Happy New Year, And Stick a Fork in That Bird

Note: This essay was originally posted on December 31, and was a “sticky” feature two days. Scroll down for more recent posts, including Rembrandt Clancy’s translation of Udo Ulfkotte’s speech at a PEGIDA rally, a one-year retrospective on the Cedar Avenue explosion, a translated press release from Riposte Laique and Resistance Republicaine, “Voices from Across the Sound”, and last night’s news feed.

Takuan Seiyo returns to peer gloomily past Hogmanay to see what lies in store for the tattered remnants of Western Civilization in 2015.

Happy New Year, and stick a fork in that bird

by Takuan Seiyo

Having feasted on turkey and goose at Christmas, whitey is not much given to sticking forks in more fowl on New Year’s Eve. The French are an exception in their own inimitable S&M ways, whether torturing geese for foie gras to be consumed with oysters and champagne on December 31st, or importing so many Muslims from Africa that they are now 9% of the population: 6 million alien colonizers rich with “lone wolves” and welfare loot from the French taxpayer; the aggregate amounting to the French being robbed en masse of their patrimony and bodily safety at once.

Moving slightly north, you’ll be gratified to know that NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg got a selfie stick for Christmas. That momentous event had completely escaped me! Not the stick, mind you, but the NATO position. A prime metrosexual, true-believer socialist, far-left leader of Europe’s most socialist country, unwitting former informant to the KGB, Hamas enthusiast, entrustor of Norway’s core identity to a keffiyeh-flaunting 2nd-generation Pakistani Muslim immigrant Minister of Culture — for top NATO man. How nice.

But it goes well with the five female current Ministers of Defense that Europe so prides itself on, not to mention the past ones like Carme Chacon, reviewing Spain’s military troops in maternity smock and her young, attractive female’s aura wafting over the virile soldiers erect at attention.

Spain’s Defense Minister Carme Chacon reviewing troops, Madrid, April 2008

The Ministers of Defense of Italy, Albania, Germany, Norway and Netherlands at a conference, February 2014

The problem is that facing this mad Islamo-Socialist vaginocracy of the West are various determined patriarchies, ranging from the entire Dar al-Islam to China to Russia. And in Russia alone, the two main antagonists of these European swells look like this:

         Vladimir Putin                    Valeriy Gerasimov

  • Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation
  • First Deputy Minister of Defence of the Russian Federation
  • General of the Army

Moving on to the British Isles, on December 26th a callow, shallow man who knows nothing of what his country looked and felt like when its cops wore custodian helmets and carried batons instead of body armor and MP5s gushed on the pages of the Telegraph, “Goodbye to one of the best years in history; It might not feel like it, but we are safer, richer and healthier than at any time on record”. The same Telegraph having already stated that “Britain remains the world’s leading recruiting ground for al-Qaeda”, it’s no wonder a day later the Daily Mail reported that London’s iconic Royal Guards had been moved behind the iron gates at the historic places where they are posted, “in face of mounting fears of new ‘lone wolf’ terrorist attack”.

Ay, that wolf population now sowing terror in the hearts of Britons. All those werewolf Englishmen wrapped in al-Qaeda head towels or speaking in a cockney accent in ISIS videos: where could they have come from? Could they be, perchance, of the celebrated lupus islamicus genus? And by what means can a land species native to territories like Pakistan and Somalia get onto an island separated from the European continent by a sea channel from 20 to 150 miles wide? And where were all the British habitat warriors, on the barricades over the hunting of foxes or the loss of starlings, but not a pip about a massive invasion of a foreign species that preys on and gradually displaces the local fauna?

Then we have the U.S. of A. Where in a recent Gallup poll — that’s the end of the year, 2014, in which a string of disasters was inflicted on America by its lunatic-progressive ruling elite and its “minority” clients — the people, by far (19%), named Barak Hussein “Si Se Puede” Obama as the most admired man and Hillary “What Difference Does It Make” Clinton as the most admired woman (12%). The other top finishers were Pope Francis (6%), Bill Clinton (3%), Rev. Billy Graham (2%) and George W. Bush (2%) among men, and Oprah Winfrey (8%), Malala Yousafzai [sic] (6%), Condoleezza Rice (4%) and Michelle Obama (3%) among women.

And that, gentle reader, means that you can stick a fork in it. I won’t belabor why the choice of these people as “most admired” in a country that once had Washington, Franklin, Jefferson, Patton, Eisenhower etc. is outrageously preposterous. If you don’t know what these objects of current adulation have done, what they say and what they stand for, you haven’t yet taken Reality 101, and this is an intermediate-level seminar.

But then, what could have been the results of such a poll in a country of low information voters? 150 years of Progressive Christianity’s washout of the brains of America’s ruling elite, 90 years of NKVD/Comintern’s systemic infection of the brains of America’s intelligentsia, 90 years of Bernaysian guywiring of the brains of America’s hoi polloi, 50 years of replacement of America’s population with a dumber, hungrier and more malleable one — all that bathed daily in the bathos of “America’s exceptionalism” and the glories of democracy, the whole concoction dipped some more in fun, fun, fun, sports-and-entertainment, 500 channels of slick idiocy, shop till you drop and then shop some more — on credit, of course — and what would you expect?

Nothing remains but to enjoy wholesomely what this life offers you: family, friends, whatever good health you’ve held onto, sublime experiences that only Nature and great art can provide. And, if you are American, tell your children and grandchildren and anyone else you can about the country America once was, liberty’s last hope, so that they can retell their children and grandchildren. One day, perhaps in 300 years, a generation may be born among the homogenized-and-vacuum-packed sheeple that will have the right tinder in its hearts and brains to be ignited by the tales of bygone America’s glory. It may lead to a successful reversal of the greatest man-made disaster in history.

Never give up.

Takuan Seiyo is a European-born American writer living in exile in Japan. For links to his previous essays, see the Takuan Seiyo Archives.

140 thoughts on “Happy New Year, And Stick a Fork in That Bird

  1. I’m not sure of anything these days, but I’m sure of one thing: 2015 will make us remember 2014 as a good and happy year!

  2. PS
    Only had a look at the pictures before previous comment. Now, I notice the one about the selfie stick! 😀

    This guy sure knows how to handle a weapon. Once, he hunted down a tame reindeer, and – without a selfie stick – the proud moment is for ever captured in a shot.

  3. Hope you enjoyed your rant, Takuan. You had some valid points. However, showing a group photo of European female defence ministers, with (as I read it) the implication that this is automatically a BAD THING, is a very cheap shot, and the sexual innuendo behind the pic of the pregnant Spanish defence minister from a few years earlier is gratuitously offensive.

    If you have chapter and verse on why any of these women are ill-qualified for their posts, let’s hear it. If not, please join the other dinosaurs.

