László Földi: Tens of Millions of Migrants Will Mean the Destruction of Europe

Below is the second part of a TV panel discussion from Hungarian TV (part 1 is here). The participants are the journalist Zsolt Bayer and the national security expert László Földi, who is a former intelligence service agent and a former operations director.

Many thanks to CrossWare for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:10   We continue the show now. My guest is László Földi, national security expert.
00:14   So let’s return to the questions
00:18   about migration. I would like to bring up two things.
00:22   You, I, the government
00:26   have been saying it for two years now, consistently
00:30   … that the numbers are unpredictable
00:34   for the mass that will start moving
00:38   in the direction of Europe. Either on its way already, or
00:42   only getting ready, perhaps to start in the near future.
00:46   From time to time numbers came up.
00:50   A report by NATO envisioned about 60 million
00:54   potential migrants. We talked about that —
00:58   you, me, the government, everybody.
01:02   On the other side, the NGOs, the liberal world
01:06   responded to these [warnings] over the last two years;
01:10   the answer was always that we are mental, crazy,
01:14   conspiracy theorists, throwing out fake numbers of
01:18   masses in the tens of millions; there is nothing like this in reality.
01:22   Compared to this, let me share with you my reading experience.
01:26   About a week ago, the 444.hu [ultra-liberal Soros-financed portal]
01:30   had front-page leading news:
01:34   “Because of climate change, tens of millions of
01:38   people will migrate to Europe.”
01:42   This was an article from a week ago. Today
01:46   as we were chatting, I opened
01:50   the news again (also 444.hu), this is where I found the Australian news,
01:54   under it another article about
01:58   an interview with a migration and national security
02:02   political expert named Péter Tálas, some big talking head
02:06   from a university, and he said
02:10   in a conference yesterday or what-not,
02:14   that many tens of millions of people are coming, and our job
02:18   is not to exclude them and
02:22   stigmatize them, but to intelligently prepare to receive them,
02:26   and to pick out the doctors and the teachers.
02:30   It almost feels like I came from
02:34   the moon. We have talked about it for two years now,
02:38   what’s coming now; in one week
02:42   they introduce it. There is no transition, they just
02:46   throw it in, like they’d been talking about it their whole lives.
02:50   They now say tens of millions are coming, and it will be so good [for us].
02:54   Because this is where we are now. We should get ready to receive them.
02:58   What are we going to do with tens of millions?
03:02   It will be very simple, we destroy Europe with them.
03:06   The destruction of Europe…
03:10   Europe is not about how many people live in it, but its culture,
03:14   our Christian traditions,
03:18   what the nation states’ interests are, what our laws are;
03:22   at least this is how I phrase it for myself. What will happen
03:26   — and this is not a humanitarian question —
03:30   — we know it exactly, you talked and wrote about it —
03:34   This is a fully thought-through simple business play.
03:38   Mathematics. If we look at
03:42   Germany, 25 to 30 years from now, from 80 million there will be only
03:46   60 million people. The reproduction rate is about 1.4.
03:50   It would need to be around 2.0 and 2.1
03:54   to keep it level. But the ones who arrive
03:58   have this number above 6.0 and 6.8,
04:02   which means, that in the same time — 30 years —
04:06   how many people will live in Germany? 100 million, not even 80, but 100!
04:10   Now, if you approach it from this angle,
04:14   why, this is a business. The migration is exactly
04:18   what makes it a business, because
04:22   the classic format of society going down;
04:26   there is nothing to replace it, socialism has not worked,
04:30   and they never found a real solution.
04:34   But the profit flow must be maintained
04:38   for those groups who dictate the circumstances. Now you and I,
04:42   we have to discuss the fact that an ever-shrinking
04:46   group, let’s call them an economic force field, hold in their hands
04:50   a larger and larger piece of the world’s productive capacity.
04:54   Via stocks, banks and company ownership.
04:58   Their interests are pretty simple.
05:02   The profit [levels] must be maintained and increased.
05:06   In society CONSUMPTION must be maintained. So the ones who arrive
05:10   will invigorate the economy, just think about it. They need
05:14   housing, food, clothing, language education.
05:18   They need services, and for awhile the state will finance this.
05:22   We talk about services here, then come the banks.
05:26   Just like we had it with real estate, and this is what I want to get to.
05:30   Nothing else is happening but the making of another bubble,
05:34   similar to the one in 2008,
