Signs and Portents Everywhere… But of What?

Below is the introduction and first section of Seneca III’s treatise on the current civilizational crisis in the West, especially the UK, as brought to full ripeness by the response to the Wuhan Coronavirus.

Signs and Portents Everywhere…But of What?

by Seneca III



It is said that all writing is plagiarism and I suspect that mine is no exception. I have no doubt that this article contains versions of many phrases and concepts absorbed from my reading of other articles and comments and that have remained in my subconscious until now. To those anonymous authors and thinkers, I offer my thanks and my apologies for being unable to cite or link to you.

This series of contiguous articles focuses on events and developments which, whilst global in nature, primarily reflect happenings and responses in the United Kingdom. Nevertheless, many of the salient points and their variants apply equally in other places across the Western Ecumene.

There will be cases where, because of the delay between the date of writing and the date of publication, events will overtake circumstances. An example being that as I write there are already rumours that the UK government is going to have to ease up on the worst extremes of the lockdown and cast many of its draconian provisions aside because the people appear to have had enough and are now doing so unilaterally anyway.


The ChiComBug is not just a newly minted pestilence of yet to be determined virulence but a gift to vested interests at all levels of the establishment and its supporting beneficiaries. It has opened up an opportunity to halt the recent trend across the Western Ecumene[1] to return to the security and comfortable homogeneity of independent countries, with their original culture and traditions being the defining ethos and the determinant of the way the State conducts its business both internally and externally.

This trend is the total antithesis of the punitive, retrograde ‘one size fits all’ regulations imposed upon their victims by supranational organizations such as the EU, avaricious mega-corporations, banking conglomerates, and the now compromised, Islamified and Sinosized UN; it impedes their mad dash to create a divided North-South ‘co-prosperity sphere’ (that phrase being globalist speak for a global dictatorship) which is totally weighted against productive, stable and previously self-sustaining Caucasian nations. This trend bothers the Cabal deeply.

Consequently, Covid has presented them with a heaven-sent opportunity to attack the re-emerging foundational mores of Western culture, the wholesome binding ties of family, of ethnicity-centered cohesion, of connecting across generations, of grandchildren interacting with their grandparents and their memories of freedoms past and lessons learned, of interfamily and wider community socializing — whilst, simultaneously, promoting detrimental social behavior such as prolonged isolation and distancing, hate crimes and institutionalized sexual deviance implemented and carried out to the extreme. The former list is the foundation stone of free representative democracies, the latter of dictatorships.

Much as they intended, it becomes virtually impossible for We the People to discuss face-to-face and understand the threat as a well-informed collective and to co-operate and plan for our defence as a united entity free of electronic monitoring; it is also no coincidence that pubs are scheduled to be the last public venues to be reopened, if there are still any of them left as viable enterprises… this, perhaps, for the same reason as King Charles I when he exclaimed “Close all the Ale Houses, they are hotbeds of sedition!”

[N.B. Small, local breweries across Europe, many of them family businesses hundreds of years old, have already been driven to into closure because of the closure of bars and restaurants and consequently have had to leave their employees to the not so tender mercies of the State who have millions of alien interlopers to support in the manner in which they demand under threat of mass insurrection.]

It is even being mooted that reopening will not happen until it has been determined that there is not going to be a second wave, or until a vaccine is found and administered countrywide, whichever comes first (or on the twelfth of never), as determined by the Scientific Committee led by Professor Chris Whitty [See Annex A]. We in the UK are not permitted to see the data upon which this course of action is predicated as the devious dissemblers in charge will not release the information until whatever they are up to is done and dusted and, one suspects, doctored to protect the inept and the globalist co-conspirators in their midst.[2]

It is as if this whole charade is designed, either with intent or by fortunate happenstance, to further the fragmentation of the Western way of life and cripple any resistance to the permanent imposition and expansion of the embryonic Global Police State.

It would also appear that the primary task of the globalists’ embedded flunkies is now to completely tear apart our moral, social and cultural hearts and minds to the benefit of their personal and political profit without our realizing it until too late.

