László Földi: The Direct Goal of the Islamic State is the Invasion and Occupation of Europe

In his latest interview, the Hungarian intelligence analyst László Földi describes the unfolding “refugee” situation in Europe. Those who deliberately engineered the dilution of the European population have run into an unexpected obstacle: the Islamic State, which has other plans for the future of Europe.

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0:18   With us here is László Földi, the intelligence expert. Mr Földi, I forgot to mention
0:24   in my previous report that someone bought 200,000 SIM cards in Hungary.
0:32   A significant portion of that cards may end up, or has ended up, in terrorist hands.
0:38   How could something like this happen, how could someone using a single name even just once,
0:43   Actually buy 200,000 cards with his personal information?
0:48   How could someone do something like this in a world where everything connects with everything?
0:52   I found this very strange!? —This is more than strange.
0:57   I would say this shows purposeful intentions.
1:02   Whether or not there is a law to report strange transactions,
1:07   every provider should pay attention, even if just for their own best interest, to such occurrences,
1:12   and report it of course to the authorities.
1:15   Well, I guess the primary interest was the profit. All of them were happy
1:19   To sell 200,000 SIM cards, prepaid, X thousands of Forint on it; the value
1:23   can be calculated in the hundreds of millions (+$500,000 USD).
1:27   Where did the money come from? I think in this migration — invasion camouflaged
1:32   as migration — serious money is invested by the supporting side.
1:37   I see two sources, one of them those investment people who want chaos in Europe
1:42   — to phrase it mildly — it is an attack against Europe;
1:48   these are the ones financing the preparation, the “civilian organizations”
1:54   and everybody else who participates in this endeavour. The other side is Islam.
2:00   Who are you thinking of in this? Financiers, special interest groups,
2:04   mafia, human smuggler groups? Who are these people?
2:09   I am thinking of a group of capital investors who,
2:14   way before 2015, decided that Europe must be changed.
2:20   This is that multicultural logic we mentioned before.
2:25   It has the financial logic that if Europe becomes a more unified market
2:30   in which national objections will be eliminated from the system, it will create for them a
2:38   supranational super-consumer system level that will be easier to control from their point of view.
2:42   To achieve this they seem to have decided to dilute the population of Europe,
2:46   because then they expect to meet with less resistance.
2:51   I believe they invested serious capital in this, based on that logic —
2:55   which was heard from Mr. Soros just days ago —
2:58   that Europe must obtain large loans to finance its debts as a result of its migrant problems.
3:04   At the moment when we get loans, then we become vulnerable to the other party.
3:10   Yes, but those loans must be repaid sometime. If Europe falls apart then they can’t pay them back!
3:15   In history, a thousand years or even more after the fall of the Roman Empire,
3:19   through organic development a European civilization was created.
3:23   they will try to destroy this from one moment to another, they will ruin this continent
3:28   for such a long time both from both an economic and cultural point of view,
3:34   some of those investors must see this will cost them dearly too in their “investments”.
3:41   In my opinion, there is one thing they did not count on, and that is the Islamic State.
3:47   They missed the fact that with IS a new strategy appeared
3:51   which has as a direct and definite goal the invasion and occupation of Europe.
3:55   It’s not just that they (ISIS) help those who want
4:00   this change in Europe, but it will be a complete takeover by them.
4:05   Let’s give you a somewhat appropriate historical example:
4:08   In 1849, when the Austrian Habsburgs wanted to subdue
4:12   the Hungarian revolution, they asked the Russian Czar for help,
4:17   but it was not the Czar’s troops who won, they were just helping.
4:20   These people wanted to give the same role to the Islamic State,
4:25   but the difference in history will be
4:30   that this helping force will take over if existing processes continue on their present courses.
4:35   They will not let the ones who called them in for help rule the system after their victory.
4:40   That is why I believe Europe is in real trouble.
4:43   What is your opinion about the migrants in Serbia yesterday,
4:47   who started to marching towards our borders,
4:50   in a group, essentially in a closed military column,
4:56   in a very organized way? They walked 30km at a very high speed,
5:03   and these were all young military-age men.
5:07   This was a military column; this is not even a question.
5:10   Civilians are not capable of such organized and disciplined movement.
5:15   As I would put it, after the referendum there will be a series of attacks against Hungary.
5:20   A formal political attack from Brussels, an informal media attack
5:25   by the Western media and their paid Hungarian media outlets,
5:30   and actual direct attacks against our borders, which are orchestrated
5:35   by those “civilian organizations” coordinating with the Muslim soldiers.
5:40   This attempt yesterday was just the “first salvo”, to test how the actors
5:46   would react. Serbian authorities, Hungarian officials…
5:52   And the international media!? Did the Serbian authorities react properly, what do you think?
5:55   I think they tried the impossible, to supervise the movement,
6:01   but based on existing laws they have no cause for stopping them.
6:07   Their only chance would be to not let anybody into their country illegally.
6:12   Yes, in Serbia, Croatia and even Macedonia they are talking about
6:18   closing their borders and not letting any illegals in.
6:26   Yes, but these people are already in the country.
6:29   To those who have not yet arrived these measures will apply,
6:32   but those who are already here and have been wandering around the countryside for a long time now,
6:36   those are outside the applicable law.
6:39   One thing they could do is to use tough and drastic measures and deport them from their country.
6:45   That would be OK, but for deportation, even the necessary laws
6:50   are not available. But as soon as they hear about that,
6:55   they will just run away, making it impossible to deport them.
7:00   And therein lies the problem: what are we going to do with these two million people —
7:04   given that a proper defense policy has not been created — they can’t be integrated,
7:08   they can’t be employed, so they must be deported!
7:15   My last question is the topic of my next report, but I would like to know
7:20   your opinion too: the agreement with Afghanistan — which was arranged
7:25   very quietly — would that handle that situation?
7:30   For example, from yesterday’s march, a significant portion of those people were Afghan.
7:35   That agreement only handles the cases of people not yet
7:39   headed this way. I do not know if it will help at all.
7:42   In my reading that agreement states, if an illegal migrant is sent back to Afghanistan,
7:46   they must accept him back. I have doubts this will happen.
7:55   Mr Földi, thank you for the interview. —Thank you.

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  1. How the hell. Have these borders been allowed to be opened and freely let in, millions of undocumented invaders, moxtly men, mostly muslims, ???

    For gods sake, we cannot just sit here and do o!

    We are being lied to, we are being overthrown by a foreign muslim army, this is the destruction of our countrys, peoples, race, et al.

    Angela Merkel must be detained immediatly, a,ong with the other german stasi traitors working alongside her.

    They are the new nazis, the new ss.

    Who gave the orders to open the borders? Merkel?

    Even if the eu collapses, which it will, the traitors have done the damage of destroying us!!!

    Like a scorched earth policy, merkel knows the game is up for the eu, so quickly open the flood gates to sink the ship.

    Do as much destuction to the european peoples as possible in dieing days of the eu.

    All people in europe, must take to streets. In millions, now, and surround the residences and offices of all eu and political traitors.

    Its time to bring them in, we got stop this madness today.

  2. I find it quite mind-blowing that it is only the leaders of the Eastern European Countries who seem to have any realistic outlook on this chaos. I just feel that all of us on this Continent just seem to be sitting ducks waiting for the inevitable to happen, whilst Governments in Western Europe, especially the likes of Sweden, are just putting their heads in the sand. Quite frightening times ahead.

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