Palestine Gets Its Évian

Our Israeli correspondent MC discusses the issue of “Palestinian” “refugees” in the context of the war between Israel and Hamas.

Palestinian irregulars near a burnt armored Haganah supply truck, the road to Jerusalem, 1948

Palestine gets its Évian

by MC

In 1938 there was a conference in the French town of Évian, called by President Franklin Delano Roosevelt. The conference was to apportion refugee German Jews to nations prepared to take them. There were few takers — Jews were despised across the globe.

Today we have a ‘Palestinian’ refugee problem.

German Jews did not destroy nations, but ‘Palestinians’ do. Lebanon was once a gorgeous French Riviera-type destination, now it is a [hole full of excrement]. Why? Because they, as a Christian country, lost control of the Muslim ‘Palestinian’ refugees that they so kindly took in and sheltered.

Jordan nearly went the same way. Only the machine guns saved the day.

In the ‘Palestinian’ context, a ‘refugee’ was someone who had been resident in the land for over two years.

A UN agency UNRWA (United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East) was set up to assist these “puir wee bairns”, but somehow refugeeism amongst ‘Palestinians’ became a permanent hereditary entitlement keeping thousands of UNRWA employees very happy.

Most of my fellow residents of Sderot are now refugees, too. They have been rehoused in other cities around the country, probably more than 30,000 if one includes kibbutzniks and those fleeing from Netivot (Our neighbouring city about twelve miles away, but only about five miles from Gaza). Nobody is looking after them.

Hamas is part of the Muslim Brotherhood, as is CAIR in the USA. The MB is the epitome of Islamofascism, and its founder, Hassan Al Banna was an acolyte of Adolf Hitler.

In 2016, Hamed Abdel-Samad published a provocative book entitled Islamic Fascism in which he suggested that the ‘Islamofascist’ worldview has its origins with the Muslim Brotherhood, which ‘had always eulogized the principles of Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini.’ Abdel-Samad also suggested an association between the ‘Islamofascist’ ideas of the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem Amin al-Husseini: His hatred for Jews, support for Hitler, and praise for the Holocaust. In the midst of US airstrikes against the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), Salam Saadi, the editor-in-chief of Rudaw Kurdish, pinned the fascist label on the ISIS:

The Islamic State (IS) is nothing but a blend of Islamic fatalism and radical nationalism that tries to compensate for all the past humiliations of the Arab world. This makes IS a fascist ‘state’.”

The fascination of Islamic radicalism with fascism is not new. Hassan Banna, the Egyptian founder of the Muslim Brotherhood, said in a book in 1935 that Italian fascist and dictator Benito Mussolini was practicing one of the principles of Islam.

The relationship between Islamic extremism and fascism is historical. The extremists have used the Koran to look down on and degrade non-Arabs, boasting that God sent his latest revelation in their language.

Western politicians run scared of the MB and its capacity for violent extremism (and its globalist backers):

What is of interest here is Saadi’s characterization of ISIS as ‘fascist’. The term ‘Islamofascism’ has largely disappeared from the lips of US and Western policymakers and academics, no doubt inspired by fear of alienating the Muslim world. President Trump prefers the term ‘radical Islamic terrorism,’ although his former chief strategist Stephen Bannon called ‘jihadist Islamic fascism’ the latest phase of an existential struggle and ‘war’ between the Judeo-Christian West and Islamic world. President Barack Obama’s administration did not evoke comparisons between Islamists and fascists, as it sought to win hearts and minds for its less aggressive military posture in the Muslim world compared to the George W. Bush administration. Yet, from 2014 to 2017 journalists, bloggers, and some academics equated ISIS or other Islamist groups such as Hamas with fascism.

A few days ago I visited my daughter in Netanya. She is active in the Synagogue and thus up-to-date on the war and the rumours of the war. She is convinced that the screwups that left the fence unprotected at the crucial time indicate some form of collaboration or gross incompetence (or maybe both).

She thinks that Kibbutz Be’eri was (partially) saved by some 200 IDF reservists who got in their cars and drove south, without orders from the high command. She also believes that attack helicopters were held on the tarmac for six (vital) hours before being allowed to fulfil their raison d’être.

