalized on the 20th May under the joint stewardship of ‘Call me Dave’ Cameron and the ‘Klingon’ Nicholas William Peter Clegg, made it a legally binding national commitment.

In 2019 Britain’s foreign aid budget soared £623 million to a record £15.2 billion/$19.2 billion, and such largesse in the time of Covid is now naught but economic suicide. Of the 2019 amount, £4.2 billion was squandered on feminist foreign aid to improve global gender equality and, the year before, Britain had spent millions on a Spice Girls clone in Ethiopia. No, you couldn’t make it up — but it is the epitome of misguided pathological altruism as directed by the UN and at the expense of struggling British taxpayers. This insanity must cease with immediate effect — what one government can enshrine in law a successor government can and must strike down.

2007 — The Great Climate Change Scam

Albert Arnold Gore Jr. is an ex-US Vice President who served under President ‘Damp Cigar’ William Jefferson Clinton and later was a failed Presidential candidate himself. He is an extremely wealthy, self-promoting environmentalist (aren’t they all?) whose work is climate-change activism, i.e. promoting the imposition of carbon taxes and consequently having vested interests in two carbon trading companies on the NY Stock exchange. This earned him (jointly with the IPCC) the Nobel Peace Prize in 2007. Yes, that’s correct, the International Panel on Climate Change, dodgy statistics, kleptocracy and empty third-world pockets in need of filling.

Gore is also the founder and current chair of The Climate Reality Project and the co-founder and chair of Generation Investment Management. He is a member of the Board of Directors of Apple Inc., and a senior adviser to Google (that tells us a lot about those two organizations and their motivations). Gore is also a partner in the venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins, heading its climate change solutions group. Who would have thought it?

On the subject of the great climate change scam, this article should provide food for thought, particularly for American readers who live in the Midwest Tornado Alley.

2009: Another ideologically fascinating Nobel was awarded to an American (? — far be it from me to think of mentioning Indonesia or the Dark Continent), the Black Messiah and 44th President of the United States, Barack Hussein Soetoro-Obama, for his “extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between people” citing “a new climate in international relations fostered by Obama, especially in reaching out to the Muslim world”.

Definitely a dark clone of Blair was Hussein Soetoro, and he had only been in office for a few days over seven months when the Prize was desperately shoved into his hands. This was such an inordinately short period of time, considering that other Laureates have to wait years for their achievements to come to fruition or to be publicly verified by an impartial jury of their peers.

Question: Who precisely owns the Nobel Committee, now so obviously in the service of the Globalist Project?

2015 — Obama, Fauci and the Wuhan biowarfare laboratory:

It has recently come to light that Dr. Fauci and the Obama administration gave the Wuhan Lab $3.7 million after its top Doctor, Shi Zhengli, had the US Project shut down and was sent back to China.

Chinese Doctor Shi Zhengli was part of a team that working on a coronavirus project jointly with US doctors in 2014 in the United States before it was shut down by the DHS for being too risky.

After the US research project was shut down, Dr. Shi, often referred to as the “Bat Lady,” continued her coronavirus research in Wuhan, China.

The HHS [Health and Human Services]in 2014 sent a letter to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill where they announced they were going to defund the program.

And now we know that Dr. Tony Fauci and the NIH [National Institutes of Health] funded the Wuhan Institute of Virology in 2015.

N.B. This was not the Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases Laboratory in Fort Detrick, Maryland, which is a biodefense center that studies germs and toxins that could be used to threaten the military or public health and also investigates disease outbreaks, that was temporarily shut down in 2019. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention decided to issue a “cease and desist order” to halt the research at Fort Detrick because the center did not have “sufficient systems in place to decontaminate wastewater” from its highest-security labs, and it is anticipated that it will be several months yet before it is reopened.

2018 — The Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration (Global Compact for Migration) is an intergovernmentally negotiated agreement, prepared under the auspices of the United Nations, that describes itself as covering “all dimensions of international migration in a holistic and comprehensive manner”.