    • Mark,
      I appreciate your opinion. However — please take this as a metaphor — you are a Muslim who has stumbled onto a Catholic mass. The mass is meant for practicing Catholics, once-a- year Catholics, agnostics with nostalgia for the rites of their childhood, or “mere Christianity” Christians like me who sample the best that churches in their area have to offer.

      Admission is not denied to Muslim, Jew or anyone with genuine interest in witnessing the service. But comments about the idolatry of saints’ statues, weirdness of the Trinity or questions about what exactly transubstantiation is cannot be posed or answered in this forum. Pleases sign up for Catechism 101 and return after you’ve grasped the main tenets of the creed.

      To extend the metaphor in another direction, while you’re at it, say a prayer for the Iron Lady, for Jeanne d’Arc, Marine LePen, Jeanne Kirkpatrick, Dymphna, Diana West, Ann Barnhardt and other great, brave women –some of whom you read on these pages — whom the madness of their times has relegated to obscurity, scorn, invective, punishment or outright martyrdom. We are not equal, get? Women are not equal to men, but they are not equal to each other, either.

      • That’s just arrogant, Takuan. If you don’t want “liberals” in your club, you alienate what should be among your most useful allies.

        I admire most of the women on your list; reservations about Thatcher, as you might expect, not least because she tried to rule over the heads of her cabinet, establishing a dangerous precedent in what is not supposed to be a presidential system.

    • There is nothing intrinsically wrong with having female Defence Ministers. Golda Meir as Prime Minister twice overruled the very forceful and very macho war hero ex-General Moshe Dayan in 1973 when he urged the nuking of Damascus, but her reasons were not a feminine aversion to physical violence, but sound military-strategic ones.

      The problem is that these five Defence Ministers were not selected for their interest or experience in defence issues; they were selected for that portfolio simply because they were women under the “girls can do anything boys can do” kindergarten mentality. (The one we see conspicuously absent on construction sites.) The Scandinavian countries will no doubt shortly legislate that a Defence Minister should always be female and preferably lesbian.

      Character can not always be determined by appearance, but the Albanian Defence Minister looks frighteningly … lightweight. And the Spanish Defence Minister, pregnant or not, could dress more formally when reviewing a formal military parade of her soldiers. The casualness of her attire and body language seem to be a calculated insult (Socialist Party apparatchik?) Just as I wouldn’t have been happy if my wife’s obstetrician had turned up to deliver my baby dressed in swimming shorts, a singlet and sandals. Professionally inappropriate.

      • Julius O’M-

        Yes, yes, and yes…no allusion to Molly Bloom intended.

        However, I do think character can partially be determined by the choice of clothing. If not character, then (in this case) a calculated insult. Those men spent hours on the spit-and-polish required & expected for a review by their Defence Minister. She insulted them by showing up in a cheap-looking dress that seemed to convey her opinion of them. A spit in the eye. Professionally inappropriate doesn’t even begin to describe her dereliction and ignorance.

        Women belong in public service every bit as much as men. However, they do not belong in the ranks of fighting military except in those jobs that do not require physical prowess. Nor should they be firefighters. Any job for which the requirements have to be lowered in order to accommodate the admission of women is cheapened by that accommodation.

        Sorry, Mark, but I think you heated response says more about your ideology than it does reality. Insulting your interlocutor puts you at a disadvantage from which you can’t recover. A shame, too, since you often have much to add to a conversation. In this case though, the criticism of the government’s decision to choose a sloppily dressed pregnant woman – Defence Minister or not – is a slap in the face to those soldiers. It’s almost as if they’re daring their own citizens: “what will it take for you sheep to stop us?”

        This bizarre gynocracy among the countries of the West serves to drive marginalized men into the arms of terror groups like ISIS. They want their manhood back. They know it’s been stolen from them, but they can’t quite work out why or who’s to blame. However, they can see a way to restore their own self-respect.

        We have to be careful with men. At the peak of the curve they are IN GENERAL more intelligent than women – take a look at the Nobel Science winners before that gets vagina-ized by the p.c. brigades. The evidence is incontrovertible: men are both smarter at the peak while at the same time being meaner and far more aggressively deviant amongst the crippled outliers.

        IN GENERAL, women are neither as smart nor as horrifically crippled as men.

        It’s a smart woman who deeply understands her place and knows how to support the men and women in her life. An intelligent, wise woman knows the meaning of genuine equality. HINT: equal does not mean acting like men or engaging in kindergarten tantrums about mean men and how unfair life is.

        Those Defence Ministresses are risible and sad.

        • Dymphna,
          I agree with your assessment of the mental capabilities of Men versus Women as a group phenomenon, but not for individuals. I have a friend who became interested in intelligence testing when he found out that he had the same IQ as Albert Einstein. One of his assessments was that IQ is a GROUP assessment, not in any way a generalization about INDIVIDUAL men or women.The most likely cause of this is that while men have an XY gene structure, women always have an XX. And because of this men were likely to have an “either or” genetic endowment, while women tend to have a compromise endowment between the father’s and mother’s X. (All of this was conjecture in the 1970s and probably still is today. I haven’t followed the debate in decades, but my personal experience since then seems to support this point of view.)

        • To catch up on the Ukraine qugmire I read a long analysis by a well-informed Russian insider, posted at Zero Hedge today: http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2014-12-31/guest-post-2014-russian-viewpoint . Biased on the Russian side, but as I myself laid out on these pages, not without reason.

          One of many interesting comments about what feminized NATO v. Putin look like:
          “This is typical Putin. While NATO announces with fanfare and fireworks that NATO will create a special rapid reaction “spearhead” force of 10’000, Putin quietly doubles the size of the Russian Airborne Forces to 72’000. And, believe me, the battle hardened Russian Airborne Forces are a vastly more capable fighting force then the hedonistic and demotivated multi-national (28 countries) Euroforce of 5’000 NATO is struggling hard to put together.”

          • Takuan

            A Play on The World Theater

            I keep trying to figure out how much of all this NATO/Russia vs islamo, is a theater, and I think it would be interesting to hear your opinion on this, Takuan, in particular, also because things look different from way beyond the scene, for instance Japan.

            The way I see it, many a line is performed for no other reason than impressing certain parts of the audience at different times during the play.

            As Western media are pro-Obama and anti-Putin, an important part of the audience hardly get to see why Putin is acting his role the way he is. Things tend to look different from different angles. Some of the audience, also tend to make a lot of noise when Putin is on stage, so for others it gets difficult to hear what he really is saying and what are his motives.

            It seems that Putin is trying to save civilization and Western heritage, and that The West is not.

            What would William Shakespeare’s take on this be, one may wonder, along the lines of theater. Or, Henrik Ibsen’s?

            – Something is rotten in the state of the West…
            From Hamlet by Shakespeare

            – An Enemy of The People…
            By Ibsen

          • Guess who asked muslim jihad chechens to meet and strengthen them? POLAND YES POLAND. Against Russia.

