Jugando con Polvora, Or How the World is About to Burn

Our Colombian correspondent Diego was tied up all last semester with his studies, but during the Christmas break (or must I say “Winter Holiday”?) he had time write up his thoughts about current political trends in Latin America and the rest of the world.

Jugando con Polvora, Or How the World is About to Burn

by Diego

First of all, to any who reads this little piece: Have a happy and prosperous 2016!

Now, why that title (“Playing With Powder”), you may ask? Well, in Colombia it is — sadly — usual to have many children getting burnt with black powder due to the irresponsible handling of pyrotechnic devices, leaving a large number of people in the hospital with burns of varying degrees.

Now you may ask “Why do I care?” Well, I think it should be obvious. the Western Civilization today is like a child playing with a pyrotechnical device who is to have it blow up on his/her face.

I have heard many times that the agenda of the current “progressive” leaders is to either commit effective genocide against the Europeans, or Islamize the continent. Well, I have to disagree. I must warn you, though, I possess no evidence; all of this is just the fruit of conversations with my best friend through last semester, and my classes in Constitutional Law.

1. Europe, the USA and the Neo-Totalitarian Project

Historically, for a functional modern democracy there has to be a very fragile equilibrium. There needs to be a large enough voter base so as to be representative. This voter base needs to be educated enough to vote rationally, and cohesive enough so that every election is concluded with the defeated party admitting defeat and the victorious party not persecuting the defeated party. Along with a government that agrees to avoid the abuse of its power (or a population that won’t allow said government get away with this).

Currently, however, it seems that this equilibrium does not exist. The European and American governments are not going to limit themselves, and the local populations are not going to stop them from abusing their power. The voter base, despite being larger than ever, is either ill-educated al all levels, or actively seeking to undermine democracy. They have been fed for decades with ideas that seek to expand critical thought, but only for that which is allowed to be criticized.

The introduction of foreign elements (mostly Islamic) into the Western population is somewhat puzzling in itself, but it makes sense in the larger frame of things. the “Progressive left” and Islam are co-belligerents against a common enemy, the traditional culture of Europe. However, the leftists are clearly short-sighted. Their materialistic and radical-secularist worldview does not allow them to see the way in which Islam can be a danger to their own plans; they believe all religions to be the same, equally malleable to fit their own principles. So, under this misguided belief, they have set upon themselves to import hundreds of thousands of Muslims into Europe, intent on waging cultural war against Christianity and the traditional European culture. However, this new Migration Era has a second player: Islam.

To most readers this is a well-known fact, but I had best write it down as well for the sake of completeness: Islam is a supremacist ideology, bent on establishing global hegemony by means of conquest and subjugation, bent on killing and subduing all unbelievers until only Islam is left. There are Muslim individuals who don’t care at all about the Jihad, and there is the Ahmadiyya branch, claiming that they are all about peaceful expansion and proselytizing, but the mainstream of Islam is as I have described.

What can only happen, should the left and Islam be victorious in their war against the traditional culture of Europe, is an open conflict amongst them. The Left will try to suppress Islam and change it to turn Muslims into the same lifeless automata it is trying to turn the Europeans into. But Islam will eventually overpower them, having as it does more motivated warriors, and will turn Europe into Libya before moving onto their next target.

As such, it is imperative to defeat the Islam-Left alliance before it can splinter. By the time that happens, it might be too late.

2. Russia, Iran and the Caucasus

Russian Policy in the Middle East can be described as “whatever makes America angry”. This has been more true in the last few years. and a prime example is Russian support for Iran.

The logic behind this support is twofold. The first part is to have something to counteract the US-supported Saudis. The second is to support a less hostile nation; this is because the Chechen jihadis are mostly Sunnis, and tend to look to fellow Sunnis for support.

It is also a common mistake outside the Dar al-Islam to think that the Iranian ideology is less globalist in its objectives than the more traditional Salafism/Wahhabism. Iran’s ideology is usually seen as an Islamic Iranian nationalism, and so less dangerous to any infidel that supports it than the globalist Sunni ideologies.

However, this is false. Shi’a Islam as preached by the Iranian State is just as dangerous, and just as expansionist as its Sunni Wahhabi cousin. It is known that Iran has armed and funded the Sunni Chechen terrorists at times, and it is not above attacking the infidel Russians. It just prioritizes America and Israel.

The Russian support for Iran, including help in the Iranian nuclear program, is definitely a dangerous move, one that could prove fatal for the Russian nation and people in the upcoming war.

