Corpses? Slaves? Or Compliant Drones?

I originally intended the essay below to be part of last Friday’s post about compliant drones. However, the entire piece would have been longer than I wanted, so I broke it up into two parts. And it’s a good thing I did, because the comments on the first part not only touched on issues that need further discussion, but also reminded me of others that I might otherwise have neglected to address.

The existence of the Deep State in the USA has never been more obvious than it is now. The election of Donald Trump in 2016 — not to mention the unremitting and unconcealed campaign against him ever since — has brought a welcome clarity to the ruthless machinations of the permanent government. People who had never been conspiracy theorists before have become conspiracy theorists now, because the existence of a conspiracy has never been so clear and so obvious. The creature that had previously been lurking in the shadows has come forth to snarl at us in the full light of day.

The same may be said of the globalist conspiracy. Two recent events have made the machinations of the NWO starkly visible, as if a nighttime landscape were suddenly illuminated by two successive flashes of lightning. The first was the coronavirus “pandemic”. As soon as the global governance crowd — represented by the World Health Organization — decided that the Wuhan virus was indeed the great crisis they had been waiting for, nations all over the world fell into line at the same time, implementing the same mitigation policies and drastically curtailing the civil liberties of their citizens in the same manner. The response was uncannily uniform and immediate — even Hungary climbed on board.

How could all that happen without some sort of coordination?

The second obvious sign was the appearance of simultaneous Black Lives Matter protests and riots all across the globe after the death of George Floyd. Sudden uprisings in American cities could perhaps occur without coordination, given the pervasive BLM propaganda that had already enfevered the minds of leftists and persons of color. But Sweden? Ireland? Scotland? Finland? When rioters started smashing and looting and pulling down statues in England, their modus operandi was identical to that of mobs in Minnesota, Seattle, Portland, and other American cities.

Somebody was clearly handing out instruction manuals all over the world, or at least the entire Western world. I have no doubt that the name “Soros” figured prominently in those events, but he couldn’t have been the only one.

I don’t have any definitive information about such conspiracies, but they have made their existence known the same way Planet X did, by causing visible perturbations in the orbits of other bodies. When you see that many national governments do (or allow) the same sorts of things in exactly the same manner, you know that something is out there exerting a strong gravitational tug on them.

So we’ll take it as a given that globalist conspiracies exist. What, then, are the goals of the conspirators?

Not all of the conspiring is concealed. Take the “Great Reset”, for instance. That’s not a fever dream under the tinfoil hat of a conspiracy freak, but the official policy of the World Economic Forum. We’ll own nothing, and we’ll be happy. We’ll be chipped, and we’ll never use cash again. Those goals are being openly discussed — which moves them out of conspiracy territory. Instead we might call them “proposed policy positions for global governance.”

It would be imprudent, however, to assume that there are no additional conspiracies out there. After all, if any of the grand plans to construct the Ultimate Global Utopia involve mass suffering or death, it would not be prudent to discuss them openly. Adolf Hitler understood that it would be unwise to publicly reveal the Final Solution until it was a fait accompli. One assumes that the Powers That Be are no less canny in their preparations than Der Führer.

So what might the covert goals be that are being advanced behind the gilded doors of the New World Order?

Obviously, there is no way for ordinary peons like me to be able to state with any certainty what the conspirators intend. All I can do is use my observational skills and employ Occam’s Razor in order to make educated guesses.

When conspiracy-minded people discus the plans of the globalists, two possible goals are usually adduced, and they are not necessarily mutually exclusive:

1.   Depopulation of the planet, which is usually assumed to involve mass extermination by one or more means, and/or
2.   Enslavement of most of the population through biotechnology and mass surveillance.

I wouldn’t rule out either of these goals, but the longer I study the flow of events, the more unlikely I consider them to be.

As I pointed out in my previous post, the globalist oligarchs depend on the existence of billions of somnolent proles who consume the output of their various productive enterprises. The wealthy elite acquire and maintain their affluence by skimming off a small portion of the commercial-syndicalist activity that powers the global economy. Whenever money changes hands, they get a little piece of the action. As long as there are billions and billions and of such transactions (the sale of COVID “vaccines”, for example), the already wealthy become even wealthier — which is their overall goal.

Mass extermination doesn’t serve their interests. They may want to reduce the world’s population for strategic reasons, but they need to do it in a gradual, controlled fashion, over several generations, in order not to threaten their income streams.

As far as I can see, that rules out #1 as a likely motive. What about enslavement?

For thousands of years slavery was a crucial component of pre-industrial economies. Slaves built the roads, the pyramids, the viaducts, the aqueducts, and the monumental buildings. They tilled the fields and toiled in the mines. When the Greeks or the Romans went to war at sea, slaves were below decks pulling at the oars.

Slavery still exists in the 21st century, of course. The Chinese rely on slave labor in the manufacture of all the cheap gewgaws with which they flood the West. And slavery is still rife in the Muslim world, especially sexual slavery.

In general, however, most of the work that had previously performed by slaves is now done by machines. With recent advances in artificial intelligence, more and more complex tasks are being automated. The economic benefits of automation are obvious: there is no minimum wage for a mechanical laborer, no health insurance or pensions to pay for, and no human rights activists to monitor working conditions. Mind you, a few decades from now an “Androids’ Rights Alliance” might appear on the scene, but we’re not there yet.

My general point is that the oligarchs who run the world (or intend to — they’re almost there) don’t need slaves. Machines are clearly preferable. And the tasks that remain unautomated may more effectively be accomplished by workers who believe they are free, who experience no direct coercion in their employment. And they are free in a certain sense — they can switch to another less-than-remunerative job that more suits their talents, or decide to forego working entirely and descend to the slightly less affluent lifestyle of a welfare recipient.

Regardless of their employment status, the lumpenproletariat are conditioned by advertising and peer pressure to spend all of their disposable income on the bangles and fripperies that television and popular culture have taught them to crave. They are encouraged to go into debt and live beyond their means to acquire even more bric-a-brac. Their condition might be termed debt slavery, except for the fact that (in the United States at least) they can declare personal bankruptcy at periodic intervals and start the debt process all over again.

As long as such behavior is the norm — and it has been for the fifty years I’ve been paying attention — why would the global oligarchs need any slaves? The same requirements are met without coercion, using mass advertising and propaganda, intensive conditioning that begins in preschool, and a materialistic culture that has eroded or destroyed the spiritual life of the majority of the population.