Incompetence or collaboration aside: once more, we who are left in Sderot are feeding the soldiers. There are surprising problems with logistics in the back areas, and called up reservists lack tactical vests and ceramic (bulletproof) plates and food. We are trying to get stuff to them but moving equipment considered to be war material can be difficult.

Politicians seem to live in a fantasy world of their own making. They know that they will never have to fight for their lives, and they are powerful enough to ensure that their friends and relatives will get ‘safe’ jobs. Their danger comes from their voters whom they constantly betray and humiliate. Thus the constant drive to render the average Joe Soap impotent and unable to defend himself.

In Israel that has backfired badly, and Hamas was able to exploit this. Not only are people unarmed, but access to armouries was impeded for hours because nobody knew where the keys were, and the weapons themselves were uncared for.

In 1930s Mandate Palestine, the local police stations had dozens of SMLE rifles which could be issued to the (Jewish) population in the event of an Arab rebellion. It was planned for, because Muslims had done exactly that in the various Arab-on-Jew massacres. The 1920 Jerusalem massacre was incited by the very same Haj Amin mentioned in the quote above.

The British imprisoned Ze’ev Jabotinsky, a Jewish conservative:

Jewish self-defense and 1920 Palestine riots

After Ze’ev Jabotinsky was discharged from the British Army in September 1919, he openly trained Jews in warfare and the use of small arms. On 6 April 1920, during the 1920 Palestine riots the British searched the offices and apartments of the Zionist leadership for arms, including the home of Chaim Weizmann, and in a building used by Jabotinsky’s defense forces they found three rifles, two pistols, and 250 rounds of ammunition.

Nineteen men were arrested. The next day Jabotinsky protested to the police that he was their commander and therefore solely responsible, so they should be released. Instead, he, too, was arrested, and the nineteen were sentenced to three years in prison with Jabotinsky being given a 15-year prison term for possession of weapons, until a July 1920 general pardon was granted to both Jews and Arabs convicted in the rioting.

A committee of inquiry placed responsibility for the riots on the Zionist Commission, alleging that they provoked the Arabs. The court blamed “Bolshevism” claiming that it “flowed in Zionism’s inner heart”, and ironically identified the fiercely anti-socialist Jabotinsky with the socialist-aligned Poalei Zion (‘Zionist Workers’) party, which it called ‘a definite Bolshevist institution”.

“There is nothing new under the sun,” said King Solomon (Ecclesiastes 1 v 9).

There is evidence that the British administration facilitated the 1920 pogrom in order to demonstrate Arab superiority and opposition to the later San Remo Conference. For the whole of his life Jabotinsky was a force for conservatism, fighting the malign influences of the proto-Communist Ben Gurion. It is ironic that the British saw all Jews as Bolsheviks (globalists in modern terms), and maybe still do. The Hamas massacre of October 7 is also nothing new: in 1920 babies’ heads were smashed against walls, and the chant was “The government is with us, kill the Jews…”

We can see in the continued international support for Hamas that nothing has changed. Jew-hatred is endemic within the British middle classes, as strongly represented by the British Left and academia. That Jew-hatred is there in the US, too, but maybe more restricted to wealthy Ivy League students and faculty, and to recent Muslim immigrants.

So where are those feminists who are usually so raucous? Are they turning a blind eye to violence against Jewish women? Do they only care about a narrow subset of ‘elite’ upper middle-class females?

All I can say to those privileged lefties is that they need to be aware that they are living in a straw house and the Islamic wolf is at the door huffing and puffing. They, too, will not be spared…

On October 7, Hamas killed Nepalese and Thai agricultural workers, but they also murdered Bedouin workers, fellow Muslims. They were killed because they lived in Israel. Let this be a lesson to those who think that by marching and waving a Palestinian flag they will be saved.

CAIR is the bland and cruel visage which hides the real, Hamas-like face of the MB in the USA. Be afraid, be very afraid! ‘Islamophobia is both sane and rational.’ (With thanks to Wednesday Addams.)