            Can anyone just say that EU has no right to push the Russian borders in and in? What are Americans and Europeans doing in Ukraine but to fabricate an incident and war to distract the west from confronting the real deadly, horrible plague, disease looming death hovering over our shoulders posed by jihadis. Real men with intelligence diagnose things correctly and hold the ox with the horns. The only way to defeat evil, as history has shown.

        • “IN GENERAL” more intelligent, Dymphna? Can’t recall where I heard it, but I understood the genders were of equal intelligence, but with women more concentrated around the avarage, and men more widely dispersed- hence more male geniuses, but also more who are, to put it kindly, hard of thinking.

          And irrespective of Carme Chacon’s choice of maternity dress ( I imagine she was appointed before her pregnancy), Takuan’s reference to “young, attractive female aura” and “virile soldiers erect at attention” reminds me of Islamic justifications for covering up women and girls, or treating rape victims as responsible for their violation, because men can’t be expected to control themselves. I expect the same self-discipline from the Spanish military as any decent, civilised man.

          • Yes Mark, that’s right: on average, women are smarter, but the extreme outlying genius and idiot ranks are filled mainly by men.

      • J O’M,
        Couldn’t agree with you more. Yes, there have always been some women able to excel in the martial profession, but the current mania for female combat troops, female admirals, female Ministers of Defense has nothing to do with that. Rather, it’s a political, nay, a religious statement giving the finger to God (i.e. Nature), Civilization and the cumulative wisdom of hundreds of generations. I’ve called this and other such “progressive” ticks things “blasphemy” even though I am no Puritan or religious fundamentalist. There will be a frightful price to pay for this blasphemy, for it aims to spit into the core of the Order of the Universe, however you explain that order.

      • Norway’s Defence Minister’s husband refused to do military service for religious reasons, being an Adventist.

        So he chose to do a 16 months service for CARE.

        • The next Minister will be a totally committed Jehadi? Because as we know from the Muslim Jehadis in the United States cancelled TV series and advertising and the Muslim horses mouth that “jehadi” just means we work sometimes. It has nothing to do with violence.

      • There is nothing intrinsically wrong with having female Defence Ministers.

        Au contraire, it’s only the exception (Meir, Thatcher) that proves the rule. And note those two came to their positions NOT in today’s feminist-imperative environment, but by actually working their way to the top.

      • >>There is nothing intrinsically wrong with having female Defence Ministers.

        There is everything intrinsically wrong with having female defense ministers.

    • It is a bad thing, it’s a disaster. They installed a bunch of upper class connected socialists to run their respective military shops. You can bet they care more about equal opportunity and gender norming than running a capable military or making sure it can handle Islamic terrorist attacks on their soil. Let alone being able to respond to a 9/11 style event without being paralyzed.

      If I was a Muslim, I’d be ecstatic that infidels showed how weak they were by installing what amounts to a women’s bridge club to run things. Look these women don’t impress military men, let alone get their respect. They are laughed at or worse.

      Look ideally you you want men who served and understand what the military is and isn’t and can make decisions under pressure where men and women will live or die on what they order. I don’t see it with them any more than Hillary who left her men to die in Benghazi even as they pleaded for help. Then when questioned blurted out “what difference does it make”.

      As of this moment, if push comes to shove with the Muslims in Europe my money in on the Muslims. The excessive PC/MC governments will fold the moment they are pressed hard.

    • The sour faced swaggering pregnant female in the slutty clothes looks convincingly unsuited to position of Minister of defence. Looks more like a lost waitress. There just has to be some really smart no bs patriots having some serious sober discussions right now.

    • They are women, of course they should not be military commanders, nor even civilian commanders of the military.

    • Judging by their postures and general appearance not one of them has served on the front line.

    • If it has to be explained to you or you don’t get it or you need proof, you will not understand the explanation or the proof. Your [epithet] proves that you’re just another [epithet] defending, not women, but your own [derogatory modifier] state.

  4. The Ministers of Defense of Germany Albania Italy Norway and Netherlands. (GAINN) A right old 60’s GA-INN. (Its such fun.) I don’t see any Golda Miers here. Unfortunately ladies and ladies men life is very cruel and takes no prisoners when the real butchery begins for and in Constantinople West.

  5. Happy New Year, Seiyo-sama (Yes, I know what “sama” means; and no irony is expressed nor implied in my use thereof here).

    I share your anger. The United States and its followers, are in a state reminiscent of horror-fiction’s postulation of post-mortem pseudo-life: Vampires, werewolves, zombies, and other “undead.” Once I believed in this country — more than the “elites” do.

    Please, Sir, finish From Meccania to Atlantis and publish it. When it comes out as print on bound paper, if I am still alive then, I will buy not only a copy for myself but a copy for everyone on my gifting list

    • Thank you, Robert,

      You know more than most. “Sama” is a special honorific used in olden times for lower-caste people to address samurai. Colloquially, the lower honorific “san” is used, and its the one the small number of people know who know something about Japan.

      Finishing “From Meccania to Atlantis” is a tough challenge. Whichever way you look at our predicament, its real cause is not “the Left” or Islam but certain aberrations embedded in Christianity, particularly in the Protestant denominations.

      “M-A” has dealt with those aberrations, but if one tears down, one must build. Bringing the whole into a right closure would amount to no less than proposing a 2nd Reformation. Besides my having to ask myself whether I am suitable to improve on Luther, I have to recognize that, with regard to the task and its consequences, I don’t have the social and logistic support that Luther had, even when in dire peril…

        • Bert,
          You will find the answer to your question in my archival niche at the top of this webpage: 11 chapters of “The Bee and the Lamb,” amounting to 50k+ words. I could not very well repeat that here and now.

        • ‘Turn the other cheek’ comes to mind. If you do that, you’ll get shot! And ‘love thy neighbour’ is a bit iffy as well, especially if your neighbour happens to be a Jihadist. It all sounds very civilised but that doesn’t work if the other guy isn’t civilised as well.

          • That’s Christian in general and not just Protestant.
            The pope with his nonsensical peace messages,( towards islam)are dangerous and lacking in the kind of leadership needed to save the western world.

          • You don’t know the half of it. My father told me that Bristol Fighter crews carried Webley pistols with six rounds loaded over Tribal territory(North west frontier).If they were captured they were staked out and handed over to the women who peeled their skins off. The aircrews motto was five for them and one for me.

          • There is no turning the other cheek to a Muslim because your head is already on the ground and your neck is spurting blood.

      • Dear Anonymous,
        You speak as if you are the author of the essay, Takuan Seiyou (named after the dish Pickled-Radish Occidental).
        Are you?
        Your mention of Luther reminds me of this notice, found on the door of a Lutheran church:

        Are you getting ready for October 31, 2017?
        It’s less than three years away. As you know,
        this will be the 500th anniversary of
        that our founder tacked up on the church door:
        “The Ninety-Five Theses on the Power and Efficacy of Indulgences (original Latin: Disputatio pro declaratione virtutis indulgentiarum) were written by Martin Luther
        in 1517 and are widely regarded as the initial catalyst for
        the Protestant Reformation. The disputation protests
        against clerical abuses, especially nepotism, simony,
        usury, pluralism, and the sale of indulgences.
        On 31 October 1517, Luther posted the ninety-five theses,
        which he had composed in Latin, on the door of
        the church in Wittenberg, according to university custom.”