Billions of people do exactly what the Powers That Be require of them. And they do it of their own free will, such as it is.

In order to make this system fully global and keep it running smoothly, compliant drones are required. They must be obedient to authority and not inclined to doubt information provided by state and corporate media. They need to fear whatever they are instructed to fear, and approve of whatever they are told is worthy of approval. They must unquestioningly hate whatever person or group is being demonized by media outlets.

In order to be kept in line they must be kept under constant observation by universal surveillance. This is where their baby monitors (“handheld devices”) come in handy. Not only do those ubiquitous accessories provide their owners with the latest propaganda and advertising, they also keep track of a user’s whereabouts and monitor his viewing and spending habits. Data acquired in this manner are uploaded to central servers where they can be aggregated and analyzed to help social marketers improve and extend their methods of subtle persuasion.

The compliant drones that are needed may be pictured as a combination of the Eloi from H.G. Wells’ The Time Machine and the denizens of the Matrix in the eponymous film. They are not slaves as the term is traditionally understood, but they are not fully autonomous nor endowed with what we would consider free will. Their behavior is closely conditioned and monitored, and those who deviate from the required parameters are shunned, marginalized, and pushed into institutional care if necessary to correct their “antisocial” tendencies.

The compliance of the drones is facilitated by universally available Soma, which is a term borrowed from Brave New World by Aldous Huxley to describe all the available psychoactive substances, licit or otherwise, that produce contentment and euphoria in those who consume them. In addition to alcohol, cannabis and the opiates, Soma would include various over-the-counter and prescription medications, such as analgesics, anxiolytics, antidepressants, Ritalin and related chemicals, and other medicines that calm and subdue the patient. It is in the state’s interest to turn a blind eye to the illegal traffic in such substances where it serves their larger purposes, especially when the trade in contraband is controlled by a faction of the global oligarchy.

As a thought experiment, imagine the haze lifting from a compliant drone’s mind long enough for him to imagine what it might be like not to live as a drone. How might one lift oneself out of dronehood?

Well, to start with, ditch the baby monitor. That’s the hardest thing of all to do, as far as I can see. I’m the only person I know who doesn’t own a smartphone, and it makes me feel like a weirdo, an eccentric outsider. I can’t take part in most of the social rituals enjoyed by people in these Latter Days. I can’t pull up into the parking lot of the doctor’s office and phone them to tell them I’m there, which since COVID has been the standard universal practice.

The pressure to “come to our house, be one of us” is immense, but I have locked myself out of it.

Next, shut down your social media accounts, all of them, even Gab and Parler, which are thoroughly infiltrated and monitored by the Deep State. Even if you’re on your laptop or tablet, you’re feeding information to the central servers about your habits and predilections, which helps them devise more effective strategies to make you unwittingly compliant.

Buy a car that doesn’t connect to the Internet, if you can find one. If it has GPS, disconnect it, because GPS is a two-way communication system that notifies the network about your exact location.

Don’t buy “smart” appliances. If possible, don’t live in a house supplied with electricity that passes through a “smart meter”.

Pay cash for your purchases whenever possible. Not only does using a credit or debit card tell the central server about your habits and tastes, it also pinpoints your location at the time you use the card.

All of the above recommendations are designed to make your digital footprint on the central servers as small as possible. Unfortunately, it’s getting harder and harder to move about in and interact with the larger world without all those digital connections. I expect ownership of smartphones to become mandatory fairly soon so that everyone can have a digitally authenticated “health passport”. Smart meters may already be mandatory in newly-constructed homes, for all I know. If not, they soon will be, and purchasing an older house will probably require an upgrade to smart meters and appliances.

Furthermore, facial recognition software is coming into wider use in surveillance devices, which means that you can be tracked fairly closely even if you don’t carry a baby monitor. Ironically, wearing the Corona Hijab may help you thwart such tracking.

We’re all going to be turned into compliant drones whether we like it or not. The window of opportunity for meaningful resistance is closing fast. It’s hard to see how we can avoid becoming part of a Chinese-style “social credit” system.

The rationales for the slide into full totalitarianism are several — health and safety (e.g. Corona), saving the planet, preventing terrorism, fighting “racism”, etc. — but the end result is the same.

There may be no way to escape the emerging dystopia except to wait for it to collapse, and the global oligarchs are doing their best to make it collapse-proof. If they succeed, we will soon get our first taste of the eternal boot prophesied by George Orwell.

Afterword about Islam

The comments on my earlier post included a discussion about how Islam fits, or doesn’t fit, into a planned Utopia inhabited by compliant drones. The Muslim immigrants being imported into the West in their millions are hardly compliant, and the political ideology that is Islam forbids them to become compliant. What, then, is their place in the globalist plan?

Their initial function seems to be to act as a lytic agent within Western culture, breaking it down into its smallest components through relentless aggression and violence, with the tacit encouragement of the state.

My intuition tells me that the architects of the Ultimate Global Utopia consider Muslims to be simpletons who will eventually be easily managed by their betters. And, in terms of IQ, Arabs, Pakistanis, and especially Somalis are indeed a couple of rungs below the Europeans, the Chinese, and the Jews.

However, those not-so-smart Arabs have been successfully gaming smarter infidels for 1,400 years, practicing divide-and-conquer and getting their opponents to destroy themselves. They don’t move in and start swinging their scimitars until the enemy is already effectively moribund, a corpse ripe for the plundering.

In other words, all bets are off. I don’t know what will happen once the rest of us have become compliant drones, and the only remaining resistance to the New World Order is Islam.

It’s too bad I won’t be around to observe that particular Götterdämmerung.

56 thoughts on “Corpses? Slaves? Or Compliant Drones?

  1. I agree with you that the elites prefer compliant drones, but disagree that they don’t want a sizeable portion or indeed almost all of us exterminated.

