We Are Afraid!

As a counterpoint to my post from earlier today about Würzburg, the video below features a persistent geezer who keeps obtruding himself on camera behind a TV reporter who is in the midst of uttering platitudes — “that the events not lead to division among people”, etc. — about last week’s jihad attack in Würzburg.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

The following description (also translated by MissPiggy) accompanies the video at Politically Incorrect:

During a live broadcast of the Tagesschau on Sunday, a citizen of Würzburg did not miss the opportunity to voice his protest against the conditions in his city and the appeasing reporting of the media — in this case the BR [Bayerische Rundfunk, Bavarian public TV] reporter Alexander von Ammon — in front of the Würzburg Cathedral, on the knife murders by the Somali.

“We are afraid, we are afraid,” the elderly gentleman shouts again and again in front of the running camera and does not let himself be stopped even by passersby who act as law enforcement and want to push him out of the picture. Even though the older gentleman comes across as a bit crotchety, he says forthrightly what many are thinking. Every week about 50 knife attacks are recorded, but they get no attention from the mainstream.

Not every knife attack ends fatally; often it is “only” a threat. And yet this should be enough to warrant that people’s fears be taken seriously. Würzburg has shown in a dramatic way: Anyone can become the victim of such an attack, and anyone without exception.

Video transcript:

00:00   Memorial service held in Würzburg Cathedral —They all made an appeal
00:03   for unity. —We are afraid in this country! —They demonstrated for unity.
00:07   We are afraid! —Just a sec! —We are afraid in this country!
00:10   They demonstrated for unity and made the request that the events
00:16   not lead to division among people. —We’re afraid! —As someone
00:22   is trying to do here at the moment. —We’re afraid! —It’s an attempt at bringing people
00:26   together. —We’re AFRAID! —To use these events to bring people closer.
00:31   WE ARE AFRAID! —I think we’ll reconnect a little later. —In this country, we are afraid!
00:37   First you’ll need to deal with this gentleman. —Today again, we are afraid!

19 thoughts on “We Are Afraid!

  1. Why don’t they deport them? Why don’t they execute them:? It’s not their coiuntry and if they misbehave, they should suffer the consequences

    This is utterly disgusting.


    • We Germans have no guns.
      And anybody who dares to move against the enrichers gets a one-way-ticket to Karlsruhe, where the federal prosecutor will paint you as a Nazi trying to kill millions and therefore must be put into prison til the end of your life.

      (Sometimes I ask myself when “put away for life” will turn into “put away forever” aka death penalty. For the common good of course.)

      • Pssst Alex, go to the east and you will find what you need, a disposable Makorov will cost you about 150-200 Euro. You didn’t hear it from me capice? 😉

    • I felt my jaws drop, Mariadee, to see you of all commenters here encourage Germans to ” deport” or ” execute”.
      Then come on over and give us a hand.

      • If you are a German then it is YOUR problem to solve. You need to stand against them like a man instead of whining that you need help.

        • Off topic or cognitive dissonnance?
          The commenter aimed at M’s usual germanbashing and now she asked that they return to their evil ways of the past.
          And sarcasm seems not to be part of your repertoire.
          Capital letters are screaming online.

          • germans SHOULD be bashed. They allowed that muslim loving w***e of Satan Angela Merkel to destroy their country and she is the one who imported Muslims who rape and murder the German women.

      • Nobody is coming to save you my German friend, you must stand up and get off your backside and do something about it, there are books, manuals and former soldaten that can help you. Start getting proactive instead of reactive, block by block, city by city until no 3rd worlder is left and make bloody sure the communist filth who did this to you pay bloody dearly for their treachery and treason. Get busy do something or be sheep for the slaughter.

  2. OMG! This could be the beginning of another “Jonathan Pie” spoof! A reporter mouthing [solid waste] while a “disruptive citizen” tells the truth. I love it!

  3. God bless and protect this poor old man, obviously the way overpaid woke police of Wurzburg can’t or won’t.

  4. Of course they have to mouth the platitudes because Germany needs Somalis like a fish needs a bicycle.

    Certainly the authorities have learned much from Goebbels with regards to pulling the wool over the eyes of Germans. Maybe they can also learn how to die like him. If I had to guess, the authorities aren’t repressing anti-invasion Germans so hard because they believe in multiculti BS, although I am sure some of them do, but instead because they are terrified of what might happen if a few Germans are allowed to remember their martial spirits and decide to do something about the invaders and those that invited them to Germany.

    • Under the surface the German is a nationalist, it just takes a bit of prodding to get it out. Once it comes out, God ain’t going to help the 3rd world vermin and the wrath that is coming.

  5. The latter, Moon. An invader has got to do what an invader has got to do. The enabler has no such excuse. They can and should be disposed of

  6. And now He will be living on the tax payers money like a mentally sick man , with free food , free shelter!!, for rest of His life , RIP Deutschland

    • “The rest of his life” may only be a little longer. We’ll see. He may end up in the same holding cell awaiting “next six!”. Only imagining of course.

  7. “Islamist motives were ‘likely’ in Wuerzburg stabbing attack that left 3 dead – prosecutors
    Islamist motives were ‘likely’ in Wuerzburg stabbing attack that left 3 dead – prosecutors”. No way! You’re kidding.

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