        Our goal is that by October 31, 2017, every Lutheran
        will be able to recite from memory all 95 of the Theses,
        preferably in Latin. For your New Year’s resolution
        for 2015, resolve to memorize one thesis every ten days
        and you will be ready in plenty of time for the 500th
        anniversary. In addition, if you recite the 95 Theses
        from memory before a church board, you will be
        awarded a coveted Certificate of Lutheran Hafizery,
        affixed with a gold star if your recitation is in Latin.

        Why were the 95 Theses first published on Halloween?
        Do you think that this is a mere coincidence? No;
        it is a suggestion that over the next three years
        we should Lutheranize this festival of candy marketing.
        Every little Lutheran kid will be issued a 95-sheet pad,
        one sheet for every thesis, along with a child-size
        roofer’s tool. Upon collecting his or her Halloween
        candy, the child will staple-gun one of the theses to
        the neighbor’s door. The child’s 95-home trick-or-treat
        route will be like a “proselyte pilgrimage”, rewarded
        with a big haul of Halloween candy.

        Be proud of your Lutheranity, and proclaim it
        by memorizing the 95 Theses.
        Here they are, in Latin, Luther’s native German
        (suitable for Amish proselytes), and English:

        Maybe the militant Lutherans will save us.

        • Mark,
          Of course, that Anon was me; just a victim of my own innocence of things Web. I hadn’t notice the web page no longer had my handle embedded in it.
          Although the “Attention Lutherans” you quote is in jest, I know that these things are taken seriously by believers. Alas, no Scriptures, no Sola Fide, no Popes will save us. God saves those who save themselves, and we haven’t even begun getting a clue as to how to do that.

        • Mark, it’s Lutheranism, not Lutheranity.

          Further, Luther wrote a lot more than the 95 Theses. The Concordia edition of his collected works (translated into English) come to a couple dozen hefty volumes. And as a translator rather than as an original writer, Luther’s Bible ended up shaping the German language even today.

          I, for one, would gladly dust off Martin Luther as a cultural icon. He was a brave and devoted servant of Jesus Christ who opened the Scriptures for millions of us. He showed us how God mediates his grace through Jesus Christ alone, that we receive this gift of salvation by faith alone, and that the Bible alone is to be where we find God’s revelation. These convictions gave him the courage to say before all the assembled princes and bishops of the Holy ROman Empire, and the Emperor Karl himself, “Here I stand.”

          If the modern West collectively had half of the courage and faith Luther had in his left pinkie, we wouldn’t be worrying about jihad in these days.

          And I go on record as a Protestant who is far closer to the line of Zwingli, Bullinger, Calvin, Knox, Edwards, and Whitefield.

          I, for one, will make a major observance of Oct. 31, 2017, should God allow me to live that long.

          • I tend to agree with you on Luther, even though I was born on the Catholic side. However, I am sick of the mutual destruction the Catholics and Protestants rained on each other in Europe for so long. Note that Hilaire Belloc, no slouch in the conservative intellectual European pantheon though with a Catholic bias, blames the Reformation for Europe’s great retreat before Islam until the end of the 17th century. As I am currently making my way through his “How the Reformation Happened,” I’ll not opine on this further , for now.

  6. Not a bad article but I found the humor about the soldier’s erections to be a bit juvenile. Not funny enough to justify inclusion. And pate foie gras does NOT involve any kind of torture of animals.

    • What about the goose fat in foie gras? How are geese fattened for the table? If that is not a method of torture I don’t know what is.

      • It would be torture for a human being, but not for a goose. Those animals have very tough gullets and eat pebbles.

        • That may be so Joe about the pebbles, but a strong gut is not immune from the discomfort of overeating, so being force fed is still a form of torture.

          • I disagree Nemesis. ‘Discomfort’ has never been considered as torture. Whenever an ideology is using words in an unusual and exaggerated way, that ideology is on thin ice.

            There are free-range foie gras geese and there are caged ones. The caging is probably a lot worse than the forced-feeding. Probably much better to be a free-range foie-gras goose than a regular factory chicken.

            I have seen footage of free-range foie-gras birds being fed. There was no attempt to escape being fed, inconsistent with painful experience.

          • Joe, the French still employ the old methods of force feeding geese, in fact the method is protected by law. Discomfort can take many forms, and over-eating or being forced to eat, will obviously cause some discomfort to the recipient, however, having a tube forced down the throat while the stomach is over filled with corn would have to rate up there with Japanese water torture, except the victim in this case does not get its stomach jumped on.

            Other makes of foie gras may have become a little more modern in how they fatten the goose, but in many parts of those countries, I have no doubt, the old tried and tested method still prevails.

  7. Bravo, Takuan

    Always a pleasure reading you!

    Happy New Year to All
    – Dymphna, Baron, Contributors and Readers!

    May we all, early into 2015, see a glimpse of
    A Better Future Ahead
    for Our Civilization!

  8. Once the Death Cult of Islam overplays its imperialistic bloody hand -against an apocalyptically-armed West (plus the likelihood of an equally enraged Russia and China)- by killing a city’s population the infidels’ instinct for survival will revive.

    Islam is guaranteed to brings its own end… either through being debunked and dismissed as another dead ideology… or it will be killed off in a war it Irrationally began.

    • I knew an NCO who had operated across the border in Laos and wherever. It amused him that most people could never operate in his world.

      There are plenty of hard men in the West. To them, it’s not worth the effort to take matters in hand while the metrohystericals still have some input in the criminal justice system. This jihadi @#%¥ now is just minor skirmishing while the lady ministers compare notes on moisturizers.

      Anything more coordinated from our little visitors will either wake up the fools who play at governor, chief of police, or Attorney General or see them packed off home to take up knitting. 80% of the situation will be well in hand in short order, especially where enemy combatants are nice and concentrated in the cities and without organized resupply.

      This era of rule by bridge clubs, faculty lounges and daddy’s girls who bare their breasts in cathedrals is on life support. When the “pitiless crowbar of events” comes crashing through the windshield, there will be a sudden drop in the level of nonsense.

      SFC Wolf, you’ll get to play by your rules once more.

      • Right on all counts.

        A “pitiless crowbar of events” indeed.

        (Sounds like a Theo Van Gogh-esque phrase)

        It could be done now, with the same force, and at far less of a loss –human, cultural, and historical– on our side.

        But the Grand Delusion about Islam will have to play out until it ends in Carnage so undeniable that Islam will have to be confronted with its malignancy and forced into Civilization… or extinction..

