Tet, Take Two: Islam’s 2016 European Offensive

Matthew Bracken is the author of Enemies Foreign and Domestic, and a well-known advocate for Second Amendment rights. The following guest-essay by Mr. Bracken is also being published at Western Rifle Shooters Association.

Tet, Take Two:
Islam’s 2016 European Offensive

By Matthew Bracken, November 2015

More than a decade ago I wrote my first novel, Enemies Foreign and Domestic. Part of my motivation was to establish my bona fides at forecasting social, political and military trends. I didn’t like the direction America was heading, and I wanted to warn as many readers as possible about some of the dangers I saw coming. At the end of 2015, I hope that my past success at prognostication will encourage people to pay heed to this essay.

As we roll into the New Year, we are witnessing the prelude to the culmination of a titanic struggle between three great actors. Three great social forces are now set in motion for a 2016 showdown and collision that will, in historical terms, be on par with the First and Second World Wars.

Two of these great social forces are currently allied in a de facto coalition against the third. They have forged an unwritten agreement to jointly murder the weakest of the three forces while it is in their combined power to do so. One of these two social forces would be content to share totalitarian control over large swaths of the globe with the other remaining social force. One of these social forces will never be satisfied until it achieves complete domination of the entire planet. So what are these three great social forces? They are Islam, international socialism, and nationalism.

Allow me to explain the salient aspects of each, and how they relate to the coming 2016 cataclysm.

1. Islam

Islam is similar to a self-replicating supercomputer virus. It is a hydra-headed monster, designed by its creators to be an unstoppable formula for global conquest. It’s almost impossible to eradicate, because it has no central brain or control center. Islam is like a starfish: when you cut off a limb, another grows to replace it. The names of the Muslim leaders, and the names of their Islamic groups, are transitory and ultimately unimportant. Osama Bin Laden and Al Qaeda are succeeded by Al-Baghdadi and the Islamic State, but they will all pass from the scene and be replaced by others. While Muslim leaders and regimes have come and gone, Islam itself has remained steadfastly at war with the non-Muslim world for 1,400 years.

Islam does not recognize secular national boundaries. To devout Muslims, there are only two significant realms of the world. First is the Dar al-Islam — the House of Islam, which is the land of the believers. The other is the Dar al-Harb — the House of War, which must be made Islamic by any means, including violent jihad. The expansion of Islam is sometimes held in check for long periods, but more often Islam is on the march, acquiring new territory. Once conquered by Islam, territory is rarely taken back, Spain being a notable exception.

The Muslim world produces almost no books or new inventions. Short of finding oil under their feet, most Islamic nations are backward and impoverished. So wherein lies the power source for Islam’s nearly constant expansion over the past fourteen centuries? The motor and the battery of Islam are the Koran and the Hadith, or sayings of Mohammed. A messianic Mahdi, Caliph or Ayatollah with sufficient charisma can accelerate Islam’s pace of conquest, but individual men are not the driving force.

Secular “Muslim in name only” strongmen from Saddam Hussein to Muamar Qadafi can hold Islamism in check for a period with brutal methods, but strongmen are often assassinated or otherwise removed from power, and in any event, they cannot live forever. Once the secular strongmen are gone, fanatical mullahs are able to stir their zealous Muslim followers into sufficient ardor to reinstall a radical Islamist regime under Sharia Law, according to the Koran.

This pattern of secular strongmen being followed by fanatical Islamist leaders has recurred many times over the past millennium and longer. Do not be fooled by modernists like King Abdullah of Jordan. To the true believer of Islam, any king or strongman is never more than a rifle shot or grenade toss away from being kinetically deposed, and replaced by another Islamist fanatic.

The persistent virulence of Mohammed’s 7th Century plan for global domination means that it is always ready to erupt in a fresh outbreak. Islam is like a brushfire or ringworm infection: it is dead and barren within the ring, but flares up where it parasitically feeds off the healthy non-Islamic societies around it. What produces this uniquely fanatical motivation, from within nations and peoples that otherwise seem devoid of energy and new ideas?

The motivation lies within the words of the Koran and Hadith. Most simply distilled, in the earthly realm, these Islamic texts offer immoral men sanction for thrill-killing, looting, raping, and capturing infidel slaves, and when these jihadists are killed, they are promised a perpetual orgy with seventy-two nubile virgin slave girls in Mohammed’s sick, evil and perverted Muslim paradise. Unlike the Jewish and Christian Bibles, the Koran and Hadith appeal not to man’s better angels, but to the darkest aspects of human nature. (Tellingly, Moses and Jesus are said to have climbed to mountaintops to communicate with their God, while Mohammed received his messages from Allah deep inside a bat cave.)

A meaningful or permanent reformation of Islam is impossible, because a new generation of fanatics, wielding the unexpurgated Koran and Hadith as their weapons, will always declare the reformists to be apostates and murder them. In Islam, the fanatics who are holding the unalterable Koran in one hand and a sword in the other always stand ready to seize complete power and exterminate their enemies.

This latent danger breeds fear and causes nearly all non-Muslims to be carefully circumspect in their dealings with Muslims, lest they lose their heads at a later date. This intentionally fostered fear of Islam is used as a cudgel against those who would otherwise resist its domination. The immutable Koran is the constant fountainhead of bloody Islamic conquest. Radical Islam is the pure Islam, the Koranic Islam, the real Islam.

Anyone who does not understand this bitter reality is dangerously ignorant of the past 1,400 years of human history.

2. International Socialism

The second great actor or social force is international socialism. It can also be aptly described under the rubrics of leftism, statism, cultural Marxism and communism. These all inhabit the international socialist spectrum. I trace these cultural Marxists at least back to the Jacobins of the 18th Century, a clique of secular humanists who were early globalists aligned with Freemasonry.

The nucleus of the group that would later become the Jacobins moved from Germany to France with a coherent and fully developed plan to engineer a social explosion as a means to take power. The Jacobin destabilization plan became the template for many more bloody “people’s revolutions” to come. Following the French Revolution, we are familiar with Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin and Mao. We are less familiar with the early 20th Century British Fabian socialists, or the Italian Marxist theoretician Antonio Gramsci, or the German “Frankfurt School” of international socialists, who transplanted their vision to the United States via Columbia University.

Unlike Vladimir Lenin and the Communists, they understood that international socialism’s goals could not be fully accomplished until the strong edifice of Western Civilization was hollowed out and sabotaged from within. In the end, the clandestine international socialist forces which burrowed deep within the Western womb achieved results which were far more permanent than the militarily-imposed revolutionary “war Communism” of Lenin and Mao.

Over the course of the past century, while Communism collapsed in the Soviet Union, the Fabian socialists have been increasingly successful at poisoning the roots of national, cultural and ethnic identity, leaving the inheritors of Western Civilization disorganized and demoralized, with no central belief system to rally behind. Why has this deliberate demoralization and dumbing-down process occurred? The international socialists have believed at least since the French Revolution that it was their duty to impose a top-down feudal order upon the ordinary “dumb masses,” a new world order managed by self-proclaimed experts chosen from among the correctly-educated elites, both for the benefit of the ignoramuses, and as a way to line their own pockets and continue to live an elite lifestyle of wealth and power.

It may seem paradoxical that major corporate and banking interests are deeply invested in the international socialist new world order, but when you untangle the threads it actually makes perfect sense. Today’s international banks and mega-corporations are powerful global actors in their own right, and they are now written into each new international trade agreement. In fact, corporate lawyers author most of the pages of the multi-thousand-page trade pacts, which are now coming down like rain. Trade pacts which were never voted on by American or European citizens, pacts which are taking on the force of international treaty law, superseding even the United States Constitution.

From the Rothschilds of Europe to the Warburgs of both continents, to the Morgans and Rockefellers of America and back to the Hungarian immigrant George Soros, for several centuries, millionaire (and more lately billionaire) bankers have written their own laws and cut their own political deals. Today, they literally create billions of new dollars and Euros per day out of thin air, and pass it over to their cronies. In the United States, the creation a century ago of the Federal Reserve — a privately run central bank of, by and for the interests of a cabal of private banking interests — is a glaring case in point.

In the USA, the heads of global mega-corporations and investment firms donate massively to both the Democrats and the Republicans alike, ensuring favorable treatment in an era of corporately directed crony capitalism. The picture is much the same in other countries. These post-nationalist crony-capitalists recognize no sovereign borders and believe that patriotism is a laughable anachronism.

For example, in America, open-border traitors bribe politicians to pass laws to allow them to import unlimited numbers of H-1 visa foreign workers to directly replace Americans at their very desks and work places, and these traitors do not lose one wink of sleep over it. The traitor class of the international business set calls this “agility,” moving fungible proles, peasants and paupers worldwide to where they can be set to work most cheaply and profitably. Ordinary American middle-class workers and their families are just collateral damage in this process. The reality is not much different in Europe.

These super wealthy open-border corporate and banking elites, who paradoxically steer the forces driving international socialism, are able to bribe their way to success after success in myriad ways. Their wealth and political connections ensure that cooperative young players with future star quality are steered to the right universities, foundations, councils, government agencies and media positions. For example, when you see a talking head on television, and his listed expert credential is that he is a member of the entirely private Council on Foreign Relations who has written articles for their house publication Foreign Affairs, you will know that he is destined for high positions, and doors will magically open in front of him.

Over on the Fourth Estate, the global mass media have been almost entirely subverted, scripted and stage-managed for decades by these über-wealthy elites through a thousand channels greased with kickbacks, no-show jobs, and secret payoffs that are disguised as special stock offerings and private land deals. Media figures morph seamlessly into senior political advisors and corporate board members, adding millions to their portfolios with each well-timed transition. Even many retired generals and admirals eagerly wallow in this swamp of sell-out and sleaze. It should not be a surprise to anyone that so many politicians leave Washington or Brussels as millionaires. Just as it should not be a surprise that long-time CBS News anchor Walter Cronkite, “the most trusted man in America,” was for his entire adult life secretly a leading member of the World Federalist Association, a fact he proudly revealed only after his retirement from in front of the camera.

3. Nationalism

Nationalists probably comprise most of the population of the non-Islamic world, but there is no way to know their number with any certainty. Opinion polls are so easily rigged that most of them are useless at best, and they primarily constitute false propaganda and dezinformatsiya on behalf of their sponsors.

Nationalists consider themselves to be first and foremost loyal citizens of a sovereign nation. However, it must be borne in mind that the very concept of nationhood is fairly recent in origin. The division of the globe into distinct nation-states only began in the 17th Century, usually marked by the Treaty of Westphalia in 1648 at the end of the Thirty Years’ War. Since then, the world has been divided by national borders, which often (but not always) coincided with a national ethnic group, language and culture.

This national division was particularly successful on the European continent. Shared Judeo-Christian morality, ethics and values promoted notions of fairness and equal rights, leading over time to the abolition of slavery, women’s rights, and racial civil rights. During this period of unleashed human potential, Europeans and Americans enjoyed the greatest increase in overall standards of living ever seen in the history of mankind. Great cities, universities and museums were constructed in Europe and in America. Rising European empires — wealthy, cohesive, confident and highly organized — then conquered or otherwise came to control colonies around the world. America picked up much of the business when the colonial era ended after World War Two.

Happy national outcomes were far from universal. During the 20th Century, Communism rose to take complete power in some countries, notably Russia (as the Soviet Union) and China, but their successes did not lead to an unstoppable avalanche of global revolution, as had been foreseen by Lenin, Stalin and Mao. On the other hand, the slow, grinding “Long March through the institutions” of the traitor-class Fabian socialists (including Gramsci, the Frankfurt School and others) proved far more effective and durable.

