The Betrayal Papers — Part IV of V

NOTE: This essay is the fourth in a five-part series from the Qatar Awareness Campaign. Previously: Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3.

Obama and the Muslim Brotherhood created and backed the Arab Spring, and are responsible for the rise of genocidal ISIS.

The Betrayal Papers, Part IV of V: A New Genocide

Part I of The Betrayal Papers explained the history and context of the Muslim Brotherhood’s influence in the American government.

Part II looked at the associations of seven Obama officials with Muslim Brotherhood front organizations in the United States.

Part III traced the Muslim Brotherhood’s and the State of Qatar’s influence on domestic policy and Obama administration scandals.

Part IV will examine foreign policy under Obama. It will explain how the Obama administration and U.S. Department of State have used the American military and standing in the world as tools to kick start the creation of a new Islamic Caliphate. Obama’s unconscionable enabling of and silence regarding a new genocide will be revealed. Finally, this article will offer a cursory reassessment of America’s allies, and which countries we have lost as friends.

“The transformation of America has been in the full swing ever since 2008. President Obama’s no-show in Paris was an embarrassment for all Americans. But it also was a signal to the Islamic jihadis. It’s one of the many signals he’s sent over the years while he’s in office. Now there’s no question: We got a hell of a job ahead of us… with the Muslim Brotherhood penetration in every one of our national security agencies, including all our intelligence agencies.

— Admiral James ‘Ace’ Lyons, speaking at the Center for Security Policy

Is Obama a Muslim?

This is the question that many Americans and people around the globe are asking themselves lately. From his refusal to label the Islamic State “Islamic,” to his lecture about the Crusades at the National Prayer breakfast, what once was taboo is now starting to be verbalized.

Yet this may be the slightly wrong question to ask. The ruling establishment of Saudi Arabia, home to Islam’s holiest sites, Mecca and Medina, is rightly considered an authoritative voice of Islam. In case you missed it, the Saudis have emerged as some of Obama’s biggest critics.

In doing so, the Saudis also revealed the truth regarding the Arab Spring.

Writing in the Saudi daily Al-Jazirah, columnist Dr. Ahmad Al-Faraj, while supporting Israeli’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech before Congress, not only called Obama “one of the worst U.S. presidents;” he also exposed the nature of so-called “democratic revolutions” in the region. Stated al-Faraj:

Since Obama is the godfather of the prefabricated revolutions in the Arab world, and since he is the ally of political Islam, [which is] the caring mother of [all] the terrorist organizations, and since he is working to sign an agreement with Iran that will come at the expense of the U.S.’s longtime allies in the Gulf, I am very glad of Netanyahu’s firm stance and [his decision] to speak against the nuclear agreement at the American Congress despite the Obama administration’s anger and fury.”

Translation: Obama served as a mouthpiece for, and armed, the Muslim Brotherhood (i.e., “political Islam”) revolutionaries in Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, and Syria. He was aided in this incredibly destructive policy of jihad by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton until her resignation in 2013, and has been further aided by her successor, John Kerry.

The original Muslim Brotherhood, the Ikhwan, was banished from Saudi Arabia in 1927. The conservative Wahhabi Saudi royals have traditionally had little use for exporting jihad, and indeed are one of the United States’ oldest strategic allies in the region. Despite Americans’ revulsion at Saudi Arabia’s application of barbaric sharia (i.e., Islamic) law in their own country, outside the Kingdom Saudis have every reason to maintain the status quo with neighbors, including Israel, Jordan, and Egypt. That means keeping the Muslim Brotherhood out of power.

The pertinent question is not whether Obama is secretly a Muslim, per se, but rather if Obama is a secret Muslim Brother. That is the real question.

The Words of Obama, Dalia, and Rashad

If we take the Saudis, the most influential Gulf country, seriously, then it follows that Obama and his administration must have had a plan for the Arab Spring that goes back several years, i.e. 2008.

Part II of The Betrayal Papers identified seven Obama administration officials who had/have associations with several Muslim Brotherhood front organizations in the United States (CAIR, ISNA, MSA, etc.). It also tracked their associations with Georgetown University and the Brookings Institution, both recipients of significant amounts of money from the State of Qatar, the home of many prominent Muslim Brothers.

One of those officials is Rashad Hussain, who is Obama’s Special Envoy to the Organisation of the Islamic Conference. In August 2008, Hussain co-authored a paper for the Brookings Institution called Reformulating the Battle of Ideas: Understanding the Role of Islam in Counterterrorism Policy. The paper, which calls Islam the “strongest ally” in the “global effort to end terrorism,” explicitly calls for the American government not to reject political Islam, but to utilize Islamic scholars and Islamic “policymaking” to reject “terrorism.” It also recommends that “policymakers should reject the use of language that provides a religious legitimization of terrorism such as ‘Islamic terrorism’ and ‘Islamic extremist.’“

Is it any wonder now why Obama says that the Islamic State “is not Islamic?” This is the deceptive language of the Muslim Brotherhood, recently welcomed to the White House.

Let’s now turn our attention at a report co-authored by Dalia Mogahed, who was a member of Obama’s Advisory Council of Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships and influential in writing Obama’s nefarious 2009 speech in Cairo. Additionally, Mogahed is currently listed as a member of Georgetown’s Berkley Center for Religion, Peace, & World Affairs.