It constitutes more undermining of the Western Ecumene by that collective fecal orifice located on the Hudson River, and, of course, UK Prime Minister Theresa May reiterated Britain’s commitment to multilateralism and universal values, and called for a new approach to migration and then the treacherous harpy immediately signed us up to it during her first speech at the United Nations.

Boris Johnson has not indicated any intention to repeal this monstrosity, although that is understandable in view of his short tenure and the current crisis that he and his cabinet are having to deal with. Nevertheless, the rubber boatloads of third world parasites are still coming ashore and the UN is urging countries around the world to release illegal migrants from detention in response to the Chinese coronavirus pandemic, and highlighted steps towards giving them “access to healthcare, housing, and other services”.

In addition, the German government decided to set up special reception centers for refugees with lower chances of staying in Germany. In 2015, around 890,000 asylum seekers came to Germany… Some critics claimed that Chancellor Merkel’s open-door asylum policy was responsible for allowing the perpetrators into Germany. Of course it was.

— Seneca III, this 30th day of April in this the year of our Lord 2020.



23/04/2020 06:00 BST | Updated 23/04/2020 15:11 BST

I Teach At Oxford, But I Don’t Want It To Win The Coronavirus Vaccine Race

The story will be clear: China, once again, has unleashed a threat to civilisation. But the best brains of the UK have saved the world, Dr Emily Cousens writes.

By Emily Cousens

The race to find a vaccine for Covid-19 is on.

In need of a question for your next Zoom pub quiz? Here’s one: “We’re getting used to seeing either Boris Johnson, Dominic Raab, Matt Hancock, Robert Jenrick, Rishi Sunak or Michael Gove wheeled out on to our screens at 5pm. But why is Jenrick the odd one out?”

The answer: he’s the only one that didn’t go to Oxford. (He went to Cambridge.)

Oxford, that symbol of British excellence. Producing the finest minds in the world and, if this week’s news is anything to go by, leading the race to develop a vaccine against Coronavirus.

Surely I should be proud that the institution I have spent a decade studying and subsequently teaching at, could be the first to develop the vaccine?

Not only proud, but hopeful and excited. My 72-year old Dad is usually a highly social and active man. However, he lives on his own in a very rural village and is becoming increasingly worried that he won’t be able to return to his usual ways for years — until such a vaccine is developed.

If my university is the first to develop the vaccine, I’m worried it will be used to fulfil its political, patriotic function as proof of British excellence.

So why was my initial relief at hearing Oxford and Imperial are racing away to develop the vaccine followed by worry?

Let’s suppose that Oxford does develop the first vaccine. What happens next?

David Heymann, an infectious disease specialist at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, who heads a panel that advises the World Health Organization (WHO) on Coronavirus, says that there could be a production shortage. Researchers have also warned that this will lead to rich countries hoarding supplies. We were too late when it came to stockpiling PPE, but we won’t be caught out again. The vaccine, developed by our finest brains, is ours. And it will be Britons who are prioritised for protection.

If there is enough vaccine to go round, the UK will be the world’s saviour. We’ll quickly forget the devastating delay of the UK government to take action, as Boris Johnson proudly safeguarded British institutions like individual liberty, and the pub, over lives.

We’ll forget the lessons that the pandemic has taught us so far: that the UK and the US are in fact not exceptions at the global stage. That we are not only vulnerable but can also afford to learn lessons from countries, regardless of whether we have a special relationship with them — such as South Korea. That being white, male and Oxford-educated may not be the only criteria for effective leadership (the countries whose responses have been most widely praised, Germany and New Zealand among others, are all led by women).

The developments made by researchers at Oxford have been enabled by international co-operation among the research community. Whilst China has faced lots of questions about it’s sharing of information politically, according to Laura Spinney: “The unprecedented speed of virus development so far is thanks in large part to early Chinese efforts to sequence the genetic material of Sars-CoV-2, the virus that causes Covid-19. China shared that sequence in early January, allowing research groups around the world to grow the live virus and study how it invades human cells and makes people sick.”