By radicalizing the virus and then blaming it on racism instead of on Communist China, which, with a strategic objective in mind, lied about the pandemic it had accidently turned loose on the world, and then cornered the market on protective equipment to add to its other monopolies[3] as it continue its march towards global supremacy by the back door. And, to their shame, there are many in the governing classes in the West who are complicit to a greater or lesser degree in this dangerous plot because, if it succeeds, they will still have some skin in the end game[4]

Nor will China, as we meekly settle into this new way of conducting our lives, be reticent in buying up whole swathes of what is left of our industry and infrastructure at knock-down prices. This is one of their long planned and well-thought-out tactics which is exemplified by the temporarily derailed Belt and Road initiative that the unplanned escape of an embryonic bioweapon has exposed sooner than intended.

Yes, this Black Swan event may well have caught them and their fellow globalists on the back foot initially, but now they are again on the offensive, and thus blaming China doesn’t serve the interests of the power hungry Political, Corporate and Banking Cartel who conceived this abomination of a New World Order. This whole scenario is their latest, most desperate attempt to put their draconian dream back on track.


Should any reader wonder why I have not here and will not in further parts of this article address any spiritual or metaphysical element(s) of the situation, it is because I have come to understand that we, the native inhabitants of the West, secular or Judeo-Christian, are one flesh in the same fight for survival, and any internecine conflicts would seriously damage, or even totally negate our chances of that survival. And, as another afterthought, I am certain that that is one cul-de-sac the enemy is hoping we will trap ourselves in. Hence, we must not.

Seneca III — in lockdown in Middle England on this 27th day of April in the year of our Lord 2020.


The two greatest enemies of the people are now the experts and the media.

An Expert: Professor Chris Whitty is the Chief Medical Officer (appointed in 2019 by Theresa May) and head of the Scientific Committee advising the government on policy for managing the Covid-19 epidemic. The question is: ‘Do his prior position and associations in anyway influence his contribution to the scientific advice offered to the government?’ Perhaps, perhaps not; it is difficult to determine, but any connection with the UN and particularly the Chinese controlled WHO must be fed into the equation for consideration until proven to be of no consequence, but, irrespective, his ‘advice’ certainly has a distinct Globalist whiff about it.

From the UK Department for International Development.[5]

He was previously chief scientific adviser at the Department for International Development

Humanitarian Reform of the United Nations through Core Funding (2017-2020)[6]

To provide core funding support to seven UN agencies — Central Emergency Response Fund (CERF); Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA); United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR); UN Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF); World Food Programme (WFP); World Health Organisation (WHO); and the International Organisation of Migration (IOM) to support a strengthened humanitarian response and a more efficient, effective and transparent system. These UK funds will enable these UN agencies to respond rapidly to urgent humanitarian needs and shore-up operations in neglected or protracted Crises.

Project Identifier: GB-GOV-1-300339
Activity Status: Implementation
Start Date: 07-08-2017
Total Budget: £683,999,993 [italics added]

[N.B. I shall be taking a look at that premier prophet of doom, Professor Neil Ferguson, in a later part of the series.]

The Media: The evidence here is self-defining; wherever one looks there can be no doubt that the Marxist Globalist scum that were once known as journalists and whose function should be to report the news are now agents provocateurs operating on behalf of the globalist conspiracy. It is a coordinated and carefully orchestrated attack on the status quo, led in the UK by the BBC, ITV, Sky, The Times and The Guardian, and in the US by CNN, MSNBC and others in the print media. Their avowed purpose is to bring down Prime Minister Johnson and President Trump because those men, individually and jointly, present an existential threat to the ‘Project’. No doubt ‘The Media’, the place where truth goes to die, will have to be firmly dealt with come the Great Reckoning.

“I am against the monopoly enjoyed by the BBC. For eleven years they kept me off the air, they prevented me from expressing views which proved to be right. Their behaviour has been tyrannical. They are honeycombed with Socialists — probably with Communists.”

