On Being a Compliant Drone

I’ve been specializing in European affairs, particularly the European migration crisis, for almost fifteen years. Even a cursory look at the migration issue tells us that the massive influx of uneducated third-worlders — most of them Muslims — are a net drain on the economies of the countries that host them. Even after many years of residence, unto the second and third generation, they consume more in social benefits and other state transfers than they pay into the treasury in the form of taxes. After Angela Merkel opened the floodgates to asylum seekers in 2015 the shortfall became even more apparent.

By now it is glaringly obvious that the State gains no fiscal advantage from the importation of the replacement population. The original rationale — that the newcomers would be needed to pay the taxes that would fund the care of the white native population after retirement — has become completely unsupportable. The migrants themselves will remain net consumers of state welfare benefits even as the original population ages into senescence.

Why, then, is the “refugees welcome” ideology still propagated with such fervor? Self-interest would seem advise taking the opposite tack. Why the continued push for mass immigration?

I used to wonder whether a form of pseudo-religious mania might be at work, some sort of collective suicidal madness. Or was it perhaps that the elites who foisted their migration policies on the populace had realized their earlier mistakes, but were unable to change course without risking their political careers?

In the last few years, however, I’ve come to a different conclusion. The Powers That Be don’t want to import producers; they want to import consumers. The production machine that is a modern Western economy requires a consumer base to buy all the stuff that keeps the system humming.

Productive workers aren’t as necessary to that system as they were fifty or sixty years ago. Automation has moved in and taken over many of the functions that had previously been performed by the lowly proletariat. Machines have made those workers redundant, but their patterns of consumption are necessary to keep the entire system operating at optimum capacity.

Bringing in ill-educated foreigners is necessary to make sure there are enough consumers to buy food, drink, and gewgaws, to use the electricity, to occupy the housing, and to keep the social workers employed. Thanks to automation, far fewer productively employed workers are needed nowadays to generate consumer goods. The magic of quantitative easing ensures that the State always has sufficient money to stuff into the pockets of welfare recipients, whether native or immigrant.

All Western nations are now governed to varying degrees by corporate fascism. Huge transnational corporations have a symbiotic relationship with elected political leaders and the permanent governing class. The elites who sit at the apex of this syndicalist pyramid become fabulously wealthy by vacuuming up just a small portion of the financial transactions generated by the process of production and consumption. Producers — whether human or mechanical — are needed for this process, but consumers are also an absolute necessity. Preferably consumers who spend every drachma that comes into their hands, and go deeply into high-interest debt to consume even more stuff.

As Artificial Intelligence becomes more and more sophisticated, fewer and fewer unskilled or low-skilled workers will be required. We are moving towards a future dominated by the unimaginably wealthy, who will employ a relatively small managerial class of administrators, engineers, and technicians. The only low-skilled workers needed will be personal servants and sexual playthings.

But the system will still require the lumpenproletariat as consumers. That’s where the compliant drones come in.

In the early days of the Great Pandemic I coined the phrase “compliant drone” to describe the masked people who believe the CDC propaganda and comply with government instructions. It’s not just the masks — heck, I wear a mask myself when it is expedient to do so — but the slavish obedience to authority, the failure to seek out independent information, the conformity of behavior, and the snitching out of people who don’t obey the rules. And also screaming at people who stand too close.

Compliant drones are what the new system requires. Not people who think for themselves. Not people who come to conclusions that differ from those handed down by designated authorities.

Not people who pull back the curtain to reveal the contemptible mountebank pulling the levers.

A few of the drones — such as social services case managers and probation officers — are required to do real work. But every citizen, whether Worker or Recipient, is obligated to consume. For the greater good of the collective, a compliant drone will spend his entire paycheck and then some on junk food, shoes, gadgets, gimcracks, and Soma.

Especially Soma.

Soma is what makes the lifestyle of a drone bearable. Who could ask for anything more?

36 thoughts on “On Being a Compliant Drone

  1. So I am thinking about it…
    If what you need people for is to buy your [ordure], you don’t need to import them. You can just export the [effluvium] to their countries. If they lack the wherewithal, you can supply them cheaper in place than incurring all the costs, financial and quality of life, that comes with migation.
    Also… the elites harm themselves in the process. No matter how rich, they can’t walk down the Riviera by themselves and feel safe and at peace. Not to mention all the filth and general feeling of creepiness and malaise.

