The Triumph of the Taliban

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this article from the German site JournalistenWatch:

Triumph of the Taliban: The More Afghan refugees, the more Islamic sleeper terrorists

August 18, 2021

The security-political consequences of the Taliban triumph are for Germany perhaps graver than the refugee crisis in 2015, when the Merkel government, in oath-breaking irresponsibility, out of naïve humanitarianism, flooded the country with millions of people whose intentions and background were, in most cases, not known. Because the change of power in Kabul conjures up exactly the horror scenes that were fought there for 20 years and gives jihadists worldwide a tailwind.

After the terror attacks in New York, the West moved to the Hindu Kush — under the motto “War on Terror”, contradictory in itself because they were crooked and utopian words from the start. Germany, which under the then-Schröder government negligently and hastily declared “unconditional solidarity” with the USA, made its contribution. Then the terror was fought; but in the last few years, in which Berlin negotiators dealt with the Taliban in Doha, even more so now after the foreseeable takeover of power, the important lesson from the RAF [Red Army Faction] “You don’t negotiate with terrorists” has become obsolete. That yesterday the political leader of the Taliban, Mullah Baradar, was flown to Afghanistan from exactly where Merkel’s diplomats chatted diplomatically in air-conditioned luxury offices with the barbarians and where Germany will play in the World Cup next year, could not be more symbolic than the breaches of German morals and consistency.

Actually, the Taliban are now being made socially acceptable: The pseudo-pragmatism of a pathetic and spineless appeasement, which the despondent cowards of the West advise as conflict and confrontation readiness, will mean that the West will serve them just as it did with the Iranian mullahs. And even when Germany “suspends” its development aid payments (which flowed unchecked until last month, especially into the private box of the fleeing ex-president, Ashraf Ghani, who absconded with $164 million), one can assume that it will soon bubble up again. The Taliban have made a clever contribution to PR here, the generous promise to protect “women’s rights” (in conformance with sharia, you understand), and suddenly under the eyes of the public render themselves harmless. With the softened political amateurs, something like that resonates.

“Dialogue readiness” with the Taliban as with the Mullahs

This is entirely in the interest of the Holy Warriors, who, due to their own inability, are now using it as an argument to remain “dialogue ready”. Because the de facto hostages, among whom, are still hundreds of German and Afghan ex-Bundeswehr [German army] local forces, as well as diplomats and co-workers of aid organizations stuck in Afghanistan, and in addition, the Taliban also got a huge weapon arsenal free of charge, and have an ideal negotiating position.

In addition: In the future Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, the Stone Age warriors also have learned since 2001: They don’t need open confrontation anymore, rather, thanks to the suicidal naïveté of the West, they have long since placed their fifth column in the Western kuffar states, more effective than any military success or any secret intelligence infiltration would have allowed. Over half a million Afghans live in Germany alone, a large number of whom have been “Merkel guests” for the last five or six years. Nobody knows how many of them are submarines connected to the Taliban or other extremist Islamist groups.

It is characteristic of these sleepers to remain inconspicuous for years, and then be activated when necessary. And now, with the recent fall of the country, nobody can say how many of the Afghans reaching Germany are terrorist time bombs. This is not about prejudice or general suspicion, rather about a fully objective and sober consideration of the facts, which touches on our direct security interests. The day before yesterday, Interior Minister Seehofer counted about five million possible refugees, but even if it is only a tenth of that, this is sufficient to be the final straw for Germany, not only for integration and migration policy, but for becoming an Islamic high-risk area with 365-day critical terror incident alert status.

Code Red alarm for the internal security of Germany

Even under the assumption that only one in a thousand of those taken in is a Taliban danger, this would mean alarm code red for our internal security. The actual number could clearly be higher — especially since the Taliban obviously will send their people among the asylum-seekers to the West who can be turned on and off. Mohammed and company send greetings.

This assessment was recognized by realists worldwide and followed with concern — not, however, naturally, by German policy, which has not only shown the world that they are at the top in their insane and no-upper-limits acceptance of the refugee movement, but also in their production — as was proven in Afghanistan, where a totally failed foreign and security policy reliably helped prepare the next exodus.

Colin Clarke from the US think tank Soufan Center in New York points out that the victory of the Taliban will give the jihadists “an enormous boost”. “They now believe that the foreign powers can be driven out, even a great power like the USA,” the political scientist told N-TV. Clarke anticipates that Islamists will exploit the example of Afghanistan in their propaganda, especially before the approaching 20th anniversary of the attacks of 11 September in New York. “That will strengthen the morale of the jihadists from North Africa to Southeast Asia,” says Clarke. And, naturally, here in Germany. With every major Afghan community according to the number of people who will be accepted here, the acceptance of sharia and jihad also increases here. And with some “luck”, the fight for the next Caliphate will soon be carried out on our streets. The Merkel government has done great work.

11 thoughts on “The Triumph of the Taliban

  1. Just got banned from Twitter for 7 days for criticizing a prominent Islamist who lives in the UK , who praised the Taliban for taking over Afghanistan and said he wanted the same Shariah law and misery for the UK !!! l’m banned and my voice silenced yet the Taliban can have their own twitter page !!! What a joke !! You really couldn’t make it up !!