05:38   until this one bursts, too,
05:42   and similarly it will sweep away Europe, as happened
05:46   in the past, I believe with more serious consequences, as occurred
05:50   with the property scandal in 2008. Let me add one thing:
05:54   if we mention Soros and mix him into the conversation, he was always interested in
05:58   shorting. So those forces do not just blow a bubble,
06:02   with huge profits, which they finance, but just before
06:06   it bursts, they know exactly where to place their bets
06:10   for shorting, and once again they will earn record profits,
06:14   while they concentrate even more wealth in an even smaller group’s hands.
06:18   The reason I say this is that we always start from
06:22   the idea that there will be an ethnic crisis here in Europe
06:26   between the Muslims and Christians and back again.
06:30   These ideas [ideologies] can’t live together in peace with each other.
06:34   It’s not a coincidence that in Japan they do not allow
06:38   Islam to be spread or practiced there.
06:42   The question here is not whether someone is
06:46   free to follow Islam, but where he can do it.
06:50   We must ask this question, and the answer is that one may follow it
06:54   where it has an ancient claim. And in Europe that is not the case.
06:58   One can be Muslim here, of course, if he would integrate into society,
07:02   and lives here. But the ones
07:06   who arrive here do not want to integrate, and this is about more than not following laws;
07:10   practically speaking, they will take power culturally, and
07:14   in a socio-political sense.
07:18   The belief is that afterwards, everything will continue as usual.
07:22   But that will change, and I am afraid
07:26   it will change for the worse.
07:30   Let’s hope that I am wrong!
07:34   It is clear that it will not change for the better. I’ll go even further:
07:38   If they [Muslims] take over — and let’s stop here for a minute —
07:42   let’s see a concrete example. At the beginning of September
07:46   a little news item came out:
07:50   They looked at the children in Vienna [Austria], beginning in the first year,
07:54   36,000 Muslim kids
07:58   started their first year in school in Vienna, and
08:02   32,000 Catholic kids. Four thousand more were Muslims!
08:06   Let’s do a little math here.
08:10   To point back at what you already mentioned, which is as clear as the sun,
08:14   twenty years from now, the
08:18   32,000 Catholics will have
08:22   no children at all, maybe 30 to 40% will have
08:26   maybe one kid, if everything goes really well.
08:30   That will be the average: one. And 18 to 20 years from now,
08:34   those 36,000 Muslims,
08:38   will have three, four, five children. Let’s compare it then,
08:42   twenty years from now, with the very same age group.
08:46   And Vienna, only 220 km from where we are sitting now.
08:50   Just to be clear, what we are facing now
08:54   and what element, now this issue is stated in these sentences,
08:58   from the mouths of people like Péter Tálas, “to prepare the wonderful occasion of receiving these people”,
09:02   and that we will “pick out the doctors and teachers”,
09:06   like… like from Africa, all kinds of
09:10   doctors and teachers would assault the beaches of the Mediterranean,
09:14   and from there the European borders.
09:18   Bulls***ting, homeland — nation — let’s introduce new terms:
09:22   Europa traitors! —Absolutely! What’s happening here.
09:26   But still, a portion of the masses
09:30   quietly grumble, with lowered head,
09:34   Mumble at home: “This is not right,
09:38   what’s going on around me.” The other part assist in all this,
09:42   a minority, but a very loud minority,
09:46   runs to the Mediterranean Sea to an NGO ship and is very proud of himself
09:50   about how many migrants he was able to transport to the docks of Catania.
09:54   … I only list this,
09:58   because, once a European
10:02   native, white, Christian population
10:06   has lost its survival and breeding instincts,
10:10   then let’s say it: we do not deserve
10:14   this continent; we do not deserve this civilization,
10:18   and our future. Let’s pull down the blinds.
10:22   The problem is absolutely valid, what you are saying.
10:26   Its true! Let’s think about it. It may not be the battle of
10:30   ideologies, what we are talking about in Europe.
10:34   Today we’re not yet talking about a strange mixed
10:38   religious war that would be between the local Christians and the arriving Muslims,
10:42   between the world and Islam, but the dividing line is inside Europe,
10:46   which is exactly what you analysed and concluded yourself.
10:50   One is the multicultural side — which is by the way,
10:54   not defined at all — and the other side: survival of the nation-state.
10:58   The survival of national culture, marked by
11:02   the preservation of Christian values in the meantime.
11:06   In reality the overwhelming portion of the Western population
11:10   — because that is what we talking about; it is very clear for the Visegrad