Mogahed was part of the Leadership Group on U.S.-Muslim Engagement. Other members of the group were former Secretary of State Madeline Albright, Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf (of World Trade Center Mosque notoriety), and Muslim Public Affairs Council’s Ahmed Younis. The report issued by the group called for engagement and cooperation with political Islam, and specifically with the Muslim Brotherhood:

The U.S. must also consider when and how to talk with political movements that have substantial public support and have renounced violence, but are outlawed or restricted by authoritarian governments allied to the U.S. The Muslim Brotherhood parties in Egypt and Jordan are arguably in this category. In general, the Leadership Group supports engagement with groups that have clearly demonstrated a commitment to nonviolent participation in politics.”

Indications of a plan to work with the Muslim Brotherhood were evident as early as June 2009, when the President went to Cairo’s Al-Azhar University to address the Muslim World. The audience included prominent members of the Muslim Brotherhood that Obama insisted on having seated in the front row. Said Obama, “[The] partnership between America and Islam must be based on what Islam is, not what it isn’t. And I consider it part of my responsibility as President of the United States to fight against negative stereotypes of Islam wherever they appear.”

With the statements of the Saudi journalist, Hussain, Mogahed, and Obama himself in mind, presented below is a thumbnail sketch of the Arab Spring and its consequences, and the intersection between the Obama administration and the Muslim Brotherhood. This is only a fraction of the evidence that proves Obama has worked hand-in-hand with the Muslim Brotherhood to transform the Middle East.


In Tunisia in 2011, the government of Ben Ali fell after a man self-immolated, sparking a wave of protests. Subsequently, Tunisia elected the Muslim Brotherhood Ennahda party, with a plurality of 37% of the vote. In October 2014, Tunisia elected a secular government.


Libya exemplifies the essence of the so-called Arab Spring, an anarchic Muslim Brotherhood revolution that thrives on violence and chaos.

In such ungovernable disarray are significant parts of Libya today, that it is actually being used as a staging ground by ISIS for an invasion of Europe.

Despite repeated warnings and advice by the United States military to leave Muammar Gaddafi in power, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and President Obama launched a disastrous war against the Gaddafi regime, leaving a power vacuum for Al Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood to fill.

Practically, Libya served as armaments bazaar for the Muslim Brotherhood and all associated terrorist groups. Libyan weapons have ended up in the hands of jihadis across North Africa, potentially contributing to the stockpile of arms of Boko Haram. These weapons were also sent to Syrian rebels, including groups who are now part of ISIS.

Currently, an ongoing proxy war rages in Libya. The anti-Muslim Brotherhood countries of Egypt and the United Arab Emirates battle Qatar and Turkey (close allies of the Obama administration) and the local Islamic terrorists.


Benghazi and all the mystery that surrounds it can mostly be dispelled in a few short paragraphs. A few facts will inform the reader, and then the attack that killed four Americans on September 11, 2012 can be then put in the larger context of a Muslim Brotherhood-guided American agenda.

First, the February 17 Martyrs Brigade, aka Ansar al-Sharia, was hired to guard the compound by the American government. In a word, they are a jihadi militia.

Second, the compound in Benghazi was crawling with CIA agents. According to CNN’s Jake Tapper, there were “dozens” of CIA personnel present the night of the attack, and the Obama administration has gone to “great lengths” to obscure their activities. Many speculate that Ambassador Stevens was a CIA asset in the State Department.

Third, only hours before the attack, Stevens met with a Turkish ambassador at the compound. Turkey, it should be recalled, was a transshipment point for some Libyan weapons that were shipped out of the country to jihadis elsewhere.

Fourth, the Muslim Brotherhood Morsi government of Egypt was involved with the attack. In fact, some of the terrorists were caught on video saying “Don’t shoot! Dr. Morsi sent us!”

These facts beg the question: If Ambassador Stevens was in fact overseeing a gun running operation to Islamic/jihadi/Muslim Brotherhood militias, why would the same people kill him?

Given the above evidence, the prominent theory that Stevens was going to be a trade for the Blind Sheikh, Omar Abdel-Rahman, seems a plausible explanation. (Morsi was dedicated to the release of Rahman.) And this theory is endorsed by no less an authority than retired four star Admiral James Lyons.

Once this plan went spectacularly wrong, a number of other things occurred, which again, fit into the larger picture of a Muslim Brotherhood-control Obama administration.

In an alarming breach of protocol and duty, Obama’s Special Advisor, Valerie Jarrett, issued the order to the military “stand down.” In other words, she ordered that Stevens and the other Americans be left to fend for themselves against a well-armed jihadi militia.

Regarding the now infamous Talking Points scandal involving Susan Rice, et. al., that blamed the attack on obscure and poorly produced movie, an MSA member from George Washington University was copied on the email sent by Ben Rhodes (who, recall, wrote Obama’s 2009 Cairo Speech).

Finally, George Soros is also connected to this scandal. The Obama-appointed lead investigator for the attack was Ambassador Thomas Pickering, who has ties to CAIR, a well-known Muslim Brotherhood front group in the United States. At the time of the investigation, Pickering was the co-chair of the Soros’ International Crisis Group. He is still a trustee.


So much has been written about Obama’s decision to force the resignation of Hosni Mubarak, and the subsequent election of Mohamed Morsi to the Egyptian Presidency, that the space here will be used only to reinforce some key and lesser known points.