By the 21st Century, these cultural Marxist traitor-moles had subverted nearly all of academia, inculcating generation after generation of students with a contempt bordering on hatred for their own national and ethnic identities. Most of the media were also subverted, ensuring that mass communications would always reinforce the politically correct international socialist world view that had already been injected and incubated in the schools and universities.

In this era of mass-brainwashing by the cultural Marxists, Christianity was recast as a retrograde social force, obsolete at best in the modern secular world, and at worst an outright danger to humanity. In the new politically-correct secular religion of humanism, European ethnic and cultural identity became the original sin and the mark of Cain. White European skin meant white privilege, and was transformed into a cause for shame.

Meanwhile, emancipated European and American women aimed toward new goals, which increasingly did not include producing a new generation, and demographic collapse began. Both men and women alike were anesthetized into apathy with 24-hour entertainment transmitted by high-def screens and stereo ear buds planted nearly into their brains. This unceasing fountain of entertainment proved an ideal conduit for mass-brainwashing with politically-correct values and ideas. Thus distracted and demoralized, most Americans and Europeans today seem unable and unwilling to stand up and fight in defense of their diminishing cultural and national identities. Brainwashed “social justice warriors,” the latest iteration of Lenin’s “useful idiots,” hasten the demise of Western Civilization, blissfully unaware of what will follow.

Thus rendered supine, the remaining American and European nationalists constitute the weakest and the most threatened of the three major global social forces. In a few European nations, patriots such as Geert Wilders of the Netherlands, Björn Höcke of Germany, Viktor Orbán of Hungary, Nigel Farage of the UK, and Marine Le Pen of France lead a rear-guard defense of their national, ethnic and cultural identities, while constantly being disparaged in the socialist-controlled “liar press” as racists, Nazis and xenophobes.

4. World War Three

Going into 2016, I believe that Europe is primed to become the central theater of a third world war. Like an overstrained zipper suddenly failing and bursting open from end to end, the European conflagration could well reignite simmering conflicts from the Ukraine to the Persian Gulf, due to interlocking alliances (NATO, including Turkey, vs. Russia), and the Sunni-Shia divide (Iran vs. Saudi Arabia, which has been imported into Europe).

Yes, World War Three. But why now?

A recurring strategic doctrine of the open-border international socialists, going back at least to the Jacobins, has been, “Out of chaos, order.” Lenin put it this way, when told that there were bread riots in Russian cities: “The worse, the better.” No “people’s revolution” (instigated and directed by traitor-class elites) has ever occurred on full bellies in happy countries that were at peace.

The international bankers and corporate elites are just as happy to underwrite revolutions as they are to underwrite other types of war. They have regularly provided loans and armaments simultaneously to all sides of European conflicts, always profiting handsomely no matter which side won or lost, or how many people died. They have also funded revolutions, in order to stir the pot for their future profits by getting in on the ground floor with new regimes.

For example, American bankers funded the efforts of Lenin and Trotsky both before and during their returns to Russia. Once you understand the grand machinations at work behind the forces directing international socialism, this seeming paradox actually makes sense. It’s about control, and brainwashing the idiot proles into the unthinking herd behavior required to manage them under socialism directed from above. But at the very pinnacle of the proletarian worker-bee hive, the controlling nomenklatura elites live like Communist dictators, or Rockefellers, or both at the same time, as they meet at Davos, Aspen, Jackson Hole and elsewhere over champagne and caviar to arrange their next self-dealing international trade agreements.

Now, the elite shot-callers have lit the fuse for the vast social explosion that is imminent in Europe, just as they did in Russia in 1917. How? By throwing Europe’s borders wide open. The Islamist corner of my triad represents a constant threat or push, and Muslims are always eager to fill any demographic vacuum. Their avarice for fresh Islamic conquest is a given or a constant. We see a 1.5-per birth rate among European women, and they see millions of European women with no or worthless husbands, who will soon meet real Muslim men. The current open-border policies of the European international socialists were intentionally designed to allow hundreds of thousands of culturally and religiously aggressive Islamist fighters and colonists to flood into Europe. The European traitor elites understand exactly what they are doing. They know what will happen. But why do it now?

The twentieth-century Austrian School economist Ludwig Von Mises wrote, “There is no means of avoiding the final collapse of a boom brought about by credit expansion. The alternative is only whether the crisis should come sooner as the result of voluntary abandonment of further credit expansion, or later as a final and total catastrophe of the currency system involved.” In contrast, when the socialist economist John Maynard Keynes was asked if his self-styled Keynesian credit expansion could continue in the long run, he replied, “In the long run, we are all dead.” Tra-la-la, who cares? It won’t be my problem.

In 2015, the childless homosexual John Maynard Keynes is indeed long dead, but we are still alive, and his “long run” is finally upon us. Now, just before the bank failures begin, seems to be an opportune time for the traitor elites to throw over the table, scattering the cards, chips and cash, while the lights go dark and shots ring out. The evil actors lurking in the background who sometimes engineer major catastrophes always have a plan to escape their worst consequences, including taking any blame, and they even have a plan to profit from the very disasters they created. The first Baron Rothschild, around the time of the Battle of Waterloo, is credited with saying “The time to buy is when there is blood running in the streets.”

Is there any evidence of a concerted effort to deliberately throw Europe into bloody chaos and civil war? I think that there is. Thousand-passenger ferry ships cost tens of thousands of Euros a day to operate. Muslim hijra (jihad by immigration) invaders are receiving free or subsidized passage from Greek isles that are located only a few miles from Turkey, all the way across the Aegean Sea to mainland Greece. From there, chartered buses and special trains speed the migrants from border to border and onward into Germany, France and Sweden, at little or no cost to the muhajirun, or hijra migrants.

Who is paying for the operation of the ferry ships, trains and bus convoys? Who is paying for the smart phones and prepaid debit cards? Who is passing out the hundred-Euro notes seen in nearly every migrant hand, if they are truly arriving destitute after escaping war-torn Syria? Somebody is underwriting the Muslim hijra invasion of Europe. George Soros is spending billions to fund a hundred groups advocating open borders through his Open Society Foundation, so that might be a good place for intrepid researchers to explore.

5. The Tet Offensive of 1968

As we roll into 2016, I am reminded of the Vietnam War’s Tet Offensive. In January of 1968, before the Tet Lunar New Year celebrations, thousands of Viet Cong fighters were infiltrated into Saigon and other South Vietnamese cities. Their coordinated mass attacks on January 30 came nearly by complete surprise, constituting America’s worst intelligence-gathering failure between 1950 in Korea and 2001 in New York. The experts had all agreed that the VC were too weakened and divided to accomplish mass attacks on a national scale, yet more than 80,000 irregular Communist infiltrators simultaneously struck in more than one hundred towns and cities. The Communists used a declared truce period to launch their attacks, while the American and South Vietnamese forces were on holiday leave. Bitter urban fighting in Hue, Vietnam’s third largest city, lasted for a month. Before they were defeated in Hue, the Communists executed thousands of civilian prisoners, dumping them into mass graves with their hands wired behind their backs.

The Communist bosses in North Vietnam miscalculated that the Viet Cong attacks in the cities would trigger a spontaneous national uprising against the American imperialists and their Republic of Vietnam puppets. This general uprising did not take place, and the VC was largely wiped out by hard-fighting American and South Vietnamese troops. City life went back to what constituted normal in South Vietnam. After Tet, the Viet Cong were largely a spent force, and never regained their former power. (The final takeover of South Vietnam in 1975 was accomplished by conventional NVA troops arriving from the North in tanks and on trucks, after Democrats in the American Congress cut off the resupply of ordnance and fuel to our South Vietnamese allies, leaving them unable to defend their republic.)

Yet back in America, in order to deceive and demoralize America in time of war, “Uncle Walter” Cronkite twisted the story of the Tet Offensive into a tale of rising Communist power and reach, of American military failure, and of the hopelessness of the cause to keep the Republic of Vietnam free from Communist conquest. Why did Cronkite do this? “The most trusted man in America” was secretly a leading propagandist for international socialism, which sees a strong and independent United States as the greatest barrier to their goal of eventual global governance. The case of Walter Cronkite and the Tet Offensive false narrative is just one glaring example of the pervasiveness of the international socialist grip on our mainstream media.

To an American nationalist, Walter Cronkite is a classic traitor, but to a dedicated international socialist, national borders and national sovereignty are no more important than they are to a devout Muslim. To both supranational groups, borders and nations are anachronistic constructs to be ignored, trampled, and discarded over time. Cronkite was a traitor to America, but he is a hero to the cultural Marxists. Typical of his dishonorable breed, Cronkite kept his true allegiance a secret until after he had retired from broadcasting lies and propaganda. I am convinced that the global mainstream media is infested with hundreds of Walter Cronkites today, both in front of and behind the cameras.

6. Tet, Take Two

Which brings me to the main thrust of this essay. I believe that Europe is being prepared for a Muslim-jihad version of the 1968 Tet Offensive in Vietnam. A vast and concerted act of treason has been taking place across Europe since the creation of the European Union. Under the Schengen Agreement, Brussels promised to guard the outer frontiers of the EU, while abolishing internal border controls. The Eurocrat elites broke the first promise but kept the second, thus opening a wide path for the onrushing Muslim hijra immigration invasion.

Right now, approximately a million new Muslim migrants are engaged in a struggle to find a warm place to sleep in a continent with nothing approaching the capacity to adequately house them. At least 75% of the migrant invaders are Muslim men of fighting age. Native-born ethnic Germans, Swedes and others are being thrown onto the street to provide emergency housing for Muslim “refugees.” Tens of thousands of migrants are currently living in tents, and in temporary shelters like school gymnasiums and underused warehouses.

There will be no means of finding or creating permanent quarters for them before the Central European blizzards come. When the snow is deep in Germany and across Europe, these men are going to enter local houses, demanding to be taken in as boarders — or else. Where it is useful, small migrant children will be held up in front as human shields for their emotional blackmail value, elsewise they will be discarded. One way or the other, Muslim migrants will be attempting to move inside of German homes and apartments seeking heat and food, and the young Muslim men will be seeking undefended infidel or kafir women to slake their lust, (which is their right, under Islamic Sharia law).

In disarmed Europe, any group of a dozen or more cold, hungry and angry Muslim men armed with clubs and knives will be able to enter any German house or business that they like. Worse, there are now reports of vast quantities of firearms being smuggled into Europe by the muhajirun, with cowed European authorities afraid to search the migrants or their baggage, lest they provoke riots. And weapons are not only smuggled in “refugee” baggage: eight hundred assault-style shotguns were just seized in a single truck in northern Italy, bound from Turkey to Belgium. How many truckloads of weapons and explosives have not been stopped?

In Germany, even before the winter snows, the migrants are flash-mobbing and looting shops and stores. Seeking to forestall a social eruption, police do not respond until the mobs have safely departed. For now, the German government is paying these store owners for their lost merchandise, but this cannot continue forever. Businesses are closing and Germans are retreating in fear, as the muhajirun learn that they can invade private property and rob Germans without repercussions, convincing them even further of the docile passivity of their hosts, and the inevitability of their ultimate hijra invasion success.

As attacks mount, the German police will nearly always fall out on the side of the traitor-elite politicians who pay their salaries, and they will not come to the rescue of besieged ethnic Germans. At least, not under official orders, or in uniform. This calculated disregard by the international socialist elites for the safety and welfare of ordinary German citizens will in time lead to vigilantism and death squad actions by “off-duty” German military and police personnel. They will be acting against their “hands off the Muslims” orders, which are ultimately emanating from Brussels. And in time, enough firearms will find their way from the military, police and black markets into the hands of ordinary European nationalists for them to mount an armed resistance.