3. Latin America: the odd cousin

For a traditionalist Latin, it is quite hard to find like-minded individuals. This is because we in Latin America have bought into the discourse of the left about “brown” peoples, and identified ourselves with them simply because we were not as successful as the rest of the Western cultural continuum. This despite being culturally closer to the Mediterranean Europe (Spain and Italy mostly, and in Brazil, Argentina, Chile and Venezuela there is an important German element, or at least there used to be) than to the “Third World”.

So it is usual that many Latins, despite being traditionalists agree that the “West” should open their borders, or “pay for colonialism” despite the fact that many Western peoples were exploited by non-Europeans in the same way Africa was up to the 19th century.

Latin America is also stuck in the past. As I have said before, Latin American politics is still dominated (in no small measure thanks to the military dictatorships and Marxist militias) by the Communism vs Capitalism discourse, the Uribe vs Chavez enmity being a prime example of this. However we are seeing the rise of a new generation of leaders, educated in the thought that took over the rest of the world in the Post-Cold War Era. One such example of this new dhimmi generation is Colombia’s current president Juan Manuel Santos. Without Muslims to pander to, the Dhimmi panders to the Neo-Communist dictatorship that took hold in Venezuela.

4. A few final words

As we enter the second half of the second decade of this century, I am reminded of the situation in the years and months before Archduke Franz Ferdinand was murdered. Back in 1913 it was thought that while small wars between small nations could still happen (See the Balkan Wars) the Great Powers would never go to war again, that commerce was too valuable and that they were all rational enough to avoid a war. Yet one year later the largest carnage that Europe had ever seen was unfolding as an entire generation was being mowed down by machine guns, and poisonous gas.

Today we live in the same self-imposed ignorance. The Bible says that when the world is clamoring “Peace!” then War will come. And while it is supposed to be part of the end-times prophecy, it has proven over and over again to be true — were we not clamouring Peace! before the death of Franz Ferdinand? Were we not clamouring Peace! When the Munich Accords were signed? Were we not doing so when Israel began negotiating with the terrorists of the PLO? What about the fall of Saddam? Or the end of the Taliban Regime? The Arab “Spring”?

Today the world is once again claiming that peace is just around the corner. This can only mean that we are overdue for the next Great War.

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21 thoughts on “Jugando con Polvora, Or How the World is About to Burn

  1. If war is coming then its not the conventional nation vs. nation one with planes and tanks.

    Eg. there is no effective fighting force in Germany. They have a massive personnal shortage, dont believe in Germany as nation, a soldiers-are-murders-reputation, only half a dozen ships, fewer than 200 tanks and some few heli- and plane squadrons (most of them not combat ready)

    The rest of the EU armies are small and in a similar bad shape and this will not change anytime soon. No larger fighting force can be fielded to fight on our continent. The pacifist re-education and brainwashing of the last 3 decades is perfect.

    No, when a fight begins, it will be rather an asymetric civil war against the enemy within (lefts and muslims) with propaganda, bombs, light weapons and riot equipment instead of conventional military.

    • Sadly, that is the type of war I had in mind…

      WW3 will look more like Mexico today or Colombia in the 80s than like WW2

      • Diego,

        You make an assumption there will not be mass deportation and other…..facilities.

        We are fully capable if we are considering existential threats.

        • Yes, but such measures are unlikely to be taken until the cadre of “progressives” is disposen of, which I find unlikely before the beginning of open warfare.

          Unless the Muslims overestimate their strenght and try to cow Europe into submission using a WMD before being ready to actually fight.

    • “The rest of the EU armies are small and in a similar bad shape and this will not change anytime soon.”

      Why would you think that the next war will not be conventional, even though one side has voluntarily disarmed itself?

      Turkey and the Islamic State have large armies and well-stocked armaments. They also have had an opportunity to infiltrate experienced fighters into Europe. These sleepers don’t even have to work that hard to maintain their cover.

      With weak European armies, massive infiltration of fifth-columnists, and battle-hardened jihadists, I don’t find it difficult to foresee an actual invasion of Europe by Turkey, or the Islamic State, or possibly both.

  2. When societies can be convinced that a doctrine of ‘submission’ is the equivalent of ‘peace’ it is not difficult to understand why ‘progressive’ liberals believe – against all evidence to the contrary – that government holds the answer to all societies ills. Both progressives and muhammedans willfully surrender/accept and operate under the yolk of unlimited if not untamed misogynist authority.

    • Yes, exactly. Leftists see submission/surrender to state authority (as long as the state is supposed to be run according to Marxism, neo-Marxism, communism, etc) as the key to peace.

      Muslims see submission/surrender to state authority (as long as it is run by a caliph according to sharia law) as the key to peace.

