Knife Jihad in Wurzburg

A Somali culture-enricher went on a stabbing rampage today in the German city of Wurzburg, killing three people and wounding a number of others. The victims seem to have been chosen at random. The alleged perpetrator was shot in the leg by police and is now in custody.

The motive for the attack is unknown. The assailant reportedly has a history of mental illness. There are some reports that while he was on the rampage he shouted “Allahu Akhbar”, which is Arabic for “I feel socially marginalized and am a victim of discrimination.”

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this article from Deutsche Welle:

Attacker stabs passersby in Wurzburg

In the central Wurzburg a man attacked several passersby with a knife. The police speak of three dead and several injured. The alleged 24-year-old perpetrator is from Somalia. He was shot and wounded by police during the arrest.

In Wurzburg, a man attacked passersby, apparently randomly, and killed several people. As for the alleged perpetrator, he is, according to police information, a 24-year-old man from Somalia. He was living in Wurzburg, a spokesperson added.

The police confirmed three dead victims in a short press release on Twitter.

According to reports, the attacker was stopped by a shot in the leg. According to media reports, the attack was triggered by a fight between the alleged perpetrator and a woman. She is among the five injured, it is further reported.

Attacker was in psychiatric care

In the meantime, Bavarian’s Interior Minister, Joachim Hermann has arrived in the Lower Franconian city, which, with its 130,000 residents, lies between Munich and Frankfurt am Main. He confirmed reports, according to which the alleged perpetrator, who was arrested, had been in psychiatric care. The inner city of Wurzburg has been widely cordoned off.

Photo caption: Ambulances near scene of crime

“We have no indication of other perpetrators,” says a police spokesperson. At the same time, the police are calling for restraint in social media. On Twitter, they appealed to the population:

On social media, the first videos were seen shortly after the act, which apparently showed the incident in Wurzburg.

Minister-President Markus Söder spoke of an appalling and shocking news. “We grieve with the victims and their families,” the Bavarian government head wrote on Twitter.

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  1. Yeah this clowns ( Södolf, Hermann, and on and on ) worry about right wing extremists!!, “ they really treat yo Germany “ , but this parasites imported by Merkel&CO they are ok , no problem, 6 year old boy was killed along with the father , for nothing, speechless just speechless..

    • Largely ignored by MSM in Europe as usual,
      Total disregard for the welfare of their
      Indigenous populations.
      My heart goes out to all the victims families
      And friends.
      Sadly no end in sight of this ever increasing
      Madness of importing problematic, grasping
      And ungrateful peoples from the African

  2. You are on your own kid. You have to decide your own strategy anytime there is a Muslim in the vicinity. Islam owns the government and has the non Muslim population pretty much strapped down. Imagine a “kill all the non Muslims now” Muslim doing this or anything remotely like it in China. The Muslim and his would be cleaned out for what they are so much garbage – NOW. We have lost so much freedom and our countries
    are more or less amoral hellholes.

    • Yuup, agree these countries are now a calpihate w/ pro Muslim leaders like Merkel and other E.U. leaders.

  3. To see a stuck up Muslim in a Christian society is vexing. Knowing everything there is to know about these super spreaders of Hell on earth how can anything but war be in the future. Turkish dreams.

    • The German people as the English, French and other countries condone all this or something would be done long ago. No country rose up against their leaders opposing invasions. Apathy prevails.

  4. and the once conservative daily “Merkur” reports that the perp
    ” was chased by furious citizens” .( racists chasing poc!)I mean, how can they dare to prevent a disciple of allah in his noble task of killing miscreants?
    They must be punished to the full extent of hate crime legislation.
    I would not be amazed to learn that those citizens, able of spontanous violent reactions, were immigrants themselves. They surely were not social science students from Würzburg University.

    • They were native Germans and the bloody cops had to hold them back from tearing that bloody 3rd world sub human savage apart.

      • one of the closest fighters was an iranian refugee.
        My suspicion corroborated.

  5. This is disgusting, I now have relatives touring in Germany, they are in Rotenberg today, and I emailed saying to “just stay alert” they are older adults. Frankfurt is full of Muslims, that’s where tourists fly in and fly out of . Where are the real alpha men over there who will stand up for their people and country? Why the cowardice among European men, incl U.K. and the entire E.U. ? What kind of future is there for younger people when these invaders take complete control without resistance to the caliphate?. They seem to not care at all.

  6. At least he wore a COVID mask!
    That will earn him a few brownie points with the prosecutor.
    I expect: mental illness, obeying mask directive = insane asylum, and cured after three months (at most)

  7. Is there any possibility that for several years now men an women across Europe have been secretly planning and preparing for revolution? Just waiting and waiting for the weather to change. Dream on. The armed forces?

  8. Shadow government soon to stop this African and Asian utter bollox that is running amok.

    • It’s already too late, no one will stop it even if more citizens (non Muslims) are killed. Europe has been conquered w/no resistance. The European people lack left brain function, which controls critical thinking skills and logic to solve basic problems. Baffling indeed.

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