  • Mubarak was the linchpin of regional stability, the president of the most populous Arab country who maintained not only peace but a strong relationship with Israel and the United States.
  • Mohamed Morsi likely joined the Muslim Brotherhood through the Muslim Students Association in America, while he was a student at University of Southern California.
  • The wife of Mohamed Morsi was a long-time friend of then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.
  • When Morsi came to power and began to implement sharia law, Obama promised the Morsi government $8 billion in exchange for land in the Sinai for Palestinians (Hamas). Once Morsi was removed, following a brief, murderous, and highly destructive reign of power, Obama immediately withheld military aid to Egypt.
  • Through 2013, the Clinton Foundation received between $1 million and $5 million from Qatar.
  • It appears likely that close Obama friends, the domestic terrorists Bill Ayers and wife Bernadine Dohrn, played a significant role in fomenting the protests which led to the resignation of Mubarak. Terrorist birds of feather flock together.

In case you were wondering, Obama advisor Dalia Mogahed considered the ouster of Morsi a “coup,” and CAIR and ISNA were likewise critical of the restoration of secular law in Egypt, which no doubt has prevented the slaughter of countless Coptic Christian lives.

Syria, Iraq, and ISIS — A Lost War, a Genocide, and a Rape of Humanity

Say what you will about Bashar al-Assad, he and his father Hafez have always strongly opposed the Muslim Brotherhood. Indeed, Mustafa Setmariam Nasar, aka Abu Musab al-Suri, a lieutenant of Osama bin Laden and architect of the Madrid train bombings, spent most of his life trying to overthrow the Assads and implement sharia law. (Not only is Nasar Syrian, his nom de guerre “Al-Suri” means “the Syrian.”) As late as 2008, none other than Nancy Pelosi was hobnobbing with the secularly minded Assads. John Kerry and his wife Teresa Heinz Kerry also dined with and were entertained lavishly by the Assads in 2009.

What Obama has unleashed in Syria by supporting jihadi rebels is an apocalyptic force of total depravity that specializes in genocide and cultural annihilation. There are few words that do justice to the evil, inhumanity, and unbelievable cruelty that define ISIS and their end-of-times approach to warfare.

Not only do they set people on fire, but they also behead and torture children. Americans are bombarded with these images regularly. Equally as atrocious and appalling, they openly and gleefully destroy everything pre-Islamic. Much like the Buddhas in Afghanistan that the Taliban dynamited, ISIS believes in the Islamic concept of Jahiliyyah, which demands that all traces of civilization before the time of Mohammed the Prophet be erased.

ISIS is literally rampaging across the cradle of civilization, Mesopotamia, laying waste to some of humanity’s oldest faith communities, artifacts, and landmarks. Simultaneous to the modern day Holocaust that is happening to ancient Christian communities in the occupied regions, ISIS trumps even the art-hoarding Nazis in their total disregard for all things that make us human.

In the face of this unspeakable crime against humanity, Obama has not once mentioned the ongoing genocide, much less the irreplaceable loss of culture and tangible history. The airstrikes ordered by Obama and his advisor Valerie Jarret against ISIS have been described as “pin-pricks.” This shows that they are either lackadaisical in the face of the genocide, or more likely do not wish to be bothered. So committed is Obama to America’s defeat in the Middle East that he has appointed the above-mentioned Rashad Hussain, a documented supporter of political Islam, as a social media “warrior” to lead the cyber charge against these subhuman savages.

In time, the enormity of this crime will be examined through a historical lens. A few decades from now people will wonder how the liberty-loving United States elected a hollow, morally insipid man named Barack Hussein Obama, who armed and trained a jihadi army that destroyed our common human heritage and murdered entire tribes by the thousands.

Of great concern, domestically the soulless ISIS is now operational in all 50 states (according to the FBI), and ISIS training camps have been discovered in various states. A not-so-unexpected consequence of Obama’s open borders policy, indeed.

Regarding Iraq, it is no surprise and it is not hyperbole to simply state the obvious: Obama and the Muslim Brotherhood surrendered Iraq to the enemy, willingly and consciously. Into this void steps an emboldened and rejuvenated Iran.


Much like Iraq, Afghanistan is in the process of being surrendered to the Taliban. Not only has the administration and (Afghan President) Karzai negotiated with the Taliban, they also idly watched as the same terrorists who hosted Osama bin Laden set up an embassy in Doha, Qatar. A national intelligence estimate as early as December 2013 predicted that all progress would be lost once a military drawdown began.

True to form, seven months after this estimate was released Obama swapped one American deserter, Bowe Bergdahl, for five high ranking Taliban commanders released from Guantanamo Bay, and a significant sum of money.

Following Obama’s policies, all the American blood and treasure spent liberating Afghanistan will be sacrificed by Obama, to the absolute benefit of the Muslim Brotherhood.

As a postscript, it will be noted that a primary source of Taliban funding, poppies for opium, have seen record Afghan crop yields in 2013 and 2014.


While #BringBackOurGirls may have been a temporary PR win for the Obama administration, it obscured the fact that the administration has been consistently enabling the growth of the jihadi army of Boko Haram by downplaying them as a threat. As if on cue, last week Boko Haram pledged allegiance (bayah) to the Islamic State.

According to one report that rings true, Boko Haram began with a $3 million grant from Osama bin Laden. One senior U.S. intelligence official stated, regarding the matter, “There were channels between bin Laden and Boko Haram leadership… He gave some strategic direction at times.” This connection evidently does not phase the Obama administration and U.S. Department of State.

As Andrew McCarthy wrote regarding the Clinton State Department’s position on Boko Haram:

“Instead, ignoring what Boko Haram pronounces its goals to be, the Obama administration portrayed it as a diffuse organization with no clear agenda that was ascendant due to the policies of the Nigerian government (which is under Christian leadership).”

