Geronticide in Sweden

Last week I posted an interview with a Swedish nurse named Latifa Löfvenberg by Dr. Jon Tallinger, the Swedish MD who blew the whistle on the Swedish medical authorities’ directive about the treatment of elderly COVID-19 patients at nursing homes.

The Swedish health service has ordered that elderly coronavirus patients be given morphine instead of oxygen treatment for their severe respiratory symptoms. Nursing homes are forbidden to administer oxygen to residents, and hospital ICUs will not accept them as patients. Oxygen has been shown to be effective in relieving respiratory distress in such patients, enough so that they may be able to survive the disease. However, morphine has the opposite effect: it inhibits their breathing even further, and they inevitably die of suffocation. The drug takes away any pain they might have, but it kills them.

In the last couple of weeks the latest statistics have shown that Sweden is experiencing an upsurge of deaths from COVID-19. Since most of the deaths from the disease in Western countries — more than 80%, according to the statistics — occur in long-term care facilities for the very old, the reason for the spike in Sweden’s death rate seems clear.

The Swedish government obviously sees an opportunity in the ChiCom flu: through its heartless treatment of elderly patients it can clear out space in nursing homes (making it easier to convert some of them to asylum facilities) and reduce its eldercare costs, thereby relieving the pressure on its socialized health care system.

It’s an unannounced, unacknowledged policy of covert euthanasia.

And all carried out by the world’s humanitarian superpower.

Below is a more in-depth discussion between Dr. Tallinger and Nurse Löfvenberg about the situation in Swedish nursing homes. Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for uploading this video:

For further discussion along these lines, see the Angry Foreigner (hat tip LN).

7 thoughts on “Geronticide in Sweden

  1. Last May my 77 year old Mother was in hospice in Maryland. She had COPD and other contributing ailments. She was using an oxygen concentrator but eventually went into respiratory arrest.

    In Maryland there are the people who run the hospice but also state hospice nurses and social workers who come around about three days a week. Early on in the process my Sister received a box in the mail called a comfort kit. We opened and discovered a bottle morphine and oral syringes. I can’t remember the exact size but there were 10 sizable syringes and the notes on the bottle said to administer one syringe per hour to maintain comfort.

    The night before her death she went into respiratory arrest. I asked the owner of the hospice who lived on the premises if we should administer the morphine and she refused. She had told be it shuts down her organs and she will die.

    Seeing that my Mom was struggling I called my Sister to get the state nurse and social worker in route. When they got there they were perturbed that the morphine had not been administered. There was a short argument between the state workers and the owner and then the state nurse administered two syringes.

    The state nurse then called to get permission to administer the second syringe that had already given and then thirty minutes later she administered a third before being transported to the state hospice hospital. When we arrived at the state hospice hospital they told us they had given her a forth dose. I remember telling my Sister that this was enough morphine to drop a damn mule.

    Of course my Mother quietly slipped away after taking the textbook last two breaths about an hour later. My Mom and Sister had gone over all this before hand with the social worker so it seemed to be preplanned.

    So it happens here in the states as well although my Mom new it was going to happen. The state nurse kept telling me it was going to help her breathe better but that’s not exactly what happened.

    I’ve heard that on the covid floors of the hospitals there are no family members allowed to speak for the loved ones. The elderly are convinced that they need to be intubated and then ventilated so it is definitely more sinister.

    • If it wasn’t for the callousness and cold, calculating manner in which the Swedes have abandoned their elderly to their fate it would almost be more humane than dying alone with a tube down one’s throat and inside some machine.

      What is truly infuriating is the Swedish Borg collective is doing this not only to free up resources, but to free up resources that they may spend it on importing even more orcs.

      • Orcs. You got it. Have these imbeciles no imagination? Haven’t they thought about what kind of place these orcs will create?

        Stupidity beyond belief.

    • Sorry to hear about your mother, Charles.

      Mine died in 1999; because of complications from diabetes, she’d had two sections of her leg amputated (either side of the death of her husband of 57 years, my father, though she made it to his funeral, in a wheelchair).

      She hung on till my brother arrived from Canada (my sister, other brother and I were already there), embraced us all, then died a few hours later. We’ve no doubt that the medics increased her morphine to help her on her way; perhaps illegal, but the alternative would have been more gangrene and a worse death. Sometimes (probably most times?) the medics get it right.

  2. One day the Muslims will come for them….and they won’t even get morphine to ease the pain.

    • Well, for the ones who came up with the idea to replace their own kin with orcs and then proceeded to make it so, being carnally practiced upon serially by the warriors of Muhammed in the manner in which they will use their virgins in Paradise is a quite fitting end to a lifetime of self-loathing and evil deeds.

      And, why waste valuable morphine on a bunch of old white Swedes when you can sell it or use it to get yourself high…

  3. I administer morphine to patients in respiratory distress. It is a normal and accepted treatment which eases breathing difficulty. It relaxes the body, heart, and mind, preventing pain and panic and allowing normal respiration. It is NOT intended nor expected to kill the patient!

    On only one occasion have I given morphine to a dying patient. He was both in pain and having respiratory difficulty. The family was present and asked me to administer as they didn’t want their dad to suffer more in his last hours.

    Please don’t assume that the medical staff are trying to kill your parents.

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