Tatjana Festerling: A Civil War is Already Underway

Below is an epic rant from the German anti-immigration activist Tatjana Festerling. Ms. Festerling is now an expatriate — living in Bulgaria, if I’m not mistaken — and speaks to her erstwhile compatriots from an outside point of view. Perhaps that explains her willingness to describe the situation in harsher terms than she used in the past, since she no longer has to worry about being arrested by the neo-Stasi and tried in the 21st-century Volksgerichtshof.

Many thanks to Ava Lon for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:05   Hi. For the time being I don’t even live in Germany anymore,
00:10   which allows me to take a step back and watch from afar. And I have to say: what I’m seeing,
00:15   I could throw up, throw up about you guys! Say, do you even notice
00:20   anything anymore? Do you guys perceive anything at all? Do still you guys feel
00:25   anything from what is happening around you? Or are you trying to
00:31   abstract it using reason? Or are you clinging to some strange echo,
00:36   Illusions, or thoughts: “We’ll be fine. Nothing will happen. Everything will be all right”,
00:41   “It was always going just fine”, or “We won’t have to experience the worst”
00:46   You won’t! You won’t be protected from anything! For heaven’s sake!
00:51   Start waking up at last! Wake up finally!
00:57   Feel what is going on over there! Feel the despair, hopelessness
01:02   and don’t start trying to rationalize everything in your mind again! Bulls**t! Nonsense!
01:07   Police officers are being attacked and strangled! Women can no longer go jogging alone!
01:12   What kind of country is that, please?! Ridiculous!
01:17   Where children in schools are being bullied, beaten up, stripped!
01:22   We don’t even protect our children any longer! What kind of s**tty society is this,
01:27   that doesn’t take care of its children?! Not to mention all the political bulls**t
01:32   that we are being told! Energy transition! De-industrialization is happening at full speed!
01:38   We are not even allowed to defend ourselves! We don’t even have an army that would somehow function!
01:43   On the other hand we have any number of Muslims or whatever on the streets,
01:48   right, who present more demands all the time! And our subservient, right,
01:53   and our kowtowing politicians are even trying to sell it to us as a success, so much have they already
01:58   been willfully subjugated. It’s a civil war! It’s happening already!
02:03   Only nobody is noticing it because we keep give in, because we keep retreating in stages.
02:06   Always giving up more space. And Islam, the conquest-willing Muslims, and
02:13   and it’s all of them, even the moderates, right?! They’re trying;
02:19   they aren’t just simply trying! They take the space! Easily, because they are convinced that
02:24   it belongs to them rightfully. So do you even notice anything anymore? And then
02:29   you go, you halfwits, even to the elections, and you legitimize it with your
02:34   three-second vote, right? You, “independent”, you run into the voting booth and play
02:39   being important and powerful. It takes three seconds to make two little crosses
02:44   and then, royally, you give the responsibility to the same s**tty idiots
02:49   who drove us in the that deep s**t to begin with. Do you guys even notice
02:54   anything anymore? Geez!… And when I read all the complaints on Facebook,
02:57   I’ve had enough of the s**t! All the crying and the pseudo-intellectual
03:05   discussions! This only makes the suffering longer!
03:10   This is BS! Nothing is happening any longer, no matter how much you blather!
03:15   People who are much smarter that you and I and all of us already tried
03:20   to show you the facts, even 20 years ago, and they weren’t listened to. Neither Thilo Sarazzin
03:25   nor professor Heinsohn; all the experts who were predicting
03:30   what would happen. They were never listened to. It’s doesn’t work anymore — up there —
03:35   rationally. It’s doesn’t function according to logical principles . It’s completely irrational.
03:40   It’s totally crazy! For Heaven’s sake, do recognize it, guys, finally! And I’ll tell you
03:46   one more thing: I have said it often enough in Pegida speeches:
03:49   you would have power, you have the possibility to do something!
03:53   Finally become conscious of your own responsibility!
03:56   Strike! Resign! And take away from this greedy state
04:01   your performance, your decency, your dutifulness.
04:06   [You’re] always on your hind paws on time at work in the morning, and in the evening
04:10   additionally sorting trash! Whatever idiot invented that! You guys cooperate with everything!
04:16   For heaven’s and God’s sake!… Finally become active!
04:21   Everyone can do something! It’s called “civil disobedience”!
04:26   And this situation we’re in, this state of war, it justifies everything!
04:31   No, we don’t have to march with our pitchforks right into the next city hall! No, we don’t have to.
04:36   But we can take away from the government what
04:41   it needs most: wealth creation, performance, tax money.
04:46   And how? — by getting sick. You could, every one of you should
04:51   deal with your s**tty dutifulness, which put us every time
04:54   in deeper s**t. Yes? Then I could consider in the mornings
05:02   one day a headache, on the next day I have tummy ache, and later depression or something
05:07   Stay in bed! And agree about it secretly! because we can do that in Germany.
05:12   Because one has to punch the clock before starting a revolution!
05:17   Agree with each other. Do try to do that somehow in groups! Try to
05:23   have an effect, try to create a domino effect, an epidemic
05:28   effect; but somehow it has to start, for God’s sake!
05:33   Get sick! It works for the unions!
05:38   On the plane you caught a virus, the entire crew, all the planes
05:43   and boom! Suddenly one is able push a demand through! Take your performance
05:48   away from the government! All of you, every one of you can do something!
05:53   And I’ve had enough of that helpless blather, and incidentally also the nonsense about
05:59   “fight, fight!” What is “fight”? More jabber? More talk
06:04   on Facebook, or getting angry in the pub, or reading alternative media?
06:09   Is this “fighting”? It’s bulls**t! And also, by the way, you guys know it!
06:14   For ****’s sake, finally pull your heads out of your a**es and do something!
06:19   And the country went down the drain, everything went down the drain, all of Europe
06:23   went down the drain. And if you don’t manage, then I would like to call out to those
06:29   who can see it, and who have their problems: start — if you don’t want to submit
06:34   either to Merkel or to Islam— then start getting used to the thought
06:40   of leaving the country. And believe me, there are still nations in Europe,
06:45   there are still countries in Europe, in which it is possible to live. Perhaps without a third car
06:50   and a third carport, perhaps one would have to become a little more humble and
06:55   let go of one’s consumer religion, but one can live there; and one rediscovers
07:00   something like a zest for life. One once again gets a positive view
07:05   of the future, because one is among people who want to defend themselves,
07:08   and who have recognized what is going on here. So become active,
07:11   for God’s sake! Bye!