      • By “daddy’s girls”, colonel’ I wonder if you’re referring to Femen? Last I heard, one of their members was in a Tunisian prison; so they’re putting themselves (and their attributes) in harm’s way in a good cause, unlike most Western “feminists”.

        • Come on Mark! Invading Churches bare breasted is hardly in a good cause, but rather a complete disrespect for the Christian institutions. And I hope that silly trollop has a nice time in that Tunisian prison, the guards at which I have no doubt will treat her with the same respect she gives to those she disagrees with.

          • She disagrees with Muslim misogyny, Nemesis (and her colleagues with the Christian variety)- don’t you?

          • Mark, disagreeing with demonstrated gender prejudice does not give one the right to get up to the in your face antics that Femen get up to. What they do is blatant fascism. Do you agree with fascist methods?

        • Mark, you don’t see that what you prefer is just another side of the same coin? That Femen is the fascist movement condoned by the Traitor Class?

          • The problem with such ideologies is that their adherents did not reach allegiance via Reason, so there is no reasoning them out of it. The heart has its reasons, etc. Mark has a good heart and is well-intentioned. Sadly, that is not enough -e.g., examine the cobbles used on the Road to Hell…

          • Agreed Dymphna. I realized my folly in trying to reason with his logic soon after posting that comment when I re-watched the movie, The Passion of the Christ, and upon watching the scene between Pilate and his wife, when Pilate asks, “What is Truth?” to which his wife replies. ” Those who do not hear the truth cannot know it.”
            Words that are so very apt to such a closed mind.

        • The femens acting badly in churches are just spoilt brats and will have no credability until they take it to the mosques.

          • Some have, Bert, eg in Tunisia.

            Nemesis, I hold particular no brief for in-your-face (so to speak!) demos. However, they’re infinitely preferable to the supine attitude (again, no tasteless joke intended!) of many Western “feminists” to the abuse of their “sisters” by other cultures, especially among immigrant communities.

    • God, do I hope you are correct. However, the fourth horseman of the apocalypse, in the book of Revelation, being the green horseman is projected to overtake the earth. Green being the color of Islam, I think the world is fated to be dominated by this evil system. I could be wrong.

      • Green – code for islamo

        Beware of “Green” parties! Don’t believe in their “Green” agendas..

      • The fourth horseman (on a pale horse–hippos chloros) of Revelation 2:8 is death, not Islam. If I must find Islam in the Book of Revelation (PLEEEEEZE, folks, no “s” at the end!), I’d put it under the false prophet.

  9. Years ago when I first saw the photo of Spanish MOD Carme Chacon “reviewing the troops”, I questioned the wisdom of such a move.

    Now when I see Italy, Albania, Germany, Norway and Netherlands all have female MOD’s I know Western Civilization in Europe is headed for the dust bin of history if something does not change soon.

    When men turn the job of protecting the family home over to their wives – expect a lot of thugs.

    In times of war, asking these women for advice on how to kill, makes as much sense as asking a bunch of men for advice on breast feeding.

    • It’s luxurious.

      A sign of wealth combined with moral decadence.

      There’s no reason a chick can’t fight though, in a clutch situation. Boudicca, Joan of Arc. But outside that? Women should be having children.

  10. This lineup of characters would be irresistible to any ambitious Russian or Chinese strategist? If not for the US the EU is more or less a pushover.

  11. There is a longing for annihilation by the elite in the West. Staffing the defense of a nation with incompetent men and women is intentional as is the mass removal of warriors from the officer corps by the Obama Administration. Satire is all that rational people have left as a response to this insanity. How else can a person respond to such things as placing women in artillery batteries who do not have the strength to lift an artillery shell.

    • “There is a longing for annihilation by the elite in the West.”

      I don’t pretend to understand what underlies that longing but that it is real and strong and puts us in the most extreme danger I do not doubt.

    • The longing for annihilation is brought on by self-loathing and being unaware of that self-loathing. We’ve had at least decades of self-loathing, taught through the politics of self-hate. Look at us in the West. Unless we’ve made an aware, conscious effort to undo it, we hate ourselves. If you’re white, Christian, Jewish, educated and working, you hate yourself even more. Become aware of self-loathing then get rid of it.

      • Just because the virus of self-loathing in the West has finally become visible doesn’t mean that it has spread to every member – e.g., the author of this post, the admin at this website, the commenters and the donors, not to mention the many lurkers we hear from (and those we don’t) demonstrate a push-back against this virus.

        I don’t have a TV to watch and recommend that if you have children, keep them safe by getting rid of it until your children are old enough to be able to avoid the contamination on their own. Back when I did watch, many years ago, there seemed to be a roughly equal division in comedy via the gender wars. Lots of dumb guys, lots of dumb women. A disturbing number of ironic know-it-all kids.

        I find modern feminism to be an attack on everything I hold dear, but those dumb babes are merely the tip of a toxic iceberg. The politics of self-aggrandizement, corruption, greed, crony capitalism, etc currently hold sway in the seats of government all over the world, not just the West.

        When the demographic implosion happens around mid-century all the ills our progressives bleat about will become moot. We’ll have new ills…

  12. What the West is doing is completely illogical: genes fight for survival in order to spread, and yet we seem to have a death wish and our genes are giving up. Could some biologist explain just Why?

    • Maybe it is Mother Nature? Maybe a natural disaster or a good old plague will take care of business? The most hopeful scenario might be that the EU dagger be removed from our backs and pointed in another direction. The insanity of huge populations of hostile genocidal Muslims, and other incredibly foreign EU parasite populations weighing down and displacing locals as a nations policy is the Balkans and Pakistanland on steroids soon – no later.

    • It is not illogical if you subscribe to the socialist cause. They see it as a natural ‘progression’ in ending Man’s aggression toward his fellow Man and like all true socialists, think nothing of the inevitable consequences that such irrational thinking eventually brings with it. In other words, they are faulty and dangerous thinkers who should never be allowed anywhere near positions of power.

    • It’s not our genes, it’s our learning of the politics of self-hate. Become aware of your own self-hate first, then rid yourself of it. It’s been crammed down our throats for decades. It’s everywhere. Have you ever seen a commercial on TV showing white men to be stupid?

  13. very good piece TS .. comments are as squirrely as anything
    i’ve seen here in years ..

  14. The author should know better than to join in the poor soldier and pitiful war criminal Eisehower as an equal to the US founding fathers and even to Patton.

    Eisenhower who let murder more than 11/2 million ordinary German conscripts, hitlerjugends, volkstormers and other capitulants after the war was ended and Germany had capitulated. Ever heard about the Rhine meadows camps?

    Eisenhover, this calculating ***** [Sus subdomestica] who with the help of Billy Wilder + Psych Warfare , AG Rosenberg, Kogon et al. had the Holocaust Myth fabricated for himself primarely to win the upcomming presidential election.
    Shame on you!