The accelerated pace of the 2015 Muslim hijra invasion was conceived, planned and executed by Quisling traitors comprising the elite leadership of the European branch of the international socialist movement, headquartered in Brussels. To paraphrase British nationalist patriot Paul Weston, if a farmer deliberately inserts a fox into the henhouse, who is guilty of killing the hens? Now, today, across Europe the stage is being set for the genocide of the weak, confused and defenseless European hens. The former East German Communist functionary Angela Merkel achieves high marks at both Muslim fox insertion and German hen repression. (Meanwhile, the former Soviet Communist KGB Colonel Vladimir Putin evolves to become a Russian nationalist who always advances Russian interests, at least as they are perceived by himself and his cronies.)

A few days after the Paris attacks, French police commandos fired some 5,000 rounds down an urban street into an apartment set into a crowded block. A year from now, I predict that when police arrive on that street, they could be met with sniper fire, improvised barricades, IEDs and possibly RPGs. In short, Paris, Brussels and many other European cities will in time resemble Beirut during the 1980s.

To understand Europe’s future, simply ask the Lebanese what follows when a nation takes in tens of thousands of angry Muslim “refugees.” Civil war is what happens, even if it begins among the various competing refugee factions. It is a threadbare hope that a wished-for peaceful silent majority of Muslims will be able to influence the radical Islamists away from violence, and thus forestall the coming European Civil War, any more than imagined peaceful silent majorities could have prevented the civil wars in Lebanon, Bosnia, Syria or a dozen other places. Actual peace-loving Muslims will be as insignificant to the outcome of the coming conflict as were any Quaker pacifists hiding in 1944 Berlin. The only significance of the alleged silent majority of peaceful Muslims is that they will serve as living camouflage for the jihadists to hide among.

It is critical to note that none of the examples I just mentioned (Lebanon, Bosnia, Syria) constituted neat bipolar wars between two national state actors. All were three-sided wars — at least. These formulations are inherently unstable and constantly veer toward violence, as temporary alliances of convenience shift and today’s friend becomes tomorrow’s enemy. In this environment of deception, subterfuge and betrayal, the false-flag terror operation becomes a standard operating procedure. It is a simple matter for Group A to conduct a massacre of Group B while wearing the outward uniforms or other insignia of Group C. And it is no trouble at all for Group C to fire a few mortar rounds into the market square of Group A from the territory of Group B. Ethnic cleansing, reprisal operations and mass executions proliferate like mushrooms in this free-booting environment, which is devoid of the behavioral controls normally inherent in a war fought at the national level between two uniformed militaries.

When any non-Islamic country, such as France (through dangerously naive immigration policies) attains approximately a ten-percent Muslim population, violence and civil war become a constant threat. Ten percent of a total national population translates into more than fifty percent of fighting-age men in key urban districts, due to the concentration of Muslims in Sharia-zone ghettos, combined with aging European demographics. Later, these Muslim ghettos will serve as sanctuaries and bastions for the jihadists, until and unless they are finally pulverized with artillery shell fire or aerial bombs. France and Germany will not be exempt from the lessons of history that were hard-taught in Beirut, Sarajevo, and Damascus.

Thousands of the recent Muslim muhajirun currently arriving in Europe were schooled in prolonged and savage religious and ethnic civil wars. Today’s Europeans, deliberately brainwashed with politically correct fairytales about the benefits of multi-culturalism, have utterly no idea what horrors await them. Increasing European discomfort will not change the outcome one iota. Just because the Europeans may tire of the irritating presence of Muslims, (both new immigrants and native born), the Muslims will never willingly leave Europe. Nor will the Muslim immigrant invaders knuckle under and turn quiet and docile again.

7. A Score of Beslans and Mumbais

The hard core of the battle-hardened jihadists now fanning out across Europe understands the tried-and-true process of igniting a civil war through terror. They will calculate that the European military and police cannot and will not sustain the battle against an unceasing campaign of terrorism. Brussels cannot remain on virtual lockdown forever without its economy being wrecked. What will happen when a Paris-type attack, or worse, is a daily event in a dozen European cities?

As I mentioned above, just the other day in northern Italy eight hundred combat-style pistol-grip shotguns were discovered in a truck on their way from Turkey to Belgium. Do the math. The Paris attacks were carried out by approximately eight jihadists armed with Kalashnikovs, shotguns and TATP suicide vests (which can be manufactured anywhere there is a kitchen). Now imagine a “Super Tet Offensive,” with every type of target on the hit list from airports to zoological parks, each being assaulted by an eight-man squad of such killers. Some attacks smaller, some larger, from pairs to platoons in strength.

Today, perhaps only a few short months prior to Tet 2016, there is no Islamic high command located in Europe or elsewhere in charge of planning specific terror operations. There is no OKW (Oberkommando der Wehrmacht, the supreme command of the German Nazi armed forces) planning an Islamic Operation Barbarossa, hence, there is no command and control structure for Western intelligence to penetrate and disrupt.

Instead of a central brain directing many hands, think of a vast swarm of stinging jellyfish, all moving in loose formation, with the same generalized attack plan in their collective hive-mind. At the end of 2015, individual muhajirun may have only a basic awareness that they are heading to Europe to conduct a great jihad. As D-Day draws nearer, coded messages will proliferate with cryptic references to portentous events from Islamic history. “Get ready, and prepare to conduct major operations” will be the thrust of the online chatter and encrypted wireless messages. In each European city, targets will be individually scouted by local muhajirun in anticipation of a general outbreak of jihad terror attacks.

How many mosques have already received a truckload of shotguns or Kalashnikovs? Run the numbers again: eight jihadists per terror attack, eight hundred weapons per truck, 80,000 Viet Cong fighters in the original Tet Offensive, and an estimated 800,000 muhajirun flooding into Europe. Using radical mosques as clandestine armories is S.O.P in the Middle East, so why would the jihadists not use the same tactics in safe and docile Europe? Out of a sense of fairness and respect for European laws? Please. In the words of Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan, “The mosques are our barracks, the domes our helmets, the minarets our bayonets and the faithful our soldiers…” And bear in mind that anyplace an AK-47 can be smuggled, so too can a few kilos of Semtex.

Imagine a dozen or even a score of Beslan, Russia, and Mumbai, India terror attacks all happening at the same time, across that number of European cities. Initially, the first string of major surprise attacks will be coordinated by the most well-organized terror networks using currently unbreakable wireless encryption. Many of the attacks will involve numerous captured hostages, often children, with impossible demands being made to guarantee their safety. Or no demands will be made; just rape and slaughter will ensue, as in the Russian Beslan example. This outbreak of major attacks will be the signal for the general jihad offensive to begin.

The Beslan Massacre happened in 2004 at the hands of yet another killer gang of aggrieved Islamists. Two squads of Chechen Muslim terrorists arrived on the first day of school in a Russian town, using false police vans as camouflage. They took a thousand young hostages and held them for three days. The Muslim terrorists murdered over four hundred innocents, often after rape and torture.

In Mumbai in 2008, ten Pakistani Muslim terrorists armed with Kalashnikovs and grenades created utter havoc over a four day period, attacking a train station, a hospital (unsuccessfully), landmark hotels and a Jewish center, murdering 164 people and wounding over 300. Simultaneous Beslan, Mumbai and Paris terror attacks, accompanied by car bombs, will be the model for the 2016 jihad offensive in Europe.

What Hitler’s Nazis accomplished with Stukas and Tigers and motorized divisions, the Islamonazis will attempt to accomplish by a massive “Tet Offensive on steroids,” overwhelming and stunning the European meta-system into immediate paralysis and first psychological, then material defeat. At least, that is the outcome that the Islamonazis will be striving to achieve. The 1968 Tet infiltration and mass-attack strategy didn’t succeed in Vietnam, and maybe it won’t work in Europe, either. It’s more likely that the hoped-for general uprising by all European Muslims against the kuffar will not be triggered, and it may simply stall and sputter out.

In strategic terms, if nothing else, the 2016 jihad offensive and subsequent civil war in Europe will open up a second major front in the war against the Islamic State, causing NATO and the West to turn their attention inward toward their own survival, and thereby take pressure off the other theaters of war in Iraq and Syria.

And for the Europeans to win the coming civil war, they will have to be at least half as brutally ugly as their Muslim invaders, and that means pretty damn brutally ugly. But while the jihadists will be operating at maximum brutality from day one, the placid and polite European authorities will be starting from far behind in that department. For example: a standard jihadist tactic is to flee from a terror attack straight back into the embrace of their co-religionists in the Sharia-zone ghettos, and hide behind their women and children. Then what will the authorities do? Go in and try to arrest them? (Just joking.) Wait for their next excursion with more terror bombs? Or gut the entire suspected block with shell fire? This is what I mean by damn ugly. The French reaction to the Paris attacks gives a hint of how this phase will run.

Best case scenario, and I don’t see this as likely: the 2016 Islamic Tet attackers will be wiped out the way the Viet Cong were in 1968. But if there are enough simultaneous attacks, in total numbers involving anywhere near the 80,000 or so fighters of the Vietnamese Tet, I can’t see how the present European forces can defeat the jihadists in less than a month, if at all. By very simple math, that number of jihadists means ten thousand Paris-level attacks. Think about that. Ten thousand Paris level attacks! All taking place in the same month, the same week, even on the same day, right across Europe. The politically-correct and overly polite European policemen (and even their militaries, at first) won’t be up to mounting successful counterattacks and rescue operations against a score of Beslans happening in schools, hospitals and concert halls. Not while at the same time, airports, train stations, power plants and other targets are being hit by Paris-sized terror squads right across Europe.

And count on this, for it is a standard tactic used by all Islamonazis in this extremely dirty style of warfare: just like in Beslan in 2004, where the killers arrived in false police vans, in 2016, ambulances, emergency vehicles and other official conveyances will either be hijacked or painted to simulate the real thing. Suicide bombers will arrive in official uniforms to sneak past security. This is a standard tactic, I repeat for emphasis. A jihadist dressed in a policeman’s uniform will drive a hundred-kilo bomb straight into the police headquarters in an official, marked police car. Goodbye, police HQ. (And incidentally, good luck at planning the rescue operation for your town’s local Beslan-in-progress, after your local police HQ is cratered, and much of their crisis leadership is wiped out.)

A few examples; I could go on for pages. The milk truck or bakery van will deliver terrorists to the middle school at mealtime. An ambulance will pull into the hospital’s underground parking garage and detonate. The cement truck won’t be delivering cement. Muslim jihadists are very proud of coming up with ever more clever ways to fool stupid infidels by abusing their naïve faith in official uniforms and corporate logos. The jihadists hurry to sign up for suicide driver school, just for the prospect of exploding a massive bomb inside of a crowd of filthy kuffar, and launching themselves straight into the arms of their seventy-two waiting virgins. This is how they will fight in Tet 2016. Forget this lesson at your extreme peril.

Another painful European history lesson has been largely forgotten since the days of the Troubles in Northern Ireland. In the 1990s, the IRA forced the British to the peace table when it became clear to all parties involved that the Brits could not prevent car bombs from exploding in the heart of the London financial district, costing billions in repair and lost-opportunity costs after each new blast. Essentially, a competent terrorist organization can hold a modern city hostage in this manner.

A few dozen to a hundred (at most) active IRA terrorist fighters managed to pull off this feat. And they were not even trying to kill people; rather, their goal was to wreck important office towers, with the British economy as their primary target. Usually, the IRA detonated their London car bombs during off-hours in these final terror actions of the Irish Troubles. The Muslim car bombers will not be as considerate in the coming European Civil War. They will strike for maximum civilian casualties, in an attempt to terrorize European leaders into surrender and submission to their Islamist demands.

