Hungarian Intelligence Analyst: Thousands of Muslim Soldiers Have Arrived Here

Vlad and CrossWare finished subtitling the following interview just before I went away, so I didn’t have a chance to post it until now. It’s an interview with László Földi, a Hungarian intelligence specialist. What Mr. Földi has to say is exactly correct, as far as I can tell. His analysis is widely assumed to be true by Counterjihad activists, but you will never see such a lucid explanation on any television program west of the former Iron Curtain.

Vlad’s video seems to have stirred some interest at the British newspaper The Express: I hear that its editors — ahem — borrowed two minutes of the video to go with an article on their website. Readers who see it may want to leave a comment giving a link to the entire video on Vlad’s YouTube channel.

Many thanks to CrossWare for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


0:16   Thank you. Our guest is the intelligence service expert László Földi. Welcome, good morning.
0:19   Good morning! Is there anybody in the EU or in Europe who could tell us
0:24   within plus/minus 200,000: How many migrants do we have on the continent?
0:29   I think the problem is bigger than this: Can they tell, WHO ARE the one million people?
0:35   So the situation is completely catastrophic from this point of view.
0:40   And the reason for this — as we mentioned it many times
0:44   — is the policy of open borders when innumerable masses arrived.
0:47   About a year or a year and a half ago it was a taboo topic to even mention
0:55   the possibility that terrorists can be mixed in with the migrants.
1:06   There was a TV show — I will not say the name — where the reporter
1:09   said it is stupid for migrants to come here on dangerous trips
1:12   in inflatable boats, when terrorists can just fly here comfortably.
1:15   The problem is not that. They could fly here too. But the fact is,
1:19   thousands of Muslim soldiers arrived here.
1:24   This is not terrorism in its classic meaning we are talking about here,
1:29   but an attack, an invasion which has two purposes:
1:34   In the first place, get as many as possible well-trained soldiers into Europe,
1:39   and their primary task is to enlist the local Muslim population,
1:44   those second- or third-generation Muslims who live in the “non-existent” no-go zones.
1:48   More than 50% do not want to integrate into the host culture;
1:52   they are the members of a potential future army.
1:56   Those refugees — let’s call them refugees based on the definition of the ’51 Bern Convention
2:02   — who escape from racial, religious, ethnic
2:08   or political persecution, facing life-threatening dangers — so these are the refugees.
2:14   Why they did not go to the rich oil countries right in the neighborhood?
2:18   Another type of strategy exists — besides sending soldiers and terrorists to Europe
2:25   — but the conquest of Europe in another, more peaceful way.
2:33   The oil countries are not letting them in because they know they are not capable
2:39   of doing any useful jobs, but they also need a new mass base in Europe,
2:45   once the oil runs out and they move over to Europe, to create political parties for them.
2:51   These people will vote for the Islamic parties, which will be created in Europe;
2:55   they will achieve membership in parliaments with their critical mass.
3:00   For this it’s a perfect occasion as Europe invites in their future potential voters.
3:08   Nobody should believe it will be for the existing traditional political parties.
3:13   From the moment when these Islamic parties are established
3:19   — the oil countries have plenty of money for this — they will vote for nobody else.
3:24   The motto of the European Union is “Unity in Diversity”.
3:31   This diversity in the heads of the establishing fathers of the EU (Schuman)
3:35   most likely did not mean the same thing as today.
3:40   Even so, because as a result of migration, the ethnic structure of Europe will change forever.
3:48   Diversity meant Hungarian or French, German and Russian.
3:53   But they never thought that a religious law, Shariah, will get introduced in Europe.
4:01   Nobody could have thought about that seriously.
4:05   If the situation does not change, and Europe continues to struggle
4:08   with an inner war — because this is what we see —
4:11   the Shariah will achieve, from 1.5 years from now — I hope I am wrong
4:16   — that we will talk about how many European areas have civil war.
4:22   Because the problems with the no-go zones, that someone
4:26   should not go there in the daytime and especially at night,
4:29   but from there, well-trained and -armed Muslim soldiers will exit the no-go zones
4:35   and start to expand to the surrounding areas,
4:41   and they will be start fighting with the native population, who will be trying to defend themselves.
4:47   The authorities will not be able to handle this process with their existing logic.
4:51   What would be the consequences if it is true what
4:54   the EU-accredited Turkish ambassador said in a couple of days ago?
4:58   That if Turkey does not receive visa exemptions this month, October
5:04   — which would be for 90 days for tourism and family visits
5:10   — then they will nullify the existing agreement between them and the EU. They renounce a treaty.
5:15   Huge masses will start coming. The Turks used this threat, and they will redeem this promise.
5:22   We should threaten Turkey also. Tell them we will kick them out of NATO.
5:27   The dilemma here is that Turkey does not have an agreement,
5:31   and it is not committed to protect its allies
5:35   and member states of NATO only based on the Charter, because it is a member.
5:40   And their army is the second largest in the NATO?
5:44   Yes, it is true, 10% is their number compared to the whole alliance.
5:48   The USA represents 75%, the remaining 15% is everybody else.
5:53   I would like to add to this, from the financing point of view, 51% of the budget
5:59   comes from those 15% and the remaining 49% is paid by USA and Turkey together.
6:05   This is an interesting situation, because the 15% could not assert their rights,
6:09   for example for the protection of Europe.
6:14   What can the European Union do against Turkey? Give up democratic principles
6:19   or allow Turkish pressure? They are in the perfect position to be blackmailed.
6:24   Europe has no antidote against Turkey. The last agreement that Merkel tried was the last straw,
6:38   from this point of view no one could condemn her, she tried to build a defense with this.
6:41   But this only increased the Turks’ self-confidence.
6:45   There is only one possible way to get out of this situation:
6:53   If would threaten them with terminating their NATO membership.
6:57   And from that moment they would be gone from the stage of world politics.
7:00   Right now we do not make this move. László Földi — Thank you very much!