      The common theme is submission to state authority is peace. The common failure is the failure to understand that no state authority will ever operate in accordance with their fantasy ideals. As a result, both ideologies are equivalent to a belief that submission/surrender to generic tyranny is the key to peace.

      While Islamic theocracy is lacking in accountability mechanisms due to naive medieval ideas about a deity always supplying accountability through divine intervention or decree, leftism lacks the excuse that it predates reason. Regardless, it still manages to find some excuse to defeat systems of accountability which usually boils down to the idea that accountability must be defeated “for the greater good” because accountability mechanisms, sort of like firearms, *might* be abused by bad people. Therefore for the same reason that weapons ought to be banned, public accountability ought to be banned as well. Tyranny is of course never possible in a leftist government because the noble anti-tyrants who promise that they represent freedom and democracy could never be lying or otherwise fail to deliver. But I said I’m THE prophet, the only and last one, because Allah told me and I told you what Allah said, so how could it be otherwise? How convenient.

      • And I should point out what many people have already noticed: banning firearms is, in reality, an attempt to ban public accountability. As Europe is slowly finding out, once this form of public accountability is banned other types of public accountability will be banned using the same pretense: bad people might abuse the mechanisms. So first you lose weapons because bad people might shoot someone, then you lose free speech because bad people might propagandize against the noble infallible leaders. Later, bad people might vote for the wrong person (they might vote for Hitler again!) thus voting will be banned. After that, civil lawsuits will be banned because bad people might file an unjust lawsuit. Eventually, anything that may oppose he ruler or rulers will be banned because bad people might challenge the greater good that the ruler is always accomplishing.

  3. GLT “Julian Farmer” • 2 minutes ago
    US Government is thoroughly infiltrated by Moslem Brotherhood. A”revert” runs the CIA so what do you expect? In the UK the situation is the same. I know it will horrify you but the US and UK Governments have been taken over, This is fact. They are preparing their stupid populations to change religions. People still ignore the obvious. Look at the treatment of Tommy Robinson? Appalling!

    People still don’t “get it”. Europe and America are in the hands of Islam. This is all to do with a plan by Hassan al Banna who founded the MB in 1928 with British money and infiltrated the Foreign Office-jokingly called the “Camel Corps” for this very reason-notorious for its anti Semitism (Isreal) and pro Arab basis…

    The EU Project itself was also the same plan to bring Islam to Europe and the West. In other words “The Project” adopted and adapted and imported into Europe via the “Coal and Steel Pact” by Moslem convert former Nazis, that escaped the Allies after WW2. They simply adopted Islam and took over Hassan al Banna’s Plan from 1928. They are one in the same. Yes I know you will all mock and laugh but please look around you…..

    If you cannot see the obvious, then I pity you.

    This slow infiltration has taken 80 years but has now produced results, that you all now observe around you. We have two main foes though- Allah and Marx both working together to destroy from within by the “Long March Through The Institutions”; one aiding the other. Ever heard of supposed “Lancaster Plan”- a plan to transition UK into an Islamic state and Saudi satellite? An apparent spoof was written in the New English Review that claims “tongue in cheek” that this .’plan’ was evolved through Blair after 2005 Tube bombings.

    I heard about it as early as October 1997 in UCL London, Institute of Archaeology from my former tutor, now retired. Yes the Plan is real and no written minutes or hard copies exist- Chatham House Rules. So we had our own UK “Wansee Conference” in London by hidden people and groups plotting our submission to Islam. People thought me mad and still do but that is their problem. I no longer give a damn. Mind over matter. I don’t care anymore and they don’t matter.

    All of this could have been stopped but I think this country will now rapidly go Islamic with final control-obvious control by 2025 to 2030 at latest and that includes the USA and EU. To say I don’t “give a damn” is probably not true, because in truth I do but the prospect is so awful I still find it hard to believe that our population is so supine and even abusive towards us the modern Cassandras, despite the obvious. So forgive my bitterness.

    Chums of mine and myself have lost work, family friends in our efforts to warn and frankly I have little if any sympathy for the “Johnny cum Latelies” who are now in fear of Islamic takeover, as I was 20 years ago.

    Moslems I know say they were even informed they would control Britain and Europe by 2025-30 too. Recent events and deliberate attempts by the State to stifle protest and invitation to the Moslem world to keep coming would seem to confirm my words above.

    Bat Y’eor author of “Eurabia” was also like me, a Postgrad of the Institute of Archaeology too. UCL already had massive problems with Islamic infiltration and intimidation 20 years ago,

    • “Moslem convert former Nazis”? Jean Monnet, (French foreign minister) Robert Schuman, Konrad Adenauer? Evidence please.