8. Hama Rules

I predict that the unfolding European Civil War (after the initial Tet 2016 phase) will comprise a steady escalation from Paris-style rifle attacks and suicide bombers, to snipers, to IEDs, to car and truck bombs. This is why I mentioned the possibility of eventually reducing the Sharia-zone ghettos to ruins by air and artillery bombardment. This will indeed happen, after the car bombs begin to explode in European cities. At that point, an urban civil war loses any vestige of civilized norms. Fortified ghetto bastions that provide sanctuary to Muslim jihad terrorists will be destroyed if the Islamic conquest is to be quelled.

This type of no-quarter urban warfare already has a name, “Hama Rules,” from the 1982 obliteration of that Syrian town. Hama was a Muslim Brotherhood stronghold used to launch attacks against the regime of Hafez al-Assad, the father of the current Syrian strongman. These guerrilla (or terrorist if you prefer) attacks occurred beginning in 1976, and didn’t stop until Hama was reduced to rubble, and at least ten thousand Sunni Muslim Syrians were killed among the ruins.

If the Europeans don’t have the stomach for that level and scale of total civil war, then over time they will be defeated, and either forced to convert to Islam, or forced into subjugated dhimmi status, or they will be executed, (if they can’t be put to useful work as slave laborers first). Those are Islam’s unchanging options for defeated male foes, at the pleasure of their Muslim vanquishers. The captured girls and women of the defeated kuffar will be taken as slaves, that is a given. So it will be war to the knife, and knife to the hilt, with no holds barred, and no quarter asked or given.

Going into 2016, a peaceful de-escalation is improbable, not with up to a million fresh muhajirun of fighting age currently cast all about Europe without housing or prospects as winter comes on. This rapid mass influx of hundreds of thousands of unattached Muslim men into Europe is the equivalent of pouring a jug of nitroglycerin down the barrel of a cannon, then loading a double gunpowder charge, ramrodding three or four cannon balls on top, and lighting the fuse. It is the perfect recipe for a disastrous explosion.

The 1968 Tet Offensive involved approximately 80,000 armed Viet Cong infiltrators sneaking into Vietnamese cities and towns, (unnoticed by the “experts” in intelligence, I will add.) How many of the almost a million muhajirun now loose in Europe will take up arms for the cause, after the first initiating wave of Tet 2016 terror attacks? Does anybody really have any idea? There is a point when stealthy hijra transitions into overt jihad, and I believe this will occur in the coming year. Historians will look back and marvel at what I think of as the coming European Jihad Tet Offensive of 2016. Or perhaps they will call it the European Trojan Horse Civil War. (I only hope that they don’t call it The Final Islamic Conquest of Europe.)

Historians will study how this mass hijra invasion, and the consequent Tet 2016 and European Civil War came to happen. The truth is it was an inside job by the traitor class, the cultural Marxist open-border international socialists. First, they numbed and dulled their own compatriots into apathy, before opening the gates to the Islamist barbarians. They injected the paralyzing curare of multi-cultural political correctness into their own societies, in order to render them unable to defend themselves from the planned attack.

In reality, the international socialists and the Islamist forces have agreed upon a murder pact, wherein their common enemy, the nationalists, will be removed as a threat to either of them forever. In 2016, European nations will deliberately be torched, in order to finish off their people’s last remaining notions of national pride and cultural identity. In effect, the coming conflict will constitute an agreement about the dinner menu made between a jackal, a hyena, and a supremely stupid bliss-ninny lamb, who was raised on Utopian multi-cultural fantasies. The lamb believes that by its own sweet example, the jackal and the hyena can be turned into vegetarians — but the choice for the dinner entree is already a foregone conclusion. European nationalists will be shot and stabbed in their fronts and their backs until they go down and are consumed by both of their rapacious destroyers.

And depend on this: standing before the crater, in front of the smoking building, after the tenth car bomb to explode that month, telegenic media traitors will mangle the truth into a false narrative that supports the inexorable spread of international socialism as the only possible solution to the “tragic cycle of violence.” The liar press will call patriots Nazis, and Nazis patriots; they will damn saints and praise mass-murderers. These media presstitutes are loyal only to their traitor-class paymasters, and to their common international socialist vision of global tyranny imposed from above by the all-knowing elites. “Out of chaos, order,” will be in their minds if not on their lips.

9. The End Game

If the traitor elites can imagine sufficiently far into the future, then they must surely see international socialism lining up next for its climactic struggle against Islam, which shall be fought atop the still-warm corpse of European nationalism. Will these traitor-elite international socialists be able to hold the line against the ultimate victory of Islamic supremacism in Europe, or anywhere? Let us compare their assets and armaments.

The traitor elites control vast wealth and many levers of power. But will the ready offer of unlimited wealth and fast-track career promotion outweigh the fear of the Muslim assassin, kidnapper, and beheader? Which motivating force will prove stronger in the long run, the proffered bribe, or the kidnapped child and her threatened decapitation? International socialism and world Islamism are both evil totalitarian ideologies rooted in a quest for absolute power, but I believe that more socialists will convert to Islam than the other way around, tending to tip the final outcome in that direction. Why? Because you can live without accepting a suitcase full of Euros or a juicy job offer as a bribe. But you cannot live with your head removed from your shoulders.

Another enduring but rarely examined weapon in the Islamic conquest armory is the offer of amnesty to well-placed infidel leaders who agree to convert to Mohammedism. Can I see Angela Merkel wearing a hijab? Yes, certainly. Whether the badge she wears on her suit is red or black won’t matter to the former Communist, not if it is a matter of saving her neck while retaining her status. Study the history of Islamic conquest, and you will find numerous cases where Western leaders announced — after clandestinely opening the city gates to hijra invasion — that they had already converted to Islam.

As reward for this valuable service, well-placed defectors to Islam are often allowed to preserve their wealth and positions by taking fresh Muslim names and swearing fealty to the new Islamic regime. It’s intentionally made very easy to convert to Islam. The shahada conversion prayer is only a sentence, a handful of words. Sincere inner belief is not required, only publicly outward submission, which is the true (and nearly always obscured) meaning of the Arabic word Islam. Submission.

So when it comes to last-stand defenses, and head chopping time draws near, will the secular humanist international socialists fight to their last breath against Islamism? Not likely, not when simply repeating a silly and trite incantation about Allah and Mohammed can save their inherently dishonorable and traitorous lives. Simply stated, they will submit to Islam.

I think that in the end, Mohammed’s evil and satanic Koranic blueprint for world conquest will prove to be even more virulent and persistent than the evil and satanic blueprint of the international socialists, going back through the Jacobins, Marxists and Communists. The unchanging Koranic blueprint for global domination is still replicating and advancing after fourteen centuries, while the international socialist blueprint is only two and a half centuries old. Based on proven longevity alone, a betting man would have to favor the Islamic formulation for conquest and tyranny over the international socialist version.

And in the event that Islam either destroys or co-opts international socialism, I would expect the strife to continue until only Sunni or Shia Muslims are left alive. Then there would arise schisms and conflicts among new competing sects, because of the innately violent instructions central to the Koranic blueprint. But without an external host for the parasitic Islamic ringworm to feed upon, (having killed and consumed the golden goose of productive Western society), Islam itself will most likely fester and decay. What would succeed a failed global Caliphate, I can’t imagine. By that time, the last believing and practicing Christians in Europe will be lying cold and forgotten in their unmarked mass graves.

10. Alternative Endings

But perhaps the conflict between the three major forces will turn out differently. Perhaps, after the Islamic Tet Offensive of 2016 is turned back, European nationalism will experience a miraculous resurgence, following a rejection of the international socialism which dragged the EU nations toward disaster. Sometimes invading forces badly miscalculate their chances and underestimate the resolve of their enemies, and after sweeping to early success, they are rolled far back from their high-water marks. Napoleon and Hitler in Russia, and the Greek experience in Anatolian Turkey from 1919 to 1922 come readily to mind.

Or perhaps the Islamists will take their jihad a step too far, and a nuclear device or other WMD set off in a Western city might finally provoke a commensurate counter-strike against the nexus of Islam in Mecca and other Muslim holy sites, such as Karbala in Iraq. Certainly Vladimir Putin can be expected to evince more steely-eyed resolve than the current crop of effete and dithering Western European leaders.

Two of the Five Pillars of Islam literally revolve around the black moon rock set into the corner of the Kaaba in the center of Mecca. After 1,400 unchanging years, Islam cannot simply erase two of its five pillars and continue with business as usual. Allahu Akbar means our god is greater. If Mecca were turned into a vast, glowing crater, this would be visibly untrue. When the Aztec and Inca man-gods were visibly thrown down by the Spanish conquistadors, those religions and social systems collapsed. If Mecca were to be destroyed, eliminating two of the five pillars, it’s an open question as to what would happen in and to the worldwide Muslim community. “We used to think our god was greater” won’t be an effective rallying cry. But I don’t suppose I’ll be around to see how this all plays out. For 1,400 years, uncounted millions of Christians and other infidels have died not knowing if Islam would ultimately prevail or be vanquished.

I’m not sure if there is a future ahead for sovereign nation-states as they have been constituted for the past four centuries, especially nations with their own unique histories, cultures and languages. I don’t know if the wealth and influence of the traitor-elite international socialists can overcome the constant threat of terrorism contained within the deadly Koranic conquest plan. And when it comes to how the approaching European storm will affect China and Asia, my crystal ball is cloudy on the other side. It’s hard to imagine a world war extending from Scandinavia to the Persian Gulf not going nuclear at some point. Perhaps the patient and cautious Chinese will simply inherit the ruins of the West. Perhaps they will be drawn into the world war.

No matter what else happens over the coming decade, 2016 is shaping up to be an epic year in European and world history. I hope that whatever develops across the Atlantic might at least provide clear lessons that will be valuable for the defense of a free and sovereign United States of America. Including lessons about the extreme danger of importing millions of Islamic muhajirun.

And lastly, thank God — through our Founding Fathers — for the First and Second Amendments to the United States Constitution. Unlike the Europeans, we are at least still free to warn one another of impending dangers, without our being silenced by the traitor elites who operate the levers of state power. And because of the Second Amendment, we will never be pulled down to the ground like helpless lambs by the Islamist hyenas and socialist jackals. When one-too-many ravenous foxes are placed into the henhouse by socialist traitors, in due time both the foxes and the traitors might just get a face full of buckshot.

Just remember: never, ever give up your guns.

You’re going to need them.

Matthew Bracken was born in Baltimore, Maryland in 1957, and attended the University of Virginia, where he received a BA in Russian Studies and was commissioned as a naval officer in 1979. Later in that year he graduated from Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL training, and in 1983 he led a Naval Special Warfare detachment to Beirut, Lebanon. Since then he’s been a welder, boat builder, charter captain, ocean sailor, essayist and novelist. He lives in Florida. Links to his short stories and essays may be found at EnemiesForeignAndDomestic.com

401 thoughts on “Tet, Take Two: Islam’s 2016 European Offensive

  1. All too true! So bleedingly obvious it also forms the basis of my novels “Soul Saviour,” “GET EMILY” and “For Anastasia”…

    An excellent summary above.

    • The first of those books is available at amazon uk for the princely sum of two pounds and sixty three pence. I’m reading the sample just now.

    • Good to hear from you my friend. Hope you’re getting on, that MRI scan I was talking about before was yesterday. All went well. I don’t suppose too much will come of it, I really don’t think there are too many options here, but still, at least that’s done.

      • That’s the first one read – kind of a cross between ‘The Blue Ring’ by AJ Quinnell and ‘Davo’s Little Something’ by Robert G. Barrett. Well worth a read, then. Ryan tells it as it is about the religion of pieces, that’s for sure.