    It’s getting more and more bizarre. I just read a first hand report that people in Catalonia have become downright hostile to tourists. Rude, unwelcoming, and refusing to do needed upkeep to the infrastructure. Apparently Russians are buying quite a few of the hotels since they are going under. The word out there is that the Catalonians are being paid by the government to discourage tourism and to hassle tourists.

    The problem with supplying wherewithal to buy [offal] to people in [sump] countries is that traditionally, their elites steal it all, all the foreign aid. But again, it seems to be this could be fixed, without importing [sumpy]tude. Eh?

    • “The word out there is that the Catalonians are being paid by the government to discourage tourism and to hassle tourists.”

      I can attest to that, I myself have been working close to a project in Czech Republic and Italy, where the government paid millions of Crowns for “art installations” and the aim was to discourage “tourism” by “making the locals take the tourist hot-spots away from the tourists”. They could not find many locals, though, so they imported many “actors” from other towns, where tourism was not a problem. And that’s how they roll…

    • Parasites and predators need fat bodies. The globalist ‘elites’ vacuum out the wealth from Europe by putting the unproductive invaders on the shoulders of its economy. The middle class will pay the bill and finally get impoverished and enslaved. Rich and weak: Europe is the ideal victim.

      • This is why we will have military coups at some point take over Western Europe, the current paradigm is unsustainable.

  2. Baron,
    I was right behind you in the formulation of the thesis you presented. I have been working on the essay for the past week and was set to email it to you. Well, it’s good to know that great minds run down the same gutters.
    According to my experiences with the academic establishment, 15 years to obtain a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, and 35 years to obtain a degree in Architecture and Computer Tech, what we are seeing today is the culmination of almost 50 years of work with the end product being a “Promised Land” in which everyone will get what they want and what they need as long as they choose to be “agreeable” towards others and with the vision and mindset that will produce the desired Glorious Day.
    Rational thought and logical extrapolation are no longer welcome, now are they taught. The student is not to think for him or her self but is expected to think as directed by the professor who is also a gatekeeper with the duty of making certain that self-thinking rational students who do not pledge allegiance to the party line are regarded as potential seditionists and are excluded from further educational advancement. Yes, and I can name names, dates, and places. I can tell you that one of Obama’s first executive orders was to make collegiate accreditation and eligibility for the student loan program contingent upon the college or university signing onto his doctrine of diversity in gender, morals, and outlook. The result was the institutes of higher learning becoming nothing more than a money-making mill that was profitable for the college and the lender with the student as the victimized mark. The foundation had been lain 50 years before, Obama merely set the capstone. So there you have it. If you are not allowed to think for yourself, all you will do is think for others as you are told to do so.

  3. Nowadays importing the indoctrinated and aggressive African, Middle Eastern etc masses has also a major effect of creating FEAR and this fear is a strong tool for “the powers that be” to take the power and hold it.

    • The powers that be did not take into consideration human nature, we are tribal by nature and when times are good, we can tolerate almost anything, including diversity being shoved up our behinds, but when times get bad, in our fear, we turn towards our own and tolerance becomes intolerable where those who are not us get the stick.

  4. As valid as the analysis of – let’s say – “Angela Merkel’s thinking” may be, I still think that this is an invasion and the main aim is to take out a specific group of people. We are not far away from serious food shortages, and once “austerity” hits, a homogenous white communities could work together and plant potatoes in city parks, and the food shortages could become a happy memory. But this will not be possible with millions of lawless gypsies walking around, for the zombies will not care where the food is coming from, they never cared where the stuff is coming from…

  5. You are watching the Globalists destroy themselves actually.
    Nullum avaritia sine poene est-comes to mind. Excellent article though by The Baron….

    Poor Israel is now the canary in the coal mine. They care not one iota even for their own fellow Jews. This is the absolute hypocrisy of “Zionism” and greed. This is now destroying them. Enjoy the show……

    • You are wrong about Israel and Zionism. Israel had iron dome that shoots down missles from the Muslim killers in Palestine.If not for iron dome the Hebrews would suffer and die from muslim terrorism. It has nothing to do with greed. Zionism is just the belief that Israel is historically the home of the Hebrews and even the region of Palestine land belongs to them.