    • My friend, based on your last paragraph, you should change your handle to Da Kapo. Still, it’s useful to point out that even giants have clay feet. Ike had them too, though not the ones you fished from the depths of your fevered imagination. A good reminder of Ike’s great achievements throughout his life is in Paul Johnson’s recent biography. Read it or some of its synopses, and reflect.

      • P.S. In his book “Modern Times,” Paul Johnson wrote:
        “Eisenhower was the most successful of America’s twentieth-century presidents, and the decade when he ruled (1953-61) the most prosperous in American, and indeed world, history.”

        Indeed, show me a better period in America’s history than ’53 -’61. And that on top of Ike’s not insignificant contributions to the outcome of WWII.

        • Witty and amusing.
          I will happily use the handle to your honor a single time because you withheld the description of how relativs went up in smoke by means of equipment from Topf &Söhne, those reputable “manufactors of baking ovens”.

          About D.E. as president I have expressed no opinion.
          BTW, Why are Islam and the Holocaust , two idiotic pseudoreligions, ecstatically treated with same dedicated reverence by todays power elites?
          That is the question!

          • I appreciate your humoring me, and one good turn deserves another. While I never wrote or said anything about relatives going up in smoke in crematoria, I did indicate that I lost my family in the Holocausts — including in that the enormous Holocaust of the Christian Slavs, exceeding in numbers over four times the number of the Jewish victims.

            I have no clue what you mean by calling the Holocaust — I take it you refer only to the mass murder of Jews — a “pseudoreligion.” It’s only the most thoroughly documented event in history, with people who were either victims or executioners still with us today, if dwindling rapidly, or people like me, who heard lots of first-hand accounts from their parents and walked where they had walked…

            I do understand that one can get tired of Holocaust memorials being built all over whiteyland — 75 years too late at that — or the Jewish Holocaust used by demented progs to flail whitey with. But there are other, more honest and effective ways to reject that, without attempting to pervert solid-as-rock recent history.

  15. The Euro circus could be wiped out in short order with a bunch of losers like these. Once in a thousand years opportunity for the ambitious enemies within and without. How could anyone friend or foe respect or give an credibility to a nation this far out of touch with reality?

  16. I am reminded of the book “Watch on the Rhine” by Tom Kratman.

    What did the woman of France learn at the end of the book?

    “Survival cancels out programming”

    We will learn it too. (Re-learn is more fitting)

    But only after many deaths. It will be a very painful lesson.

    Life is a battle. Nothing is for free.

    Peace has made us soft or as a anti-Aggression Trainer once told me:

    ” You can not use violence. We have left violence behind us. We evolved beyond violence. Like there is a pyramid of needs with water and Food at the bottom, so there is a pyramid of Evolution with might is right at the bottom, honor and honorkillings in the middle and our peace, fun and scrambled eggs (Friede, Freude, Eierkuchen in german) at the top.”

    I told him that we are at a disadvantage because violence trumps everything except violence. He did not believe me. He will.

    And to the pictures: If those six would face of like The Hunger Games, my money is on both russians. because in a spy agency and the military you are trained to kill. The ladies are just political choices.

    And my personal opinion: Those ladies remind me of the book “Crusade” by David Weber / Steve White. Page 26 Quote: This bunch of ….(impolite description of politicians) would not know a sane military policy if it shoot them up the …(rear entrance)”

    • The boys over in Syria will be trembling in fear at the sight of all those coddled, politicaly-correct-thinking wifies eh. The very sight of them is enough to put the most battle-hardened jihadi on the back foot!

      • Soldiers have arrived
        – Military deployment

        Already a busload of them in rural Sweden at the moment – no women (?) – demanding upgraded quality housing and service.

        – No women “soliders”?! Of course not. It is not about security, shelter, refuge from war, but all about military deployment. Women could not take the place of their male soldiers. So, only male soldiers to feminist European countries!

      • Women can be rather nasty killers. But true, the signal it sends to have. President like Obama with his Fallopian tubes is not a good signal.

    • Video
      Two Italian women in black cloths
      Reading from their manuscript
      Addressing the Italian government
      Published: January 1, 2015

  17. I don’t read much fun stuff these days, other than on the web and here at this site. I am worried about the future of my children and grandchildren as any western civilized person might be.

    All I want to say is that if anyone is stupid enough to NOT recognize Islam as the enemy and problem of our time — that person is just plain stupid and possibly suicidal.

    This is not a game. It is a war and it is to the death. The name of this site is not a coincidence. If people do not have the balls that soldiers had in 1863 (hope I havented made a mistake), western civilization is toast. I am not all roses about our civilization — some of it is corrupt and disgusting but I sure wouldn’t trade it for Muslim “civilization” and I put that in quotes because they are uncivilized. Anyone who has read their history knows this.

    In previous generations, nazis and then communists were our enemies, but compared to the western squishes who keep making excuses for deadly Muslims, I will pick Putin over you know who.

  18. Well put Takuan! A thoroughly enjoyable short read laced with humor and satire that had me marvelling at the masterful use of the English language.

    But what a pity it is all true!

  19. Goodbye to one of the best years in history

    It might not feel like it, but we are safer, richer and healthier than at any time on record

    The UK is being propped up by legacy scaffolding and the quantitative easing of optimism bias.

  20. A Happy New Year! To one and all on here. An intriguing article Takuan.
    Enoch Powell (in 1986) gave an interesting response to the question: How different do you think women are from men?
    “You learn that they have the other half of the universe, that they command the other half of the potentialities of human nature, which is why the notion of doing the same thing is so absurd. We are respectively programmed, each to do things that the other cannot do…we tried the experiment… of using women to do the jobs for which men are programmed. As long as we don’t push that experiment too far…I think through women attempting to do these things, we shall be more conscious of how these things are best done and how the specialisation, the programming of the two sexes is destined to be applied in society, in human society.
    I suppose you can destroy your society by casting people into roles which they do not belong in. The fear that man has the power to destroy himself is one of the main motivating forces in politics. We are an animal which is capable of committing suicide and we are capable of committing collective as well as individual suicide.
    I think there is an ultimate incompatibility between the nature of a woman and the organisation and enjoying of killing, which is something which is known to the male sex.”

  21. There’s a very good reason why women should not be Defence ministers : it would be obscene for them to send men to their deaths, which is, ultimately, the job of a Defence minister. Exactly like it would be obscene for a male Defence minister to send women soldiers to their deaths.

    In the former order of things, the assumption, at least, was that a male Defence minister, or general, had risked his life himself to defend his country, or at least was in the theoretical position to have done so. Bureaucracy and career notwithstanding.

    Of course, now that women can be both soldiers and Defence ministers, such obvious considerations get blurred. Hey, everybody is equal, women chiefs can send women soldiers to their deaths, so men would be really bad sports to complain, right ?

    Usual exceptions apply. One odd Golda Meïr does not change the rule. Neither do female military nurses, British WW II spies or Soviet sharpshooters.