      • Just finished book two. Ryan’s like, somewhere Mitch Rapp and Les Norton. He’s certainly developed some interestingly efficient tequniques for sending the enemy downstairs to the burny place …

    • Ryan was quite taken aback by how truly gorgeous she was, but recovered enough of his wits to say ‘you are welcome’ and to make a request. ‘Listen Emily, I assume you’ve seen more than a few zombie movies over the years?’‘Yes,’ she answered struck by the seeming oddity of the question. ‘Well they are not far from the truth I’m afraid. All those you are about to see gathering around us are virtually zombies. They follow the edicts of a long dead criminal conman who thought up just about every evil vice you could think of, and had them cleverly inserted into a new religion in order to appeal to the base instincts of a very primitive and uneducated people. For the past fourteen centuries we have had devotees of that cult continually hammering at the door of civilisation. They are all taught not to question what has been written for them in the Quran and to destroy all those who do. We are at war, not with terrorism but with an ideology so evil it is beyond comprehension for most people…

      Quote from book 2 …

    • One of the better, most informative reads to date!

      This should be dispersed among the masses ASAP!

          • Stringman, Boltz:
            My thoughts exactly. But the essay is excellent nonetheless. Question: How to disseminate this information in a readable format to a glassy-eyed, dumbed-down populace? Perhaps in serial comic book format printed on an underground press and clandestinely distributed on the streets. Not the first time this method’s been used and with great effect. Or perhaps a pirate station broadcasting on a banana boat in international waters. Electronic media is too closely monitored now. The people must know what’s happening . . . and what is about to happen!

        • Hey be nice to dummies like me. I started off with knocking knees and read the whole blessed piece and now reading every comment. Fraid I still cannot entirely comprehend the level of evil we are up against even after 15 years of intense study and observation. Sorry if that makes me normal. But I know enough to know I should believe it, and trust the warnings and instructions from people like you and mr. Bracken.

          So now I am scared unto adult diaper territory and yet a little smarter and a tiny bit more prepared. So I am saying: keep talking and writing and maybe even intentionally ticking off we lesser soldiers cuz a little of that can be motivating.

          On a personal note, the thing I pray most for myself is keeping the faith till the end, no matter how horrifying. And this is big for an orthodox Christian who has never made it thru a viewing of The Passion and who cannot bear to read accounts of the Apostles’ deaths. I believe it helps to imagine the possibilities, as much as one can bear. And then to regularly confess my sin and receive the Sacrament of the Lord’s Supper. Believe this: the Islamonazis have made me a more diligent and faithful consumer of Christ’s holy body & blood…. kind of strange and mysterious how that worked out.

    • Sometimes I wonder how out of proportion we get things. Sure there are 1.5 billion muslims – but there are 5. billion non-muslims. Muslim countries don’t have a pot to [micturate] in when it comes to military prowess. Even if you lumped them all together – they are no match for an America or a Russia. There’s no combined muslim army, navy or airforce that is a threat to any sperpower.

      At best they are a rabble. Cunning of course – and viciously mean spirited and with diabolical motivations. But all they can do is terrorist acts to make the general public fearful.

      It will not take much at all for serious steps to be taken to curtail those activities. So, keep things in perspective but keep alert and never give up the fight until the light of truth exposes to all what this sick cult wants for itself.

      • I disagree somewhat with Mr. Bracken’s portrayal of a violent Tet 2016. I see this as a psychological game with the passing of time as Islam’s ally. All Islam must do is let present generations die off while indoctrinating the younger minds — which is already happening. All this under the guise of multi-culturalism and acceptance of diversity. Of course there can be barbaric slaughter but that might not be in the interests of the Global Caliphate. Bad public relations. Unless, of course, the corporatists are in a hurry.

        • Targeted slaughter. There must be dhimmi jizya with which to support the lazy Islamic hordes. Islam doesn’t favor manual labor.

      • You are wrong. Yes, Non Muslims are the majority, but the Muslims follow a clear goal, a single minded purpose, and they are conditioned to kill and die for it. They don’t need military prowess to attack hundred Kindergartens simultaneously; they don’t need sophisticated weaponry; all they need is the will to ‘strike terror in the hearts of the enemy’. And they will.

        In this, Matthew Bracken is right.

      • Shall we wait for “peaceful” muslims to reject and discipline the “extremists”? The Quraysh are still waiting………

  2. Mr. Bracken is absolutely correct about the matter of intentionality.

    If European leaders wanted to close the land and sea routes to Europe, they could but do not. Navies are humiliated by being ordered to serve as taxi services.

    If they wanted to search each invader they could but don’t.

    If they wanted to stop generating refugees, they could stop attacking Assad but don’t.

    If they wanted to stop generating refugees, they could starve ISIS financially by insisting SA and Qatar stop funding them, by insisting Turkey stop supplying them and buying oil from them, and by destroying refineries and oil transport trucks, but they don’t.

    If they were interested in helping refugees, they could help 25 in place for what it costs to help one inside Europe but the only alternative announced is importation.

    If they wanted to preserve Europe, refugees could be told they will be returned to their homes after the wars are ended but they aren’t.

    If they wanted to protect their citizens, they could allow them to speak out against their Muslim enemy and arm themselves, but they do not. Dissent and plainly true words are ruthlessly punished.

    European leaders promulgate contemptible lies about Islam that no honest person can embrace. The treason of these lying, vicious swine is complete and total.

      • So do I, but let me add:

        If they were interested in avoiding population decline through immigration, they could set up a points system, and invite qualified applicants from compatible cultures. There are millions of Chinese, Hindus, Philippinos, Vietnamese that would like nothing more than to get a chance at moving to Europe, and would very much plan to fit in. On average, there would be *fewer* problems with this crowd than with the “native” population. Trust me, I’ve seen how it works in Canada and if a million Vietnamese were arriving, I’d say “WELCOME!” and mean it. The *worst* of that lot are still good people.

        There are other regionalised examples, such as Afrikaners and “Coloured” Afrikaans-speaking South Africans being an extremely easy fit for the Netherlands, linguistically and culturally.

        You know fully well why the traditional politicians don’t go this way: because all these people would vote for right-wing parties the minute they’d get citizenship.

        Add Christian Arabs to the lot. They make the folks here on GoV sound really moderate. That’s the real reason why the governments seem not to be too keen on Christians from the Middle East, I’m sure. And those are people who really do need help! They also have the great advantage of speaking Arabic, while being fully-reliable quantities at the same time! I’ll bet that one could line up hundreds of thousands of Egyptian Copts willing to move right NOW, if one tried.

        • What you say is not entirely true, not everywhere. The Assyrian Christians who migrated to Södertälje in Sweden have the same sorts of social pathologies that the Muslims have, and create almost as much crime and trouble. It seems that living among Muslims as dhimmis for more than a millennium has taken its toll on them. And Palestinian Christians are among the most vicious Jew-haters in the world.

          • It is a fact that most of the people in the world who claim to be Christian — are not.
            Haters of Palestinians or haters of anyone may have the patina of Christianity — but they will be told by Christ: Depart from me I never knew you.

          • I have experienced that — they were just as bad of liers and enslavers as the [Muslims]

          • They are arabs, after all, with a low IQ and short temper (high concentration of the MAOA-2R allele).

            Japan is doing it right by not letting proles into their country. What’s wrong with a homogenous country? That it works.

        • Population decline is actually not such a great problem in densly populated Germany, and making the Germans a minority with a majority asian population is as dumb as the current system. You can’t replace people, ever. If 10 million germans move to Saudi Arabia, it won’t be Arabia anymore, it will change.

          I want my children to live in a Germany where Goethe is still read, Mozart listened to, and Caspar David Friedrich admired. I don’t want a Germany with Zen Buddhism practiced — it’s better than Islam, sure, but it’s still foreign and a perversion if practiced on a large scale in western societies.

          Multikulturalism is a bad idea no matter what kind of people are used. Even a high IQ island wouldn’t really work with hundreds of different ethnicities.

          Blut ist dicker als Wasser (blood is thicker than water).

          • Many highly talented and hard-working people learning classical instruments in many western countries are Chinese and Korean. They are totally committed to keeping Mozart going, while we benefit from amazing cuisines, dance and martial arts.

            Taking the best aspects of each culture is the intelligent thing to do. It’s just that islam seems to have very little to offer and much to destroy…

        • Do the politicians and other people who traitorously support muslim rule really believe the muslims will let them continue to live as they do?

        • Indeed, why can’t Europe just take in the right immigrants? The only bad thing about the many Chinese and Korean immigrants where I live is that many are so intelligent and hard working that they tend to get the best degrees and jobs :).

          • You may believe it’s the right thing to do but it’s not. In Canada they’ve taken over Vancouver and surrounding towns. From a White European of 93 % in 1996 , they were a minority in 2011 at 46 %. No figures yet for 2016 but it got worse. One result amongs several besides large-scale fraud & corruption, you now have Chinese-only signs everywhere. For sobering thoughts on the idea of having Chinese & such immigration: Read : Immigration Watch Canada (website & FB), as a sample: http://www.eurocanadian.ca/2016/01/canadian-cities-as-hubs-of-diversity-part2.html

          • Europe doesn’t need Immigrants. It is a fallacy. If declining population were a real problem politicians would reward families with Tax Breaks instead of destroying families at every turn.

            Taking on a Million more jobless is only self destructive.

            Whoever is behind this wants to destroy Western Civilisation. Who benefits? Well the author wasn’t specific enough but I have my suspicions and they were behind Communism in the first place.

      • I too agree with col. bunny. The Europeans are apathetic and docile, putting up with their traitor leaders and Muslim crimes and being pushed around, etc. I really think Muslims could do an end run for jihad and turn Europe into a caliphate by end of 2016. I see it as very likely with mass destruction and killing, burning or razing historical monuments and buildings, cemeteries, museums, concert halls and churches. Time is running out for stuck in stupid Europeans and the train is about to derail.

        • I’m confused, laura m. If the Europeans are “apathetic and docile,” and Western European leaders are pro-Islam then why is an end run necessary? Simply walk through the front door and take over. This is what’s happening anyway and it’s proving to be effective as Islam has the support of Brussels.

      • The fact that NONE of the so-called Syrian refugees are going to Saudi Arabia or any other muslim nations confirms Bracken’s thesis:

        This is being done to destabilize whats left of the Christian nation states of Europe.

        • Saudis and other Gulf states don’t take in their fellow- muslim “refugees” because they know many are jihadists. They should know, since they financed them in the first place!

      • Count me in. I particularly agreed with your idea of destroying their symbols, as this is a “religion” based totally on symbolism. This destruction should be (simultaneously) of the local and non-local variety of symbols.

    • Unfortunately it would seem that many people are ignorant of 1400 years of history. It is interesting to note that the author refers to Islam as a two – headed hydra monster. In Revelation 13, an end -times beast w/ 7 heads and 10 horns is written about, which most experts on Biblical prophecy now believe is the entity of Islam. And people “wonder after the beast and say, who is like unto the beast, who can make war with it?”

      • To Annabellee Beidersee:

        Over the years, I’ve found references to eschatological scripture to be singularly unhelpful when employed in open forums like this one. They are meant for a faith community which shares the same world view. Thus, the average secularist will glance at what you’ve written and move on, unpersuaded. [As Peter Drucker famously said, communication is always the act of the recipient. Jesus was blunter. In Matthew, when he talked about not judging others in order to avoid being judged in return, he followed that advice with a recommendation to avoid the folly of “casting pearls before swine” . As he warned, those pearls are likely to be trampled on as the pigs turn on *you*.]

        All of us across the spectrum of religious belief, from fundamentalist Christianity all the way over to fundamentalist scientism, are in dire need of developing the faculty of discernment. If we don’t move beyond a surface understanding of our own intellectual history then we’re at the mercy of whatever prevailing fear the chattering classes are trying to sell us. “Sustainable” whatever is a good example of what’s on sale currently.

        One area we have almost completely ignored is the ferment of American<->European intellectual history beginning with the first decades of the 20th century. But it is precisely that Unknown Unknown we must traverse if we’re ever to move out of the cave.

