Murdering Somali Gets a Shrink Instead of the Clink

In June of last year a Somali culture-enricher waged jihad with a knife in the German city of Würzburg, killing three people and wounding six others (see the list at the bottom of this post for links to previous articles about the incident). Now the killer has had his day in court, and he won’t be doing any jail time because — surprise! — he’s mentally ill.

By the way: the report below erroneously translates “Allahu Akhbar” as “Allah is greater”, when any competent diversity coordinator could tell you that it means “I have been victimized by an oppressive racist and patriarchal society.”

Many thanks to Gary Fouse and Hellequin GB for translating this article from Junge Freiheit. Hellequin GB’s comments are in square brackets:

Judgment in the case of Abdirahman Jibril A.

Knife attack in Würzburg: Somali is not legally responsible


The district court of Würzburg found the Somali, who stabbed three women in the Bavarian city in June of 2021, not guilty and referred him to psychiatric treatment. “Anyone who acts without individual guilt must not be punished,” said the dpa news agency on Tuesday when the verdict was announced. “He was unable to see the wrong of his actions.” [Obviously you MORONS, because he’s a good Muslim and didn’t do ANYTHING wrong according to his belief system. He does exactly what Islamic Scripture commands him to do, which is 98% “Kill the Infidel”.]

The migrant Abdirahman Jibril A. was diagnosed as a paranoid schizophrenic by two independent reports. He has psychosis, hallucinates and hears voices that are said to have ordered him to attack with a knife on the day of the crime. [It’s called the Koran.] The court evaluated this as three counts of murder, five counts of attempted murder and five counts of attempted manslaughter.

The immigrant, who came to Germany in May 2015 without papers and claimed to be 18 years old, attacked passersby with a kitchen knife in downtown Würzburg at the end of June last year. He killed three women and seriously injured nine others.

The Würzburg assassin was known to the police

Shortly after the fact, there was much speculation about the motive. According to eyewitness reports, the Somali shouted “Allahu Akhbar” (“Allah is greater”) during the act. After his arrest, he testified that he had carried out his jihad, according to an internal official memo. [How much clearer can it get when the perp tells you the “WHY”? Also, it looks there weren’t enough Muslim eyewitnesses, only kafirs, and we know that their testimony does not count in a court of Sharia Law.]

The Würzburg assassin had been mentally disturbed for years. According to research by Spiegel, A. met a church migration advisor after moving from Chemnitz to Würzburg in September 2019. The Somali is said to have told him that he was being followed by the Secret Service.

Two weeks before the attack, the migrant stood in the middle of the traffic, forced a driver to stop and got into the car. The support center of the city of Würzburg took this incident as an opportunity to have the future murderer undergo a psychiatric examination. Two days later, the Somali committed the act of violence in the city center.

Knife killer found it ‘too dangerous’ in the East

The future assassin ran afoul of the law shortly after his arrival in Germany: According to information from TAG24, there was a violent argument between him and other residents in a Chemnitz asylum facility over a refrigerator.

In the context of the alleged Chemnitz hunts at the beginning of September 2018, Jibril A. claims to have become a victim himself: Four masked people are said to have chased him and his roommate through the streets. Later it turned out that there had been no hunts. “I ran really fast, so they didn’t do anything to me,” the immigrant told a reporter for the Berliner Morgenpost at the time. He also reported that he only dared to go out when accompanied: “I often have to think: do I go to work or do I stay at home?” In the East it was too dangerous for him, he said at the time.

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Afterword from Hellequin GB:

This verdict shows me clearly that Germany is utterly and irretrievably lost, and that the state has already implemented Sharia Law. Two years without parole for refusing to pay a TV-license, but nothing, and most likely a hefty payout in compensation, for a mass murderer. It’s really true that in Germany the life of a native German means NOTHING to the German state. The Romanov treatment for those traitors seems to be the only option left if the Germanic people want to survive and not become a forgotten footnote of history.

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  1. dozens of generations of inbreeding lead to this. I guess a certain ahhllah didn’t know this.

    • and WHO findings confirm that 50% of the somali population is psychically challengend, to put it mildly.

    • I have pondered a lot about that tendency to inbreeding and even university educated people I know do it ,if not in consanguin but at least in ” in law” relationships.
      It is that they don’t trust anybody outside the family and they live up to it.So how are they supposed to trust foreigners/, strangers,which is a staple of our modern democratic societies.

  2. How on earth are the family and loved ones of the
    Slain victims expected to live with this bizarre
    Judgement. Germany has gone to hell in a hand

  3. Europeans really need to develop a “Do It Yourself” culture since it is obvious the police and the courts are not going to do the job they are supposed to.

    • There already is a “do it yourself” culture in Europe; just not with the native population.

      You’ll never see the practitioners of the religion of peace availing themselves of the European justice system for wrongs done to them by their fellow orcs.

  4. Pure insanity. Sometimes I feel like I’m living in an episode of Twilight Zone. The episode started around 2008.

  5. It would amaze everyone just how easy it is to deal with these savages once you [intemperate recommendation redacted].

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