Rapists Need Shrinks, Too

A culture-enriching rapist in the German city of Neustrelitz was convicted of raping an 11-year-old girl in a park. The young fellow was allegedly sixteen at the time, but like so many recent migrants in Germany, he is thought to be older.

A German court threw the book at him: two years probation. That’ll teach him a lesson! And if it doesn’t, maybe the shrink can help him.

Many thanks to Gary Fouse and Hellequin GB for translating this video report, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   It happened in broad daylight. The perpetrator lures the 11-year-old into Neustrelitz Palace Park.
00:05   Here the 16-year-old boy attacks the schoolgirl and rapes her.
00:08   The two reportedly knew each other slightly, and now the case is closed.
00:12   The perpetrator has received a sentence of probation and is again walking free.
00:16   This is a huge scandal that must be punished much more severely.
00:21   The girl is 11 years old. She has to deal with this her whole life.
00:25   When you attack children and women, or you kill someone,
00:28   you get a good psychiatrist and you get away with it.
00:31   And incomprehension from the ranks of the politicians.
00:34   As lawmakers, we have, especially in the area of sexual criminal law,
00:38   toughened sentences in recent years.
00:41   And the injustice of these actions must also be expressed in such cases,
00:44   especially in the youth sector.
00:47   In fact, the most important thing is the protection of the victim.
00:51   What exactly will now be heard in court is not known, as well as details of the case.
00:56   According to investigation by Bild Zeitung, the perpetrator is a refugee from Afghanistan.
01:00   Experts have estimated his age because he has no other identification papers.
01:04   The public was excluded from the court procedure, since both are still children.
01:09   A sentence of probation as an educational tool?
01:12   To the people, probation often seems like it is no punishment,
01:16   but a period of probation has been ordered,
01:19   and in this probation period, the subject cannot commit any further crimes.
01:23   If he commits further crimes, probation is revoked.
01:27   So it is not as if he has gotten away with it.
01:31   The 16-year-old has received two years’ probation. Hopefully, he will not become a repeat offender.

10 thoughts on “Rapists Need Shrinks, Too

  1. In the UK One muslim raped a young innocent boy in the restroom of a swimming pool. The Judge let him go because he claimed it was a sexual urgency.

    It pisses me off how these judges and politicians let these muslims go to rape again.

    • I remember the case.

      I don’t believe the rapist is the true problem; an Afghani orc raping young girls (and boys) is after all only doing whats expected of it. The one who bears responsibility and should be punished is the judge and to a lesser extent the prosecutor. And punishment needs to be quite graphic and painful in nature before the lesson sticks with other judges. Hanging is justified but isn’t really painful enough to be an effective object lesson to motivate other judges to do their job. Were I dictator, I would have such a judge in a rape case who ruled so far outside of societal norms dispatched to Hell via the same method used to relieve Qaddafi of his evil life.

      Uncivilized people, even if wearing a judges robes, are best dealt with uncivilly; at least until the legal system starts showing some signs of familiarity and respect of societal norms.

      • Well in Mexico they hang decapitated people upside down off of bridges as an example but it just doesn’t seem to be enough. There is always someone who never learns.

      • Ole Vlad” Saint Lord Impaler” Tepes had the way to deal with folks like this, he impaled them and left the remails for the crows and buzzards to feast. A few judges and orcs along a busy highway will leave the right impression, especially if it is televised.

    • I am not surprised that this happened in the UK. The rape gangs wreaking havoc across it with no opposition is a dead giveaway. Why are Europeans willingly becoming sitting vegetables against this horde of orcs?

  2. Deutschland schafft sich ab.
    Wer ist PEGIDA?

    Germans can be so incredibly stupid and pathetic. By 2100 there might not be a Germany.

    • It doesn’t take much to kick in that nationalist gene of theirs, we are just about there, just wait until winter comes and there is no heat, electricity or food shortages, then the fun and games will begin.

  3. Europeans need to develop a “Do It Yourself” culture.
    Because the police and the courts are not going to do it for them.

  4. I can say this with absolutely conviction, if that had happened to my daughter, there is nothing on this earth that would stop from enacting Medieval retribution, for Vlad Saint Lord Impaler Tepes led the way in how to deal with these bloody savages and it would be profound and absolute. It would but the fear in these bloody orcs that they need and that they will respect.

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