Hillary Clinton’s successor at State, John Kerry, sings the same tune, while thousands of Nigerians are massacred. Following air strikes by the Nigerian government, Kerry urged restraint, warning Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan “to respect human rights and not harm civilians.”

Meanwhile, this African scourge has amassed a “massive army” that is reportedly stronger than the Nigerian Army. Defeating Boko Haram will likely take the coordinated efforts of Nigeria and neighboring Cameroon, which has close ties to a very sympathetic Israel. The French Army is right now operating out of Mali in Nigeria, contributing to the fight against the jihadis.


There is so much in the news regarding Obama’s falling-out with Israel and Prime Minister Netanyahu that little needs to be added here. The likely breaking point in the relationship was Obama’s and Kerry’s siding with Qatar and Hamas during the war last summer; and, more recently, with the obvious intention of Obama to permit Iran to develop their nuclear arms capacities. This week, it is reported that Obama has appointed another Hamas-connected advisor, Robert Malley, to coordinate Middle East policy for the White House.

The deplorable disrespect and insults hurled at Netanyahu by the Democrats during his visit are the mirror image of an America whose college campuses have been overtaken with a virulent anti-Semitism.

Still, this chapter would not be complete without mentioning the integral part that Obama’s friends Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn, terrorists themselves, played in launching the diplomatically catastrophic “Peace Flotilla” — boats from Turkey, filled with military supplies and other goodies, for Hamas.


Into the grand void, the power vacuum, created by the Arab Spring, steps a nation largely unaffected by the Arab Spring: Iran. In fact, when Iran nearly embraced modernity and secular government with its so-called “ Green Movement,” Obama and the Iranian-born Valerie Jarrett stood conspicuously on the sidelines. Years in the making, the protestors and activists who challenged the Iranian mullahs paid dearly for their attempt at overthrowing the Islamic Republic while Obama’s administration remained silent and watched them get smashed.

An historic moment was totally squandered.

Whether it is in Yemen or in Iraq, Iran is the beneficiary, net-net, of the Arab Spring. Even as their Supreme Leader openly calls for the destruction of Israel, the Obama administration proceeds undaunted with negotiations that would give them nuclear capabilities and the means to strike the Middle East, Europe, and the United States with intercontinental ballistic missiles.


The Citizens’ Commission on Benghazi put it this way: Obama “switched sides in the War on Terror.” The evidence presented above is but a glimpse into the preponderance of open source, published information that supports the Commission’s conclusion.

We are now faced with a totally new geopolitical situation: geographically, politically, and militarily.

With the body count growing by the day, and with a far larger war looming on the horizon, one would think that the responsible parties still left in government would pause, reflect, and begin to reverse course before it is too late. Yet as recently as December, NATO hailed its partnership with terrorist financier extraordinaire, the Gulf State of Qatar. This is tantamount to openly declaring allegiance to the Muslim Brotherhood, a totalitarian and genocidal movement whose actions we see manifested daily.

The ultimate fallout from this historic, awful change in American policy may very well be a war of untold destruction. In the meantime, it is observed that some of America’s former allies have already decided that we, as agents of jihad, can no longer be trusted. Egypt is forming a closer relationship with Putin’s Russia, as is Saudi Arabia. India, which had moved closer to the United States under George W. Bush, has also turned toward Russia. France, with the rise of the National Front party, may very well be next to look east to Moscow. And Israel is openly courting new strategic alliances.

Truly, there have been few times in American history when our national commitment to morality, decency, and humanity has been so genuinely questionable. If the majority of the American people understood what has already been risked by this president and his Muslim Brotherhood-aligned administration, they would demand immediate resignation and a full investigation of the government agencies which are in league with, and give aid and comfort to, the enemy.

The Betrayal Papers is a collaborative effort by the Coalition of Concerned Citizens, which includes:

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  1. Great series TS!

    Don’t forget that other problem from hell that goes by the name Samantha Power. Samantha did a good job providing Obama with an ideological basis for his left wing electorate. Samantha helped Obama manipulating that part of those silly American voters. Don’t know if Samantha is able to put your one and one together. I guess she can not. Maybe Samantha should start reading the Bee and the Lamb first before she ever writes again.

    • Note to the Dutch Patriot: This was NOT written by Takuan Seiyo. Read the intro again; it’s the Qatar Awareness Campaign. The list of participants is at the end of the essay.

  2. The article states that, “[t]he conservative Wahhabi Saudi royals have traditionally had little use for exporting jihad, and indeed are one of the United States’ oldest strategic allies in the region.” Boy, that’s news to me. Isn’t it SA that has funded a very high percentage of the moskkks in the U.S., and isn’t it those very same moskkks that were exposed in Steven Emerson’s 1994 documentary, “Jihad in America,” as spreading the gospel of jihad? On the other hand, the quoted statement does sound like something bush jr. could have uttered even as the WTC lay in smouldering ruins, and probably still believes to this day. A most unfortunate slip-up.

    • Not just America but throughout the West. The Saudis have their own brand of Islam – wahhabism. They have been very busy buying their way into all Western institutions as well as funding those pesky Mosques that we now see springing up everywhere.

      Money may not buy love and happiness, but it sure buys a lot of treachery.

    • Saudi Arabia, for all it is, is working today with Israel against the Muslim Brotherhood, Iran, and ISIS.
      They’re an issue, sure… but they do want a stable Gulf community, and they have no use for marauding jihadis who are trying to incite the world into war.
      The Saudis aren’t suicidal – they’re too indulgent to want utter chaos around them.