    Automation and AI are a major part of the problem facing the elites; indeed they will be what makes it possible to eliminate 90+ percent of us and still live quite comfortably, especially when most of the deaths will likely be outside of the West. To illustrate this point consider that the entire West is around a billion depending on one’s definition of which countries comprise the Western world. That still leaves about six billion or so who do not belong to the West and for all intents and purposes by elite standards provide very little of value to their existence except as producers of raw materials, slave labor in their offshored factories, and occasionally markets for the products from those same factories. What would an elite care, or even the average western inhabitant of Podunkville USA care if all of the Bangladeshis, Pakistanis, Indians, Africans, Malaysians, etc were to suddenly be wiped out by a genetic plague targeted to their own genomes? Undoubtedly the loss of life would be a tragic disaster but most here would just shrug their shoulders and change the channel because unless you are in it or know someone firsthand who is affected then it is quite surreal and horrific but of little practical consequence to one’s own existence. The immediate effect to survivors would be similar to what happened after The Black Death, where there was more work than workers available to do it and living standards and incomes of common laborers rose dramatically in the wake of it.

    In this case, automation and AI will allow for a good deal of workers in the West to be redundant but with the added problem that without an income or means to purchase the absolute necessities of life they will represent a dangerous threat to any elite utopian schemes. The population size of 7+ billion is a horrific aberration with no parallel in human experience, and for the first time in human history the technology exists for mass depopulation of entire nations or ethnic and racial groups simply and inexpensively. The chance that this will not be done by someone, either a random warlord or a secretive cabal of elite neo-feudalists is miniscule to nonexistent. The technology and motive already exists so it is just a matter of time before it will be done.

    And you shouldn’t be too sure that you will not be around to observe that particular Götterdämmerung.

    • Yes, when I look at how half the world’s population have been conned or cajouled into taking a useless and dangerous experimental gene therapy I can only think of it as the development process for a cheap and easy mass elimination event.

      In a real pandemic or mass killing event the problem is not so much the killing as the problem of disposing of the carcases. This was the case in the Mad Cow/Foot and Mouth culls in UK a few decades ago.

      Over the last 200 years we have slowly been convinced that injecting depleted pathogens into our bodies makes us healthy. There is little scientific evidence for this, and a lot of actual evidence that vaccines are harmful, but any debate is rigorously put down as the ad hominems come rolling off the tongues of he pharma beneficiaries.

      One of the possibilities for vaccine induced extermination is rendering a large part of the population infertile – the Philippines tetanus shot appeared to do exactly this.

      The mRNA vaccines may have unexplored long term consequences as well, if one can spread the deaths over, say 10 years, the removing the dead bodies becomes less of a problem.

      The five chimneys of Birkenau were a major pollution hazard for the local area, the smoke, a vile stench and ash being deposited across the local area.

      We have to ask ourselves why the propaganda? why the censorship? why must the truth be hidden?

  2. The good times of the West are over. And I do not want to live so long that I can see the uglier parts of the Götterdämmerung.

  3. ” . . . the already wealthy become even wealthier . . .”
    . . . until they get wealthy enough that they no longer need the fiat money system.

    ” . . . in order not to threaten their income streams.”

    Fiat money is not wealth. It is a means to get other people to gather wealth for you. Once you own everything you have all the wealth it is possible to have. Then you only need a relatively small number of people to tend it for you.

    • Precisely.

      The elite filth are already so wealthy that the dividends and interest alone on their shares and squirreled away wealth are so vast that they cannot be spent in several lifetimes.

      I used to wonder why such uber wealthy elites like Bill Gates and Warren Buffet continued to work and accumulate even more wealth when it is impossible for them to spend even a fraction of what they already possess. At least Elon Musk uses some of his wealth towards opening new frontiers for humanity, but most of the others are only interested in power and phallus measuring against other elites. The wealth is just an afterthought. The truth is, they want everything, including the power to decide if you will live or die, and look down upon the rest of us with the same disdain we might have for ants scurrying about and with the same indifference should they squash dozens with every step they take.

      • ” . . . they want everything, including the power to decide if you will live or die . . .”

        Everyone needs a hobby.

          • I’ve heard of it. I think Moonraker was the last Bond movie I’ve seen. I’ve been using the phrase for decades.

            Perhaps Neil Purvis is a fan of me.

        • Some years ago I saw a video clip in which George Soros referred to breaking the bank of England as “great fun!”

          It’s just a giant game of Monopoly for him, but he needs other players to play against. Social media has provided some for him.

  4. There is a very important element that the author just barely mentioned in this very good analysis and its previous post “On Being a Compliant Drone”. Just like the “Bronze Age”, or the “Iron Age” or the “Industrial Revolution Age”, ours will be dubbed in the future history book as the “Narcotics Age”.

    Western societies in the later part of the 20th century and all this century have been running on two basic commodities: oil (petroleum) and drugs. Oil is what allowed a primitive, under-achieving, non-productive and superstitious muslim nation to achieve riches beyond description and to impose conditions on nations that are mightier, hundreds of times more advanced, more educated, more productive and in general way, way better than them. If it wasn’t for oil, nobody would give a second thought to these otherwise irrelevant, illiterate, ignorant and inept inhabitants of planet Earth. They’d be as important and they would exert as big an impact on the current world affairs as do the Bolivians or the Senegalese or the Samoans.

    The other commodity, drugs, is what has allowed the narcocrats to run full continents. It has created the conditions for a crappy product, costing a few cents to manufacture, to be worth 10,000 times its value in the world’s markets. It has unleashed pain, death, misery, violence and insecurity throughout the whole world. It has turned ignorant, ruthless, blood-thirsty third-world chieftains into masters of the world. It has corrupted governments, churches, corporations and institutions. It has forced it’s way in every aspect of life. We watch movies that depict crime, drug-consumption and turf-wars, we pay to watch them, and the producers of such crap are money-motivated enough to keep on producing them. We watch TV series that now even portray the drug-lords and their barbaric way of life as desirable and enjoyable, as a goal in life. We watch them with envy as they are surrounded with luxury cars and mansions, endless stashes of cash, beautiful women. They are portayed as having access to every excess: dozens of body-guards, private airplanes, memberships to the most sofisticated clubs, restaurants, extra-luxury shopping, sports and music events.

    The Powers That Be won’t stop them because they’re part of them. They benefit from this highly productive market. Millions of addicts paying extra-inflated prices for substances worth pennies. Crazed junkies capable of murdering in order to get their daily fix. Ruthless thugs capable of murdering to settle an account or remove a competitor. Complete police departments bought-off with dirty money to look the other way. Corrupt politicians with blood-covered hands talking about how thorough they are in their quest to save their cities and states from this apocalyptic crime rage.