— Winston Churchill, 1952, then the Prime Minister, in response to a speech by Lord Reith in the House of Lords, in which he’d said ‘the introduction of commercial television would be a national disaster comparable to dog-racing, smallpox and the bubonic plague.’


— Seneca III, locked down in Middle England on this 27th day in the year of our Lord 2020.

Signs and Portents Everywhere…But of What?

Part IA — Signs hiding in plain sight

On this subject I really should track back as far as the first Bilderberg Conference or even further to such deconstructionist luminaries as the Frankfurt School and others of that era, but space does not permit such an in-depth analysis, so I shall commence at a point in time that, hopefully, is contextually within reach of most readers’ living memory. I am particularly concerned for the younger generations upon whom the burden of this fight for our survival will fall most heavily and, in the light of the fast evolving surveillance/social-control technology in process, with which they are casually familiar… or should be so become as a matter of urgency, it is imperative that they grasp the full implications of this threat. [See Part ID]

Furthermore, I will not be examining in any great detail the treacherous machinations of the Anthony Charles Lynton Blair regime whereby he, his wife and beneficial co-conspirator, Cherie Blair CBE QC (a.k.a. “The Wide Mouthed Frog”), a founding member of Matrix Chambers in London in 2000 which specialized in very lucrative human rights law*, who together virtually destroyed the thousand year socio-economic structure and culture of this country. They and their political cohort corrupted our executive and the legal, judicial and electoral systems, implanted ideological fellow travellers at every level in our public services, and then created a personal voting bloc by opening the gates and importing hordes of predatory and parasitic barbarians.

Other than that, I have chosen not to expand any further on their ten years of treachery simply because thoughts of the Blair interregnum are not good for my blood pressure, and partly because it was predominantly UK-specific, although its worst achievements have been mirrored to a certain extent by Merkel and her EU puppet government. And, of course, by Hussein Obama during his eight-year dark reign that came close to destroying America.

Nor will I likewise address in any detail the Brexit debacle and Theresa Mary May’s less-than-inspiring tenure as Home Secretary and then as the EU’s agent-in-place masquerading as a British Prime Minister. At best she will be recorded as a minor footnote in the dusty pages of a rarely-read history book. At worst it might be appropriate to bring back capital punishment for High Treason and make it retrospective to the day she took office. I remain the eternal optimist.

[* There is no such thing as Human Rights when imposed as an unassailable singularity irrespective of the nature of the society which is being imposed upon. Rights without obligations — quid pro quo, if you will — is a meaningless exercise and one doomed to violent failure.

Hence, when a specific political class, collection of single-issue fanatics, ethnic or tribal grouping or a belief system demand specific rights only for themselves in a multi-dimensional body politic without concomitant commitment to the accompanying obligations that underpin the rest of that body politic, then there will be chaos… followed by conflict.

The phrase ‘Human Rights’ has been weaponized and is being utilized to enable the ongoing destruction of our culture and way of life. Those who use it in this way must be marked and remembered, for they are anathema to all that we are, and, in the end, justice must be done.]

To commence…

1. 1992 and 2007: The Maastricht and Lisbon Treaties and the EU, a project that was nothing more than the most insidious and cynical ploy to eliminate the democracies of Europe by subterfuge and create the globalist dream of a European autocracy for the Elite and ensure it a place at the high table of the New World Order.

Fortunately, we are out of it now, and as others are making noises about doing the same, I will not elaborate any further. That ship of scoundrels, demagogues and fools is dead in the water and slowly foundering; it is no longer of any consequence in the great scheme of things. Should any morbidly fascinated readers be interested, the public domain is awash with all the sordid details and analyses thereof and they may gorge there to their hearts’ content.

2. 1999: The MacPherson Report and the origin of Hate Crime laws. A short selection of some of its seventy recommendations can be found in Annex B.

N.B. This is a pertinent comment appended to a recent article in the Daily Telegraph:

We have a politicised police force that harasses those reporting on Muslim child rape gang cases while ignoring the child rapists for decades. County lines gangs spread drugs to every corner of our islands, untouchable by a police force terrified by the MacPherson Report and the concept of “racism”. Meanwhile, a suspected 46,000 jihadis are at large, free to do as they please, protected by the concept of “Islamophobia”. Vast amounts of police resource is tied up policing thought crime, or enforcing Sharia blasphemy law, via the likes of Sadiq Khan’s “Hate Hub”.