      • “Saudi Arabia, for all it is, is working today with Israel against the Muslim Brotherhood, Iran, and ISIS.”

        True. It’s also true that if those problems didn’t exist and the ME was a stable region, SA would be moving heaven and earth to bring about Israel’s destruction.

  3. The question has engaged the attention of many what each of the actors did on that sad night in Benghazi. That is a crucial piece of the puzzle.

    However, if we step back slightly, it’s clear that Obama, Jarrett, and all the other MB sympathizers, tools, and lickspittles in the U.S. government were 100% committed to doing nothing, even if it meant the deaths of at least two magnificent men. As is always useful to ask, had these high officials actually been committed to the jihadi agenda, how would they have acted differently? Determining individual roles will be useful, but the goal is crystal clear.

    I bet that when Hillary’s emails are analyzed it will appear that a great many personal emails prior to, during, and after that September night were deleted.

  4. Hilary Clinton appears to be almost finished politically. She and hubby have many, many skeletons just waiting to burst out of all those closets they have kept them hidden away for so long that it now seems just a matter of time before some of those skeletons burst forth. Benghazi was the tripping point for Hilary, she sullied what was left of her reputation with that outburst at that hearing for most people.

    I wonder when she finally realizes that her dream of becoming el presidente has become as bankrupt as her morality, if she will decide to take a few other folks with her in a final fit of spiteful revenge and unmask some of the other ‘players’ from the Benghazi ‘operation’?

    Oh, I hope so!

    • You underestimate the stupidity of Democrat voters, 43% of which in a recent Rasmussen poll answered Yes to “Should the president have the right to ignore federal court rulings if they are standing in the way of actions he feels are important for the country?”

      People like that are total sheep who will vote based purely on mindless slogans regardless of how corrupt a candidate is.

      • Forget the sheep and that poll that really has nothing to do with Mrs I can do anything Clinton. There comes a time when even criminals recognize that flogging a dead horse is a pointless exercise and even some Democrats have a conscience at some point in their life. IMO, Clinton is now a dead duck who will begin to lay the blame for her own failings onto those who are now probably regretting giving her all those ‘legs up’ to that Secretary of State position she absolutely trashed in pursuing her own political agendas.

        The woman will soon become a loose cannon who will make sure that she is not the only ‘victim’ at the hands of those who have been pulling the Democratic/White Mosque strings, besides, its now payback time against Obama whom the Clinton’s absolutely loathe.

        And I just can’t wait!

    • My feel for this is that this is not a Democratic exercise but that, if HC is ‘deemed’ the right person for the job, then the propaganda machine will be ramped up on her behalf and anybody who examins her too closely will be deemed ‘sexist’.

      Obama has hidden his affiliations behind a ‘racist’ shroud, Hillary will hide hers behind a ‘sexist’ burka…..

      • Spot on, MC. You have a good ‘feel’ for American culture.[ Must be your Jewish omniscience- you know, that secret knowledge all Jews are born with, a knowledge allowing all of “you” to obtain untold wealth and power…just sayin’…]

        The main difference between these two -BHO & HRC – is that Hillary had a life before politics and has siblings, parents, and a long track record/paper trail. You can even read Hillary’s undergrad thesis on Saul Alinsky, written as a Wellesley senior:

        The college initially put up some walls re its release but finally gave way. There is a paper trail for her studies at Yale, her work in D.C. before moving to Arkansas and marrying Clinton – and the rest, as they say, is history. Muddy and lawless in spots (e.g., who killed Vince Foster in his office at the WH?? Who moved the body??) but nonetheless “normal” for a pol with an overweening ambition to keep moving up.

        Obama is a much stranger case. No paper trail at Columbia. No peers (willing to talk), no academic record – and just as it would happen at Harvard, (almost) NO written work by which to judge his ideas, intelligence, or character.

        Michelle has her paper from Yale’s undergrad program (she majored in sociology), here:

        His royal self? Nada:

        But we do have the infamous pictures-which-speak-a-thousand-words (most of them from his days at Occidental College). There’s one at the top of this post:

        In other words, we have a whole lot of “information” about Barry’s days in the Choom Gang in high school in Hawaii and later on, his pot habits at his first undergrad school before his move to Columbia. But of his academic career? Little to nothing.

        Obama’s rapid rise was remarkable for a number of reasons. Even the leftish San Francisco delved into the aspects of Obama’s “magical Negro” mystique. The M.N. is a well-known mythical character in 20th century folklore

        My favorite embodiment of this Uncle Remus-like figure was Bill Cosby’s role in a 1960s (or so) TV detective show:

        Not just Obama’s scholarship but his paternity is in question, too. I’ve never bought the story about the Kenyan Obama as his father. Much more likely as a candidate is Franklin Marshall Davis.

        Marshall’s views, with which he impregnated the young & impressionable Stanley Ann Dunham, are reflected in BHO’s adult character -e.g., hatred of Churchill, approval of American terrorist Bill Ayers, Marshall’s literal card-carrying Communism,.etc. Dunham’s parents were friends with Davis and it was he who is reported to have taken the racy pictures of Obama’s mother which appeared in 1960s magazines:

        Yeah, that’s not a top-of-the-line publication, but the MSM has proved itself immune to truthful reporting so these incidents in Obama’s mother’s life would otherwise go by in silence. Davis’ role in her life makes sense of her odd maternal decision to send her son back to Hawaii to live with her parents, and thereby come under Davis’ influence. What effect being separated from his mother had on the young boy has likewise not been reported but the average human being can make some guesses based on his or her own vulnerabilities at age ten.