    The very complicated scenario depicted by the author gets even more complicated with these two players, muslim oil and tyrannical drug-lords roaming free. The “oligarchs who run the world”, as the author describes them, are happy watching the “Narcotics Age”, uncontrolled and unashamed, unfold under their own eyes.

    • The only reason narcocrats have so much power and income through the creation and distribution of their illicit products is because other evil men and their foolish complicit tools decided to make and keep illegal such products, thereby ensuring the former group became wealthy beyond any dream of Midas or Croesus. Narcotics have always been with us and have always enslaved the weak and foolish.

      • And the more immiserated people are, the more they will reach for the drugs. However, if they are legal, the chances of accidental overdose are small. With illicitness, you get increasing deaths. Success!

        When I studied the drug war in the early 90s, there were about 7000 opiate overdoses in the US peryear (and this was decried as terrible). Now, with even more restricted legal access, in 2019, there were 70,000 such deaths. Another success.

        After a lifetime of speaking on behalf of some form of legalization, I see I fell for the same trap that covid dissidents have fallen into: that the elites are interested in a more rational system that protects people’s health and wellbeing.

        • The more the 23% off themselves by doing these drugs, the better. I have no more sympathy nor empathy to give to people who snort, inject and smoke that poison. You protect no one by legalizing drugs that will kill you.

    • @ Daniel R: Re: “Narcotics Age”

      It bears mentioning that the nationwide epidemic of deaths due to fetanyl overdose and opioid addiction, to name two examples, are manifestations of Red China’s asymmetrical and thus-far undeclared war against the U.S. and its allies. We know this because of the 1999 publication of “Unrestricted Warfare” by two senior colonels of the People’s Liberation Army-Navy (what the PRC call their armed forces), Qiao Liang and Wang Xiangsui.

      The book analyzes the means by which a rising power like the PRC might defeat a “technologically-superior foe,” a.k.a. the United States, and concludes that “unrestricted warfare” – warfare anytime and anyplace using any means at hand – is the the answer. Indeed, the authors ask parenthetically, “Where does the battlefield start and where does it end?”

      Flooding the U.S. and other western societies with cheap and highly-potent drugs of abuse is low-hanging fruit where unconventional warfare is concerned. The North Koreans have an entire unit of their army, Office 39, which is dedicated to such schemes and it is nearly-certain the Red Chinese do also.

      It is also germane to note that the PLAN have been war-gaming since the 1990s with the U.S. and her allies as their presumptive opponent.

      Biological weapons of mass destruction – such as engineered viruses and the like – also fall within the realm of such efforts, since weaponized illness-causing agents make potent non-kinetic weapons, which have the added benefit of being difficult to trace. When we see entire vessels of the U.S. Navy rendered hors de combat by covid-19 – such as the carrier U.S.S. Theodore Roosevelt – we see the fruits of such efforts.

  5. If you have total power over the people, money isn’t an issue so having billions of consumers isn’t necessary. A large population consumes the planet’s resources too quickly so mass extermination would save these limited resources for the elites’ offspring. War has been an effective way to kill lots of people quickly so this might explain the mass migration of Jihadis into the West. Diversity is not our strength. Cash will have to be outlawed because it’s too hard to track what people are buying with it.

    I also don’t have a baby monitor and I don’t walk around with a sippy cup.

  6. The title of your essay would infer the structure that is typical of the Hive, with the best examples being that of Bees, Ants, and Termites, particularly bees and ants. If one were to compare a modern office building and what takes place inside it, the “Hive” analogy would suit very well.
    You also mentioned that the Elite add to and manage their wealth by skimming off their “Peter’s Pence” from every transaction, but as you said, they need a properly functioning economic machine in order to provide them the continued wealth that they desire. Thus, they need to rely upon the ‘freewill’ behavior of others in order for their income stream to continue.
    The weakness of this arrangement should be readily apparent to all. There are no guarantees for their income because they must rely upon the actions of others to produce it. Thus, they have no logical choice but to ‘manage’ the population of the hive by making certain that everyone performs their assigned part and whatever thinking is done is in response to the circumstances at hand and is as directed to accomplish the Director’s or Section Manager’s stated goals. If someone were to choose to be a Plato and leave the cave for a breath of fresh air, the sunshine and fresh air, as it were, would immediately challenge their programmed thought routine and require them to perform a qualitative assessment of the thinking that has led to the circumstances that surround them.
    The rather obvious conclusion is that independent rational thinking that does not accept any mindset unless that mindset’s rational foundation can be proven to exist is an utter anathema to the Elite because that independent rational thought would immediately expose the Elite for the scam artists that they are.
    The proof of this is the article in Saturday’s (4/17) Economist that states the 30% of the Global Population who are reluctant to receive the vaccination are White Evangelicals. Of course the ‘survey’ that produced the re3sults that were quoted was not produced and were it to be the publishers of the Economist would find themselves before the Bench and the Bar in very short order for their breach of medical privacy. Another article which showed up in my email inbox feed stated that members of the GOP are refusing to be vaccinated.
    The labels, Race, Religion, and Political Party, that are the targets of the Elite’s gaslighting, have been published. We now have been served notice. If you are white, Christian, and vote for Republican Party candidates for office, you are now persona non grata and must bow the knee and repent (metanoia) immediately unless you be found in commission of the unforgivable sin of thinking for yourself.
    Thus we have a rather shallow form of global governance that relies upon properly motivated self-interest of its citizenry for its success and stability. Rational thought and critical logic are now forbidden and all who practice such anathemas will be regarded as traitors and fomenters of sedition against the State.
    The giggle is that Yah saw this coming nearly three millennia ago. He told Isaiah the prophet, “Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, bitter sweet and sweet, bitter.”
    Yes, my eyes were opened to what was taking place while pursuing my degree in business. I’m on the outside looking in and from what I have seen I prefer to be here where I can sleep with an untroubled conscience while serving the only person whom I can completely trust, my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ (Yashoda Ha Mashiach to you MC)

  7. “People who had never been conspiracy theorists before have become conspiracy theorists now….”

    I don’t consider us conspiracy theorists. We are a sea league past theory and deep in conspiracy realist territory. After all, if conspiracies weren’t real would there be laws against engaging in them?

  8. Very timely thinking, Baron. I think it goes without saying that all sorts of cabals are afoot. The ones looking to do evil have become rather visible and obvious and possibly careless. There must be also cabals that do not agree with the obvious ones, which is something I have been wondering about lately. But the less we hear about them the better.