11:14   countries and Eastern Europe — in that sense Austria belongs here too —
11:18   the large portion of the people do not buy into
11:22   this sort of [multicultural] vision of the future, and do not want it.
11:26   More creative, more sensitive, more capable of [critical] thinking
11:30   about these issues. In the West, this is NOT the case! There are many reasons
11:34   for this; they became unaccustomed to it: the wealth, good life made them [intellectually] lazy.
11:38   “Do not think! Be happy! Live for yourself ALONE! Do not care
11:42   about your kid(s) — there were some tendencies like this —
11:46   this multicultural-supporting world,
11:50   that we call those “Westerners”, and we here are
11:54   the ones in the East, who think differently. But this is not true!
11:58   And this is the point, where the explosion will occur, because I believe
12:02   we could raise the Iron Curtain again,
12:06   when the situation calls for it. The question is where — in its old place,
12:10   the Austria-Hungary or on the Austria-Bavaria border, or perhaps
12:14   at the Bavaria-Germany border. These are
12:18   not exactly ideas out of thin air.
12:22   Then we can say, we are Byzantium, who still want to live for another 1,000 years,
12:26   and the other side is the Roman Empire, who will erode itself [again],
12:30   as a result of its own stupidity, as history has shown us before.
12:34   But I also think a portion of the people living in Western Europe
12:38   have slowly started to wake up about this — the Austrian [election] is the latest example of that —
12:42   we can see in the reflection of the election results. If they are not capable of politically overcoming
12:46   this logic and system of arguments, this is the point where
12:50   an internal break of their society
12:54   could lead to conflict. The signs of such things,
12:58   a bit differently but evident, let’s think about Catalonia
13:02   let’s think about the Scottish issues, think about the Northern Italian states’ attempts
13:06   to become independent from Italy.
13:10   Let’s think about the Flemish-Walloon problems, and so on…
13:14   So its almost like an anthill, and some kind of
13:18   spark, which could happen, could have very serious
13:22   consequences. And the question will be asked from that point:
13:26   who will be against whom? Well, this is quite
13:30   correct, and not a coincidence, that wiser people than us,
13:34   ancient man, who was wiser
13:38   than we are, invented the saying:
13:42   “History is life’s teacher.”
13:46   If we were to take it seriously, we would be able to model everything,
13:50   because we repeat things
13:54   over and over again. Yes, the Roman example is
13:58   spot-on perfect. Just yesterday with Róbert Puzsér [liberal journalist]
14:02   I had a well-tailored debate in the ELTE’s Faculty of Law.
14:06   He had a modern-day thought experiment, he said.
14:10   …Today
14:14   Brussels is Rome, Moscow is Byzantium,
14:18   and national sovereignty is represented only by Viktor Orbán,
14:22   but of course incorrectly and uselessly.
14:26   He had not even thought about that in 90% of it he was spot on;
14:30   he finally hit the spot; yes, Brussels really is Rome from
14:34   the middle of 5th century, total destruction in 25 minutes,
14:38   they are now at the moment just before destruction and collapse. Yes,
14:42   Byzantium outlives the Western Roman Empire by a thousand years.
14:46   Now suddenly we should with heeding eyes start to watch Moscow instead of Paris? [paraphrase of famous poem]
14:50   And after the collapse of the Western Roman Empire,
14:54   in that territory which was practically
14:58   a united Europe in an empire.
15:02   What happened in place of that empire?
15:06   As small as possible, entities were created
15:10   and continued life in city-states or village communities.
15:14   And those examples you mentioned, yes,
15:18   the Catalonians, who had by the way
15:22   three times more autonomy, in practice:
15:26   they lived in their own state, with their own police,
15:30   with their own parliament and government and suddenly they just said
15:34   they wanted to have an independent state and leave Spain.
15:38   That Lombardy and Veneto, the two richest regions,
15:42   exactly in the shadow of the events in Catalonia,
15:46   happen to have two referendums, both valid and successful,
15:50   and when 90% of the people say that we would like
15:54   to have such autonomy, which the Catalans had until now,
15:58   because for them [the Catalans] it was not good enough, and they want to
16:02   have it in two binding questions… they want
16:06   to break away from Rome:
16:10   how they spend their taxes and how many migrants they accept.
16:14   None of them — they say inclusive — because that is what they want.
16:18   Yes, so we can see that in the crumbling, collapsing
16:22   empire, began the withdrawal into
16:26   much smaller entities: regions, counties,
16:30   because the Western man can feel it;