  2. The Merkel government has really made a great job – for themselves.
    I wonder how fat their bank accounts are.

    I remember a scene in the movie “Olympus has fallen” where something like this is mentioned:

    President Benjamin Asher: What’s the going rate for souls these days?
    Forbes: [turns cross] What do you say to me?
    President Benjamin Asher: I never would’ve taken you for a traitor.
    Forbes: Me? What about you? You sold this country out long before I ever did. Globalization and fuckin’ Wall Street! What’s the cost to a presidency nowadays anyway, huh? $500 Million? I’m a fuckin’ rookie compared to you!

    I would really like to know Merkels plan.
    Sooner or later the muslims take over not only Germany but Europe.
    Till then she has lots of money and can do what she wants.
    But when the muslims take over Germany then she is alone. As a woman unter muslim rule, she is bound to the house. And there is a rule: Once you betrayed nobody will trust you. So I expect the muslims to take her out.

    • The same happened to me, banned for 48 hours because i wrote against a Greek traitor who transferred immigrants to the Greek islands and to the rest of south Europe.
      When Greece sealed the borders he took my country to the european court.

    • @ Alex Lund

      Re: “I would really like to know Merkels plan.”

      Ever heard of Count Richard von Coudenhove-Kalgeri (1894-1972)? If not, don’t feel bad. Most people have not. This heretofore obscure nobleman was born in Austria-Hungary (the Austro-Hungarian Empire), to mixed-race parents. His father was a Hungarian diplomat and his mother of Japanese birth.

      Kalergi is today regarded as the founder of the European Union, and the United Europe movement before it. Therefore, he is one of the founders of modern globalism.

      His biography is available online, so I won’t tell his entire life story. The key point here is that Kalergi was, like Adolf Hitler, a believer in eugenics. To the end of his life, Kalergi claimed to be an anti-fascist and against Nazism, yet under scrutiny, his racial beliefs amount to the same old tyrannical wine in shiny new bottles.

      Only in his case, his eugenicist beliefs took him in another direction: Kalergi’s belief is that the “superior” European of the future would be, like himself, a racial hybrid. Specifically, a racial hybrid between the light-skinned native peoples of Europe and the darker-skinned peoples of Africa, the Middle East and elsewhere.

      Today, the Charlemagne Prize is given annually to the individual who does the most in furtherance of the cause of European unity and – by extension – globalism. Past winners include former U.S. President Bill Clinton, former British PM Tony Blair, current French President Emmanual Macron, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Pope Francis and many other luminaries.

      You will note that the first prize was awarded in 1950 to Kalergi himself, and that some pretty big names fall on the list, including British statesman Winston Churchill and former U.S. Secretary of State and U.S. Army General George Marshal. These great names of the past are often invoked to “prove” that globalism is benign, but you may rest assured that these great men would not have in any way supported the dystopian and frankly totalitarian monster that the EU has become.

      Merkel’s government was the one putting up posters urging young German women of childbearing age to dump their native German boyfriends and even husbands in favor of one of the dark-skinned new arrivals from the Middle East. As the patron of this blog has so often noted, isn’t “cultural enrichment” wonderful?

      Oh, and Merkel also kicked elderly German pensioners out of their state-subsidized apartments to make room for the Turks and other recent arrivals from the Islamic world.

      Perhaps you remember the mass assault/rape of some 1,000 German women and girls at the Cologne Square New Year’s Eve celebration in 2016. Any ethical and moral government leaders’ first concern would be to aid and assist the victims and bring the perpetrators to justice….but not Frau Merkel. Her first and chief concern was “Islamophobia,” and that the feelings of the new arrivals would be hurt in subsequent investigations.

      A number of witnesses whose apartments and homes overlooked the incident at the square came forward offering to testify against the alleged perpetrators, but Merkel’s police slammed the door on that by threatening to charge several of them with “hate crimes.”

      This is all proceeding how Frau Merkel and her pals, Turkish President Recep Erdogan and then-U.S. President Barack Hussein Obama, had planned. Old Europe was to be conquered in the ancient way Mohammed himself had used – by the hegira.

      It seems plainly evident that the globalists/communists and the Saracens have reached some sort of modus vivendi, and are now cooperating.

      • Churchill needs no help from me, I hope, but George Marshall was a deeply decent and principled man, of whom the US should be proud.

    • Doesn’t Angela Merkel have a bolthole in Paraguay to run to when Germany is overrun? I believe I read that some years ago.

      • She is old and has no children. She is not even married I think she will be dead before the country totally fails is her game plan I think. Two world wars could not kill Germany cultural or people ,but one evil elected witch in power for over three terms with open borders for mad Islamic Jihadist from all over the world to enter will kill its cultural and people forever never to raise again.

      • When the Great Purge begins, Merkel won’t be able to run from her treason. I really hope they take a picture of that bloody commie right before the stool is kicked out from under her.

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