      [ad hominem redacted]

  6. Yes, I have complained bitterly about governments changing the natural IQ bell curve into a two hump camel curve by paying morons to have 5 children for 60 years and then importing the brighter children from other countries to do all the professional jobs. Our left hand hump is growing exponentially vs the right hand hump. They don’t want a thinking middle class either. All the while local whites in the top half of the bell curve are taxed and hounded to work to such an extent that they are barren unable to afford children. What purpose I asked myself ? as the welfare here and uk is nearly 30% of GDP. We copy our stupid policies off the UK. Our Muslims and Africans will never leave subsidised welfare housing. They will never work and pay tax. They don’t want to look after the elderly. We do have Indians doing that because they work.
    You are 100% right though, as they add no value at all except to consume resources and keep some others working. The government doesn’t care and will next spend billions on welfare housing to keep the tradies rich until the money runs out. I started looking at alt media and living in other countries when I realised this cant be sustainable, the money must run out eventually. The US will run out of money, UK doing OK, Australia will be bankrupt if China stops buying our stuff as that’s how we fund the welfare.

  7. Also you can see how the obsession with sport is exploited to mesmerise the lower half of the bell curve and keep them occupied and passive. Legalising marijuana would add to that passivity. Bad luck for them it causes mental illness and greater stupidity brain damage or it would have been made compulsory already.

  8. Yes. But it will also be brutal.

    Europe will be executed: she will become the scene of a global proxy war again, and will be demolished and Balkanized. Muslims and Marxists will burn her down to the ground when they have the numbers. This will serve the total takeover of the continent by TPTB, on the smoking ashes, plus the elimination of Europe as a global player and as the cradle of the West. No worries: when Europe is hammered down the profits will go to its counterparts like China and other Big Players. And with the New Marshall Plan the Great Enslavement of Eurabia will be complete.

    • Europe will not be executed, there will be blood and lots of it, but what these world order types and muslim pets don’t understand nor took in any consideration of human nature is, nature always bites back with horror. There will be military coups in every western nation at some point, as it always happens when push comes to shove.

  9. But that is shortsighted. THEY procreate very fast and we original inhabitants not enough.
    If I were a member of the ruling class I wouldnt trust any of THEM, I would put my faith rather in any of my own people, even the rabble, deplorables (thats how they call us). A little bit of patriotism, a little bit of “Yes, we will work to make the place less muslim” etc and they will believe anything.

    So, the number of trustworthy people goes down while the number of untrustworthy people goes up.
    Dont forget: THEY dont believe in individuality. They believe in family clans. So, sooner or later they compare the numbers and try a coup. If a thousand of THEM die, sorry, but the family clan comes first. Sacrifices have to be made. And the dead will end up in Paradise with 40 virgins. (Or were it just 10? Whenever I hear about the 40 virgins I always see the beginning of Uwe Boll`s POSTAL movie, were the plane highjackers argue about how many virgins they get and then call Osama who tells them only ten because so many assassins succeded.)

  10. Baron- this is definitely one of your “greatest hits”- right spot on.

    I had never thought of migration/ immigration this way but as contemplate our non-existent southern border and the hordes of illiterate savages making their way into our great Republic, I see the method in the madness of the Bidenistas.

    Sundance over at Conservative Tree House has had a few really good essays on the subject of “corporatism” vs Capitalism.

    I thought you might enjoy this one:


    • Let me join in with the praise!
      Consumers, not producers they are. And the ones in power knew that, having dealt with those countries for centuries. My idea about the subject was triggered by the influence that immigration has on the low-end real estate market. Figure them all gone and there would be a surplus of around 2-3 million homes/ appartements that do no more monetarize. This would create a crash in prices, mostly in cities( immigrants do not like country life) , losses for speculants and gains for those who can acquire cheaply. This is not wanted, mostly because rents are provided by the middle class taxpayer.

  11. There’s something that I do not get at all by this.
    Where is the Money supposed to come from to PAY for all those Consumer Goods, if nobody is working and is living on “Welfare”?
    Alright, there’s the Service Industry, but that only covers a small percentage of the populace, and when they decide to stop working, because the Taxes are higher than their Income can cover to pay for the lavish Lifestyle of the Lazies……
    Are those people in Government really so far removed from the realities of Life?
    Has their Parasitic Existence wiped out any Braincells that have anything to do with Common Sense and Self-preservation?
    All this looks to me like a Milk-maid calculation, were your Turnover equals Profit.
    It’s a dangereously naive way of thinking and WILL lead to serious conflicts.
    One just has to go back in History to Rome, when the Grain Dole to the Plebs failed and what each and every time happend as a result………
    It’s INSANE.
    But as my Grandfather always drummed into me and my brother; “Only Life’s abject failures go into Government and Bureaucracy”

