Women’s Work — Or the Lack of It

The female culture-enrichers who arrived in Germany during the Great Migration of 2015 remain largely unemployed and dependent on state benefits. Who could possibly have foreseen this distressing outcome?

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from PolitikStube:

The “skilled workers” of 2015: Only 27% of migrant women employed — the majority are not looking for work anyway

What a disaster: after five years of residence, according to a study, only 27 percent of migrant women are gainfully employed, but it also means that 73 percent live well and happily on German taxpayers’ money, and probably permanently. For the 27 percent of employed migrant women, the question arises: Who works full-time and who works as mini-jobbers?

In 2015, who could have foreseen that the level of education, especially among Muslim migrant women, would be rather low and that integration in the labor market would have a negative impact? Well, the majority — 56 percent — are not looking for a job anyway and are more concerned with the crowd and the household. The child benefit and social benefits as sources of income are also completely sufficient, so why go to work and make a living for the family?

Are these the propagandized “skilled workers” that Germany absolutely needs? Hardly — 73 percent of immigrant women have been living out of German taxpayers’ pockets for five years already; this is the most unique invitation in the world [for parasitical Cultures to thrive], and thanks to Merkel. One can only pray the tax and social coffers are still well-filled; unimaginable that those free blessings might suddenly be absent.

3 thoughts on “Women’s Work — Or the Lack of It

  1. They are working; just not the kind of work that foolish German social scientists and politicians publicly expected them to do. The invader women are hard at work using their wombs to colonize their host with hordes of new islamic parasites. Certainly in private this outcome was discussed by German elites and enthusiastically endorsed, since hordes of illiterate, violent, and unproductive parasites are useful for the elites goal of trypsinization of white western culture in preparation for implementation of their neo-feudalism over the demoralized survivors.

  2. Horders of new Islamic parasites!!, that’s exactly what that communist rug Merkel&CO did to this country, and this stupid naive Germans working for them very hard !!, they probably don’t have idea how many millions this savages, parasites are enjoying free of everything even by this Arab clans driving luxury cars ( Mercedes) and still collecting Hartz IV . , it’s a pure disaster to this country and Europe in the same time , heartbreaking..

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