The Betrayal Papers — Supplementary Article

NOTE: This essay is a supplement to the first four parts in a five-part series from the Qatar Awareness Campaign. Previously: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, and Part 4.

This supplementary article puts Parts I-IV in some perspective. It’s a condensed version that attempts to paint a picture of the domestic problem in terms that are easily accessible to those who are not already deeply familiar with the issues. A variety of factors are explored, from Congressional complicity to the silence of the press.

Part V will be released next week.

The Betrayal Papers — And the Press Says Nothing…

The first four parts of The Betrayal Papers have presented a nearly unfathomable scenario: a takeover of the country by a foreign, hostile party. (See Part I, Part II, Part III, Part IV.) This supplemental article addresses the problem of Muslim Brotherhood infiltration in the nation’s capital and throughout the American establishment.

The United States of America, primarily through the political left and Democrat Party, has been virtually colonized by the Muslim Brotherhood. Also known by their Arabic name, Ikhwan, they are a totalitarian, terrorist Islamic group that seeks our destruction because we are a free people.

We witness the Muslim Brotherhood’s planned destruction of America in many areas of contemporary life. A purposefully weak economy fails to produce the capitalist dynamism that has defined America for generations, and many millions remain unemployed. Abroad, the Muslim Brotherhood’s domination of American foreign policy instigated and backed the failed “Arab Spring,” which may ultimately result in Iranian domination of the Middle East. We feel their suffocating effects on our democracy every day, as our freedoms, traditions, opportunities, and rule of law slip away. The people suffer as prices continue to rise and the public sinks into a bottomless pit of debt.

The hostile, conquered government in Washington strangles our liberty each time Obama, like a self-crowned emperor, passes new regulatory laws without Congress.

Each of these trends is related to the predominant problem in America today: the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood to a place of eminence in American government — the Executive, the Presidency. The People’s office, established by Article II of the Constitution, is now either occupied by a Muslim Brother in Barack Hussein Obama, or a man who happens to go along with their every policy at every turn.

To understand the nature and evil of the Muslim Brotherhood, recall their intimate involvement with Hitler’s Nazi war machine and Holocaust. This genocidal syndicate has birthed virtually all major Islamic terrorist groups and their various offshoots. Financially, they have the backing of the Qatar, whose ruling Al-Thani family is likely the world’s richest family.

Within the United States, Muslim Brotherhood fingerprints are on the administration’s biggest scandals: IRS targeting of conservative groups, eavesdropping on the press, the scrubbing of counterterrorism material of the words “Islam” and “Muslim,” NYC police murders in December 2014, Benghazi, and more.

In Syria and Iraq, to the extent that these countries still distinctly exist and are not viewed as part of an emerging Islamic caliphate, the Muslim Brotherhood is directly responsible for the rise of ISIS and the entire Arab Spring. The Obama-backed project to replace strongmen in the region (e.g. Mubarak, Gaddafi, Assad) is such a failure that Libya today is in a state of anarchy, occupied by ISIS’s bloodthirsty armies, who are training to invade Europe.

Paralyzed by Inaction and Complicity

The U.S. Congress refuses to act. They are in denial, and paid well to be so. Lobbyists and government perks keep them fat, happy, and stupid. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce has a regional headquarters in Doha, Qatar, home of the Brotherhood’s spiritual leader Yusuf al-Qaradawi. Indeed, some of America’s most respected companies do business with Al-Thani family, who last year pledged $1 billion to the terrorist government, including Hamas, in Gaza. Georgetown University and the Brookings Institution are also in this sand-swept desert oasis of revolutionary Islam, along with many other top-tier universities and think tanks.

So far has the establishment, in particular the Obama administration and the progressive left, merged with the global Muslim Brotherhood, that Harvard University and Northwestern University are actually helping build an Islamic sharia law school in Qatar — a country which has been aptly nicknamed an “ATM for Terrorists.”

There are enough hard, verifiable facts available on Muslim Brotherhood’s infiltration of Washington, D.C. that there is no need to stretch the truth. Qatar’s associations with the nation’s capital and the players who run it are alone enough to fill a volume, or two.

So why doesn’t the Press report just the facts?

What is the reason for such an incredible failure by the press to inform the American people of the dire state of their government under Barack Obama? There are several.

Many advisors to Obama are married into the media, or have worked in media themselves prior to joining the administration. Both Ben Rhodes and Susan Rice have familial connections with powerful executives in (what was once known as) the free press. Four times more journalists identify as liberal compared to conservative. Evidently, with the case of Brian Williams coming to light, some in the media don’t care about the truth and would rather make up bald-faced lies.

Yet the biases above don’t fully explain the conspicuous silence of the mainstream press on the Muslim Brotherhood. For it is no longer bias or loyalty that sway the press, but fear.

