Hey, Bibi! ’Twas the Leprechauns Done It

The New York Times is without doubt the head of the snake of the modern Mainstream Media. It leads where the other sheep follow, and it sets the appallingly low standards for which journalism is so justly infamous, standards as low as… oh, right: standards as low as a snake’s belly.

As an example of why “journalism” is so little trusted by the average person, take this lead paragraph in the NYT’s story of Netanyahu’s victory in Israel:

After a bruising campaign focused on his failings, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel won a clear victory in Tuesday’s elections and seemed all but certain to form a new government and serve a fourth term, though he offended many voters and alienated allies in the process.

So this “bruising” campaign focused on Netanyahu’s failings but he won anyway? And despite offending many voters and alienat[ing] allies, he’s going to serve a fourth term?? Oh, the horror…

Canada Free Press had a different take on the campaign and victory:

With $350,000 in taxpayer grants from the American State Department now under investigation, with the booty of George Soros backing their efforts, and American campaign workers planted right in the leftist opposition camp, this is what they thought would find election success in Israel:

“Israel is ideal for door-to-door campaigning due to the small size of the country. Because of the large number of political parties and high voter turnout, he believes it’s possible to talk with enough people to change the government.”—Jeremy Bird to Haaretz.

Jeremy Bird’s goose is cooked, and will be hard to get off the platter again. His touted talent as an election pooh-bah was spent for naught in Israel. Even with American tax dollars, even with George Soros, even with the spite of Obama, it fizzled out.

Bird, who served as Obama’s campaign National field director in 2012, was one of four U.S. consultants working with Tel Aviv based Victory 2015 or V15, to oust Netanyahu from office. He has been described by Israeli newspapers as V15’s “secret campaign weapon.” V15 says it supports no particular candidate, but want to replace Netanyahu. V15 is funded by an organization called OneVoice.

V15? It sounds eerily like one of Hitler’s rockets.

So even Soros, in tandem with The Magical Negro, couldn’t bring Bibi down? Mr. Netanyahu must have some major mojo to have finagled this bagel from The Terrible Two.

The latter both operate from a sense of entitlement, as though whatever they want, they shall have — despite repeated experiences to the contrary. After all, we’re talking about a Nobel Peace Prize winner and the guy who broke the Bank of England, taking a lot of pensioners down the tube. Soros can’t go back to France, since he’s a convicted criminal there for his destructive financial shenanigans. By the time Obama’s turn in office is over, one has to contemplate how many countries will consider him persona non grata.

So Netanyahu won and the leftists lost again. This turn of events couldn’t have come at a better time for Israel. The leftists would’ve given away even more of an already-shrinking country. Just in case you didn’t notice, this victory came on Saint Patrick’s Day. That’s a fine synchronicity indeed (though I’ll bet the anti-Semites in Ireland are gnashing their teeth and killing off any grinning leprechauns).

23 thoughts on “Hey, Bibi! ’Twas the Leprechauns Done It

  1. The combined powers of the media , helped by all kinds of selfdeclared high-culture personalities , had for weeks been waging an all-out war against Bibi , including a well executed smearcampaign helped along by several highranking officials .
    They were completely defeated by one solid fact : The average israeli voter does not trust them any more , he has a well developed instinct for recognizing a conspiracy when he sees one … this is very different from the naive european voters who have brainwashed into believing his own culture is the cause of all suffering in the world .

  2. The pitch falls flat when you go door to door selling snake oil to people of at least average intelligence who know in their bones that for them there is no margin for error.

  3. Bibi’s victory is a vote for civilization over mayhem. He is smart. I watched him speak to Congress and noted his intelligence, his seriousness of purpose, and what I believe is his patriotic devotion to Israel — which is as it should be.

    One of the things (just ONE) that I don’t like about OUR president is his lack of devotion to America.

    So the Jews are better off than we are, at least their leader loves his country! Damn, we should be so lucky, but it’s now less than 2 more years and I just keep my fingers crossed that he can’t do too much more harm, but I have to keep my fingers crossed, just in case, right? Nobody in the world trusts him anymore and no intelligent person in this country trusts him — he can eat all the wagyu beef he wants, just stay put in front of the TV or the golf course, go make stupid speeches and try not to screw up our country anymore than he has.

    That is all I ask of The One (puke).

  4. I read Carolyn Glick’s take on Bibi’s pre-election blues. Bibi is one smart politician who previously has bent over backwards to get on Obama’s ‘good side’ but who soon realized that Obama has no good side when it comes to Jews and Israel.

    This is a well deserved victory for the only truly free and democratic nation in the Middle East that the Collective Left would sooner see annihilated than give any credit to for all the good that Israel has done. Such is the insane hatred of the world today.

    And speaking of being lower than a snakes belly. I once knew a soldier whose favorite expression when speaking to those for whom he had little regard, was to tell them that they were so low that they could parachute out of a snakes [cloacal opening]!

    • re. Parachuting: Great image! I’ll have to share it with my formerly Navy corpsman brother. 🙂

      And…just why did someone from the U.S. feel that it was permissible to spend money and go door to door as part of *another country’s* election process?! I don’t understand; perhaps I’m insufficiently informed. (Something I’ve been finding out lately….)