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31 thoughts on “Tatjana Festerling: A Civil War is Already Underway

  1. Good that she is beyond reach of her erstwhile countrymen; shame that the situation has already deteriorated enough that she is no longer able to live amongst them.

    I have always admired Ms Festerling; she has a pair of big brass ones far larger than any dozen of her fellow German males combined. I will drink a toast to her continuing to be a major irritant to the bum of the EU while remaining outside their reach.

    • A most difficult exercise in responding to your assessment of what Ms Festerling so candidly exposes and takes to berating, and with my wholehearted approval, Moon.

      But, perhaps the distance from her native land has also caused her more angst than what she would have normally had to endure if living within Germany?

      I read many despairing posts on this site concerning the deconstruction of Germany, France and Britain, in particular, and while I too share in the despair of those who write them we must take into account that the time to fight back against the Globalists and their agenda has not yet reached the point where the populace has nothing else to lose.

      And it is that decisive point that is reflected in all previous revolutions or rebellions, that Brussels is attempting to stave off.

      So far, they have been successful, but the clock is ticking!

  2. The problem with Exiles is all they can do is shout from a distance and hope someone hears. All the revolutionaries have had to return home to achieve change.

    • The establishment threatens children and family, directly. As an (experienced) marine outlined, even the most hardened fighter will fold when he sees his loved ones in the hands of another who threatens, and is known to be able, to harm them.

      I should know, I have been through that, was coerced, signed and completed a dictate, then left while exposing the details, am in a form of “self imposed” exile.

      Ignorant b******s.

      And no, they do not listen to you when you are outside of their jurisdiction, you are nothing. What is funny is to experience the frontline of German/EU belief:

      This from a German multilingual, ex media, businessman, in the know but also very system based… the belief that there is an ultimate “conquest” of Europe underway, according to enlightened EU principles and German technical / financial might. ” It is coming” says he, ” It is people that count” I remind him, with reference to the state and sentiment of the society ( since Euro) around us in the third country we were holding our discussion in.

      The point is, the achievements and ideals believed in by EU achievers, many German, do not correlate at ground level. I think, though am not sure for lack of close familiarity with Germany, that this EU ambition, the witnessed and promised rewards of the single currency and market ( combined) are what carry home a feeling of success or “worth it” to many German people.

