Mandatory Euthanasia for Elderly Coronavirus Victims in Sweden

Last week I posted Vlad’s interview with a Swedish doctor named Jon Tallinger, who drew a lot of attention in Sweden when he blew the whistle on the health service’s policies towards elderly coronavirus victims. Instead of giving them oxygen treatment — which might actually enable them to survive the infection — nursing homes are required to administer morphine, which inhibits their breathing even further, and are forbidden to send coronavirus patients to the hospital.

This is, for all practical purposes, a program of deliberate euthanasia.

As a follow-up, in the video below Dr. Tallinger interviews a nursing-home nurse named Latifa Löfvenberg, who has personally witnessed the treatment of elderly coronavirus patients. Ms. Löfvenberg has courageously agreed to speak publicly about what she has seen, and is willing to testify in a court of law if necessary.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for uploading this video:

9 thoughts on “Mandatory Euthanasia for Elderly Coronavirus Victims in Sweden

  1. Maybe geriatric Swedes need to start donning blackface and claiming their rights as underage nafri orcs to get the medical treatment they paid into their entire lives. If a obviously adult orc can claim to be a underage student and the Swedish establishment is prohibited from medically verifying his claim then ethnic Swedes who have destroyed their passports and donned blackface should be able to use the same gambit.

  2. Covid “SYMPTOMS” not – tested positive for CV19
    Many years ago when my Mom was sent home from hospital and placed on hospice care, every Nurse, as soon as they walked in the door wanted to shoot her up with morphine.
    I had to physically stop them from injecting her, their only concern was to keep her quit so they could text with their friends and boyfriends and not have to care for my Mom. Within 2 weeks she was up making food for herself. The doctors came to her home and could not belief it. They asked me how this happened… Love, and I didn’t allow the LVN’s to kill her with the drugs you prescribes I told them.
    My Mom is gone now, a local hospital put her in a Rehab facility, I tried to have her transferred to a real hospital because the doctors had flooded her body with water by IV, her left lung collapsed and the doctors refused to incubate her. They claimed she was too old and it would just happen again. The hospital administration had me legally 86’ed.
    I called the police many times but the police said they could not help.
    1.5 weeks later my Mother died alone at 23:30 July 30 2018.
    Because I was not allowed to transfer my Mom to another hospital, in my opinion the Police, Doctors, Nurses and staff intentionally killed her.

  3. You can see stories of elderly people who are so fearful of being euthanized by doctors there that they carry “anti-euthanasia cards”. This is just another sign of a society that has already been destroyed from within by another manifestation of the Global Collectivist Death Cult. The disciples of such death cults have already abandoned their own humanity in order to replace it with some other theo-political group having similar goals; the complete subjugation of the whole of humanity.

    They’ll sometimes refer to it as their new global order, a “new” order as if it hasn’t already been used to destroy billions throughout history. But it is just another attempted resurrection of that antediluvian golden age that almost saw the complete destruction and replacement of the Son’s of Adam. So will you see the Swedes rushing in to rescue their elderly Swedes? No you won’t. Nor will you ever because this is already an accepted practice by such members of the Global Collectivist Death Cult in Sweden who see older generations as a threat to their newly resurrected order of the Global Citizen, the New Man. Because they have seen and already know that such “new orders or the world” end with the death and destruction of the societies in which they’ve been adopted by.

    Senicide, geronticide is the abandonment to death of the elderly under various monikers of “do not resuscitate”, Palliative Care and Hospice Care. Basically removing any effort to prolong a life under the excuse of diminished quality of living. The same kind of reasoning used for the murder of unborn children to prevent their “suffering” in economic poverty, or genetic deficiency as deemed by the subjective edicts of some oligarchical collective of apparatchiks who serve the whims of a Global Collectivist Death Cult. But don’t fret too much over all of this. There is a special place reserved for such individuals in the near future.

  4. A society that treats it’s elderly like this deserves to collapse and be ruled with an iron fist. My God ! This is bloody disturbing and appalling that it shocks the conscience!

  5. All the scifi movies I use to watch, as a kid, about the future, have become reality. From before birth and after birth murder for babies to legal murder of the elderly infirm. Delusional ideology.

  6. It is not cruel to give someone morphine. 3rd world countries don’t use it. What is cruel is for a family member to prevent it because they are afraid of being left alone. In the U.S. people do not visit nursing homes as a pleasant place. They visit because their family is STUCK there as the last stopping off place before DEATH of the body. Families “drop by” for an hour once a month or once a week usually while the rest of the time, the individual stuck there prays to die. Why do they pray to die? Go visit a nursing home and listen, smell the smells, taste the food, look at the physical and mental shape of these people. Guess what…we will all die. It is not manslaughter or murder to ease the journey of the body. NEWS FLASH. IT SOMETIMES HURTS VERY MUCH TO DIE!!!!!!! The doctors are NOT giving morphine to patients who don’t have Covid.
    Narcotics aren’t even given in the U.S. because someone might become an addict and the age all doctors are shooting for is 120. Every seen a 90 year old with their bones coming unhinged cry with no narcotic? Has anyone ever seen the average 107 year old in a nursing home? A shriveled up husk of a body. Is “the family”paying for all that care? Not usually. It is the government. Grow up. Your loved ones will die…and so will you. If you want to suffer, that is your right. If it is them, have some compassion.

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