    There’s also a very good reason why this picture of a pregnant Spanish minister is downright dangerous in national security terms, and I believe it was pointed out when it was published here for the first time : it’s an open invitation to attack for a certain category of potential enemies, Muslims being the most obvious one.

    This is Spain, for God’s sake. Muslims believe it’s rightfully theirs. What sort of message does that picture telegraph to resentful, djihad-obsessed Muslims ? Spain is weak. Sissies are in charge. Their soldiers bow to female bureaucrats who would be terrified by the mere sound of gunshots. Does one seriously believe that this picture has not been seen by thousands of top military brass and terrorist leaders in Muslim countries round the world ? Does anybody doubt their conclusions ?

    Let me add that the definite quirkiness of those girly photographs does not make a virtue of comrade Putin’s bizarre tendency to undress in front of PR cameras in order to make a macho statement. This brought him female love letters by the sackful in the domestic department, but there’s at least one boring leader in an unassuming overcoat, not known for going bare-chested in public, who nevertheless stopped the supposedly formidable Soviet — sorry, Russian army :


    I’m not sure NATO generals or CIA officers are overly impressed by these body-building antics, either. Oh, and just for fun, let’s draw a parallel. Here’s the proud defender of Christian European values :


    And here is…


      • Yes ! Absolutely ! Here is another Human Being loving Man’s Best Friend…


        Notice how both Man’s Best Friend lovers have exactly the same head movement, snuggling up with their significant other… I’m sure that means something, but what ?

          • That’s my point (roughly). Putin (or Hitler) cuddling up with fluffy animals does not mean we should cuddle up to either of them. We are not dogs.

            Although Putin’s exhibitionism with dogs, tigers, cranes, planes and assorted equipment has definitely a creepy side to it. He might like dogs, but he does not like men.

            Witness the way he deliberately used his own huge, black dog to terrorise Frau Merkel during a diplomatic meeting, knowing full well how much she was afraid of such animals. In full view of a roomful of German journalists.

            A man using such tactics on a lady chief of state, besides being below contempt, is dangerous and should not be trusted.

            Incidentally, this particular show of character (and many others) make a mockery of Putin’s claims to be the defender of Christian values on Europe’s behalf.

            Christian values my foot !

        • Good point, Robert

          The problem with the worst dictator’s is that they have human traits, and even artistic skills

          – Hitler, liked drawing and painting
          – Stalin, liked writing poetry

  22. I am a big fan of the Bible — not as the revealed Word of God; I am not that simple. But inspired by God the way Mozart’s Requiem or Bach’s St. Matthew Passion or Bernini’s sculptures were inspired. Among the thousands of incredible pearls one can fish out from the Bible there is this one, Isaiah 5:20:

    “Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!”

    That’s what our ruling elite has been doing, for a long time now, in matters gender, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, religion, defense, economics, arts, letters and much more: put darkness for light and light for darkness; bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter.
    But Isaiah’s warning was true then and is true now.

    • Takuan, good quote from Isaiah. As a fundamentalist Protestant (someone who accepts the foundations of the Christian faith), I would point out to you that Bach’s St. Matthew Passion is about as Bible-based as any piece of music since the Psalms of David. It’s just the story of the trial and crucifixion of Christ recounted in the Gospel of Matthew set to music.

      Bach was a devout Lutheran who read his Bible (in the German of Martin Luther, no less) daily, scribbled pious notes in its margins (the volume he used still exists and is on display), and saw his music as a divine gift and calling. Indeed, his bread and butter was composing and performing music for the Lutheran churches of Saxony.

      • I know all that about Bach, and feel that Christian passion through his music, as does, I am sure, our host in this forum, a learned Bach connoisseur. BTW, the same goes for Mendelssohn, a Jew and devout Christian, and many others.

        I sometime tell people that I cannot be moved by a priest’s sermon: I know the Bible in some respects better than the priest does, and I know where it has been mistranslated or, particularly in the New Testament, the Old one being too old to know much, where primitive fancy and the mindset of the time and place of the author are sewn into the text in a thick thread, while we take it, not unlike the Mussulman, for God’s word… I also detect every rhetorical device used in that sermon by which the flock is moved in predetermined reactions [and Blacks like MLK and BHO know the same devices and adopted them in their subversive speeches, which makes them so effective].

        So no, that doesn’t work on me. But when formal Christian teachings, aided by direct religious experience, have moved a genius like Bach or Brunelleschi to create something of sublime beauty, I am swept away…

        • Happy to endorse that thought, Takuan. Had you noticed that Bach’s B Minor Mass*, as a setting of the Catholic liturgy, could not have been given in a Lutheran church, so must “just” have been a vehicle for him to sum up his contrapuntal skill?

          *My favourite of his works on the days when it isn’t the “Goldberg” Variations!

          • Mark,
            There is always a Polish angle. Bach consistently sought and eventually obtained the patronage of the Electors of Saxony, and those had always cast one eye on neighboring Poland, to the point that two of them, both named Augustus, became kings of Poland/Lithuania in addition to their Saxon domain. Problem was that Saxony is the cradle of the Reformation while Poland has been the mainstay of Catholicism. So in order to assume the throne of Poland, a Protestant had to convert to Catholicism, while downplaying that in his native domain. Poor Bach had to deal in his music with those vagaries of his august patrons…

        • Takuan, thanks for your reply. I, too, know enough Greek, Hebrew, and Aramaic to understand why translators of the Scriptures make or have made their choices (although Chinese is the best of my second languages). But I would never accuse the writers and preservers of “primitive fancy”, nor do I think their book antiquated or “too old”.

          And I suspect you’re not too bad at “rhetorical devices” yourself. wink, wink.

          • K,
            I reply not to score points in the argument but because the true resistance (forget Tea Party) is so scarce that unity and mutual acceptance between the religious wing, the center and the atheists (think John Derbyshire, most Northern Europeans) is important.

            I can’t get into the “primitive fancy” argument, for millions of pages have been written on it, and I have but this little box. To see how a rational man with religious Christian background and deep knowledge of the Bible and of all surrounding subjects thinks about all that, read Bart Ehrman’s “The New Testament.”

            But even without that, surely you understand that men of the Middle East, 3000 or 2000 years ago, whether they be Jew or Greek, had a different understanding of reality than we do today: even the believers among us.

            Same goes for rethorical devices. I use them to sprinkle some fun onto heavy subjects that I have taken great pains to conform to a factual basis. On the other hand, if you take an ancient text, or an Obama speech, it’s fluff dressed in “devices” in order to sell the fluff to an audience unaware it’s being manipulated.

            The old fluff is at least sincere: the ancients had no concept of a solid line dividing between the empirical, factual reality, and the imaginary. BHO, ‘Ol Jesse, Sharpton etc. are partly that primitive too, but partly cynical manipulators, lying knowingly and dressing it in devices they have learned from the black Bible-preaching tradition.