      • Soros funds the Socialist Alliance and some blogs in Australia – and no doubt he would also contribute to Union funds, although I have no direct evidence of such underhandedness – funny how the unions and the Australian Labor Party seem to possess more funds than the other more conservative side of politics, even though the Labor Party generates just 33% of the vote, as of the last federal election. The unions drive the Labor Party down here and nearly all the members of the federal Labor Opposition are ex-union officials.

        We are currently in the last year (two year) of a Royal Commission into union governance and corruption – which was extended from the original 12 months due to the amount of corruption so far uncovered – that will go a long way in exposing the many overseas links to unions and the Australian Labor Party.

        Are you aware that the Federal Labor government when in office (2012) gave a donation of 20 million dollars to the Clinton Foundation?

        • David Horowitz has an excellent and searchable site – IIRC, it’s called “Discover the Networks”. The only strange thing about it is that during his meltdown over Diana West’s book, Mr. Horowitz put her up there with all those leftie orgs…she earned her own special page in Lefty Hell. Go figure.

          Just found the main page – http://www.discoverthenetworks.org/

          All the interns and worker bees who gathered that information deserve a medal. I’ve used it sometimes to refresh my memory on people and orgs. Like Teresa Kerry. Or is it Teresa Heinz? Teresa Heinz Kerry? That may be Teresa with a “Th”? One of her orgs is called “Tides”

  5. I whould like to congratulate Mr Bibi.Netanyahu for his victory.Bibi ,is a realist,look at his stand against the idea of a Palestine state.He clearly understands the potential danger such a move can be for Israel.When he talks about Iran,he sounds an alarm on behalf of the entire world.Thats a visionary,not many are left theses days especially at a time when the world is facing the danger of a nuclear holocaust.

    • I see a two-state “solution” this way:

      1) Israel gives up some of her (limited) territory to the “Palestinians,” who could’ve been permitted to become citizens of any Muslim, Arabic-speaking country after the 1948 Existential War. However, none of these Muslim, Arabic-speaking countries wanted to accept the refugees whom they themselves had urged to leave Israel, promising that there would be “plenty of land” after the new nation was defeated.

      2) After Israel gives up some territory, it will be discovered to be “insufficient” or “the worst land available” or something else negative. Israel will *again* be asked to give up land for these “Death to Israel” Hamas-ruled types.

      3) After Israel has given up almost all of its territory, Hamas will be able to stand on what’s left of Israel in a human chain and simply massacre every woman, child, and man still remaining in Israel.

      I’ve never supported a two-state solution, and that’s a stance in the S.F. Bay Area that is highly unpopular.

  6. This result has implications for the upcoming Candian general election (similar meddling by U.S. leftists).

    • They already tried it in Australia in our 2013 Federal elections and got their proverbials kicked.

      Now the leftstream media are running an unprecedented hate campaign against our elected conservative Prime Minister.

      It real has to be watched on a day to day basis to get the full understanding of its scale, viciousness, vindictiveness, and rampant hypocrisy.

      And that’s before you get to the out and out lies.

      • Wow. Glad you caught the interference in 2013; hope it doesn’t screw up your 2015 elections.

    • And you’ll like this one … Team Obama will be providing help to David Cameron’s “Conservatives” in the forthcoming UK General Election. If ever there was proof that the slimy self publicist Camoron is in fact a closet Leftie!

  7. God bless you Bibi and bless Israel that has barely survived all the world’s hatred. You are the source of Christian religion and another Fake Religion by the renowned pedophile.
    If there were a club for clear-eyed, realistic politicians , Bibi should be the president and all that read Gates of Vienna, Vlad Tepes, Barenaked Islam, and similar jewels of telling the bare truth, would be the members.

    I have a suggestion: Christians and Jews dislodged from their ancestry homes in the muslim countries, should join the Israeli Defence Army. No people have survived and built a nation without fighting for. That’s why muslims have 57 usurped countries called OIC Organisation of Islamic Cooperation. Have they ever given back any part to its owners. Pakistan and Afghanistan was Hindu’s .

  8. The New York Times is useless. I’ve seen articles from them that were indistinguishable from White House press releases. (No quotes from anyone outside the Obama administration. No point-counterpoint. No attempt to question or research claims made, etc.)

    The average college graduate these days is completely incapable of noticing any of this. If I try to point out to one of them that an article they’re showing me is essentially just a press release, they don’t understand what I’m talking about or why I’d say that.

    • I grew up in the 50s and 60s. The thought never crossed my mind that the 21st Century would be anything other than a more enlightened century compared to the 20th!

      It’s the 1930s all over again Nimrod!

  9. Monty_in_BC mentioned already what I too (also living in BC) fear the most. It is the interference and coming shenanigans of the Obama team in our Canadian elections. Almost all of Justin Trudeau’s team hails from South of the border and they want the defeat of Harper almost as badly as Bibi’s. Anyway for the moment last night my husband and I opened a long saved bottle of Sekt and we had it in Bibi’s and Israel’s honour. A rare occasion to celebrate something.

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