It is clear that the effectiveness and use of our police force has been subverted by the non-British 3rd world 5th column and the far Left. A conservative government should ensure that the police are able to prevent and prosecute vile crimes no matter the race of the perpetrators, and ensure the police are not used as a political enforcement gang.

3. 2004-2018 to the present: The greatest abomination of the last three decades was, without doubt, not the organised Muslim paedophile rape gangs operating throughout the UK, but the fact that they were able to do so with impunity.

Thanks in part to the iniquitous MacPherson Report the police — by then well “reflecting the cultural and ethnic mix of the communities they serve” — were now active agents of Islam and its quiet Jihad and no longer protectors of the weak and vulnerable. The City and District Councils in the occupied territories were completely infiltrated and taken over by co-ethnic supporters of the gangs, aided and abetted by their Caucasian cheering sections who, so steeped in their Marxist-Socialist dogma, refused to see how they were being used to force us all to march to the beat of a primitive ancient drummer.

Social Services and Westminster politicians were up to their necks in it as well. In one known case, a Police and Crime Commissioner wrote to the Home Secretary begging for her to bury the information post haste.

Also, the then-Prime Minister, Gordon ‘MacMental’ Brown, instructed the Home Secretary to tell the Police not to follow up on the investigation and prosecute the grooming gangs “as it would not be in Community Interests”.

[This is the same buffoon who served as Chancellor before inheriting the Blair premiership and sold off a significant part of Britain’s gold reserves at rock bottom prices and then raided the nation’s Pension Funds as well.

MacMental even warned the ‘market’ of the sale between 1999 and 2002, and Britain ended up selling half its reserves at a price the ‘market’ had ample time to manipulate downwards. That sale price averaged at $275 an ounce over the three years. In 1980 the average price was $850; today it is around $1700 an ounce and rising.]

To continue…

All were inspired by MacPherson’s recommendations and together they conspired to ignore and hide this atrocity in the cause of so called ‘Community Cohesion’ or, supposedly, because of fear of being labelled ‘Racist’!

Furthermore, they did not hesitate to persecute and punish any of those public service professionals still imbued with the ethos of service and integrity and who attempted to expose our ongoing ethnic cleansing at the hands of Islam by ignoring what was essentially the sexual enslavement of our girl children in the name of Jihad. None of the physical perpetrators, the mass rapists, have been hanged, but time does have a habit of catching up with such necessities. We shall see.

And not only were the professionals persecuted, but also parents of the victims who tried to rescue their children and were likewise hounded into silence to protect the guilty on both sides of the conspiracy.

Hence, through the depredations of its Muslim foot soldiers over vast swathes of Britain and with the compliant help of useful idiots in politics and the civil services, the Globalists chalked up another victory on their long march to victory.

But, eventually, the reality broke upon a dismayed public, and the government were forced to open an extensive enquiry into this whole affair. The review was launched by then-Home Secretary Sajid Javid in 2018 yet, despite all attempts by various people and organizations over the years since , that report remains a dirty secret to this day on the spurious basis that it is a Home Office ‘internal report’, and thus none of the criminals who were involved in the cover-up have ever been exposed to the full light of day, least of all brought to book. The dissembling government response to the latest attempt to do so is detailed in Annex C below.

Meanwhile, yesterday, one of our politicians, leader of a minor political party, the Liberal Democrats, which is neither liberal nor democratic other than in the sense that it has to face the electorate every few years as do all the other Troughers, decided to display his willingness to accept paedophilia, rape and sexual slavery by fasting in turn with the murderous Slaves of Allah… or as its otherwise known, Muslim vote-whoring, something that all of our political classes have turned into a refined art form.