The Obama administration has proved that it will stonewall, punish, illegally wiretap, and in general make life difficult for inquisitive members of the press. Case in point, Sharyl Attkisson, who refused go along with the official lies regarding Benghazi. Her documented harassment by the administration sends the intended message, and most spineless editors and producers listen: shut up and report what we say, or else!

Overseas, an aggressive Russia is looking to reassert the power it had under the Czars and the Soviets. Civil unrest in Ukraine has resulted in a war that threatens Russia’s economic security. Simultaneously, Russian-allied Syria, on the Mediterranean, is under attack by U.S.-backed terrorists, who are referred to by the administration and parroting media as “moderates” (that, according to Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper).

When it comes to the genocide and cultural annihilation of Middle Eastern Christians and other minorities, the word is in Washington is mum.

Today’s parallels with the 1930s are hard to miss. In an ominous signal of what may come, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called all European Jews to Israel. All signs point to the conclusion that a much broader war is on the horizon unless something big changes, and fast. And because our allies have very little trust in us, as we continue to back a genocidal Islamic movement, the country finds itself with few international friends and in considerable danger.

If we want to change our future, it behooves us to face reality, no matter what it is. The Muslim Brotherhood is not going to disappear on its own — they are too entrenched. One potential first step would be to formally designate that the Muslim Brotherhood and all affiliated groups are terrorist entities. This has already been done in Egypt, Russia, Syria, the United Arab Emirates, and Saudi Arabia. It is most definitely not “Islamophobic.”

Following the designation, patriotic law enforcement must conduct a thorough investigation of all levels of government, and prosecute all guilty parties according to the Constitution.

Most urgently, the people must demand action! Before too much more time passes, before it is too late.

The Betrayal Papers is a collaborative effort by the Coalition of Concerned Citizens, which includes:

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  1. Conncerning Qatar, it’s worth noting that according to respected investigative journalist Alexander Jennings, they have as well as bought FIFA, i.e. “football” — the only remaining religion of Europe and king of much of the rest of the world, too. Among various interesting allegations are such beauts as the Emir Al-Thani loaning a Boeing to FIFA’s now-president Blatter so that he could gallivant to various countries to drum up support for his candidacy, and the virtual buying of the 2022 World Cup award to Qatar, via bribes.

    Qatar has also launched — with the help of hired hands, mainly Brits– the most successful Arabic language channel of news and propaganda, Al Jazeera.

    • You reminded me: Remember when the Obamas flew (in separate planes because the Big Man was too busy to stay very long) to Denmark? They were pushing for the U.S. sponsoring the Olympic Games (I forget which year). But somehow that committee resisted the siren-like quality of his Magic Voice™ and those bad people gave the games to Brazil. Chicago was sooo lucky the games passed them by; It’s already a murderous mess. Just think of the Olympic-sized chaos that would have descended onto the Windy City if “all those wonderful construction jobs” had been grifted grafted onto the situation.

      Hmmm…maybe I should have left it at grifted? That’s how Mrs. Obama’s father earned his family’s Daley bread: in exchange for a job from Mr. Daley’s machine, Mr. Robinson was responsible for the neighborhood ward where he lived – or at least his small part of it. The Democrat machine in Chicago is awesomely intricate but it keeps things running. Only costs about ten times what it would if most of those jobs were sold to private industry. Of course, due diligence re the buyers is crucial or you’ll get what Chicago got when it sold its parking meter concession:

      I read recently that Qatar owns the thing. That wouldn’t be surprising. I’d prefer China; at least the money is dependable.

  2. More of the same:
    U.S. weapons, hardware and military equipment worth $500MILLION have gone missing in Yemen, and may have fallen into the hands of jihadis

    It’s impossible that any group of people could be so retard-idiotic as America’s best and brightest –all Harvard/Yale/Oxford Obamoids — have proved themselves in arming global jihad. To quote Sherlock Holmes, what remains, however improbable, must be true: it is by design.

    • The fact they have a Ivy League education along with wealth and power doesn’t mean they aren’t dumb or really out of touch.

      Though I suspect the latter is the real issue is among them along with a toxic globalist/Marxist ideology that borders on a personal religion for many of them. That turns them into vicious loons and monsters.

      And if they hold these views, which I think most do judging from their near unanimous support of open borders and demographic destruction of the Western peoples the loss of that military hardware is quite irrelevant.

      And they certainly don’t care when their natives get butchered by one of their recent imported cultural enrichers.

  3. I just hope that someday an historian will be able to write the truth about Obama. If there are any left after the jackals take over and decide that all books but the Koran are haram.

  4. Perhaps this was discussed in a previous installment but, I fail to see the connection between the Muslim Brotherhood and the targeting of Conservative org’s by the IRS.

    • 2 sides of the same coin. Support the country’s foreign enemies and destroy your personal and your agenda’s domestic opponents.

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