        I’ll once more recommend Fred Siegel’s paradigm-changer,
        The Revolt Against the Masses: How Liberalism Has Undermined the Middle Class
        It’s not in the least “dry” reading; look at the reviews of his book on that page and see how others have responded to the experience. One fellow says (in part):

        […] This is a terrific book. It is the best explanation of 20th century politics in the US that I have seen and I have read quite a bit. I sent a copy to one of my children, who is a leftist but seems more open minded than most leftists. One of the things that Fred Siegel explains is why the left has closed all avenues to debate or compromise. Charles Krauthammer, another excellent theorist, has said that “Republicans think Democrats are stupid while Democrats think Republicans are evil”. This is in the same vein as Siegel’s book but he [Siegel] explains how this came about. […]

        I’ll keep on recommending Siegel’s work. He gives us a broad foundation on which to stand, making the reading of Diana West’s Betrayal more deeply informed. Thus: Siegel ->West -> Bracken.

        Follow that trail; at the very least you’ll have acquired some of their invaluable discernment. With luck (and preparation) you’ll possess some idea of what the next step will be…

        …not to mention the advantages of playing on the home field. As you engage your adversary you’ll know a number of things you didn’t understand before, including how to avoid both the steaming piles of bovine effluvia and the subtler land mines near them.

        • The other way of looking at it is someone who does not have a religious background will come across someone saying that the Bible has an explanation for what is happening, and be interested enough to go and check it out for themselves.

          And you never know how someone is going to go, they could read it and move on, or they could take the time to do a little research for themselves. On the chance that someone might choose the latter route, Annabellee’s comment seems worthwhile.

          • Nick, I take two exceptions to your argument:

            (1) in all my years of studying catechetics (and they were considerable at the time), I never heard anyone recommend beginning at the end. It would be akin to deciding to learn, say, French by taking up one of the medieval versions of “Roman de la Rose”, sans any knowledge of modern French, nor a study guide or explanations of French literature/culture at the time it was written. What the student ended up with wouldn’t be a vehicle of communication with the average Frenchman.

            A little closer to home, how about a rollicking good read of Chaucer before the Great Vowel Shift? Or a go at it with no information about the GVS:

            Whan that Aprill with his shoures soote
            The droghte of March hath perced to the roote,
            And bathed every veyne in swich licour
            Of which vertu engendred is the flour

            Learning modern English via the old Chaucer is loosely equivalent to reading Revelations without understanding the Jewish (but also Greek) mythology and symbolism as it existed in that genre of at the time, nor knowing the contextual pressures on those Christ-followers spreading through MENA, Persia, and even India (Thomas). All of them were Koine Greek, though some of the source documents were fragments of Aramaic. )
            Whoever wrote The Book of Revelations (it was not the John on Patmos) was reeling from the destruction of Jerusalem by Rome in 70 AD. Nero was most likely his reference point for the anti-Christ, and he himself was from the fading generation that believed Jesus would not leave his followers physically bereft – even though the post-Resurrection Church in Jerusalem was coming to terms with what having a “Comforter/Councilor” would mean to them individually and as a group as they fled the destruction.

            It would be at least another 250+ years past that – years of fierce dissent & fiery rhetoric over what would become the Final Narrative – i.e.,the kosher consenus version of Christian Scripture. Much more was tossed than was ever accepted. In the Eastern (Greek Church) Revelations never was accepted. Had that part of the known world not been over run with Islam, it might have succeeded in removing Revelations in a wider sphere.

            2. GoV is simply not an appropriate forum for evangelizing religious faith – be it Christianity or Buddhism or scientism. Implicit declarations are okay but there are so many other places where that is *already* the conversation that it isn’t necessary here. In fact, I’ve commented on some of those threads myself.

            But my bad -the whole 3 comments are OT anyway.

          • Did you know the ‘great vowel shift’ petered out on its way up from Englandshire, and never made it to the frozen north? That’s why if you’re driving across Moray and see a bovine beastie in a park at the side of the road, you will say, ‘Check out that muckle coo!’

          • It’s true in the West Riding of Yorkshire, too. They still have the long vowels, leftover from Danelaw days.

          • Did you know the ‘great vowel shift’ petered out on its way up from Englandshire, and never made it up here to the frozen north? That’s why if you’re driving along the A96 and you see a bovine beastie in a park at the side of the road, you will say, ‘Check out that muckle coo!’

            Btw I don’t believe the lassie was ‘evangelizing religious faith’ or suggesting that anyone should study catechetics; so far as I could make out, she was merely saying that we appear to be at the end of something, not at the beginning. Remember the scene at the beginning of The Sopranos, where Tony made this same point to Dr. Melfi. He said he felt like the good times were over – he had come in at the end of something; her response: A lot of Americans feel that way.

          • Apologies for the double post, I’m having a bit of a love/hate relationship with a VPN at the moment. My connection (through another country) is stopping and starting so I don’t know if I’m online or not from one moment to the next … my browser’s saying nothing’s happening sometimes, when something is indeed happening behind the scenes. Oh well time to change countries …

            Here is the clip from The Sopranos:


            Tony explains to Melfi what’s bothering him from about 2m 15s or so …

            T: ‘The morning of the day I got sick, I been thinkin … it’s good to be in somethin from the ground floor … I came too late for that, I know … but lately I’m gettin the feelin that I came in at the end … the best is over.’

            M: ‘Many Americans, I think, feel that way.’

          • It’s vanishingly-rare to find someone with no religious background.

            In most cases, if they don’t have a belief in God, they will have a religious belief in Government.

            Very, very many parallels between conventional religious belief and the adoration of State.

          • For a really good dose of “different” English, try Aberdeen, of read the works of Robbie Burns.

    • Col, Bunny,
      When you try to diagnose what is happening to Europe and the West, those points come to mind. Your points seem so obvious and logical and almost axioms. Why they are so abstruse for traitorous decision-makers is a puzzle.

      Remove Saddam, Remove Qaddaffi, Remove Assad because they “are killing their own people.” , which mesmerizes westerners into deep sleep that they don’t kill their own people. Implying that if they are so concerned about far away people, then imagine how they (traitors) are concerned about their own people.

      But of course they are concerned about neither of them.

      Traitors have no honor, morals, faith, conscience or any value. By attacking other weak countries ( Iraq, Syria, Libya) but not Egypt, or Iran, or Turkey which is killing Kurds) , try to blind others that they have values of democracy and freedom, and that they are not miserably bankrupt.

      Why killing Kurds in Turkey is OK. But killing Kurds on the other side of the border ( in Iraq, is a crime?

      Are minorities in Pakistan not being slaughtered, have you ever heard that on Western TVS?

    • The media are as hateful as the politicians, perhaps worse. Chuck Todd’s amazing performance vs. Donald Ttrump this weekend is a stark reminder. He went into high-outrage mode over Trump’s comments that he saw thousands of Muslims celebrate the 9/11 destruction in New Jersey.

      Surely Todd knew by the time he was questioning / lecturing Trump that this had been reported in print in the Washington Post and on television by none other than Dan Rather on NBC’s own late night show. So, Trump is called a liar, repeatedly and vehemently, for merely repeating what two of the establishment media’s main outlets reported.

      Meanwhile will Chuck Todd give Hillary the same treatment over her outrageous lies about the causes of Benghazi, now that we have the smoking gun of her emails to the Egyptian official and her daughter?

      To ask the question is to answer it. The media have an agenda and the “reporting” act is just an effective way to support it. They are very invested in the dispossession of America from the American people, in the establishment of some totalitarian one-world government. They are at least as guilty as Tokyo Rose was of treason.

      • Tokyo Rose wasn’t actually a supporter of Japanese militarism, and was pardoned in 1956.

  3. Wow, but things are even simpler than this. Individual vs. collective, where the former is hugely outnumbered by the latter

    • Yes, but there are two competing visions of the collective. Both are now trying to murder the fading nationalists. Once that is done, they will turn on each other.

      • But if this is indeed masterminded by a socialist elite, then surely they must have some strategy for containment, right? Or do you think that they are so short-sighted in their onslaught against nationalism that they haven’t bothered to worry about Phase II?

        It is entirely possible that the whole endeavor could get out of their hands (if it hasn’t already). Their likely intention is that the nationalists and Islamists grind each other down, a classic divide & conquer approach. Yet if they are too successful in bringing down the nation states, the risk is they are left with an Islamic insurrection more powerful than expected (as you mentioned in the essay). The machinations of cultural Marxism took decades to build up; they couldn’t stop it all on command, could they? If the elites realize that they’ve overplayed their hand, how would they react? What should we watch for to know that it has occurred?

        • How to tell when the elites have overplayed their hand?

          When they allow/facilitate the rearming of Europeans. They accept the rise of militias. They restrain only slightly the mass murder of the followers of Islam.

          The murder of a million Europeans (Paris X 10,000 – per above) will change everything. We/they are headed into a black hole. No one knows what will come out of the other side.


          Tribal’s have their own problems. They don’t do maintenance. But maybe this is the grand depopulation our elites have been pining for.

          Dark times for sure.


          Well, I’m afraid – having given it a shot – I haven’t answered the question.

        • James
          Perhaps they will sit this one out in Switzerland as they did in WW2.
          Note how Switzerland is one of the few EU countries to somehow miraculously buck the edicts about mass Islamic immigration for the rest of the EU being rubber stamped in Brussels. Switzerland is of course the home of International banking and the rubber stampers in Brussels are certainly Rothschild Rockefeller Bilderberg Group apparatchiks.

          • Switzerland has a million muslims within its population of 8 million people – it bucks nothing

        • Seems to me that total arrogance breeds over-confidence and thus contains the seeds of its own destruction.
          To Big to Fail? Sure…

    • it’s simpler i.e. “allahu akbar” – our god is greater (altruism even if by social/economic/military force)

      depending on definition of god being islam, or socialism, or capitalism or communism or …

  4. Jaw droppingly real. Explains clearly a lot of the confused things we’ve all been watching unfold this last few months.
    I really must keep a copy of this to reread in a year.
    Thank you Matthew.

  5. Thank you for this essay, which is much too long for kuffar whose attention span is limited to 140 characters.

    The term _muhajirun_ is used repeatedly. Did the author perhaps mean _mujahideen_, the plural of _mujahid_, meaning a jihadi? No, _muhajirun_ is the plural of _mujahir_, a person who has made the _hajj_ pilgrimage to Mecca. But in this essay _muhajirun_ seems to mean those who have made the _hijra_ migration to Europe, to supply its replacement population: “hijra (jihad by immigration) … the muhajirun, or hijra migrants.”

    “Two of the Five Pillars of Islam literally revolve around the black moon rock set into the corner of the Kaaba in the center of Mecca.”
    The Five Pillars are: (1) Shahada (recitation of “There is no god but Allah, and You-Know-Who is his bestest prophet.”), (2) Salat (five-time-a-day prayer, facing Mecca), (3) Zakat (charity), (4) Sawm (fasting during Ramadan), (5) Hajj (making the pilgrimage to Mecca). So the two pillars referred to must be (2) and (5).

    • Muhajiroon approximately translates to emigrant.
      A person who completes the Hajj is caleed a Haji.
      Peace be upon you.

  6. Thanks for posting this up and linking to WRSA. Great site and Mr. Bracken indeed hits this very, very well. Just my opinion.

    Never, ever give up your guns. Sound and sage advice.

    • Good to hear from you my friend. Hope you’re getting on, that MRI scan I was talking about before was yesterday. All went well. I don’t suppose too much will come of it, I really don’t think there are too many options here, but still, at least that’s done.

  7. Fascinating.

    I must confess that I’m holding out the hope that Israel will ultimately do the necessary deed with the craters.