MC lives in the southern Israeli city of Sderot. For his previous essays, see the MC Archives.

8 thoughts on “Palestine Gets Its Évian

  1. It seems to me that there is simply too much focus on “Jew-hatred”, and zero acknowledgement of “Jew-love” in your writing. That makes it a bit uneven, though I don’t doubt it is factually correct, what about all the American politicians who “serve Israel” as their “most important ally” in the “middle east”?

    To be honest, from my point of view, if I were an Israeli, I would pay close attention to the mechanisms this “Jew-Hatred” is being generated by 100% subservience to the Israel lobby, subservience that can be observed at the highest levels of “Euro-American” politics…

    Case in point: American–German Colony called “The Czech Republic”.

    Even though Czechs hold no particular hatred against the Russians, except that we call them “Barbarians from the East” and similar pejoratives, The Czech politicians once again had to play the biggest useful idiots in the World and destroy all Czech-Russian diplomatic relations, even though the Czech Republic relies on Russian oil and gas and wood and… Plenty of raw materials from Russia.

    The result is: The Czech Republic economy is being totally wrecked by expensive energies, and now we buy Russian oil and gas from the Americans – where Americans play that unnecessary middle man who makes profits on the fact that Russia will no longer trade with the Czech Republic: All that because the Czech politicians are just such useful idiots to the Germans, to the British, and the Americans…

    Now – let’s enter the Israel-Hamas war:

    The same Czech Politicians, who cut us off from cheap Russian Energy, now wanted to go to the Emirates, to Nigeria, and Quatar, and God knows which other “muslim” places, to make up for the loss of cheap Russian energy – loss of their own making, mind you…

    But the problem is: Right from the start they started to wave Israeli flags and started to call for the elimination of the Palestinians, once again, like the best useful idiots they are – now in the service of Israel.

    And – surprise, surprise – The Arabs, the “Stans”, Nigeria, and all those other places will not even accept “our” prime minister for a state visit, much less give us cheap oil…

    Why am I saying this?

    Because the Czech Republic, for all its “love” of “Ukraine”, and “unconditional support of Israel” – fell into a deep deep trouble. The Czech economy might completely break, next year, IMHO, because there is only so much an Industrial Economy can do, without cheap energy…

    So – when it comes to “Jew-Hatred”, I would not be surprised if average Czechs, who otherwise, traditionally, support Israel, will have come to the conclusion that too much is too much.

    Because – maybe there is some acknowledgement of the “Czech support” of Israel – in Israel. But average Czechs certainly don’t see it. But what they do see is politicians who – in the name of Israel – keep on wrecking our economy.

    (not just in the name of Israel – but also “in the name of Ukraine”… but I hope you get the idea that I am trying to put across – that the topic of Jew-Hatred really does have two sides of the coin – one is a “Jew-Hatred”, the other is a “Jew-Love” – and these two run into irrational extremes, on both sides.)

    • I have never found Jew Love convincing, behind it, there always seems to be an ulterior motive such as Jew Control or Jew conversion (replacement theology).

      Unconditional Jew Love is very rare, it really only applies to those who realize that Jesus was a Jew who kept Torah, every Jot and Tittle of it.

      Once Christians realize that Torah has not been “nailed to the cross@ they tend to be much more open to unqualified love of Jews and Israel.

      The Church of Rome rescinded the idea of Jews as “Christ Killers”, but that did not remove the deep seated suspicion (and envy) across the Wesr.

      However, Judaism too has abandoned The Way of Yahovah (see Acts 9 v 1-2) preferring the diluted teachings of Rabbis, as happened at Mt. Horeb {Sinai).

      • I don’t love Jews but I do love Israel. I’m a Christian and like all other Christians I have a two part bible. The first part is God’s promise to the Jews and the second is God’s promise to the Christians.

        Some people feel that Christianity replaced Judaism, but I do not. If God wanted Christians to be totally separate we would not have an Old Testament.

        Lastly, I do not want to convert Jews or preach Christianity to them. They are God’s chosen people, and I am perfectly good with that. They will be just as much saved as Christians.

