Voices from Across the Sound

Below is a summary by Alfred Fredriksson of the situation in Sweden as reported by various Danish commentators.

Voices from Across the Sound

by Alfred Fredriksson

As the Swedish immigration catastrophe unfolds, other Nordic countries have in recent years decreased immigration in their countries. Politicians in these countries are astounded by the Swedish establishment’s blatant disrespect towards the country’s third-largest party, which actually advocates the same migration policies they have already instituted. Recently the astonishment has grown as the establishment parties abolished parliamentary democracy by forming the Christmas Junta.

Earlier we have seen the Danish newspaper Ekstrabladet criticize the situation in Sweden:

“Sweden is the Nordic North Korea. We would understand if the regular Swede were to seek asylum on our side of the sound.”

The leader of the Danish People’s Party, Pia Kjærsgaard, has called Sweden for the “sickest country ever” and describes it as “DDR-lite.” She has also written:

“Personally I do not think the proper term is invented yet. Sweden is such an insane country that it is different from all other societies throughout history, and in fact maybe it is not the role of political scientists to establish a term, rather the role of psychiatric professionals specializing in schizophrenia and repression of feelings.”

Morten Messerschmidt, a Danish People’s Party MEP, recently said:

“For a country to call itself democratic three conditions must be fulfilled. There needs to be freedom of speech. There should be a secret ballot, so that no one can see how one votes. And that the state cannot bargain about when elections are held. Sweden doesn’t live up to any of these basic conditions for democracy.

“The state bargains about election day simply to ensure that the largest opposition party — the Sweden Democrats — don’t achieve political influence. It is unworthy, cowardly and undemocratic.

“There is no longer freedom of speech in Sweden. If you are critical of mass immigration you are immediately branded a racist, or worse, you lose your social status or fall victim to violence and stigmatization. It is terrible and reminds me of the DDR and occupational ban.”

Sören Pind, the foreign policy spokesperson for Venstre, a major center-right party in Denmark, responded to former Swedish PM Reinfeldt’s comment about Sweden belonging to third world immigrants and not the Swedish people:

“I see that Reinfeldt believes that Sweden doesn’t belong to the Swedes. If that is the case you can return Scania, Halland and Blekinge to Denmark. We miss our old provinces.

“It’s not a demand. It’s just a comment in a joking tone. But of course it is still a comment with a serious background. It is peculiar to see a former Swedish Prime Minister reject everything national. My opinion is very simple; it is that of course Denmark belongs to the Danes.

“I stand on our forefathers’ shoulders; they built the Denmark we have today. I believe that there is a Swedish People and a Danish People. There is a country and a nation. It is my opinion that the Reinfeldt government handled economic policy well. But culture is the most decisive factor. It is strange that a former Swedish Prime Minister doesn’t believe that Sweden belongs to the Swedes. This opinion means dissolving the culture and the national community.”


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  1. As a outsider looking in. When I look at the utter passivity of the Swedish people in the face of a real world onslaught by rampaging Morlocks(Muzzies), I am awestruck.

    Do these people even have the ability to care about their own well being and defend themselves, wives and their homes? From what I see, the answer is no.

    It’s as if their individuality, will to survive, their vitality has been stripped from them and the masculinity from their males. They are like some sort of herd creature that cares little when one of it’s member is killed by a predator. It is no wonder that the Muslims despise them so. Who wouldn’t despise a people that won’t stand up for themselves. There is more to being human than being a mere agreeable and docile worker drone that does as it’s told by the state/corporations that regards them as little more than cattle.

    • Sounds a lot like the Eloi of HG Well’s The Time Machine. With the Islamist immigrants as the Morlocks.

      ‘Morlocks eat Eloi!’

      • Joe Murphy,

        Yes indeed, the significant difference is that the Morlocks worked hard and provided the Eloi with a comfortable life before they devoured them. In modern Sweden, the Swedoi are doing the hard work.

    • Easy to understand why suicide in Sweden was the higest in Europe long before they bought the Muslims a free lunch.

  2. There is a silver lining. Hopefully Australia will benefit from an influx of Swedes who do not support their ex-prime minister’s opinions.

  3. I think the best of Norway and Sweden packed up and resettled between the Great Lakes and the Pacific Coast long ago.

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