    Depop. I have actually been coming to see it as more likely. Now, with growing population, it would stand to reason that eventually there would be serious pandemics again, even without any help from labs. But watching the covid policies evolve and become more and more obviously malign and harmful to human well-being in ways too numerous to count (as opposed to merely mistaken), it has occurred to me that those that want to help lower the earth’s population have realized that mass immiseration is the way to achieve it. There are gazillion actions out there that get in the way of pop growth at present. Encouraging the gay lifestyle being one example of many. Increasingly hysterical fear porn is another… people are afraid to have kids in such times. And of course natality has suffered considerably with the spread of “don’t touch me you virus carrier” attitudes. The trans cult is destroying kids’ future child-bearing potential via hormones and surgeries. Sending covid patients to nursing homes “to free up hospitals”… it all adds up. And the vaccines could be ticking bombs. Do they actually damage people’s immunity toward another virus down the line? Of course suicides, murders and overdoses are skyrocketing… results of all the intended and unintended chaos and destroyed economies that is spreading in waves. And so on. And I have seen the UN pop projection graphs that prophecy a huge mortality wave in the mid 20s. Well, boomers dying. Perhaps. Perhaps other things. Overall, I see (now, already) steady increase of policies specifically designed to ruin human health, fertility, life enjoyment, and overall wellbeing.

    You argue that the elites need us to buy their cheap crap. But is that really still true? If cars, for example, were only for the very rich, the way it’s in Singapore, then a couple of car factories would cover the needs of the whole globe, in addition to what there is already. So what you need is some human drones mining the raw materials (whether from the earth or from salvage) (but even here, more and more robots and mechanical drones will do this work), and you need a class of well trained, smart, innovative people who can run, repair, program, design, and improve on the systems that produce and maintain those cars. (Universities no longer, by and large, produce people with high level practical skills. But these people still exist, and more and more, they will be the mavericks, on the edges of the system.) So… what are the human drones needed for, if heedless overproduction stops? (And it would be in the interest of the planet and our future if it did stop.) You no longer need them. What’s worse, they are now truly useless eaters clogging up the oceans with garbage, clogging up everything with traffic, depleting soils and aquifers, ripping out forests, trampling the meadows, clogging up pristine beaches, ruining tourism which used to be for the privileged. Why wouldn’t the elites want pristine Paris or Riviera again? Or where ever it’s they want to show off their privilege in glittering glory?

    As for the elites needing the proles for wealth creation… if wealth has already been nearly all funneled to the rich, if most of the land and water and the rest belongs to them and they can charge access fees, and if the real luxury now is personal security, uncrowded beauty, clean water full of fish, Stonehenge without the mobs, and other “quality of life” aspects…. what then?

    To my mind, there are two open questions. How engaged will the elites be in the depop? Will they go total eugenics, or will they let natural selection under increasing misery and sterile ideologies do the job? And second, who will be the ones eliminated? The compliant baaing sheep, or the resilient willful goats?

  9. Please don’t be so pessimistic about the future. As long as we have free will we can defeat them. We must band together and organize. We need the wealthy on the right to step up and do their part. Tragically, they are all talk.

    Be bold. Do not be intimidated by them. Speak out and defend our liberty and the greatness of Western civilization.

    Rage, rage against the coming of the night.

    Fear allows Evil to flourish.

  10. Please don’t be so pessimistic about the future. Don’t give in to pessimism. As long as we have free will we can defeat them. We must band together and organize. We need the wealthy on the right to step up and do their part. Tragically, they are all talk, no action. In other words, they need to put their money where their mouth is.

    Be bold. Do not be intimidated by them. Speak out and defend our liberty and the greatness of Western civilization. America is the pinnacle of Western enlightenment with a belief in the individual. The song of me.

    It is the individual that is a threat to the herd mentality of the Bolsheviks. Remember, Jonah went to Nineveh, one man alone and confronted the greatest evil of his time. However, he was not alone as we are not alone. We have a force behind us greater than any Bolshevik or loud mouth perverted scumbag. We have God almighty from whom we have been given our inalienable rights.

    Rage, rage against the coming of the night.

    Fear allows Evil to flourish. To know God is to fear not. You can see the madness and Evil in their eyes.

    It is our sacred duty to confront it every way we can. We must band together. Together, we are an unstoppable force.

  11. It is given to a man to once die and then judgement – judgement to decide if his soul shall go to God in heaven, or will be thrown out to the darkness outside. If there is a real devil, then the real plan is not about today’s Earth, but about the life eternal after death – to get as many as possible to follow him down into the Abyss. And the path down into the Abyss is by fulfilling the lusts of the carnal body. Eating, drinking, having sex…

    Galatians 5:19
    This I say then, Walk in the Spirit, and ye shall not fulfil the lust of the flesh. For the flesh lusteth against the Spirit, and the Spirit against the flesh: and these are contrary the one to the other: so that ye cannot do the things that ye would. But if ye be led of the Spirit, ye are not under the law. Now the works of the flesh are manifest, which are these; Adultery, fornication, uncleanness, lasciviousness, Idolatry, witchcraft, hatred, variance, emulations, wrath, strife, seditions, heresies, Envyings, murders, drunkenness, revellings, and such like: of the which I tell you before, as I have also told you in time past, that they which do such things shall not inherit the kingdom of God. But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, Meekness, temperance: against such there is no law. And they that are Christ’s have crucified the flesh with the affections and lusts.

  12. I’m not clear what information my smart meter would collect that would be of interest to anyone but the electricity supplier.

    Enjoyed the quote from “Tommy”!

    • If your house is equipped with smart appliances, a smart meter can detect what temperature you set the thermostat at, how much hot water you use, etc. In countries with very strict “green” rules — you live in one, if I’m not mistaken — the government can monitor compliance in this manner.

      • They are also useful for determining “pattern of life” information should one’s government masters decide to drone strike or SWAT raid you. For their own safety of course.

        • Not to mention your service can be terminated/restricted at the whim of a social credit managing bureaucrat (or AI) 10,000 miles away.

      • Ah well, this laptop is my smartest appliance, and it’s six years old. Also as we’re all relatively old folks in this council-owned block, we pay a fixed amount for heating irrespective of use.