13 thoughts on “Hungarian Intelligence Analyst: Thousands of Muslim Soldiers Have Arrived Here

  1. In November of 2015 GoV posted Matthew Bracken’s “Tet, Take Two.” Everybody needs to have a read of that finely written and prescient essay. Mr. Bracken may have jumped the gun a bit on his time frame for European civil strife but all else was / is spot on.

    It’s worrisome that Foldi believes the only way out of the situation is to terminate Turkey’s NATO membership. I’m not going to question that. But I believe there’s absolutely no chance of that happening as long as BHO is the US president. If HRC is elected I’d venture to say the chance remains the same. And America’s desire on “Turkey In” or “Turkey Out” I would think has to be, if not the sole, by far the greatest influencing factor. Someone correct me if I’m wrong.

    November 8 looms so important it is really indescribable. And even if (let’s me just fantasize here) things go as well as they ever could for Nationalists in this upcoming election, I don’t know that it will stop “Tet, Take Two.”

  2. A quick google suggests Mr Foldi’s political adversaries view him as a bit of a loon, with a former communist secret service background. So they’ll probably have a field day with this…

    Which does not change the fact that between the ultra-naive who believe that “they’re all poor refugee kids and little babies”, and the ultra-suspicious “they’re soldiers in hiding”, there’s a big empty space… but what if “they” are, largely, neither of those two things – but just chancers wanting to milk the benefits system, make themselves to be a pain for the Infidels (without getting into terrorism), and maybe indulge in a bit of grooming or Taharrush?

    Is the greater damage being done on society by the terrorists, or is it being done by the no-go zones, day-to-day aggression and grooming, coupled with attacks by leftists on “hate speech” – which are all, by and large, left largely unnoticed by Europeans?

    • I have seen another interview some time ago with Mr. Földi… Originally he got his initial education in Moscow, then later within NATO organizations he got follow up schooling. In that interview he was talking about that some of his ex-classmates (intelligence officers from Iraq) from the USA school now behind some ISIS work. He warned about underestimating the enemy, because some of them not as stupid as the Islamic ideology would suggest. He also shared an anecdote from his school (this from USA not the Russian one) where his final thesis he had to prepare was to destabilize and start a civil war in China.
      He might be considered by the almighty google (Google for Hillary) an oddball, well just like Viktor Orban considered by the same sources “an evil fascist dictator who does not let the poor Hungarians have their migrants, which their heart is aching so much”. So yeah I believe him and his expertise. We have a military expert as writer of this site: Mr Matthew Bracken. I think his opinion about it would be what I call an expert opinion. In the youtube video comments Mr Bracken posted his Tet 2 article so yeah I think he agrees with the Földi’s assessment.

