László Földi: “These Cultures Cannot Live Together”

László Földi is a Hungarian national security expert, a former intelligence service agent, and a former operations director. In the following video from Hungarian state TV Mr. Földi discusses the implications of the collapse in Afghanistan as it relates to mass migration into Europe.

Many thanks to László for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

04:07   Turkish President Erdogan said in his televised speech yesterday that he is
04:11   ready to cooperate with the Taliban leadership. My question is: Does he have any other choice?
04:16   Well, he doesn’t. And it is ‘the Muslim world with the Muslim world’.
04:20   And, if I may, what is happening there is also modeling the future of Europe to some extent.
04:26   It is simply that these cultures cannot live together
04:30   with our European Christian-Jewish cultures in an integrated way.
04:35   And that has been apparent. On that note, the sort of democracy
04:39   we have envisioned and lived in here in Europe is alien to them.
04:42   So if we continue with the so-called Muslim migration
04:46   into Europe, in any shape or form, then it will reach a critical point
04:50   when they become a political force, and
04:55   it may easily happen that increasingly their will begins to prevail.
04:58   And the consequence is that it will be us who will flee.
05:02   Because the kind of world Islam dictates, in this sense,
05:05   is not supportable either by Christian or Jewish logic.

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