Mind you, none of them even attempt to hide it anymore; Matt Hancock, our bumbling Health Secretary with a degree in Economics but sod-all knowledge of science or medicine, has been up to the same greasy trick — he didn’t forget to thank the barbarians for their ‘Ramadan Sacrifice’ but, a couple of days earlier, had nothing to say to the indigenous Christian community on the occasion of St. George’s Day. Know them not by what they say but by what they do not say.

Earlier, on the 22nd of March, roughly one month prior to their annual ‘Sacrifice’, a Somali enricher pre-empted the festivities by stabbing an innocent white child to death as she was playing on her scooter in a park. This is but another Muslim atrocity that, under cover of the inevitable neo-recidivist practice of labelling such occurrences as due to ‘mental problems’, is thus being gratefully ignored by our glorious MSM.

To be continued…

Seneca III — this 28th day of April in the year of our Lord 2020.

Annex B

Some of the recommendations appended to The MacPherson Report

  • Police forces should reflect the cultural and ethnic mix of the communities they serve.
  • The definition of a “racist incident” will now include incidents categorised in policing terms both as crimes and non-crimes. It will now encompass “any incident which is perceived to be racist by the victim or any other person”. A new Code of Practice will record all such crimes.
  • The public will be encouraged to report racist incidents by making it possible to report them 24 hours a day, and not only at police stations.
  • No change is recommended in the standard of proof needed for the prosecution of racist crimes.
  • Any evidence of racist motivation to be declared at all stages of the prosecution. No exclusions on the grounds of plea-bargaining.
  • Crown Prosecution Service must always notify a victim (or the victim’s family) of plans to discontinue a prosecution.
  • Consideration of a change in the “double jeopardy” law to enable the appeal court to allow a new prosecution after acquittal “where fresh and viable evidence is presented”.*
  • Consideration of a change in the law that would allow prosecution of racist offences that took place other than in public (such as in the home).
  • Consideration of the proposition that victims (or their families) become “civil parties” to criminal proceedings, enabling them to have access to all relevant information in the case…

and so on and so on and so on.

[N.B. *They certainly did that — Blair’s Criminal Justice Act 2003, which abolished the double jeopardy rule for serious crimes, came into effect two years later. Crucially, it was also retrospective, meaning it did not matter whether an alleged offence had occurred before 2005.

Thus, in the blink of an eye was gone a centuries-old protection against governments and their enforcers waging vengeful campaigns against a citizen already found innocent by a jury of peers. Never has so much damage been done to Common Law and a once-homogeneous national community as was accomplished by Blair & Co., although the Blairs became exceeding rich in the process. Fortunately, his ambition to become President of the European Union was dashed in 2016 by the Brexit referendum, despite the efforts of one David William Donald Cameron to try and kick it into touch. Illegitimus, the pair of them.]

Annex C

Result of the Petition to publicize the Home Office Grooming Gang Review


The Government has responded to the petition you signed — “Release the Home Office’s Grooming Gang Review in full”.

The Government responded:

Tackling child sexual abuse is this Government’s priority. Any insights gained from our internal work will inform our future action to end this devastating abuse, including the forthcoming Strategy.

Child sexual abuse is a truly horrendous crime that shatters the lives of victims and their families. This Government has made it our mission to protect the most vulnerable in our society, and we will continue to work tirelessly at every level to protect children, support victims and stamp out offending.

Our approach is simple: we will do everything in our power to help those at risk and to leave offenders with no place to hide.

First, we have improved support for those who have suffered this appalling crime. We have increased funding for specialist local services for victims of sexual violence from £8 million to £12 million a year. Those affected have our unequivocal support, so we have also doubled our Support for Victims and Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse fund to £1.2 million, to help charities do more to help people across the country.

Second, the vile offenders preying on our children must face justice. The Home Office continues to support and drive improvements in the police response to child sexual abuse. We have prioritised this horrific crime as a national threat to ensure offenders face the full force of the law and provided significant Police Transformation Fund investment to improve the police response. Group offending must be eradicated, and we continue to provide Special Grant funding to forces carrying out major child sexual exploitation investigations.