      • Well yeah, sure, the “experts” these days are those who say that we should let in large amounts of people with no passports (or false ones).

        But Mr Foldi’s analysis isn’t going to be quietly accepted by the leftists – just saying…

  3. Logic suggests the two biggest immediate dangers to Europe are Turkey and NATO.

    NATO should be long gone by now. The USSR has dissolved and Russia is not an empire, but a regional power whose main concern is maintaining a defense zone around it, and developing economically. Western Europe is not threatened by Russia, and the border states, Ukraine, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Finland, etc had better get used to the idea of remaining neutral militarily. Putting NATO installations or threatening NATO military actions concerning them is a sure tripwire for war.

    Similarly, Turkey as a NATO ally can only suck the US and Europe into a war with Russia. I have no idea why the US, even under Hillary as Secretary of State, sponsored rebels to overthrow a perfectly stable, though occasionally brutal, Middle Eastern government. Turkey is posing as being anti-Islamic State, while focusing on both fighting Kurdish nationalism and on oil profits. Again, the only real function of Turkey in NATO is to serve as a tripwire to war with Russia.

    But Turkey itself is a large threat to Europe. It has a large, well-organized army, a strong nationalist and religious ideology, and millions of loyal Turks living in Europe.

    If a civil war occurred in Europe, chances are the sides would be fighting according to the Hama Rules described by Bracken. In this case, it is by no means certain that NATO would take the European nationals side. NATO used its power against the Serb nationalists in the Bosnia war, citing the “atrocities” of the Serbs towards the Muslims. The media could again cherry-pick atrocities against Muslims and justify, again, official NATO action against any successful European militia action. It sounds unimaginable, except that it happened quite recently already.

    The healthiest course would be for Europe to dissolve the EU, the European Council, kick Turkey out of NATO, and get out themselves.

    The biggest problem with scenarios such as this is that they always assume the leaders of a country have some interest in defending the country. Can anyone imagine Merkel being interested in actually defending German territory? Chances are, in any rebellion by Europeans to maintain national borders, NATO would be called on by the leaders to defend the position of the leaders and suppress the rebellions.

  4. Few years ago, I made a small calculation. In 2007, officially there were about 55-60 mil muslims in Europe. In 2012 there was a survey in Europe regarding muslims position when it comes to shariah being forced in Europe. As I do remember, about 65-70 % answered that they want shariah in Europe. As I see the development in Europe, today we have about 100 – 130 mil muslims in Europe. If we consider that only 50-60 % want shariah, and from those 50-60 % there are 10% ready to act in this direction…then…we have an army of 10 mil muslims ready for action. Europe does not have combined army forces at this dimension. How can we resist such army ? While they are ready to cut off infidels neck with pleasure, our young people are fainting if they see mouses or spiders. So, what chances we have ?

    • Every time when they are going out on the streets to pray, paralysing the traffic and the infidel population , in my opinion, is kind of counting the troops.

    • While our armies are well-armed and intel quite good, I’d say we still have the upper hand. (although that’s likely to not be the case, apart from a few exceptions – Britain, France, possibly Poland)

      Nonetheless, they still have plan B – bide their time, sell us kebabs, claim our benefits, groom local women… perhaps that’s what many of them intend? Nonetheless, as we see, they’re a varied bunch. Some are successful businesspeople, or criminals, with lots of money and fast cars. Are they gonna be eager to go on Jihad? My guess is not… but what about the new arrivals who’ve found that Europe is not quite the Land of Milk and Honey was made out to be, by their smugglers – to whom, incidentally, they may owe thousands of Euros, and who know where their family live? Given a choice between living in a cramped sports hall and fearing their family might get hurt, and sacrificing themselves on a “martyrdom operation”, might some be tempted to choose the latter?

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