    They, of all people, are under no illusion as to what’s in store for them. After all, they don’t even have the option of converting.

    • Yes, I agree with that, but I was trying to narrow the scope of an already very long 9K-word essay. Comparing Putin as an European (sort of) nationalist to the weak Western European leaders suited this. But you are 100% correct. If Haifa or Tel Aviv are nuked, I would not expect Mecca, Karbala etc to last that day.

      And in fact, the first Iranian nukes might be fired by Iranians at Mecca. There are mad Iranian factions who believe that the Sunnis in Saudi Arabia have been run by secret Jews since the split. They want to see Karbala, where their founder died, become the new Mecca and direction of prayer for all Muslims.

      How ironic if the two primary Islamic sects simply wiped each other out over 1,400 year old religious totems. Not that a nuclear exchange across the Persian Gulf would do the rest of the world much good in the short run.

      But in the long run, maybe.

      • I think that the Iranians are more likely to take a run at the Saudis first if they get nukes, for the simple reason that the only certain outcome of taking a run at the Israelis is that it’ll be the *last* thing that they’ll do.

  8. Brilliant article that coalesces and adds to the disjointed picture I have of the Worlds state today.
    Thank you and Shared.

  9. I read this information in novels written by ‘Taylor Caldwell’, when I was in my early teens in the early 1960’s. I remember talking with some older people about it who scoffed at such ideas. I believed it then, and I believe it now. Actually, I am seeing it now. My relatives and friends in the Netherlands tell me it a ‘disaster’ over there, but ‘what can we do?’. I’m so thankful my old grandfather dragged us all over here to Canada in 1952.

    • My thoughts as well. Did not Taylor Caldwell write ‘Captains and the Kings’ made into a mini-series in the 70’s. I think that the substance of this article (and others) is a grand game (conspiracy). The end result is dissolution of the nation state system into global neo-feudalism.

      • And here I thought I was the only youngster reading Taylor Caldwell in junior high and high school. I’ve since made it a little quest of sorts to collect all of her books…but I digress.

        I believe her most prescient and profound writings was, “Dialogues with the Devil”. I reread it right after Obama’s election and it still rang true with haunting, chilling clarity.

        • I haven’t thought about Taylor Caldwell in years…my heavens. So I looked around on Amazon. Quite a few of her works, even the used mass-market paperbacks are still pricey. She must be undergoing a renaissance of sorts. I did find a (relatively) affordable one, for those with some discretionary income:

          Dear and Glorious Physician

          Since Luke’s gospel (and the sequel, “Acts of the Apostles”) has always been of interest to me for a variety of reasons, her fictionalized account of the man held my interest in high school. Or at least I was left undisturbed by the nuns whilst reading her, which wasn’t the case of my “Mad Magazine” stuffed into a notebook. It fell out in Spanish class and Sister Benignus marched me to the principal…(the latter was loathsome. A nun out of the penny dreadfuls Protestants read). They called my mother to school – a hard trip on two buses and lost pay from work – to show her my reading. Mother was miffed, to put it mildly. But not at *me*. She said she liked “Mad” and had read it herself (imagine my surprise! Momma was looking in my notebook! Gads!) Anyway, she told them in no uncertain terms a variant of “how dare you?” Now that I think of it, she probably had a wonderful catharsis remembering her own fear of those Sisters of Loretto in Ireland. Thus did my road to ruin open my eyes in admiration to the parts of my mother’s misery she’d managed to transcend. I was fortunate my grade school nuns had been so much better than those women.

          (OTOH, the second group *were* dealing with teenagers, which is bound to make you psycho after a while)

          • Written by Lucifer to his brother, Michael:

            Certainly, in hell there is no free will, for the damned relinquished it on their worlds. This torment has been denied them by me. Therefore, they cannot will to climb to Heaven by self-denial, by contemplation, by worship, by dedication, by acts of faith and charity. These attributes shriveled in them during their lives, or were rejected scornfully by them in moods of risible sophistications. They can desire to possess them now, but I would keep them safe and warm, as Our Father never kept them so! So, they can will nothing. They can only accept the pleasures -and the pains – I bestow on them.

            In Heaven, however, free will is fully released. The ability to reject, to deny, remains with archangels, angels and the souls of the saved. The gift of repudiation is still with them and the possibility of disobedience. Is that not most frightful? What insecurity! What danger! My damned remain with me in eternal slavery because in life they desired only safety, and lacked the fire of adventure, though, God knows, they protested enough on their worlds! But what did they protest? Inequality, which is the variety of God. Instability, which is the light of the universes. Uneasiness of mind, which is the soul of philosophy. Apparent injustices, which are the goad of the spirit. Vulnerability to life and other men, which is a charge to become invulnerable through Faith in God. The presence of suffering or misfortune – but these are a call for the soul to put on armor and serenity. They demanded of their rulers that they remain in constant cocoons, silky and guarded by earthly authority. They did not ask for wings to soar into the sunlight, and the ominous threats of full existence. They rejected freedom for hell. Certainly, they cried for freedom on their worlds, but it was freedom only to live happily without the freedom to be divinely unhappy.

            I have satisfied all these lusts of men. Strange, is it not, that my hells, though the ultimate success of the dreams of men, are filled with weeping? And strange, is it not, that they still do not believe in the existence of God? But then, they never did; they believed only in me. They cannot will to believe in God. They see absolute reality about them now, which was their will in life. I will not pretend that I do not understand them, for was it not I who promised them all without work and without striving?

            But lately I asked of a newly descended soul which had much acclaim on Terra: “What was your greatest desire on your world, you who were applauded by rulers and admired by your fellowmen?”

            He replied, “Justice for all,” and put on a very righteous expression.

            That was admirable, for who does not admire justice, even I? But I probed him. He declared that in his earthly view all men deserved what all other men possessed, whether worthy or not. “They are men, so they are equal, and being born they have a right to the fruits of the world, no matter the condition of their birth or the content of their minds, or their capacities.” I conducted him through the pleasures of my hell and he was delighted that no soul was lesser in riches than another, and that every soul had access to my banquets and my palaces, no soul was distinguishable from another, none possessed what another did not possess. Every desire was immediately gratified, he discovered. He smiled about him joyfully. He said, “Here, justice is attained!”

            Then he saw that no face was joyful, however mean or lofty its features. He remarked, wonderingly, on the listlessness of my damned, and how they strolled emptily through thoroughfares filled with music and through streets wherein there was not a single humble habituation. He heard the cries of pleasure over my laden tables, and then heard them silenced, for there was no need now for food and where there is no need there is no desire and no enjoyment. He saw that the poorest on earth were clothed in magnificence and jewels, yet they wept the loudest. He was no fool. He said, “Satiety.” True, I answered him, but satiety can only live in the presence of total equality. He pondered on this while I led him to the seat of thousands of philosophers, and he sat down among them. But, as there is no challenge in hell, and no mystery, there can be no philosophy. That night he came to me on his knees and begged for death. I struck him with my foot, and said, “O man, this was the hell you made, and this was the desire of your heart, so eat, drink, and be merry.”
            He attempted to hang himself in the manner of Judas, and I laughed at his futility. I meditated that above all futility is the climate of hell.

            He said to me, in tears, “Then, if you are, then God exists.”

            “That does not follow,” I replied to him. “But, did you not deny Him on Terra? Did you not speak of supra-man and man-becoming, and the ultimate glorification of man on earth, without God?”

            “I did not see God among men,” he said, wringing his hands.

            “You did not look,” I said. “You were too dull in your human arrogance and too enamored of humanity. You never denounced your fellows for their lusts and their cruelties. You told them they were only ‘victims.’ You refused to look upon their nature, for you denied the infinite variety and capacities of nature. To you, one man was as good as any other man, and equally endowed, for the foolish reason that he had been born. You saw no saints, and no sinners. It was only a matter of environment, though the proof was all about you that environment is but a mere shading or tint on the soul, and is not destiny. You denied that men have gifts of the spirit, often above those of other men. In truth, you denigrated those gifts of striving and wonder. You denied free will. Everything evil that happened to a man was only the result of his fellowmen’s lack of justice. You denied the reality of good and evil, the ability to make a choice. In short, you denied life, itself.”

            “Then God in truth does exist?” he asked, after a moment’s miserable thought.

            “That you will never know,” I said. “But rejoice! All your dreams are fulfilled here. Delight yourself. Behold, there are beautiful female demons here, and banquets and sports and pleasures and soft beds and lovely scenes and all whom you had wished, in life, you had known. Converse with them.”

            “There is no desire in me,” he said. “I want nothing.”

            “You are surely in hell,” I replied, and I left him weeping.

            Dialogues With The Devil, Taylor Caldwell, 1967

  10. Very well done. However, the third element in you triad is not quite on the mark. Remember, the creation of the nation state was in itself a revolutionary act of pre-Freemasonic origin. The Protestant revolution (misnamed a reformation) was actually the Grand Event that initiated the modern era of nation states, socialism, etc. The real first man in the Triad that has always been the target of the other two, is Christendom (the remnants of which make up what we call Western Civilization. Christendom, is the a universal (Catholic) civilization that truly embodies (indeed created on the world stage) such values as the value of the individual, the good and need for private property, respect and even support for the flourishing of the diverse cultures of the world, love of neighbor with all that implies (hospitals, community spirit, care and defense of the weak in society, etc.), and love of the Truth with all that implies (schools, science, sanitation, etc.). All under the Social Kingship of Jesus Christ. The Triune, loving relational God, the prime mover, Father Son and Holy Ghost, He Who Is (Yahweh directly translated), the only entity that actually exists in and of itself, outside of time and space, and is the beginning and upholder of all things, and allows free will in his two sentient creations, the Angels and Men, so that they can freely choose to love Him and participate with Him in creation, is the reality. The only reality. A system that follows His laws, as far as possible in a fallen world (a loving result of the grace of free will), is the only system where any worthy measure of peace (inner and outer) will prevail. Restoring Christendom is the ONLY way to defeat the two other great satanic evils which currently are enjoying almost complete success. That starts by the conversion of heart of every individual, and will probably only be accomplished through the blood of ever growing multitudes of true martyrs. Dry and wet martyrs who suffer for love of God and their neighbor. Deus lo Vult!

    • Yes, you are right!! Follow the messages of Mary at Medjugorje, now in Bosnia. There is another hand at play. The six visionaries have been receiving the information (secrets) that will soon be disclosed and things will happen to bring about the conversions. As Rome fell – and the Berlin walls, too, once the Church consecrated all to Mary’s Sacred Heart – so will Islam fall and the good come to the truth and believe in Jesus. Already, may are having visions and miracles happen, and conversions will bring about martyrs.
      Socialism/communism has already been defeated. Look at Cuba and Venezuela with people in line for hours to get a piece of bread. In reality, their dictators are crony capitalists, making money out of their control over the people and doing nasty business to stay in power and enrich themselves and their elitist friends.
      The devil is attacking humanity through many means and the target is the primarily the Church and as Mary recently said, “In all hearts where Her Son Jesus reigns, there is the Church.”
      Unbelievers should keep their eyes and ears alert to the coming signs and events. Life on Earth will change, but Eternal Life is what is at stake.

    • “Restoring Christendom”, Sepp? Would this be the hypocritical Christianity of my father’s Methodist family, who ostracised my “illegitimate” mother? Or the Catholic nuns in Ireland who, till quite recently, took such children away from their mothers and virtually enslaved the women, all with the collaberation of the Irish state?

      In the name of the (allegedly) merciful God, Sepp, the last thing poor suffering humanity needs is another theocracy, which is why GoV exists!