16:34   this is where he can survive the horrors
16:38   they can all feel in their viscera.
16:42   They are not idiots, either; obviously they
16:46   can feel it. Could it be possible that this again
16:50   is a sliver of hope, a form of revolt?
16:54   Will it be the way, or will everyone start to demand something:
16:58   autonomy, separation, withdrawal…?
17:02   “Just leave me alone, I will do it myself, my own county.”
17:06   I do not believe — not for a minute — that Europe will be lost.
17:10   Not even then, when all kinds of numbers appear,
17:14   that there are some African areas where in 20 years 200 million people
17:18   will not have drinking water, because they run out.
17:22   The reason I do not believe in this, because either the situation will explode before that,
17:26   and that [scenario] is in some thinker’s head —
17:30   again I am talking about the ones with the money.
17:34   The really big income is when they rebuild after wars.
17:38   Either it leads to big destruction and
17:42   from that the outward-bound road is not really
17:46   determined; we do not know what direction the process will take.
17:50   But I also do not believe that jihadist fighters would come here,
17:54   and, armed, they would invade
17:58   Europe. The only danger that I can see
18:02   is the problem of population, that Europe
18:06   and the people living in Europe, how they would recognize
18:10   that those who have been “educated away”
18:14   so far from family values,
18:18   from the issue of having children;
18:22   that generation is lost. But the next generation
18:26   may be saved, if their identity can be restored.
18:30   Because everybody knows that math
18:34   works in a simple, straightforward way. And if he wants
18:38   to keep his way of life in the same value system
18:42   he believes in, then he should. Let’s look at Poland, for example.
18:46   To say that in Poland there will not be Christianity,
18:50   and primarily Catholicism there,
18:54   would not be determinative; not a single Pole would say it.
18:58   They can’t say any different, because the others — not the politicians,
19:02   and not the police, but his neighbors and his relatives —
19:06   would put him in his place. I think
19:10   these could represent some “hope-points” for Europe.
19:14   The question is: who will be
19:18   the leaders of this process? Moscow or
19:22   Brussels? All kind of games by the great powers could be present here,
19:26   but we are still far away from that point, I believe.
19:30   Because Europe could be defended. The question is: do we want it or not?
19:34   If we want to defend Europe, that is a technical question.
19:38   I do not even want to get into that; it is very simple to do it.
19:42   Even we could figure it out, if I am not too immodest.
19:46   And the systems, those who could do it, already exist.
19:50   It is a question of decision. If this is not the way we go, then the
19:54   people will take their fate into their own hands. Then, unfortunately,
19:58   violence and killing may come, where many innocent people
20:02   will die. Just as in the arriving masses
20:06   are many losers, who will be the victims of this
20:10   crazy process. They agitated to come,
20:14   and we will be the victims, too, as we have to suffer through it,
20:18   as, obviously, when they try to force something on us that we do not want.
20:22   If the defense does not stand up, without conflict,
20:26   Europe will not get out of this.
20:30   … As a closing statement,
20:34   because our time is up, let me
20:38   sum up, simply and schematically,
20:42   the present setup by my understanding.
20:46   There is a remnant,
20:50   beyond Christian European civilization,
20:54   which is no longer Christian, because Liberalism
20:58   and neo-Liberalism have taken away
21:02   its identity in its fate, its national identity;
21:06   now it’s taking away its gender identity,
21:10   because the man-woman dichotomy is a fossil,
21:14   old stupid stuff, and long live the gender sciences.
21:18   And into the masses of European citizens, who were
21:22   deprived by all this of important and
21:26   fundamental identities, they flood with such hordes,
21:30   who have fanatic and unshakable
21:34   identity in their own fate, in their national identity.
21:38   Also who — let’s phrase it in a politically correct way —
21:42   “are a little less susceptible to the achievements of gender studies”,
21:46   those shiny, new achievements.
21:50   They think in “man” and they think in “woman”; especially they
21:54   think on a medieval level,
21:58   and they think four, five, six, eight children.
22:02   If we let these two masses come together, and everything stays as it is,
22:06   one has to be very very stupid not to see
22:10   what the result will be. But this is where it is beautiful to win from, right?
22:14   Vivat! Thank you very much, that you could be here.
22:18   Thank you very much for your attention, we will be back next week at the usual time.
22:22   Goodbye.