Last September, we announced an additional £30 million to strengthen our mission to take down the worst offenders and safeguard and support victims. We continue to look for ways to do more and are developing a cross-government Child Sexual Abuse Strategy to ensure the whole system works for victims. The Strategy will set out how we will work across all sectors — including government, law enforcement, safeguarding and industry — to stop offenders in their tracks, and to help victims and survivors rebuild their lives.

Group-based child sexual exploitation is a particularly repugnant form of abuse that has a devastating impact on villages, towns and communities, particularly where it has gone on for years. These unthinkable crimes tear neighbourhoods apart and leave lasting scars that go beyond the direct victims. Extremists may also seek to exploit legitimate concerns to sow further division. The Government will continue to challenge these views and to help communities unite.

Child sexual abusers come from all walks of life, and from many different age groups, communities, ethnicities and faiths. Abuse is abuse, and misplaced sensitivities must never be allowed to put any child at risk. We are clear that police forces must continue to fully investigate these heinous crimes whenever and wherever they occur, and to ensure that anyone found responsible is prosecuted.

To help end this terrible form of abuse, the Home Office has been investigating the characteristics of group-based child sexual exploitation. It is right, proper and routine for the Government to carry out internal fact-finding work as part of policy development, as we do across a range of crime threats. Any insights gained from this important internal work will be used to inform our future action to end this devastating abuse, including the forthcoming Strategy.

Our research will help us better understand offending, to help prevent these vile crimes. Key findings will inform our own work, action at a local level, and law enforcement action to catch those responsible for this horrific abuse.

As part of our work, we have completed a review of existing literature. We have spoken to investigators and safeguarding professionals to better explore the challenges in investigating these crimes and their understanding of the offenders and victims of group-based child sexual exploitation.

The Government appreciates public interest in this matter and shares the nation’s outrage and determination to end this atrocious form of abuse. Mistakes have undoubtedly been made in the past and must never be allowed to happen again.

We will continue to work relentlessly to understand and end all forms of child sexual abuse. The most vulnerable in our society deserve our protection and we will work tirelessly to keep them safe and to bring their tormentors to justice.

Home Office. Click this link to view the response online.

This petition has over 100,000 signatures. The Petitions Committee will consider it for a debate. They can also gather further evidence and press the government for action.

The Committee is made up of 11 MPs, from political parties in government and in opposition. It is entirely independent of the Government. Find out more about the Committee.

[And there you will find no mention as to whom these paragons of rectitude are nor how many of them are ‘ethnics’ complete with their own agendas. — SIII]

The Petitions team
UK Government and Parliament

[Blah, blah and more blah then, essentially, “Get stuffed, peasants; we protected our Muslim pets then and we are going to continue doing so now.” Unmitigated dissembling and rampant disinformation best describe this bureaucratic jobsworth’s verbal diarrhea of an answer.]

For links to previous essays by Seneca III, see the Seneca III Archives.

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  1. It never ceases to amaze me how prescient Winston Churchill was. Not that it did England much good since they seem to have gone the way of Sweden and are doing everything in their power to overtake the feminist superpower.

    What is needed is another Churchill but it would be useless without a semi-educated population that followed the rule of law. What England will likely get will be an Oliver Cromwell, or maybe even a Guy Fawkes or two. Maybe blowing up Parliament with all the criminals inside will change the country for the better, but likely their would just be another batch of them ready to replace the current hive of scum and villainy.

    • Democracy as we know it will be completely dead soon, especially in western Europe. The people have been dumbed down to the least lowest common denominator for years and now we expect them to take the mantel of democracy that was so freely given to them on a silver platter of which now has been squandered to be rendered less than useless?
      The day of the strong and most ruthless amongst us is coming soon and deep down inside that very soul of yours you know this, for we gave away the store without so much as a whimper. Now we are all going to pay the price, for when you dance with the Devil, you always have to pay for the tune. One way or another we are due for a very bloody civilizational correction.

    • Seconded; I’d not previously seen Churchill’s comments on the BBC, but he was correct, as so often, if not always (so still a higher average than most of us!)