        Obama’s affiliations are indeed hidden – and beyond two half-sisters with whom he doesn’t appear to have any on-going relationship – so is his kin network obscure. But what is obvious by now is his hatred of average Americans, his boredom with this role he has to play, and his nefarious dealings with the Muslim Brotherhood. His ultimate ambitions make Hillary’s tawdry exchange of power for money seem picayune in comparison.

  5. Benghazi alone should have brought down this putrid cabal of traitors. What will it take?

  6. I’m sure some skeptics out there will get stuck on the issue of whether or not Obama is secretly a Muslim.

    This is a red herring and I wish the authors had avoided the secret identity issue, because you can’t really prove it one way or the other without an outright admission by Obama himself, or some sort of mind reading machine.

    The fact is that Obama, regardless of whatever he secretly believes, has done more to support both violent and taqiyya-political Islamic jihad than some people who outright claim to be Muslim such as Egyptian president Abdel el-Sisi who has been fighting the jihadists.

    You know there is something wrong when someone claiming not to be Muslim is doing his best to support and enable jihad while someone claiming to be Muslim is trying to stop it.

    El-Sisi says he has an open invitation to speak to congress, however I suspect that he won’t be speaking here (the U.S.) for at least another two years. If I were him then I’d fully expect an assassination attempt if I were dumb enough to travel to the U.S. right now. There is no way he is safe in the U.S. under these conditions and he knows it.

    Too bad the TV news media won’t investigate and report on the claims in this article. Perhaps they’re unable to do so while the Democrats control the executive branch.

    • Great point, Nimrod. I’ve long been of the mind that the religion of the O is the O–informed very heavily by a fierce anti-Westernism adopted out of loyalty to his purported father and to his mentor (and possible real sire).

  7. An article linked to from this post appears to be an Onion type fake news story:

    It includes stuff like this:

    “Look,” continued the administrator, “anytime you have anyone carrying on about deer, you know you’ve got a troll. And come on. Ranch dressing? That’s a dead giveaway for an Islamic terrorist. We also have a secret troll/terrorist-finding formula that is foolproof.”

    • Nimrod,

      Thanks for catching that. I’ve notified the Qatar Awareness Campaign. They said:

      “We meant to REMOVE that link for just that reason. Apologies for that.”

      I’ve removed the link from our copy of the post. But other versions will probably be floating around for a while.

      There were 111 links in this post — there was no way I could check them all!

      • I realize the difficulty.

        The point of the link was to try to provide information about militant (not just political) jihadist type groups in the U.S. The best source I know of for evidence of this is:

        Those guys are certainly militant jihadists, confirmed by the law enforcement documents linked to on that page, but other than militant Islam in general there’s no specific link to ISIL that I’ve seen. (Whether or not Sheikh Mubarak Ali Gilani has pledged allegiance to ISIL or is coordinating with them isn’t known to me at least, so for all I know he’s just doing his own thing which seems to be wrapped up in Kashmir independence. He may just represent a potential but so far unrealized operational ally of ISIL.)

        • Not to toot my own horn or anything, but Clarion is drawing on the initial work by this site and “The Politics of CP”. See the Jamaat ul-Fuqra Archives.

          I broke the JuF story back in October 2005, and CP immediately followed up with his own excellent investigative work. Then the Christian Action Network took it up. I’m not sure, but I think Ryan Mauro worked for CAN before he moved over to Clarion. In any case, he gives us credit for our stuff.

          After a smattering of stories in late 2002 (during the aftermath of the Beltway Sniper crisis), you won’t find anything on the web about Jamaat ul-Fuqra until I went over to Red House three years later. A few months after that Dymphna asked me to retire from direct investigative work; she felt it was too dangerous. Marty Mawyer of CAN has done excellent on-site research since then. He’s got real guts.

          • Thanks for your work on the JuF, and I’m glad you didn’t get shot by one of those nut cases. Some of the Internet anecdotes about the local JuF compound around here are not terribly encouraging, but there doesn’t seem to be much to do except hope law enforcement is keeping a close eye on them.

  8. So what ? It was the American people who put Obama to the White House Mosque, and it is the American people who, singly can do nothing, together, can decide that nothing can be done about it !!

    • There is no such entity as “the American People”. That is a string of words that sounds meaningful but only politicians use such phrases. There are distinct groups of people within America who hold particular views and have definite interests. “The American people” could be compared to a Venn diagram with some folks intersecting in several areas but other folks whose interests never coincide.

      The fraud in both elections that gave Obama access to the White House was a large factor in the cities, all of them controlled for generations by Democrat machine politics. To win an election, a Republican has to gain an utterly overwhelming number of votes in order to cancel out the fraud on the Left. This has been going on for a long time, but definitely since Kennedy ran against Nixon and “won” through the efforts of Dem machine politicians like Richard Daley in Cook Co.

      Here’s another, a long-term governor in California:

      Nixon was advised to challenge Kennedy re the stolen election of 1960. He refused to do so because he thought it would further polarize Americans…later the Dems would work to ratchet up that polarization. We are now a de facto balkanized country; that may eventually work out to be de juris also…but the specific geographical outlines are hard to see.

      One thing is certain: as long as the GOP keeps putting up 2nd rate politicians to run for president, and as long as it suppresses the validation of the grassroots’ work of the Tea Party, then the Dems will remain in charge and the GOP will be viewed with disgust. For many conservative voters the question has become not, “WHO should we vote for?” but rather “WHY vote at all?”

