“They Are a Criminal Government That Has Betrayed Their Own People”

Santiago Abascal is a leader of the Spanish anti-immigration party Vox. Last Sunday Mr. Abascal addressed a rally in Madrid, which also featured an in-person speech by Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki, and video addresses by Donald Trump, Giorgia Meloni, and Viktor Orbán.

For a really biased left-wing report on the rally in Madrid, see this article from ABC News.

Below are excerpts from Mr. Abascal’s remarks. Many thanks to HeHa for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

16:39   President! [chanting]
16:53   This is also an act of rebellion against those who have tried to destroy our identity,
16:58   those who have tried to make us feel ashamed of our heritage,
17:01   which is what our fathers and mothers have passed on to us.
17:05   They want us to be ashamed of the way we are, of how we behave,
17:10   of the moral standards we respect,
17:13   of what we eat, of how we travel,
17:17   of how we farm the land, of how we raise our animals.
17:20   This is an act of reaction, in order to claim the history we have made together,
17:27   to be proud of our history, in spite of the separatists’ and leftists’ lies.
17:34   In order to defend ourselves from the globalist homogeneity as well,
17:38   and to glorify our past, while thanking our own parents and grandparents.
17:49   That’s why you are all here.
17:53   And we won’t be mistaken.
17:56   No matter how loud you all chant “President” and applaud us, and we thank you for that,
18:03   you are not here because of Garriga, or Ortega or Abascal.
18:09   You are here for the sake of your most profound convictions.
18:13   For the sake of what you love the most. For the sake of what you have been taught at home.
18:18   For the sake of the common sense you have been raised with.
18:21   For the sake of the respect that your parents and grandparents deserve.
18:28   You are not here for the sake of any personalism.
18:31   Because personalism is the exact opposite of patriotism.
18:38   We are all here today also to denounce the marriage
18:43   between leftist culture and powerful supranational entities.
18:48   They have been sleeping together for a while.
18:51   And up till now they haven’t left the bedroom. They both dislike
18:54   all that’s patriotic and popular, to the same extent.
18:57   They call us populists. Well, they call us several names,
19:01   and we don’t mind defending ourselves, as you know.
19:04   Well, if populist means to side with what one’s own people believe most profoundly…
19:10   The problem is that the Left has retreated into an elitist bunker.
19:15   They are against the people. They are against their own voters,
19:19   as their migration policies show, as their gender policies show.
19:23   Policies that aim to destroy the rural world and traditions.
19:27   Energy policies that make us depend on other countries.
19:32   Which makes us poorer and poorer. Those who used to speak of an energy shortage are silent now:
19:38   The trade unions on payroll, and leftist parties, who have betrayed workers.
19:47   The poor are now ashamed of how our parents and grandparents
19:52   used to think, or feel, or pray or act.
19:57   Your parents and grandparents.
20:00   They think they can rewrite history from scratch.
20:05   As if all that has happened up to now didn’t matter at all.
20:10   They believe they can tame us all, through a compulsory and totalitarian standardization.
20:18   And those who go hand-in-hand with this totalitarian standardization are:
20:23   The “hammer and sickle” guys. Those wearing Che Guevara t-shirts.
20:27   Those nostalgic for Communist revolutions.
20:30   The ridiculous May ’68 progressives.
20:33   They all go hand-in-hand with big tech and globalist billionaires,
20:37   which the government subsidizes with the money that steals from you taxpayers.
20:44   This Socialist-Communist government has taken advantage of this crisis
20:48   and this inflation to collect more money.
20:51   To deprive the Spanish people of what they need.
20:54   They are very proud of stealing that money from you to give to Bill Gates.
20:59   We need to dismiss them! They are a criminal government that has betrayed their own people.
21:04   A government that has given a ministry to Irene Montero
21:07   to squander the money that the Spanish people need.

5 thoughts on ““They Are a Criminal Government That Has Betrayed Their Own People”

  1. Never gave up on this criminals E.U. And all this criminals politicians!! Who betrayed You!!, fight for your kids and grandkids ..

  2. Speaking the truth in an age of revolutionary deceit is an act of courage.
    A world built upon lies and deceptions can’t handle it.

  3. Millions of guns, hundreds of machine guns and a few dozen artillery pieces. Millions of experienced and trained men and women. No leaders with the courage to say, “Follow me”.
    God help us, for we can’t help ourselves.

  4. That was awesome! I’m voting for him! (Well, if I could, from Florida.)

    Also kudos for the excellent subtitle translation, following nearly word on word in perfect unison. A great translation like this retains all the power of the speech, and this makes a huge difference compared to a weak translation that misses the timing.

  5. As a historical aside, “¡Santiago!” is a very loaded word in Spain.
    From wiki: ¡Santiago! (or ¡Santiago y cierra, España!), is a Christian rallying cry of Spanish soldiers during the Reconquista and crusading era of medieval Spain. The phrase, “¡Santiago y cierra España!” — literally, “St. James and Seal Spain!” or “Santiago and close Spain!” was an appeal to St. James to intercede in closing Spain’s borders from foreign bodies and invasion.

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