    • In Australia we were blessed with a pile of resources and a small population.if we had the population of the US we couldn’t do it but with 25 million and the pile of resources the world wants we can. We digit up and sell it and the rest of the population can live off the royalties. At some point spending lavishly on welfare and population growth will be out of balance and the “lucky country” will be gone. Compare it to Qatar which has a population of 2.6 million BUT only 313,000 Qatari citizens living off the oil revenue. They have been smart, but we have made everyone citizens so the money will run out, when the resources run down and our money is spread over 25mill while Qatar’s over 313,000.
      Countries were ALWAYS an organised way of distributing resources. Africa has enough resources to do same but corruption and waste means the population never benefits from their resources.
      The US making the millions flooding in from the south citizens will naturally reduce everyone’s standard of living. It’s basic maths! You increase the denominator but not the numerator.

      • Canada, I understand, is in a similar position; on visits to my brother in Vancouver (the last in 2016) I’ve noted the ships filling up with raw materials for export, to China of course, but also, I daresay, Japan and S Korea.

        Like Australia, the Canadians need to diversify into high-tech industries; but so do the Russians and others- the Chinese are doing so anyway.

    • “Where is the Money supposed to come from to PAY for all those Consumer Goods, if nobody is working and is living on “Welfare”?”

      It’s called Modern Monetary Theory. Essentially all of the G20 have embraced it. It is the economic version of the philosophical argument that reality is simply a construct. One of the blessings bestowed upon our betters through their elite academic experience. You know, the segment of society in which no idea is so stupid it will not gain traction.


      • Well you know what good ole Napoleon said about academics right? You don’t argue with academics, you shoot them.

  12. The goal, as I see it, is to bring the Muslims in to destroy what’s left of Europe (by doing what Muslims can be counted on to do), and then the Commies plan to destroy the Muslims, once their purpose has been served, and erect a Communist dictatorship in place of the residual puddle that was once the Christian West.

    • And in my opinion, this is the last spurt of the virus that has enslaved the planet – Abrahamism.

      Christianity was created as a means of enslaving and subjugating non-Jewish peoples. Now it has weakened its influence and therefore people must be subdued through Abrahamism of the third version – Islam.

      • Christianity was not created to enslave anyone. Jesus came to us to be crucified and resurrected to free us from our sinful nationl.

        The only groups that enslave anyone is Catholicism brainwashing people from the cradle to the gave.

        Islam is an political ideology. It is NOT a religion at all.

      • Spot On ! Why is the West allowing endless immigration of Muslims? Because the West is controlled by the original Abrahamists, who are using them as their current weapon.

    • Interesting theory but it has been tried and has failed. The communists enabled and supported the Iranian revolution that brought the madman Khomeini to power and look what happened to them. Those that weren’t “executed” are still in prison, never again to see the light of day.

      • The Ayatollahs are serving their communist masters to this very day. Just as the radicalized Muslims are doing in Europe, the Ayatollahs are conducting a very similar service in the Middle East…namely, destabilizing Israel and the moderate Arab regimes in the region. You might want to take a gander at the following, as it touches on how these commie-created “muslim fundamentalist” movements operate in the service of their masters in Moscow and Beijing. That’s not to say the Muslims do not hate the infidel in their own right…but teaming up with the Soviets, neo-Soviets, and the Red Chinese have vastly broadened their natural hatred and taken it to a WHOLE NEW LEVEL


  13. There used to be an organisation called SOMA (Society Of Mental Awareness) in the UK, campaigning for the legalisation of marijuana; its founder was an American called Steve Abrams, who died in 2012- I recall his being interviewed by the UK Penthouse magazine (an approximate equivalent of “Playboy” in the US) in the ’70s.

    He came into the classical CD shop where I worked in 1987-95, and was quite unpleasant, as was a regular customer, the late film director Ken Russell; I could mention a couple of other well known regulars (at least to UK readers), but they’re still alive and could sue.

    Having said which, I believe the only practical way to deal with illegal drugs is to legalise and regulate them; the US, in particular, is struggling with the huge criminal cartels distributing drugs, some of owe their origins to the Prohibition era.

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