      When Bill Clinton won, it was because Ross Perot managed to drawn down 19% of the conservative vote, taking it away solely from those who would have otherwise voted for Geo HW Bush’s second term. They and Perot used the election as a bully pulpit but merely changed things for the worse. But by gosh, it sure felt good to vote for a change. Yessir…

      We are headed to a replay of parts of that scenario in 2016: a third-party candidate will grab enough of the right wing while the urban Dem machines pull out all the dead voters for another few strolls of double and triple voting in, say, the Cook County around the precincts. Meanwhile, lots of disgusted white males will stay home because they have no skin in the game, a game they see as fixed. For them, government has become too big, too bloated, too socialist, and too intrusive; if they can avoid interacting with it, they do so.

      You’re dead wrong, Mr. Zhao: “the American people” did not “put Obama in the White House Mosque”. The Democrat Machine did that. Their opponents, the hapless, hopeless Republicans just want to be allowed to keep coming to Washington for the perks.

      • You are correct that voter fraud is a waaaaay bigger problem in the US than most people acknowledge.

        I had a leftist coworker once who was trying to deny the problem, and his attitude changed a few days later after he overheard people at a local restaurant discussing fraudulent voter registrations they submitted. He may have actually changed his position on voter ID laws after that. Maybe eventually he’ll realize how corrupt the Democrats have become (after which he’ll probably vote for the Green Party or something which is just as corrupt but worse.)

      • I had often wondered about why Americans voted for Obama, especially the second time round. Nice explanation Dymphna.

        • The reelection of Obama was a major anomaly from a historical perspective. Apparently no other American president has ever won reelection under the same sort of bad economic conditions.

          The nomination by the Republicans of someone who sort of resembles an excessively polite car salesman didn’t help any either. He was not realistic about how hard he needed to hit Obama politically.

  9. Re: “The conservative Wahhabi Saudi royals have traditionally had little use for exporting jihad, and indeed are one of the United States’ oldest strategic allies in the region. ”

    The Saudis are not our friends and they are not our allies – and never have been.
    The same largely applies to their Sunni Arab colleagues in the Gulf Cooperation Council – Qatar, the UAE, etc.

    The Saudis are masters at playing both sides of the fence. While extending the hand of friendship to the west, the royal family of Saudi Arabia cut a secretive deal (to which Qatar was also party) with members of the Muslim Brotherhood and other hardline, fundamentalist entities within the kingdom. The quid pro quo deal they reached was that these groups would not threaten the rule of the royal family at home; in return, the government would turn a blind eye to their activities to the extent possible and also support their jihad abroad – in particular the so-called “civilizational jihad” being waged against the west. These plans also included the formation of new Sunni caliphate – which would be formed in part by toppling regimes in other Middle Eastern nations, such as Egypt and Syria.

    Today, in places like Syria and Iraq, Sunni terrorist groups are busily exterminating Christians, Jews and other enemies as fast as they can – while the sheiks do nothing to stop it.

    The royal family has used its billions in petrodollars to fund tens of thousands of mosques, community centers and madrasas around the world, and has also funneled covert support to groups such as al-Qaeda. Still more of their immense wealth has been used to purchase influence in non-Muslim nations around the world – including the United States.

    Most of the 9-11-2001 operatives were Saudi nationals; the redacted portions of the 9-11 report contained evidence linking the Saudi royal family and government directly to the attacks. More recently, the rulers of Saudi Arabia and Qatar have cooperated to supply the anti-Assad terrorists and militias in Syria with weapons, equipment and training – to the tune of more than two dozen jumbo jets full of cargo.

    The terrorist group ISIS, whose army now threatens the Middle East, was created in part by the Saudis and Qataris – probably to act as a proxy via which the Sunni Arab states would fight back against Tehran’s rising influence in the region. The only reason that the Saudis are now singing a different tune is that the monster they have created now threatens to turn back upon them. ISIS also serves as a pretext in waiting, should one be needed, to draw the U.S. military back into Iraq. This, too, is strategically useful for the Arabs.

    “Despite Americans’ revulsion at Saudi Arabia’s application of barbaric sharia (i.e., Islamic) law in their own country, outside the Kingdom Saudis have every reason to maintain the status quo with neighbors, including Israel, Jordan, and Egypt. That means keeping the Muslim Brotherhood out of power.”

    The Saudi kingdom’s “ban” on the Muslim Brotherhood is largely a pro forma move designed to provide a politically-correct façade for the rulers of the kingdom – one necessary for the kingdom to do business internationally; the Ikhwan remain active and highly-influential within the Saudi government and royal family – chiefly because many members of the monarchy share the Islamic supremacist goals of the Brotherhood.

    To the extent that some members of the Saudi royal family oppose the Ikhwan, it is because the Muslim Brothers regard the royals as corrupt apostates who should be removed from power and stripped of their wealth, if not worse.

    The Saudis desire to preserve the status quo exists not out of any real regard for the infidels, i.e., Americans, Israelis or other non-Muslims, but strictly as a means of self-preservation. Who would ever have thought that the Saudis would ally themselves with the once-hated Jews of Israel? Reality is indeed a strange and unpredictable thing in the Middle East. Once our usefulness to them has been exhausted, we had best be careful that the dagger the Arabs hold does not wind up in our backs yet again.

  10. What I have read above, in both the article and the comments, is a cast iron case for impeachment. Is this possible?

    • I’m betting ‘no’, for the simple reason Obama is the first black President. (think of the legacy, they impeached the first black Prez!)

      Also, it isn’t only orientals who hate to lose face, and many Americans would hate to admit they made such a colossal mistake by installing Hussein as Prez.

