The Phony War, 2016 Version

The following report from the Italian newspaper Il Giornale discusses the “war” against the Islamic State as conducted by France in the wake of the Paris massacres — which is just about as meaningful as the one carried out by the Obama administration.

Many thanks to par0 for the translation:

France and the (few) raids against the Islamic State

France at war against Isis? These numbers from 27 September: just twelve raids in Syria and about six per day raid in Iraq

by Fabio Polese

A dozen raids in Syria. About six raids a day in Iraq. These are the numbers of French military involvement against the Islamic State.

“Much political and media ado, but in the end it is doing little,” wrote the French journalist Jean Dominique Merchet the pages of the Opinion in the last days of 2015.

“The French air force — continues Merchet, reporting the words of General Pierre de Villiers, Chief of Transalpine — led, in the last three months, a dozen raids in Syria.” The raids against the Islamic State commenced on 27 September after a series of reconnaissance flights started on 8 September.

Since the attacks that rocked Paris on November 13th, there have been only five attacks against Islamic State targets in Syria. “To respond to attacks in Paris, the Pentagon has allowed the French air force to conduct three French raids,” says the journalist from the Opinion. The objectives were the command centers, training, recruitment and logistics depots in Raqqah, the capital of the cutthroats of the Caliph. “This retaliatory fire lasted three days, 15 to 17 November, followed by a new raid against similar targets on 23 November.” In December, however, there were two other attacks carried out by the French, one at 5:01 on December 9. But this time the target changed. “For example, bombing oil installations.”

None of the French military operations in Syria has been in support of the fighting on the ground. In Iraq, however, the transalpine aviation would lead — from 27 September to 23 December 2015 — about six raids per day, also supporting the ground forces of the regular army and Peshmerga. By comparison, writes Merchet, “in Belgrade in 1999, the French military carried out 52 operations a day, an effort almost nine times higher than at present.”

“To war,” Hollande announced immediately after the attacks in Paris. But these numbers really make you think.

6 thoughts on “The Phony War, 2016 Version

  1. Those few raids are being used to showcase France’s sole operating aircraft carrier, the Charles de Gaulle. A reporter from a TV news channel even spent days aboard it last week, interviewing military personnel and parading the embarked technology. The ironic part may be that before next year, the CdG will be shutdown for a year and a half.

  2. One also has to wonder just how many of those raids do they actually drop their munitions, previously it was reported that 75% of the raids carried out by the US lead coalition returned without dropping their bombs, so we can assume that of the 18 sorties only 4 or 5 have an actual effect and how many of them are on empty buildings and do not kill a single ISIS member.

    The event at the Cologne rail station is much more significant and important, which is why you do not see it reported at all on the MSM.

  3. One Biblical term I always found puzzling was “ye shall hear of wars and rumours of wars.” I always thought, “Huh? People will just talk about how maybe there might be a war? This is a sign of something?”

    But perhaps “rumours of wars” are wars that we are TOLD are occurring, but aren’t.

    I think this business is really a kabuki war in a Potemkin village. Things are just being acted out for us.

  4. What an utter and absolute waste.

    Sending warplanes that cost tens-of-millions of dollars to buy and hundreds-of-thousands per flight hour to drop millions in munitions on $5 dollar tents and some rocks is the height of insanity.

  5. Classic deception! With a great show of Bravado , Hollande has managed to deprive Le Penn of her crucial votes – that’s what it was about – he actually foresaw the election challenge and the public fell for it : Cunning Foresight .

  6. IRAQ 1991
    1,100 STRIKES A DAY

    IRAQ 2003

    2014-2015 SYRIA & IRAQ

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