Deadly Enricher vs. Enricher Violence in Liège

Last week the Chechens fought the Kurds in Liège, Belgium. One unfortunate culture-enricher died in the affray.

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this article from the Flemish daily De Standaard:

28 arrests after deadly confrontation between rival gangs in Liège

April 16, 2021

Two rival youth gangs fought out a conflict Friday afternoon in the streets of Bressoux, a suburb of Liège. During the fight, there was one death and two wounded. The Liège prosecutor’s office has begun an investigation.

In the Liège suburb of Bressoux a severe fight broke out on Friday afternoon. The events took place around 5pm Friday evening on the Avenue de Nancy.

A young man of Chechen origin was attacked by a gang of masked men with baseball bats when he was driving on the street in his car. “The young man tried to drive away, but in doing so, he drove into some parked cars. He was then shot at,” says Damien Leboutte of the Liège prosecutor’s office. The victim later succumbed to his wounds in the hospital.

Two others were injured during their arrest. In total, the police, who arrived at the scene en masse, arrested 28 people.

The prosecutor’s office of Liège opened an investigation after the events. Those arrested were interrogated, and Friday evening, an investigating judge, a police doctor, and a ballistics expert also came to the scene. According to the Liège prosecutor’s office, the latter expert was called because heavy weapons were used. There are pictures that have appeared in which a Kalashnikov is visible.

During the confrontation, a TEC bus was hit with a stone. Several lines have been diverted or canceled this weekend.

According to various French-language media, the fight was the result of a conflict between youths of Kurdish and Chechen backgrounds who live in Liège or Verviers. The information was not confirmed by the prosecutor’s office. The young man who died is reportedly a Chechen.

According to the Wallonian newspaper La Meuse it was about a settling of scores. The two gangs did not meet each other by chance. The confrontation was set up via social media. They are reportedly very young gang members.

The police are wary of retaliation. On social media, a call for revenge is now circulating. On Saturday afternoon one of the gangs reportedly wants to go to Verviers. “The Verviers police are aware of the call and have taken the necessary measures,” the RTBF reports.

Correction 4/17: We first reported that the dead victim was a woman, but that is not correct.

7 thoughts on “Deadly Enricher vs. Enricher Violence in Liège

  1. It’s a very good thing then that such weapons are illegal for gang members to own in Belgium or they might see this kind of thing happen far more often. Maybe they need to pass a law banning gang members too, and then these young culture enrichers would find something productive to do with their time since it would then be forbidden to be a young thug in a gangsta paradise.

    Although I would be far more interested in figuring out a way to get them to all kill one another since that would be far cheaper than trying to round them up and deport them. Maybe a bounty paid for every rival gangbanger phallus turned in woukd encourage such mutual annihilation. At the very least it would ensure they no longer polluted the gene pool.

  2. This killing requires vengeance from the offended side. Real muslims must defend their honor . Rinse and repeat until Allah picks a winner, even if it takes years.

  3. For all my dislike for the Chechens, I must say that this is really an extraordinary case. I don’t know what happened between the Kurdish and Chechen youth, but it was actually a (more or less) worthy person who went to separate the fighting.

    The media write that he tried as best he could to put brains in the place of diaspora youth and even at his own expense extinguished Chechens’ debts in stores. By the way, he looked quite human-like.

    Although I perfectly understand the Belgians: no Chechens are needed – neither good nor bad.

  4. Over at bigcountryexpat they are asking how long it will take for the police to go Rio de Janeiro.

    For about two hours there was also a comment that the Feds are just waiting for this to happen, so that they can wade in and put some who step out of line into prison. This comment is now erased.

    On the other hand: Why does the police have not problems with their cars, you know, didnt start, flat tire etc. And when they arrive there are more than one dead.
    That the lives of so many first class drug pushers, sorry, future first class surgeons are so tragically cut short. Really a shame.

  5. In days of olde, I used to go to farmers markets in Liège or Verviers. Last time in Verviers, 9 years ago , the crowd was so terrifying that I did not want to return. It was not only the number of headscarfs but the faces too. Scum.

  6. Let us remember how the media and political leaders praised Chechens, that “small but proud nation” and how they admired their heroic struggle against the evil Russian.

    Now Chechnya has come to the West. I do not know, but I somehow suspect that nowadays a Liegeois would rather have an ethnic Russian neighbour than a Chechen one.

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