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  1. People of Europe!!, protect this beautiful Christian Continent !!, before is to late and disappear for ever , barbaric invasion just started , it’s just a beginning, ..

  2. Thank you, Cross Ware, and Vlad Tepes for this giant undertaking. Without it we would not have the valuable insight of these speakers.

    • You welcome. I believe I am helping my country just as much, as I am trying to help everyone else in the world. It might comes the time, when Hungarians will be called “fascists” (I think they already doing that) and when calling NATO for an intervention to eliminate the “antidemocratic threat”. Then interviews like this, will be the proof of their lies.

  3. Fight or perish. Do the Christians of Europe or the entire West for that matter, care at all for their children and culture. Or is it all dead to them already, and they are too fearful to raise a hand in protest. We may just be seeing the end of it all, because a people who do not feel they have a right to survive, really may not.
    God help raise up real men who will lead and fight for survival, and women who do not work to subvert it.

  4. Földi s prognosis makes at least one assumption: the European population will remain constant, genetically. The surrender to migration and low birth rates are political, financial and philosophical, from his perspective.

    I believe the populations would have deteriorated on their own, including the low birth rates and the degeneration of sexual drive and and sexual differentiation. Genes are always undergoing natural mutation, and if the harmful mutations, the vast majority of them, are not selected out by dying before being able to reproduce, the population quality deteriorates and eventually stops reproducing altogether.

    The way I see it, the massive uncontrolled migrations initiated by the so-called leaders of the West are the symptoms, rather than the cause, of the deterioration of the character of the native population. The problem is the massive offsetting of natural selection through technology and the welfare state. I’m not saying initiate the end of medicine or charity, but the effects definitely have to be dealt with.

    The other problem Földi describes well, which is the growth of massive and unaccountable bureaucracies. The bureaucracies feed off the transfer of monies through government spending. Even in the absence of corruption, which is a pipe dream, the NGOs and bureaucracies grow healthier as governments spend more money on welfare, policing, resettlement, public housing, and the like. Most likely, the only solution to massive bureaucracies serving (to use the word loosely) large geographical regions, is to split up countries and particularly unions such as the EU. This would cut off the bureaucracies at the root, and the bureaucrats would have to either find productive work, or starve. My guess is a good number of them would end up in illegal or semi-legal activities.

      • CrossWare,

        Your translations are masterful. I realize that the concepts are often hard to pin down, not to mention translate, particularly as they are spoken extemporaneously. So, as translator you not only have to translate the words, which is the easy part, but organize the presentation and make concepts explicit which might be understood, rather than specifically described, in the native language.

        Part of the reason I spend so much time reading Gates of Vienna, rather than a site such as Jihad Watch, which is extremely factual and well-documented on Islam, is that GoV gives us such a detailed view of the deterioration of Europe. It’s like being in a time machine. Europe is what the US will look like once the population demographics shift enough that someone like Hillary is elected. Funny enough, I now believe that in the race between Obama and McCain, we were actually better off that Obama won. The press shirked its duty for both candidates, covering up the glaring weaknesses and deficiencies of both. But, my belief is that Obama was merely evil, while McCain is a mentally ill sociopath. What a choice!!!

  5. “Brussels is Rome, Moscow is Byzantium”
    This unreasonable wave of Russophobia, which began in the Clinton administration and continues since, is in a sense a resumption of the Third Crusade. That was an act of civilizational crime which led to the expansion of Islam into Europe. Also interesting how the West dismembered Serbia, a territory once ruled by Byzantium, for the benefit of Muslims in the Balkans.

  6. EUrope’s problems lie in the convergence of two TOTALLY different national policies:
    The first is population REDUCTION. This was/is accomplished by lower birthrates thru public education, taxation, vastly extended HIGHER education, religion (abortion tolerance), welfare, housing and industrial policies of the 50’s and 60’s.

    The resultant population DECREASE then becomes problem number TWO; namely a reduced population.

    Thus the NEW problem becomes “we are running out of the people to pay $$$ to care for the ‘old folks’ of our countries because they just aren’t being BORN”.

    THEREFORE: “We must bring in hostile, dumb, illiterate, bigoted masses from the maw of Africa, ’cause they are THERE, they are MANY, and besides all people/peoples are identically the same as us ‘modern’ EUropean TAXPAYERS”–so shut up all you racist bigoted…etc. [Note from ADMIN: please don’t scream with all CAPS. We get it…]

    So–the many replacements MAGICALLY appear–mysteriously well-funded, well-fed, well-clothed, well-shod, healthy; and just as dumb, illiterate, bigoted, and HOSTILE as predicted.

    Such a great PC idea. So well brought to fruition by so many helpful, PC people.

    What could possibly go wrong?

    • Thanks.
      Point taken, noted indeed.
      It’s just–with toooo much these days……….
      ………..I just gotta………………………….

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