        More broadly, I can see how the government might monitor “compliance”, but as this would disproportionately penalise the poorest, they’d likely face oppositon even from their own MPs if legislation to enforce it were proposed.

  13. According to the depopulation I would like to quote myself of what I wrote at where two supporters of depopulation were quoted:

    I would really like to ask these people just two questions:
    Ok, lets assume we do what you say.

    How do you want this reduction happen?

    Poison pill, executions, concentration camps, biological weapon and only the elected elite gets the antidote?

    And if you do not make the cut to be one of the survivors, how do you want to die?

    I think this will force them to think and shut up. (Yes, I was always a positive thinking person and much to optimistic – I dont deny it.)

    But I agree that the elites want the riches (gold or just the area like Stonehenge etc) just for themselves. And we proles / deplorables are in the way.

    Yes, they need technicians to be able to run technology and drones etc, so if I look into my dark side, then I foresee that even the muslims will be culled.

    But I think that they also want to be idolized. Therefore I think they will select the dumbest of us (Ideocrazy anybody?) and will keep them (and breed them stupid!) as masses that look up to them. And of course they will choose the most stupid bimbos (women who have very great female assets but no brainpower) among this group.

  14. Your second point of robotics becoming more applicable gives reason for your first point of depopulation; with machines doing the work of manual labor, there is the need to remove the population of “useless eaters.”

    • But the eaters aren’t useless. Their consumption creates transactions, and the oligarchs depend on getting a little piece of each transaction.

      Production is done by machines, but the product is consumed by humans. Those humans are needed to make the system function smoothly and keep the wealth flowing into the coffers of the already wealthy.

      The PTB believe we need fewer people, but they don’t want to eliminate them all. Mindless consumers are essential components of the system.

      • “Their consumption creates transactions . . .”

        They are now paying a substantial number of people to make those transactions, rather than profiting from them.

        ” . . . the oligarchs depend on getting a little piece of each transaction.”

        No, they don’t. That’s why they are openly talking about the Great Reset now. They don’t have an income problem, they have a restructuring and disposal problem.

        Their great offensive of 1965 was successful and since then has changed the nature of the battlefield.

        You’re fighting the war of 50 years ago. Things have changed.

      • So far, that’s been true. But this system has run into the wall. The system of always expanding growth via excess production leading to excess humans and to more humans buying excess unneeded crap cannot continue indefinitely.

        My argument is that the system is being changed so that wealth accumulation and maintenance no longer depends on lowest denominator consumers. Just like the system is being changed so that the political/justice systems do not depend on the consent of the governed. Do you have a counter argument, Baron?

        • No. I agree that the system is in the process of being changed. That’s what the Great Reset is all about. By eliminating private ownership, capital that might otherwise accumulate in the hands of ordinary people is transferred to and remains with the oligarchs running the show.

          My main point is that those oligarchs don’t need slaves, and they don’t need mass extermination. They need a reduced population, but there’s no evidence that they want that reduction to be sudden and catastrophic. By pushing “trans”, and creating the conditions that produce incels, and marketing sex robots, they ensure that the population (at least in the West) will be substantially reduced within a generation.

          • Oh, yes. Mass extermination would be most inconvenient on a lot of levels. Not to mention the risks of such an event to the elites themselves. Neither do they want to dawdle, though.

            A lot of the people being picked off right now, both by the virus and various policies, are the weak and vulnerable, and the stupid (as in people not smart and capable enough to make sane health/lifestyle choices). I expect this to gain speed.

          • Yes, but what is commonly called the “middle class” needs to be substantially reduced. Most of them are no longer needed, and they tend to produce a certain number of well-educated intelligent people who think for themselves. The production of that type of citizen needs to be discouraged.

            Compliant drones need to be intelligent enough to perform their assigned functions, but should be no smarter than that. They must be lacking in initiative and curiosity. A genetic predisposition for unquestioning obedience is also a useful trait. Any discontent that rises to the surface can be eliminated by the moderate use of Soma.

  15. I would say, since the whole thing is royally screwed up, keep your eyes and ears open, mouth shut, stay away from crowds, get out of the cities, and gird your loins for battle. I’ll have to tap out, I know, but I’m going out fighting.

  16. Baron, there all more like minded toward freedom than most realize. I’m one that doesn’t own a “smart”phone. Probably never will. No farcebook or Gab,etc. I read. I don’t need or want to be constantly ‘connected’ because I understand the influential nature of the devices and platforms and the darker surveillance side of it. I do hope that at some point people wake up to the fact that those devices and platforms are not helping them but actually harming them. Like an experiment, the people using these are being rewarded for the “correct” behavior and responses and punished for ‘incorrect’ behavior, i.e. censorship, the piling on of the woke mob etc.

    Oh well, we ARE in those interesting times. I’m going to go on living and enjoying the life I have. If it weren’t for the closing of businesses and silly masks I would have not even know the ‘Scamdemic’ was in full swing. Didn’t wear the face diaper from the start and still won’t no matter how many stares I get from the lemmings. As a firefighter/emt for 28 years I saw and experienced death. This flu was and is not the killer they want you to believe it is. But the control that some want is very real.

    Good luck to every freedom loving person out there. And keep up the good work at your site and others like it.


  17. “the already wealthy become even wealthier — which is their overall goal.”

    I’m not so sure about that. How do you explain Soros spending billions in ways that do not result in $$ profit? For example, funding big city DA election campaigns, immigration to nations that begin to fall apart due to that, etc. Woke campaigns also cost corps profit, and they don’t seem to care. They seem to have a bigger game in mind than mere money.

  18. I don’t know about the money that Soros spends on the DA campaigns here, but I can tell you something about his funding of the migrant crisis in Europe. He spends massively to traffick the migrants across the Med and through the Balkans to the EU. But back in 2015 he told an interviewer that he turns a profit on the migration business. That is, someone else is paying his “foundations”, and he is simply the middleman with the expertise and infrastructure to do what is required. I don’t know who that someone is, but they are spending lavishly to get the culture-enrichers into the EU.

  19. One more thought, Baron, in case you decide to keep this conversation going. We obsess about the elite cabals’ intentions. What about the intentions of all those that disagree? We keep being fixated on that which we do not want. What do we want? On the left, they have fallen on neo-marxism aided by blackshirts on the streets and the dystopia it invariably brings. On the right, the tendency is to patriotically defend the system, which in part makes utter sense, for example regarding the founding of America and the intentions of the founders and those who capably followed. But in other ways, it makes no sense at all — and I mean that in the sense of the goods-cranking system, and the paving over everything system, and the “I am entitled to green chemicalized lawn in Phoenix, AZ” system, the financialization of everything system, the corrupt money system, and on and on.