Dr Claas Kirchhelle, fellow of the Research and Policy Unit at the Oxford Martin School, confirms that “there has been a radical sharing of information and a very rapid sequencing of the pathogen’s genetic code.” It is clear, then, that international co-operation saves lives.

But do our Oxford-educated leaders think like this? Coronavirus is a global epidemic. Yet, rather than motivating the UK to take a proud role at the global stage, as leaders like Macron have urged, the UK is increasingly resorting to patriotism in response.

This war-time rhetoric is useful in instilling a sense that this is a moment when individuals need to make sacrifices and put the country first. But this time, the enemy is not a nation. It is a microbe. So why do our collective solidarities end at the border?

The race is on and researchers at Oxford are doing vital, life-saving work. But races have winners and losers. If my university* is the first to develop the vaccine, I’m worried that it will be used as it has been in the past, to fulfil its political, patriotic function as proof of British excellence.

The story will be clear: China, once again, has unleashed a threat to civilisation. But the best brains of the UK have saved the world.

Whilst I’m hopeful that I will be able to visit my Dad soon, this must not overshadow the key lesson of coronavirus: international cooperation saves lives. The research community knows this. Let’s hope our politicians do too.

Dr Emily Cousens researches vulnerability and gender at Oxford Brookes University and teaches on the women’s studies masters course at University of Oxford* (Huffpost)

[*Incorrect: ‘Oxford Brookes University’ is not part of the ancient and academically renowned University of Oxford. It is an ex-Technical College/College of Further Education or something similar. Like many other such institutions it achieved university status some years back and renamed itself Oxford Brookes so that to the unaware, such as HuffPost, it might be mistaken for the real thing.]

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3 thoughts on “Signs and Portents Everywhere… But of What? (Part IIA)

  1. Dr Cousens should be aware that the UK does not have the resources to mass-produce a vaccine, once found, in the quantities which would be needed for a worldwide programme; no single nation does, though China (ironically) and India probably have the greatest capability.

    In any event, it seems highly likely that whoever comes up with a solution first will license it at cost, or risk worldwide opprobium; it would also be enlightened self-interest, as the persistence of any dangerous disease which was not quite eliminated (eg polio in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Nigeria) will always be a potential threat to all of humanity.

  2. I can post that I am against mandatory vaccinations on almost any internet forum and I get immediately attacked by multiple people, some of whom I believe to be trolls paid by the lobby. I have tested it out, and never said anything but that I am against Mandatory Vaccination – and immediately I am anti-vacc idiot and anti-science dangerous person and have never achieved anything in my life and am just stupid uneducated something…

    Funny how not even once any of those attacking me would take the time and even consider that there are thousands of vaccines, and that in this matter we should probably start at each individual disease and particular vaccine…

    No – the science is settled. If you are against mandatory vaccination, you should be sent to concentration camps – I was told.

    The overall size of the attack against the “anti-vaccination” or just the “anti-mandatory-vaccination” like me proves to me that the millions from Bill and Melinda are in the works.

    This “Oxford” lady might be just a psychological operation, and a way to divert attention from:
    A) The virus is blown out of proportion, for the big pharma smells profits
    B) The profits shall come from vaccines
    C) Vaccines are not our savior, and universal treatment for all illness and death…

  3. It’s clear that Emily Cousens has a deep-seated hatred of her own country and her own people. She expresses negative views about men, white people, British achievements, her own university, British liberties, the iconic British pub, and patriotism. At the same time she lauds China and globalism.

    Central to her thought processes here is her 72-year-old father who faces a life of isolation without a vaccine, yet she would rather that her university not be the first to develop this vaccine. She worries (her word) that this would bring too much attention to “British excellence.”

    Freud might have something to say about Cousen’s priorities here: she would rather her native land not do anything to bring justified praise (if it is indeed the first to develop a vaccine) although that would be at the expense of her father’s future well-being.

    According to Cousens, the main priority should be “international cooperation” über alles.

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