    • I believe you. About the USA I don’t know except that Obama is a Muslim infiltrator but Cameron quietly runs the Blair replacement population program at full capacity. Far from rolling back the PC madness it has intensified under Cameron. And he was caught on camera saying there are “too many white Christian faces in Britain”. British people are already slaves to Islam: just ask the children who were trafficked in Rochdale, Rotherham, Oxford and towns across the land.

      Now Merkel has launched her own invasion. They are ramping up. The question is, what can we do about it?

      • The answer would seem to be to invite “volunteers” from eastern Europe – Poland, Russia, Hungary and Croatia for example – who aren’t afraid of taking wholesale measures against these invaders.

    • Ever heard of Anatoliy Golitsyn? I think we might have an issue of two simultaneous groups wanting to take over Europe and then the rest of the world from the shadows… both using the same methods and institutions, and even helping eachother for now, before turning on eachother at a later stage.

      • And if we are to believe Golitsyn, then the KGB was the mastermind of the situation we now are in. And that’s why we can’t trust Putin. We still don’t have all the pieces in this puzzle, but the picture is getting clearer.

    • I’ve also heard of the Lancaster Plan. I have no reason to doubt that the plan actually exists, and that it is being implemented. One does only have to take a look around to see the plan in action.

    • I see massive civil war in the United States. The civilians are armed to the teeth, we make everything the military and government use. That would be be shut down overnight, all shipping into the eastern states and Washington DC would be halted. The first thing tyranny does is disarm the population, never going to happen here, they can pass all the laws they want. The only thing it will get them is [imprudent prediction].

      • Ignore your countries gun laws before it is too late. arm yourself to protect your family and your country.

  4. Hello Diego! I am Brazilian, his neighbor. I am watching the situation in Colombia, although our in Brazil is a disgrace ten times worse. You are right to say that old axioms as communism vs. capitalism persist. But I would tell you that the axiom that most dominates the Latin media is communist, capitalist is actually only one tool left to use as bargaining voter, through its assistance programs that only keep people in poverty. Getting back to Colombia: I am sad that Juan Manuel Santos is negotiating the future of the nation with the terrorists of the FARC, Latin American Hamas. I hope the Colombian able to circumvent the wishes of the Colombian President Raul Castro and.

    Now on the question of Russia which you mentioned, I agree with you – Russia is playing a dangerous game, but Putin is not afraid of losing his plays, he knows that the rewards are great – taking into account that the great ” Satan “is well subdued by his incompetent leader. It is clear that Russia has close ties with Islamic terrorism, they being the godfathers of Cuba, the largest training center for terrorists and guerrillas of human history. Hezbollah, while moving with Russia in Syria, attacks or threatens Israel, bringing tension beyond the battlefields. Iran, in turn, is making a fuss with Saudi Arabia -. Another murderous nation of Christians and merciless, as the Iran There is much tension in the air, and despite this madness of multiculturalism, it affects us (Latin American) because our biggest problem is the old axioms that are destroying and stopping in time, as you said. We are still in the period of the Cuban revolution, we are stuck in dysfunctional Marxist clock.

    • Thank you! And I must say I am quite pessimistic about the “Peace” Process with FARC, and I’m seriously considering leaving for Chile when it’s possible, but I’d hate to leave Colombia like that.

      Also, Yeah, however the discourse is still 1950s-60s. Uribe’s government (I don’t really like him personally, but I do appreciate the fact that he has some sorely needed cojones) was based on opposing the Castro-Chavista monster (admittedly it is a real threat) other than Uribe and his Centro Democratico party, the discourse is socialist here.

      As for Russia… I think that even Putin is underestimating the threat he holds in his hands. I do not really think that he will aid any form of Islamism without a nationalist interest/reason and I dare to say that he would be happier with a Pro-Russian Secular Dictator rather than the Ayatollahs, his game is securing power projection and defensive depth for Russia, and get the USA mad in the process… to say that the Russians are the only ones (besides the Kurds and Iraqi militiamen) who are actually hitting IS forces and hurting them. I do wonder how will he react when Iran turns against Russia.

      I seriously hope Russia withdraws their support for Iran (I honestly don’t care about Al-Assad, when the region is controlled by strong secular SOBs however, living conditions are somewhat better and people tend to not emigrate so much) while I’m fairly sure that they will keep supporting Al-Assad. but I think that’s just a dream…

  5. Re. item 1 you are correct. The purpose of multi-culti was always to destroy democracy. The alliance with Islam is diabolical. The Marxists think they can control the beast but they cannot.

    • Taqiyya is what makes the Marxists think that they have control of Islam through their narrative control tactics. It seems that Marxists are unable to read Arabic, even when it’s translated for them.

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