      The reality? It is very much built on sand, there is not a great European welcome or thanks to the whole initiative, just real politique and money, and a lot of resentment and unhappiness that has not yet found exactly who or what to blame. I am not sure EU can keep the plates spinning, and people confused or entertained, indefinitely. When that stops, I expect there will be retribution of one kind or another.

    • I agree and was critical of this too and her angry shouting approach (I found it rude, offensive and arrogant) but it seems GOV did not let my post through that I wrote to this story last nite.

        • ok, good to know, I have no idea where the post went! Guess it did not go through.

          Anyway, yes, T. Festeing left home, and is now yelling from afar at everyone else, especially Germans, who are not part of her patriot clique.

          I would be totally embarrassed to post a video of myself ranting and raving in this manner. This is not the way to win people to your cause sorry.

          I like the Austrian activist, Elisabeth ( can’t recall her last name) that you sometimes post here– she says she is staying in Austria to fight for the cause until her death– no matter what, AND she acts like a lady while speaking; much more impressive.

          We all have a right to justified anger, but she needs to do this yelling and name calling in a non-public venue.

      • She is trying to motivate people to act. Because I am not German I can be more dispassionate in listening to her. She may offend some people, but she is correct. Her idea of a mass public strike is just what is needed. Merkel is determined to hand Germany and all of Europe over to Islam. This is a monumental crime. People cannot afford to wait to take action against her en masse.

  3. The moderates sound like some of the people on my former indoor soccer team.

    I literally could not get these Millennial snowflakes to understand that they had an equal right to the ball, and that it was their job to go and win the ball from the opponent.

    • do you mean “Sturmabteilung”?
      what else are you missing, – Ein Volk, ein Reich, ein Führer?
      don’t forget gas chambers for complete harmony.

    • Don’t worry, they are coming.

      It is inevitable, at this point.

      Sooner or later the Great Backlash will come, and then we will see the resurface of some really ugly aspects of humanity, that we thought were lost in history.

  4. “since she no longer has to worry about being arrested by the neo-Stasi and tried in the 21st-century Volksgerichtshof.”

    Lovely and pithy observation, Baron. For those readers who don’t know, the “Volksgerichtshof” or “People’s Court” was a Nazi judicial system set up to operate in parallel with the regular German court system during the Nazi era. It was established because the members of the regular German judiciary in the Nazi period weren’t sufficiently slavish to Nazi dictates.
    The judges appointed to the “Volksgerichtshof” were, without exception, the most vicious and rabid Nazis with law degrees that Hitler could find. Ones who had no scruples about due process.

    In the trials of the July 1944 conspirators, the President (Chief Judge) of the Volksgerichtshof, Roland Friesler, used to verbally abuse defendants. One defendant, a former general, was, after a few months of being starved and beaten, hauled into the Volksgerichtshof unwashed, unshaven and with no belt to his trousers. Having lost so much weight, he would, whilst forced to stand before the Court, try to keep his trousers from falling down by grabbing the waistband of them. “Stop fiddling with yourself, you filthy, dirty old man!” Friesler would bellow at him. The Volksgerichtshof was always packed with a baying “audience” of the most rabid Nazi civilians, who were permitted to hoot and holler as defendants tried to defend themselves. The defence lawyers were also handpicked Nazis.

    Happily, the Volksgerichtshof took a direct hit from an Allied bomb in the midst of some farcical quasi-judicial trial late in the war and Friesler was killed by a structural beam falling on his head. It is not recorded, but a fair inference is that many in the “audience” were also killed in that raid.

    So to equate today’s “Human Rights Commissions” and similar tribunals and “Courts” in the Western world that have tried Geert Wilders, Mark Steyn, Elisabeth Sabaditch-Wolff, Ezra Levant and many others (all non-violent anti-jihadists) as the “Volksgerichtshof” is a brilliant and utterly apt analogy.

    Wilder’s defence lawyer in one of his many “hate-speech” trials, overheard at a cocktail party a judge who would soon be sitting in judgment on Wilders as a purportedly neutral arbiter, describing, or rather gloating, to a small conclave of admirers how he was going to deal with Wilders. When Wilders’ trial started, his defence lawyer recognized him and tried to get the judge disqualified for bias on the basis of the overheard cocktail party conversation. The three-judge Dutch Volksgerichtshof ruled against Wilder’s disqualification application. A very sad day for the Dutch judicial system and for the rule of law in the West as a whole. And it has only gotten worse since that trial.