        Eric Hoffer: ” I have a premonition that will not leave me. So it goes with Israel so it goes with all of us. Should Israel perish the Holocaust will be upon us.”

        I believe what Hoffer had to say is 100% correct.

      • So, you don’t find “Jew-love” convincing, but you do find “Jew-hatred” convincing?

        I, as a natural born pessimist, understand well, but then again – I try to carry on with the sober view that no food gets’ eaten as hot as it was cooked.

        If anyone holds the view that the Jews crucified Jesus, “the Church of Rome” should remember that it were the “Romans”, who put Jesus on the Cross, before blaming the “Jews” who as one man screamed “We have no king but Caesar” – in a way not unlike Esau who sold his inheritance for a meal, they were not “real Jews”, not in deed.

        So – clearly – there is some kind of cross here between real “torah keeping Jews” and “those who say they are Jews, but are not”, just as well as there is a mix between those who “follow Jesus as their shepherd”, and those who call themselves “christians”, but are not.

        Hypocrysy is the name of the game. Just as predicted, in the last days, “deception” and “delusion” will run rampant.

        Therefore, the question is, how much of that Jew Hatred (TM) is authentic, just as how much of that Jew Love (TM) – is authentic.

        As they were putting Jesus on the cross, he said “please forgive them, for they know not what they are doing…” They were “Deceived” – with a big D.

      • Well MC, being as “objective” as I can, I note that Jews’ contribution to culture, the arts, science, mathematics, medicine etc. has been out of all proportion to their numbers. On the latest figures, tiny Israel (14 million?) has three of the top universities worldwide.

        If only out of self-interest, the rest of us should treasure you. Hope you don’t mind!

    • Don’t blame the jews for your fickle politicians stupidity. Siding with the bloody ragheads over economics will only get you to hold the butchers bill.

  2. If you support a ceasefire you support Hamas.

    Going into Oct 7 anyone with half a brain knew that Hamas would not stand a chance against the IDF. Their strategy always was to pile up enough dead bodies in front of the camera for Western liberals to start feeling guilty and call on the IDF to stop.
    The only way Hamas actually wins is if the Western liberals save them.

    The refrain is always “Couldn’t Israel have done another approach?” You hear this because Western liberals are unable to empathize with Israelis. In the area of the world Israel is in it would have been taken as a sign of weakness and invited further attacks from Lebanon and other countries.

    The second refrain is how many dead children are enough. The answer is as many as it takes for Hamas to give up. If Hamas surrenders and unilaterally releases the hostages this can all stop.

    Notice that no demands are ever made of Hamas. Despite being the democratically elected government of Gaza they are not asked to share supplies with their populace, they are not asked to defend their populace, they are not asked to make concessions to end a war that is hurting their populace.
    Instead, the onus of everything is on Israel. Despite suffering the Oct 7 massacre Israel is expected to make sure the Gazans are supplied, not harmed unduly, and Israel is asked to stop attacking out of the goodness of their own hearts.

    Pay attention to the Western liberals. Not one of them will ask anything uncomfortable of Hamas. The fact that the demands are made entirely on Israel shows you which side they actually support.

    A special carveout does go to the families of hostages though. You support a ceasefire because you are worried about getting your family members back.
    The last time Israel had to negotiate a hostage release without accompanying military action it took 6 years. 6 years of emotional trauma as the Palestinians play with your emotions.

    Now there are 240 hostages. Are you truly willing to go through a process that may take decades to see your family members again? To be perfectly blunt some families may opt to pull the trigger themselves rather than to put their loved ones and themselves through that.

    The problem is that people don’t know the mentality of the arab world. They live in their own bubble, thinking everyone is good at heart, and everyone wants to negotiate and come to an agreement.

    This is true in Europe, but not in the Middle East. Western liberals are soft weak people who can’t even comprehend what it is like fighting actual terrorism. But no worries there, they’ll learn after a couple of decades of Europe facing the same.
    Look at Yemen and Iran, and tell me that the Arab world is not [carnal knowledged]. In the Arab world, western values are non-existent. You wonder why the 57 countries refused to take Palestinians is that they know them.

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