Culture-Enriching Decapitation in Luxembourg

A young Portuguese woman named Diana was beheaded in Luxembourg last month. “Hmm…” you think, “that doesn’t sound like the standard modus operandi in either Portugal or Luxembourg.” Quite true. But now we learn the suspect in Diana’s murder is the uncle of her husband, who is… Moroccan! It seems her marriage to him was a purely financial arrangement, entered into in order to allow the husband to gain Portuguese nationality. Unfortunately for Diana, apparently the standard Moroccan business practice in such matters is to do away with the bride once her usefulness has ended, just to tidy things up. And beheading her makes sure the process is fully halal.

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this article from the French-language Luxembourg daily L’essentiel:

Murder of Diana: The trail of the arranged marriage becomes clear

Diekirch — A 48-year-old man, arrested Thursday, is accused of murdering Diana, whose dismembered body was discovered at Mont-Saint-Martin.

by Nicolas Martin

For those close to Diana, in Athus, where she lived for three years, the news has been received, “with a certain relief,” even if it doesn’t allow for relief from the pain.

On Friday Luxembourg justice authorities announced the arrest on Thursday of a 48-year-old man as part of the investigation connected to the discovery of the dismembered body of a 40-year-old woman on 19 September 2022 at Mont-Saint-Martin. Thanks to her tattoos, the victim, originally from Portugal, residing in Diekirch, and with the first name of Diana, could be identified.

Charged with murder

On Friday the suspect was brought before the investigating judge of Diekirch, who issued a committal order. He is charged “primarily with murder”, which means murder with premeditation, and “alternatively with murder”, in other words, voluntary homicide. Crimes punishable with life in prison, according to the Luxembourg Penal Code. The man is in pre-trial detention at Scrassig.

According to our information, confirming that of Contacto [Portuguese-language weekly published in Luxembourg], the suspect is allegedly Moroccan. He is reportedly the uncle of a man whom Diana married last summer. A marriage that the Portuguese press, citing those close to the victim, characterizes as “arranged” in order to allow the husband to obtain Portuguese nationality in exchange for money. The investigation is continuing, and numerous inquiries are in progress, the judge notes.

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