    • And the system that worships the individual above all else, disregarding the overwhelming importance of community and traditional social structures.

      • Individuals make for easy pickings. Groups, especially comprised of those who have had the needed training, not so easy and more likely downright difficult. Soo….long live, I mean die, the individual. (Ayn Rand’s “The Anthem”)

  20. “I don’t know who that someone is . . .”

    The people who create the money. You’re not supposed to know who they are. They are the upper crust of the class Paul Fussell called Upper Out of Sight.

      • I recently did some research on one family of super rich. And yes, they are out of sight.
        E.g. one senior male of the german branch lives in a neighboring country, nice house but not too obvious. His sons were born abroad and live in fancy street of London and Belair,LA, and look like bums.
        Not even the british tabloids knew a name when he married the daughter of a super star.
        I bet they do not pay any taxes here and I doubt if they are legitly taxable in the first place. I do not blame them for the life they lead.

  21. The Georgia Guidestones is the blueprint for the future.
    A global favela with the apparatchik managerial class looking down on the comrades in their empty hovels as they barely get by on EBT/UBI or crumbs from the controllers.
    The Long March is a world plan for the global Soviet and the USA is just another prize.
    Building back Babel better will be a hellish dystopia that only space ape manboons could come up with.
    Be not afraid, proceed ever more boldly because living in a global gulag among face panty wearing sheep chasing after the carrot of normalcy isn’t living at all.

  22. Baron, thank you for a well though-out article and your readers for their comments!
    Both make the trip worthwhile.

    In assessing the motives and actions of the globalists, it is wise to keep in mind that the actions of human-beings – all humans but especially the kind of which we are speaking here – cannot always be rationally understood.

    Men like Bill Gates, I am sure, if asked – would claim to be data-driven, rational, logical and above in any way acting emotionally or rashly. That’s nonsense, utter poppycock. Human beings are inherently emotional creatures and are so driven, whether they realize it or not.

    The difficulty of assessing the actions of a figure like Bloomberg or Soros is complicated by the fact that many are high-functioning sociopaths, pathological narcissists, or similarly-disordered in terms of antisocial maladaptation. Most are expert manipulators of other people, and have an intense drive toward gaining and then exercising power over others. Not always for any definite end, either, such as money, power or fame, but power for its own sake. And many are completely lacking in the empathy that distinguishes moral people from immoral.

    This is not to suggest such people become serial murderers or rapists. They’re much too-competent for that. If they have such appetites, they know to keep them well-hidden at places like Jeffrey Epstein’s island in the Caribbean. Instead, they seek out high positions in society as political leaders, corporate CEOs, and many – being intensely driven – also amass large fortunes. By the time they reach the rarified level of wealth attained by the billionaire overclass, it has long since ceased being about mere wealth accumulation, and has morphed into something else.

    The idea of reducing the world’s population, at first glance, seems to be a worthwhile one if you are concerned about the environment and habitat depletion, but even the most-committed conservationist would probably stop short of compulsory measures to attain that end. But not men like Bill Gates and his associates. Not only are they determined to reduce world population, they are willing to use coercion and force to attain their goals.

    That switch from persuasion to compulsion, from influencing non-violently to the naked use of force. These are the things that distinguish good from evil, right from wrong. It matters not how “just” or “laudatory” the stated goals of Gates, et al. may be, if that is in fact what they are. The moment they choose to use force to implement their agenda – they surrender the mandate of heaven and forfeit the moral high ground. They are acting in an evil manner.

    This is not hyperbole, either: Many prominent German and Japanese officials were charged with crimes against humanity in the wake of the Second World War for many of the same kinds of acts Gates and company are now engaged upon, i.e., such as medical experimentation upon innocent and wholly-ignorant people who had no foreknowledge of their fate or role in their part in it.

    Gates and company have already been accused of employing “vaccines” in Africa which were known to be unsafe and hazardous to human health, including causing sterility in female subjects of child-bearing age – which alone is a serious issue. They were caught and the preponderance of evidence seems to suggest guilt. Gates, of course, since he is a billionaire many times over and is effectively above the law, has largely escaped the legal & moral consequences of these actions, but that does not in any way mitigate their harm, or their inherent evil.

    Gates et al. would also seem to be guilty of eugenics, given their announced plans to depopulate the Earth by means to be determined. That’s another monstrous crime for which a number of high-ranking Nazis were executed.

    (part 1 of 2)

    • Soro’s and of his ilk were born to see the world burn, especially since as they get older and see the event horizon and want to take the rest of us with them before they meet the devil. As for the Germans and Japanese, they did what their cultures bred them to be. Human nature is what it is and no amount of social engineering will change it, especially when push comes to shove.

  23. (Part 2 of 2)

    Another factor in understanding the actions and motives of the globalists has to do with the fact that, throughout history, if we examine human societies of all kinds, we see that military affairs have always played a large role in social organization. Because of the long post-WWII peace dividend and for other reasons, this fact is perhaps lost on many modern readers, but it remains true none-the-less.

    Seven hundred years ago in a place like France, for example, a king or lord who needed help defending his kingdom – or adding to it – would maintain a fighting force of armored knights on horseback. Prior to the advent of the compound long-bow and the archer using it effectively, the knight was the decisive weapon in land warfare. The kingdom was organized accordingly. The king, lord or nobleman sat at the top, as the ruler. He often had court advisers and also maintained ties to other power centers in medieval society -such as the church. A nobleman could be born into that status, or win promotion to that rank via valor on the battlefield.

    Apart from the clergy, nobility and a few prosperous tradesmen and merchants, most of the people in the kingdom were relatively poor. Many were de facto slaves, or serfs, who subsistence-farmed and otherwise scrapped out a living as best they could.

    The king kept as much wealth as he could, since the financial demands of the noble lifestyle were immense. He was responsible not only for maintaining his castle(s) and providing the lavish life his court expected, but also for providing for and paying his fighting men, his knights. He was also charged with protecting the community immediately surrounding his castle, his kingdom.