    • Peter35 has a good explanation of why no impeachment.

      NOBODY wants to go that route this late in the game and certainly those who’d like to do so know they can’t trust the GOP to move with any alacrity on the issue. Look at the Benghazi mess – it hasn’t gone away but it’s still hanging fire. Every day it wilts on the vine makes it that much less likely it will ever be resolved.

      Pretty soon we’re going to go thru another kabuki theatre routine with the debt and the budget. It will be wash, rinse, repeat. Obama will eat the GOP’s lunch.

      • While I realize that impeachment of Obama would mean blacks would go absolutely crazy, surely it’s worse that Americans (not just Republicans) continue to allow the muslim to eviscerate America and impose his beloved sharia law instead of doing what needs to be done, after all he can do an enormous amount of damage between now and the end of his term.

        If indeed he does go; I keep hearing the possibility of his grabbing on to any emergency, declaring martial law and staying on–can he do that?

        • Yes.

          It wouldn’t even take that big of an emergency, given how absolutely the rule of law has been abandoned in America.

  11. There are many paradoxical aspects to the view presented by the Betrayal Papers.

    Saudi Arabia is presented as an enemy of the Muslim Brotherhood and jihad, but Saudi Arabia is financing penetration of Islamists into the US federal and local governments.

    Hillary Clinton’s aide, Huma Abedin, is from a Saudi background, but strongly associated with Muslim Brotherhood organizations.

    Saudi Arabia opposes ISIS, but the primary barrier to ISIS, Syrian President Assad, is an ally/dependency of Iran, which Saudi Arabia sees as a deadly threat.

    The Republicans are centering their opposition to the Iran agreement being negotiated by a call for the removal of Assad, a position about as stupid as George Bush’s war to demolish the Iraqi government in 2003.

  12. I have been convinced since 2008 that Obama made it to the White House purely through voter fraud. When he won a second time, I knew I was right. America was lost in 2008. Period.

  13. ” Must be your Jewish omniscience- you know, that secret knowledge all Jews are born with, a knowledge allowing all of “you” to obtain untold wealth and power…just sayin’…”

    “Just sayin….” What are you saying? What kind of gratuitous remark is this? Excuse my Jewish stupidity and ignorance, but I am having trouble interpreting this remark. Care to elaborate!

    • Oh dear. That was supposed to be taken with a dash of irony.

      Notice that it was a response to MC in Sderot, one of our essayists who (obviously, given his nic) lives in Israel. Actually, he lives in a poor, run-down section of Israel so close to the border that even the dogs have PTSD.

      Notice also on our sidebar the “We Stand With Israel” badge and the link to Sderot’s page (just in case you’d like to donate to the poorest of the poor in Israel??).

      It’s troubling that someone like you, a person who (it appears) has commented here numerous times, has so utterly failed to grasp my heavy-handed irony. Are you the poster boy/girl for the hysteria I’m sensing across the globe? Jews are under ever-increasing pressure in Europe; it is deeply saddening that The Mind Disease is still there, an actively infecting agent.

      On occasion the anti-Semites show up here to tell us how Jews are of the devil and we’re going to hell for supporting them. These folks are off their meds or something…”duh jooz kontrol duh world. Duh jooz had kontrol of Hitler’s mind, and all those crematoria are part of the Holohoax etc.” ad nauseam. But those comments hit the circular file and never make it out to the sunshine.

      Beyond converting to Judaism and eating kosher I don’t know what else we can do to prevent reactive hysteria like yours. [Actually, every year at the High Holy Days I wish I *were* Jewish. That is such a beautiful series of observances…Christianity borrowed so much from the Hellene Jews; I wish they’d taken that. It’s a subject I’ve often discussed with some of my Jewish friends].

      If you can’t laugh with the sinners, life will be very dreary indeed.

      Lighten up.

    • To me it was pretty obvious that the original comment was a joke intended to make fun of the people who believe such stereotypes, not promote or endorse such stereotypes.

      The crazy anti-Jewish conspiracy theorists who blame every bad thing that happens on a “Jewish conspiracy” deserve to get mocked.

    • An irony mark (؟) would come in handy at times like these. It’s a pity it’s not widely recognized; it could help avoid misunderstandings. But it’s been out of use since about 1600.

      • Extensive use of parentheses works quite well, I find. Really, the irony mark doesn’t have much purpose, since it is materially equivalent to adding “…NOT!” after a statement, and thus about as subtle. Also, it is readily confused with the short-lived “rhetorical question” mark…which is even more useless because if someone can mistake a rhetorical question for the ordinary kind then it must not be particularly rhetorical (this is a problem I come across a lot, actually).

        • Yes, but I am so often misunderstood when I’m being ironic. When tone of voice is no cue, and facial expressions are unavailable, what other choices do we have?

  14. engrossed reading the comments like i always am ..
    dymphna .. you are one very smart lady. incredibly so
    i hope the entire history of GoV,
    every word, is preserved on, crush proof, fire proof, tamper proof nuclear blast proof, back ups.
    mebbe’ we’ll have to hide them on another planet ??
    i hope everyone gets the intended statements without an
    irony symbol ..

  15. Noam Chomsky has expressed great enthusiasm for the Iran deal. I think he is just a permanently ossified contrarian but I was wondering if you have any thoughts about his attitude.

  16. It is my opinion that ISIS and/or Iran will make a play to take down Israel prior to 0bama leaving office. That way 0bama can stop any meaningful US/NATO response to the attack.

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