  2. What Seneca III has described is naught but a stench up the nose of our sovereign Lord Jesus Christ. The Covid-19 may very well be a precursor of the wrath to come. The thought of the Crown turning its back on its defenseless children as they are forced into prostitution by those whose religion demands their sacrifice to a pagan moon god is anathema to me and my grandchildren would certainly be to God Almighty whom I serve.
    The Elite cabal will receive their due before the Great White Throne, but in the meantime all we can do is protect our own against further depredation whilst hoping for the best from the Lord.

  3. “[And there you will find no mention as to whom these paragons of rectitude are …” —

    Follow the link they provided and then “membership” to arrive at this page:

    Not at all suggesting they can’t be corrupted. This whole establishment is rotten to the core. But they wisened up on how to pull one over the public so it won’t be as simple as counting Mohammeds.

    • Thank you for that, K. I will include a correction in the part of the series I am working on at the moment. And, also, if I can find the time, I will have a quick look at each of the members – that could turn out to be very interesting or turn up nothing at all.

      Depending on what turns up and if it is politically interesting I may have to skip including such an analysis in the current work in progress which is already structured in note form and save it for a later edition. Rgds, S III.

  4. Seneca, This is quite a body of work and I must congratulate you on your diligence. Once again, you have cut across something I was writing on Blair but you were not to know and I should learn to write more quickly. I await the next segment with anticipation – and a little trepidation.

  5. But all this new witch hunting for “hate crime” and perceived racism in any and all forms of justified criticism of behaviour (not race) presents us with a razor-sharp tool on a silver platter: The outlawing of all discriminatory content in Islamic ideology, in consequence the whole damn unpalatable hairball since hate is embedded in its very core. And failure to do so will expose the whole outrage as the sham it is. So there is no way around for these gangsters to either expose themselves as liars or incredibly dumb. We just need to survive the inevitable bloodshed ahead.

  6. Baron, is it possible that your site is being blocked by Google and or Apple?
    I’ve sent family members a link to this article but none of them can open it. And they’ve tried several different ways.

    I’ve noticed I have to use Duckduckgo to bring you up on a search. You’re not there using Google.

    Also, does Seneca III have a website, our does Google been him too? I thought maybe it would be openable directly from his website.

    • I can find GoV on Google when I search certain topics.

      I don’t know why they can’t open the site. Some governments seem to mess with us in their DNS; that’s the only thing I can think of.

      No, Seneca III does not have a website.

  7. Thank you for that, K. I will include a correction in the part of the series I am working on at the moment. And, also, if I can find the time, I will have a quick look at each of the members – that could turn out to be very interesting or turn up nothing at all.

    Depending on what turns up and if it is politically interesting I may have to skip including such an analysis in the current work in progress which is already structured in note form and save it for a later edition. Rgds, S III.

  8. It feels as though I have been reading Seneca III for years. Oh. I have. Always reductive, incisive, relevant and stylish at the same time. Ordinary people – those enemies of the state – do not understand the power and malice of the forces ranged against them.

  9. Two things about this article: First clicking the link to the petitions committee requires a few extra clicks to see the current members.

    The Committee is made up of 11 MPs, from political parties in government and in opposition. It is entirely independent of the Government. Find out more about the Committee.
    [And there you will find no mention as to whom these paragons of rectitude are nor how many of them are ‘ethnics’ complete with their own agendas. — SIII]
    The Petitions team
    UK Government and Parliament

    Second, this is one of most worrisome statements. Do you notice the sentence most out of place in the paragraph below?

    “Group-based child sexual exploitation is a particularly repugnant form of abuse that has a devastating impact on villages, towns and communities, particularly where it has gone on for years. These unthinkable crimes tear neighbourhoods apart and leave lasting scars that go beyond the direct victims. Extremists may also seek to exploit legitimate concerns to sow further division. The Government will continue to challenge these views and to help communities unite.”

    “Extremists may also seek to exploit legitimate concerns to sow further division. The Government will continue to challenge these views and to help communities unite.”

    This is an open admission that the status quo remains intact. The rest of the statement is platitudes. Heartbreaking.

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