Hogamus Higamus, Men Are Polygamous!

The culture-enriching gentleman in this video is one of the Syrian “refugees” who arrived in Germany last year. In his home country he must have been a prosperous man of high social standing, because he had four wives. In order to get them into Germany with him, he had to lie to the authorities. But that’s OK, because lying in order to advance the cause of Islam is sanctioned by the Koran and all four schools of Sunni jurisprudence, as well as in the Shi’ite version of the fiqh. And it definitely advances the cause of Islam to take all your wives and children with you to a kuffar country (and make more Muslim children when you get there), all while being supported by the infidel taxpayers’ money.

The following interview aired originally on Sky News Arabic. It was subtitled in German, and that version has been used to make the English subtitles. Many thanks to Nash Montana for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


0:00   Interview from Sky News Arabic with a Syrian Muslim in Germany.
0:05   As I have already heard from people, you are an exception. You are married to four women. Is that right?
0:14   Yes, I am married to four women.
0:17   Okay, but in European countries polygamy is not allowed. How did you overcome this problem as an asylum seeker?
0:26   For me it’s not logical to immigrate without my children and my wives.
0:31   Thanks to Allah I was blessed with plenty before. But nothing is left.
0:36   When I brought my women and my children here, I was told that polygamy is forbidden here.
0:41   So I reported to the authorities that one woman is my wife, and that one child is mine also,
0:45   and about the second wife I said: This is my girlfriend and that is my child.
0:49   About the third wife as well: This is my girlfriend and my child and so on, so that they let us in and gave us asylum.
0:55   And the authorities took this and accepted this without any complications?
0:58   Without any problems, because they believe that they are my girlfriends, not my wives.
1:03   But before you came here and registered, you already knew that it was forbidden.
1:07   Did you therefore study your statements very carefully…
1:11   … about what you would tell the authorities and what you wouldn’t, what speaks favorably for you and what doesn’t?
1:15   Yes, I have thought everything over very carefully. And after my arrival I asked people and acquaintances here, but also Germans…
1:21   … who all suggested to me, to pass off my wives as my girlfriends.
1:27   I told myself: OK, why not, the main thing is that they are my wives in the laws and the eyes of Allah and his prophet.

7 thoughts on “Hogamus Higamus, Men Are Polygamous!

  1. He told the immigration officer that he had one wife and 3 girlfriends.

    Are we not clever to discover that the 3 girlfriends are also the producers of soldiers of allah? Still approved: He has Human Rights. And these human rights are not lame, perverted or only used by simpletons. Only morally superior people possess such doctrine as western Human Rights.

    We are the envy of the world not the laughingstock.

  2. Tell us something we don’t know. It’s been happening for years in the UK with Muslim men going abroad to marry under sharia law and then bringing back women as cousins or nannies. The women are then set up as single mothers with all the welfare going. A man can have four ‘wives’ and multiple children, all paid for by the taxpayer. The UK authorities know this illegality is going on, not least because some of the men boast about it, and do nothing.

  3. Tell them they have to make a “Sophie’s Choice” and pick one wife. The rest have to go back home.

    Polygamy is thread to the status of women in any country.

  4. This is no longer newsworthy. The first Muslim Trident commander, or London Ummah Rifle Brigade (LURB) will be.

    • I agree. This is old news as it has been going on for years.

      I would argue that many if not almost all of these guys would never be able to have more than one wife in their third world Muslim country of origin primarily because they would be too poor. But once they gain entry to and are permitted to go on welfare in a European country, suddenly the gold diggers come out of the woodwork.

      Even Muslims have confirmed to me that the guys with four wives are always rich guys who marry four gold diggers. The only thing that differs here from the third world is that, compared to third world conditions, anyone on welfare who can grant immigration status and welfare benefits to others is effectively “rich”.

  5. Openly bragging about breaking the law. Locate, charge and DEPORT along with his four wives plus children with immediate effect! For pity’s sake demonstrate to your indigenous citizens that you are at least trying to apply the law equally to all. Religion or Race should not be a “get of jail free card” , this is not a game of monopoly, your nation’s future and possibly the rest of Europe’s too is at stake here. Reinforce the fact that there are CONSEQUENCES for you actions in this world.

  6. A truly frightening spectre. At least we can be grateful for his candour: it can be used to prove to the unbelievers that is not a figment of the “Islamophobes’ ” imagination that such practices are standard operating procedure.

    “The only thing that differs here from the third world is that, compared to third world conditions, anyone on welfare who can grant immigration status and welfare benefits to others is effectively “rich”.”

    Why cannot your average Westerner understand this?

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