    Consequently, many lords and kings were constantly raiding other settlements and castles in search of wealth to be pillaged and looted – lest they lose their army due to unpayment of wages. The king also levied a wide variety of fees, duties, taxes, and other charges upon his subjects, to fill his coffers as well.

    However, technological changes upended the old feudal system. The invention of the compound long-bow spelled the end of the mounted armored knight as the dominant weapon of land combat. A knight wearing armor thick-enough to withstand shot from a long-bow or cross-bow was too heavy for even the strongest destriers (war horse) to move well or quickly with such a load, and the invention of practical black-powder long arms just sealed the fate of this form of war. Not all at once, but over a period of centuries.

    Combat was now the providence not only of the elite mounted knight, but the commoner, an archer or foot-soldier paid a wage to fight.

    By the time of the Peace of Westphalia in 1648, the new system was taking shape, what was to become the nation-state. With the advent of the nation-state as the organizing principle around which society was built, a whole new set of demands was forced upon rulers and kings, heads of state.

    A relatively small, highly-trained and experienced force of elite fighters – such as knights – was no longer enough to defend a nation, which was far-larger than most kingdoms seen in the Middle Ages. Much larger armies were needed, and since the nobility was not large enough to supply such needs, commoners were needed as well.

    Gradually, a system developed along many of the same lines in multiple nations. Nobles became the leadership or officer caste. Commoners became the enlisted men, the foot-soldiers of any conscript army. If people could not be induced to do military service voluntarily, they would have to be compelled to do so by law, tradition or decree, or otherwise induced (gang-pressed into service, etc.), or mercenaries employed, i.e., soldiers whose profession is arms, as their living and livelihood, and who work for a wage and not for patriotism or other loftier goals.

    Because the king and his government needed the cooperation of so many people, many of them commoners, the sovereign gradually surrendered some of his wealth and power to the masses, as an inducement for their loyalty. A merchant class developed, and from it, the middle class, as it later was called. People intermediate between the serfs of old and the nobility of the present. Since nations needed administration, bureaucracies developed, although they weren’t call that in those times. These various functionaries and employees also were allowed to enjoy a higher standard of living than in the feudal past.

    The nation-state system has persisted down to the present day, here in the 21st century, complete with its traditional privileges and duties, its form and function not all that different than governments and nations centuries in the past. The advent of the electronic age and subsequently the digital age, changed all of that. As did the conquest of time/space with inter-continental travel, mass production of automobiles, etc.

    The Gulf War of 1990-1991 demonstrated for the first time, the degree to which a technologically-advanced nation could wage war by pushing buttons, by using automation. In that war, a B-1 stealth bomber flew an entire mission round trip from Barksdale AFB in Missouri, USA to Iraq to strike a target,and then halfway around the world back to base, and a safe landing – all without a human being being needed to fly the aircraft. Laser-guided munitions, drones, robots of various kinds, tanks with laser-guided targeting systems capable of making first-round main gun hits at 2 km distance through fog, smoke and rain, etc.

    In the thirty years since, the trend toward automation has only accelerated, and within a few years time, human-beings – soldiers- may cease to be combatants on future battlefields, and instead become mere targets.

    Technological changes such as this are occurring across multiple fields of human endeavor, and not just in military affairs. Robots and computers aren’t late for work, don’t go on strike, and don’t complain to the boss about sub-standard working conditions or low wages.

    Pardon the somewhat long-winded digression, but it was to make the point that the changes we are now seeing around us are not random. They’re happening for a well-defined set of reasons. And one of the reasons the globalists now feel comfortable upending the long-established international and global order, economic/political and cultural, is that they no longer need – or at least believe they no longer need – anything from the ordinary people over whom they mean to rule.

    They are usually too canny and smart – and aware of bad PR – to say so, but they believe it all the same. Every once in a while, the mask slips and we see what they really believe.

    They’ll need a select few technicians and specialists to keep things humming along, and maybe some well-paid special forces types to fight in case the automation doesn’t do the job for some reason, and various other types of people – hence the 500 million who will be allowed to exist – but otherwise the globalists regard the vast majority of the seven billion human beings on the planet now, not as sentient beings capable of the full-range of human existence, but as useless eaters.

    • What is to differentiate between “a select few technicians and specialists”, “well-paid special forces types, “various other types of people”, non-“sentient beings capable of the full-range of human existence”, and “useless eaters”. Can they ever really trust the “speculatores” in their praetorian guard?

      The only human I trust implicitly is my beloved. She won’t shoot me in the back.

      (If she shoots me, she’ll make me turn around first…)

  24. Muslims are inserted to disrupt social and religious structures and out of the chaos build a brave new world.
    Bill gates gave a TED talk talking about population reduction to reduce global emissions.
    Whites are the only population being reduced by brainwashing guilt trip flooding them with Africans and “look how many more there are” so dont have children so we can fit in all the Africans. There are so many poor hungry people in the world who should be living here in your house owning your stuff. Morons think,” Doh that sounds fair”,morons!
    I’m sick of the morons and refuse to spend any money here supporting this crap.
    Phones can’t be avoided now as banks use them to check everything you do. Can’t pay a bill without a phone. Post office wont accept payments for everything.
    Sport is the big “opioid of the masses”, unbelievable how people sure conned into thinking sport cares about the fan! No just cares about your money.
    Pop starts are another “taxing the poor group”. Poor people give them billions to see them from a great distance with poor sound quality. How stupid is that!

  25. “Next, shut down your social media accounts, all of them, even Gab and Parler, which are thoroughly infiltrated and monitored by the Deep State. Even if you’re on your laptop or tablet, you’re feeding information to the central servers about your habits and predilections, which helps them devise more effective strategies to make you unwittingly compliant.”

    How then, can we find out what they have planned to happen to us; if we stop landing on gatesofvienna? I know what I think might transpire, but I am continually reminded:

    Jer 17:9 The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it?


    • I’m not saying stay off the Internet entirely. Everything is monitored, but social media are where the most intensive monitoring takes place. The dossier compiled on you as a dissident is largely composed of information gleaned from your social media activity, plus location data etc. from your smartphone. If you don’t have a baby monitor, and don’t have social media accounts, the file on you is much thinner.

  26. Regarding facial recognition, that’s not going to help much longer.

    “This program aims to develop software algorithm-based systems capable of performing whole-body (WB) biometric identification at long-range and from elevated platforms. This study is sponsored by the Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity (IARPA).”

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