            Lastly, I never said that the Bible is “antiquated” or too old. It’s a breath-taking, inspired masterpiece and today, like 1000 or 100 years ago, the one book you want with you, if you have to chose just one. And that should be so even for the discerning atheist…

    • Truly, The Bible, being a Collection of books, is a treasure for humanity

      When it comes to burning books, in Alexandria, and elsewhere, you may wonder what kind of important scriptures are lost, and whether there were copies at the times, that have been saved and still exist, or if those books are forever lost.

  23. Reviewing the troops? That scowling pregnant Spanish Defence Minister looked about to barf on their feet in her sickening summer outfit. The picture of all the female Defence Ministers made me queasy when next to the stongmen they may have to deal with someday. There are plenty of strong military women who could do those jobs, but not this bunch of political lollipops. No wonder IS loves the West’s weakness. Happy New Year anyway, as Takuan said never give up. I believe Churchill added another 3 Never Give Ups to it.

  24. Una cosa me da risa
    Bladdi Putin sin camisa;
    Una cosa me da horror–
    Las mujeres socialistas de NATO!

    [machine translation:

    One thing makes me laugh
    Bladdi Putin shirtless;
    One thing gives me horror
    Socialist women of NATO!]

  25. “The former Major General’s critique of the military’s handling of the conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq is contained in a new book High Command, based on interviews with military figures and those in the Ministry of Defence over two years.”

    “Military chiefs must stand up to politicians and stop passively accepting plans or Britain will lose more wars, a former Major General has warned.”

    Daily Mail

  26. Below is a fine example of Mme Chacon’s infinite wisdom – a speech from September 2011, describing the recent Arab Spring as an “opportunity for progress” by “peoples that have chosen the path of dignity, freedom and justice”. Also, lots of praise for the “Mediterranean Dialogue” with “Spain’s partners”…


    • Thanks, that rounds out her portrait. But what, ultimately, can you know of life in general or war and fighting if you grew up middle class socialist in a post-war Western country, and like this womyn or others in the European or American ruling elite (BHO comes to mind) never had an honest job, went from under your parents’ wings to a “Progressive” [there are no other] Law School, and then more Law School, and then teaching the predigested lefto-pap that you were fed in Law School, and then you are a major political leader and soon enough, Commander in Chief or Minister of Defense.
      This civilization has taken a course on an angle so at odds to the straight line of Reality that its captains don’t see Reality even on the horizon, it’s gone. The ship is now somewhere in the North Atlantic, limping in dense fog in semi-gelled waters among submerged icebergs, but the captains keep pumping Hawaiian hula surf songs through the PA system and assuring the passengers that we’ll dock in Honolulu in the morning…

  27. War is the ability to prevent another gang of men from impregnating your pool of women. Or to inflict a gendercide against a rival gang of men by wiping them out or absconding with their women.

    A Gynocracy is designed to introduce strange new men to compete with the current batch of blokes. These female defense ministers are an invitation to rapists and plunderers.

  28. White men need to re-think their participation in the military of our New World Order. they are simply tools for fools.

    A closer look at our “ruling elites” in the USA and the EU shows their communist proclivities. Half are, or were, Marxists. The only question is when the historians can say Western Civilization died. Was it Nov.22, 1963, perhaps? Regardless, it’s gone with the wind for the next few centuries.

  29. Nicholai: This post is not appropriate for general news. Please post your news items in the comments on the News Feed.

  30. So we GoV readers now know that the husband of Norway’s Defence Minister refused to do military service due to his religious beliefs (or at least purported religious identification – I’ll give 100:1 odds he doesn’t regularly attend church services). Unless it is an extremely unusual marriage, we can safely assume Norway’s Defence Minister shares her husband’s anti-militaristic views. Which is just a fabulous mindset for a Defence Minister to hold.

    Any readers know anything similarly pertinent about the background of the other four pictured Defence Ministers?

    • Jawohl, the Dutch “Defense” “Minister” Jeanine Henin-Plasschaert instructed her minions, following the dispatching of 8 F-16’s to bomb IS, NOT to wear uniforms last autumn, so as not to encourage those famous Lone Wolves to take their revenge on the Dutch military at home.

      justicia2012 got it right, this ‘bunch of political lollipops’ are not qualified to run a MoD. History has shown that women may be able of taking sound military decisions (though evidence is scarce). What is has shown also is that they can be very effective fighters (I’m e.g. thinking of female partisans in the USSR in WWII).

      But the likes of Madam Chacon and Henin-Plasschaert definitely do not fall in either category.

  31. All this and more is explained in John Glubb’s booklet “The Fate of Empire”, free online in PDF format. Here’s an excerpt:

    “Many women practised law, while others obtained posts as university professors. There was an agitation for the appointment of female judges, which, however, does not appear to have succeeded. Soon after this period, government and public order collapsed, and foreign invaders overran the country. The resulting increase in confusion and violence made it unsafe for women to move unescorted in the streets, with the result that this feminist movement collapsed.”

    This happened in 861 AD in Samarra, capital of the Islamic Caliphate. No society, not even an Islamic one, can enjoy more than one or two generations of physical and nutritional security before women demand their freedom and get it. We care not what our holy books say about women’s proper role, we only know that when bandits roam freely in the streets, our women must be kept out of sight.

  32. Once self-loathing is given up, things begin to correct themselves. Don’t think you’ve been affected by the politics of self hate? You have. Do you smile or laugh along with liberal/feminist jokes about white men? Do you laugh at TV commercials and shows showing white men as incompetent? Do you find “jokes” about Western Civilization funny? The politics of self-hate is pervasive. Give it up today!

  33. All people, exept of a a small minority, are dumb, stupid and dangerous, meant Edward Bernays, himself the pioneer master of public relations and even educational father of Joseph Goebbels. Therefore, they need to be guided to think right. He realized, however, based on his knowledge of his uncle Sigmund Freud, that man primarily was ruled by emotions, not reason. He extensively used Freud’s theories in the United States. He got engaged in getting women to start smoking and he succeeded. He realiced that the cigarette was basically a phallic symbol and that woman could be made to associate smoking with rebellion against masculinity and thus gain independence and power. Said and done. On a parade he got 10 selected women at a given moment to light cigarettes. All media were there and he called the cigarette the ‘Freedom of the Torch “. So women became freer and more independent by smoking
    and Reynolds and Philip Morris earned fortunes.

    • All true, but it’s useful to connect it to our times. The ad/pub/PR game goes on in comerce as ever, but now it dominates politics as well to such an extent that “democracy” is an empty word, devoid of meaning. What use is there to a universal voting franchise, even a direct referendum, when a pool of (always “progressive”) money can hire mind-warping specialists to massage the “message” so that it means the opposite of what it says yet, because it pushes the right emotional buttons, it is bought by the dumb jackasses, i.e. the majority, by default.

      Ditto the enormous success of “Progressivism.” It totally circumvents fact, logic, reality but by appealing to the emotions reigns triumphant, damn the unintended consequences…

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