    BTW In that trial, Wilders applied for and was denied the same degree of physical protection that Bouyeri – the vicious murderer of Theo van Gogh – had been kindly provided with by the Dutch authorities without even asking for it: a bullet-proof plexi-glass “box” to sit in during court proceedings. The obvious inference is that the Dutch authorities are, in the main, dearly hoping that somebody will assassinate Wilders in court and rid the Netherlands of its leading “anti-Islam” proponent. One who is proving to be a major electoral upset in their political system by attracting so many voters. Every day for the past decade I expect to wake up and learn that Wilders has been assassinated. Wilders has the same legitimate fear.

  5. A great project would be documenting in some way the month by month deterioration, decline, and collapse into war of the nations of Western Europe. Coming up with some simple way of measuring this accelerating decline, the metastasizing disease of self-hatred, would be a vital resource to document over 10 or 20 years the utter collapse of several nations. This era will be seen as far more devastating than the Nazi era.

    It’s a unique opportunity to observe civilizational collapse, which despite occurring dozens of times throughout history has never been studied in a systematic way. We only have cobbled theories of how civilizations get sick and die.

    In less than 10 years at least two nations of Europe will have fully Islamized, joined the OIC. In another 5 years after those two states will become a threat to the rest of Europe even as another two or three states are bullied inexorably into full Islamization. Terror attacks will become weekly, then daily, occurrences.

    The solution offered will be Islamization and institutionalizing a Sharia legal system. Britain and France both have hundreds of such courts already. The switch to a Sharia-based national legal system will happen very quickly once a serious push for it begins, which appears inevitable.

    We have no idea how this happened.

  6. Julius,
    it is another anecdote of the post- war german nation of law that Freisler’ s widow got her husbands pension because he was killed. Had he been condemned at Nuremberg, she would have had to claim welfare.
    She passed in 1997. So she cashed 52 years of a lightly reduced pension according to the rank of a supreme judge, by today’s standards that would amount to ca. 5000€ p.m.
    Same goes for Heydrich’s widow, rank of secretary of state as Governor in Bohemia.
    Some sarcastic remark: had my dad been one of those, I would be a wealthy heir of at least some real estate in a leafy suburb.

  7. The females of Europe have emasculated their men for so long. Now they are asking them to man up and protect them. Seventy years of women’s lib and now you want the men to be men again? Well they won’t. So either you start arming yourself and protect your neighborhoods or the Muslims will eat you up.

  8. I’m in Bulgaria, I would like to meet up with Tatiana? How can I contact her? Is she in the Black Sea area?

    Tatiana, is a hero, a German true-blooded patriot, a European Viking patriot; shes also very pretty, and has the strength of a lion.

    Her video is great! An appeal to the insane brainwashed 50%, who have bought into the msm Merkel-Stasi propaganda, the Goebbels – Riefenstahl brainwashing thought-control techniques they mastered in USSR [and] East Germany!

    A Romanian-style overthrow is what’s needed now, voting is rigged for sure; they have developed a formula to rig voting.

    History repeats???

    Bucharest 1989, Nicolae Ceausescu is the template required here!

    [From Admin: edited to remove calls to violence. They are not permitted here.]

    • Churchill-

      You are not alone.

      I’ve visited Bulgaria and had a great time.

      I’d love to meet up with Tatjana over coffee and let her know that she’s not alone in this titanic struggle.

  9. I hope some part of North America will break out and create a white ethnostate. If not, then Eastern Europe will be the only hope, but that might not be enough. One thing is certain, that with the present system of multi-ethnic states, white will die out.

    • Randers-

      Your last sentence summarizes the basic intent of the Coudenhove-Kalergi plan.

  10. Ungrounded arguments. Phobos. At the end, superficial and off the target.

    Human rights apply to everybody that shares the idea. And should not apply to the ones that don’t. Tricky part is to recognize who is that bully that plays by his own rules. And, NO, being muslim or being from Syria does not qualify; one has to prove himself as eligible for the denial of very rights she screams we should protect.

    Stop bitching. Help out. Report all suspicious actions of immigrants (or anybody else). Help us mentor their kids. Come home.

    Greetings from Germany.

  11. Liebe Tatjana,

    Hab deine Wutrede gehört und bin total deiner Meinung und du bist nicht alleine.
    Ich bin auch nicht mehr in DE und versuche wo ich bin DE zu beinflussen.


    This is an English language blog. Translations are more than welcome but not originals.

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