  11. When I read this: “In 2015, the childless homosexual John Maynard Keynes is indeed long dead,…” I knew that, Mr. Bracken, your expressed desire that, “… my past success at prognostication will encourage people to pay heed to this essay” had failed with me and may fail with others. Let me be direct: When I read the bit about Keynes’ homosexuality, it required that I filter the entire essay through another iteration BS-detection, for I which I do NOT have the time as I have laundry to do. I won’t ask, “Do you follow?”–I know that you do.

    I’m reminded of people who tell me a story about someone and describe the person as, for example, “Black” when the persons race bears no relevance to the story.

    • I could not care any less what you think.

      Keynes was a [flagrant homosexual] whose philosophy was “tra-la-la, live for today.” His being a childless homosexual is key to understanding this narcissistic world view, where only his generation’s material wealth mattered. Keynes and other like him were happy to stick following generations with the butcher’s bill when the accounts finally come due, which is now.

      • The same was true of the New Deal and one of its signature “accomplishments” Social Security. The Constitution was upended and a crushing Ponzi scheme was launched to gratify the sentiment of the beautiful thinkers who thought they knew better than the Founders and Ratifiers how to order human affairs and who played fast and loose with the iron laws of arithmetic and demography.

        A great many people then were eager to ignore the future for short-term advantage and, as you point out, the socialists today similarly seek short-term political advantage from alliance with Muslim without a thought to the true nature of the Muslim. Apparently, the devastation of the picture in sect. 7 is seen as a clue of some kind as to how things are likely to turn out.

        • Yep, that’s why I wrote it. And at the very well guarded pinnacle, the uber inner elites don’t care if there is a huge war, massive death etc. They feel so well insulated and protected with redundant castles on several continents, etc. No matter what happens in their little Earth games, like Greek demi-gods, they will skate away scot free.

          • Matt, history also says that sometimes the elite are hunted down and brought to justice.

      • You responded: “I could not care any less what you think.”

        That is quite a response and–unless you’ve misunderstood–it confirms my suspicion and accusation. If you think I’m accusing you of homophobia, then you don’t understand what I wrote. I’ve accused you of hurting your cause by being irrational. Do you understand the difference? On what basis would any intelligent person waste time attempting to evaluate which of your numerous assertions are rational and which are irrational?

        Secondarily, I was concerned about this site being a target, which would harm our efforts against annihilation.

        • We get it. You are a truly superior person who does truly superior laundry. Thanks for sharing, [derogatory substantive].

        • Narcissistic live-for-today is more relevant, I think. I know many childless people (hetero and homosexual) who care a lot about the future of their families and countries.

    • Kinsey’s proclivities have everything to his “research” and his “research” is inexorably entwined with the social revolution that has brought us to this point in history.

      • Kinsey was espousing the fundamental nature of the vast majority of females. Hypergamy. The search for the best impregnator. Except there is no result. Children are undesired. And the “feminists” recoil from allowing the regret of childlessness to have a voice. It would ruin their plan.

        Some time spent on this site http://therationalmale.com/ will give the essentials.

        No fault divorce is a crippling blow. It makes 80% of the men superfluous. They will not produce. They will not fight.

        America has enough spirit (and guns) to right itself. Barely. Europe is lost.

        To get back to what we once were requires the disempowerment of females. Unthinkable in the current situation. Females (generally) like socialism. Males prefer the struggle of capitalism. Socialism is stasis. But when the female’s desire for protection is paramount – a lot of things once unthinkable become possible.

        Islam is a male force. That is the starting point.

    • I think you’re both right, but you more so. The fact that Keynes was homosexual is irrelevant; however, the fact that he was childless forms a part of Matt’s argument.

      • It isn’t irrelevant, just secondary. While not a requirement for being childless, certainly homosexuality is related to being childless.

        While not all homosexuals will be childless narcissistic annihilationists (those who believe in no afterlife and have no concern for anything that exists after their own death), some of these things would seem to feed the other.

        • I guess the point was proving cognitive dissonance. Homosexuals are pretty much held to be against the teachings of all religions. If you cannot find a God that will respect your sexuality you are left with Atheism as the only hope for maintaining sanity. As a childless, atheist I guess you live only for the moment and wish to cram all the pleasure you can into life before your own demise. Anyway, I’m hardly interested in people complaining about micro aggressions when the end of the civilised World is at stake. Typical SJW got lost on the way to someone who gives a damn.

  12. Wow. Just Wow.

    I have spent the last 90 minutes reading this article. It was enlightening to say the least.

  13. To the fine people of this site: I DO NOT CARE WHETHER YOU PUBLISH MY COMMENT ABOVE. This is NOT about me. This subject is too important.

  14. He is entirely correct. The problem with the massive wealth of the 1% is that it closes the imagination to the human dimension. People’s lives become inconsequential statistics. The power monopoly the global financiers seek is aimed at the establishment of a World Government with us as wage-serfs. This can only take place when people are uprooted from their culture and become ‘strangers in their own country’ – as has now happened with the Muslim invasion.

    Exactly the same divorce from the human scale is true of both the secular utopianism advocated by Marx as well as the apocalyptic doctrine of Islam.

    Further, Modernism in all its cultural forms has jettisoned the human proportion. Modern art is dystopic. Modern architecture is ruthless in its massive scale and rigid lines. Computers provide the dominant metaphor of a brain without a soul. The Climate Change myth-makers are convincing the world that humans are the number one enemy. Our societies are now riven by the mutual hatred of self-appointed victim groups.

    THERE IS ALMOST NO-ONE SPEAKING UP FOR THE WORTH OF EVERY SELF-DETERMINED HUMAN LIFE. Unless this changes, as the writer says, we are doomed.

    • Disturbingly, for better or for worse, it is the religious Judeo-Christians that seem to do this the most, nowadays.

      By way of weirdness, I often find that the Israeli government cares more about Palestinians’ lives than they do themselves. Hamas agrees with me, when saying “We love death as much as you love life.”

      But socialo-communists are also death-loving, in a different way.

      • “…the true soul of the New Testament is undoubtedly the the spirit of asceticism. This spirit of ascetism is precisely the denial of the will to live, and the transition from the Old Testament to the New, from the dominion of the Law to the dominion of faith, from justification by works to redemption through the Intercessor, from the dominion of sin and death to eternal life in Christ, signifies, sensu proprio (in the true sense) the transition from merely moral virtue to denial of the will to live…”

    • Yes – I’m particularly amused by the term “Artificial Intelligence”. As if a lifeless electronic device can be equated to real human intelligence, when we still haven’t managed to define the extent of human intelligence as it actually manifests on this planet.
      But many people get very excited at the prospect of a machine “thinking” for them, and assume (based on what has been told to them in the media) that this “thinking” is far superior to what we do now.
      I understand that what I’ve just touched upon points in a number of different directions when one looks at what’s taken for “thinking” these days, but obviously that’s quite another story.
      I generally remove my glasses and show them to people, because in my opinion these are the most obvious form of artificial intelligence.

  15. There is so much more I could have added. I don’t presume to the know the reason my first comment remains visible. I do know that this site requests money during “fund drives”. This week, I removed from my daily website list the very first site I visited EVERY day for years and multiple times per day over the headline “Planned Parenthood Shooter…” and subsequent content. Let me try another angle: If I assume that in polite company 99 out of 100 statements about homosexuality don’t qualify as homophobic–notice the absence of quotes–then I what am acknowledging? I can make–and have made–a pretty good, possibly unassailable, argument that logic applied to the statement, “Some homosexuals are born that way”, leads logically to the conclusion that–if true–that characteristic is a birth defect.

    Let me be as direct as possible. I can’t conceive of a way to defend the appearance of that single word in that very large essay against being that one statement out of 100.

    You need to decide whether I do or do not represent your readership.

    • Our readership is variegated. You represent it, and so do others whose opinions differ considerably from yours.

      You made a legitimate point about the word “homosexual”. Perhaps Mr. Bracken will show up to elaborate on what he said.

      I took it to mean: “Being homosexual and therefore childless, Keynes had no genetic stake in the long-term success of his country and culture.”

      • Thank you for your thoughtful reply. I replied to Mr. Bracken’s response to me prior to reading your reply. In my reply to him, I explain my objection on rational grounds.

        I almost agree with your interpretation of his meaning. I do believe that childless people may have less of an emotional stake in the fate of the world, but may have an equally strong principled stake in the fate of the world as do people with children. Where would Elton John fit into this scenario? It is my understanding that he has a son through a surrogate. I take this to mean that John has a “genetic” relationship to the future. This year, I worked for a man who is homosexual with two children from having sex with his wife. His gardening business gets write-ups in the NY Times and I could provide a link. I trust that I’ve made my point with respect to “therefore childless”.

        For the record, I am childless, heterosexual and have four nieces and nephews for whom I wish the world to exist when I’m gone.

        I operate under the ethos, “principles before personalities”: If Keynes was too callow to care about the future, then it is not prima facie evidence of the truth value of his scholarship. I can’t believe I needed to type that last bit.

    • Your view is only worth one comment, but I’ll copy and paste it here for others who might have missed it above.

      I could not care any less what you think.

      Keynes was a [flagrant homosexual] whose philosophy was “tra-la-la, live for today.” His being a childless homosexual is key to understanding this narcissistic world view, where only his generation’s material wealth mattered. Keynes and other like him were happy to stick following generations with the butcher’s bill when the accounts finally come due, which is now.

      • I am befuddled by the defense of Kinsey based on the statement he was homosexual. As I said in an above post his sexual proclivities influenced what we euphemistically call “research” which stands at the .heart of the societal changes that have brought us to the point that we question the value of our survival

      • Mr. Bracken, you wrote: “His being a childless homosexual is key to understanding this narcissistic world view, where only his generation’s material wealth mattered. Keynes and other[s] like him were happy to stick following generations with the butcher’s bill …”

        What is one to conclude about your reference to “other[s] like him” which follows the assertion that Keynes “being a childless homosexual is key to understanding this narcissistic world view”? How can I not conclude that you mean other childless homosexuals and that this fact causes a narcissistic world view? What are you peddling here?

        Is it be a key piece of information to know whether or not Fredrich Nietzsche had sex with his sister to evaluate his scholarship?

        • Oh my gosh. Will you get off the suffragette soapbox already? Can we please move on to comments germane to the seminal piece Mr. Bracken has provided for us?

          • Molly!! I am with you.
            Hey scherade (I presume you are s woman, based on your rambling, sometimes [insulting descriptives]): this website is to discuss he logical consequences of the infiltration of Islam into Christendom. Maybe your tangent about Keynes’ sexual preferences will be seen as more interesting elsewhere.
            We have more pressing matters to discuss here.

          • There are many besides homosexuals who hold this same narcissistic world view.
            Keynes (worldview) and other[s] like him were happy to stick following generations with the butcher’s bill …”

        • It took the muzzies many generations to convert the locals in places like Egypt and others. One advantage Europeans have is that they have higher IQ than muslims who on average have about 82-84, whilst Europeans have 100 average. Besides that, half the muslim population is inbred so that brings it down even further. Another aspect of the madness of European elites in letting them in. I don’t think the situation will get as bad as the author states in 2016. It will take longer. The elites don’t have to put up with living close to muslims, as do many working class folk, and these will be willing to fight to prevent their children from living in a sharia state.

    • Your comments remind me of a very funny tongue-in-cheek book review of Lady Chatterly’s Lover in the magazine Field & Stream some years ago. The “reviewer” gave the novel high marks for all the hunting and outdoor stuff but couldn’t understand why the author included all the heavy breathing scenes between the two main characters.

      You’ve just read a masterful essay on the reasons for and likely denouement of the clash between the three main ideological currents of our age but all you can focus on is the tiniest of points made by the author that touch on your one issue.

      I suspect your original comment remains because it had some bearing, however remote, on something raised in Mr. Bracken’s essay and was otherwise coherent and civil.

      Why must the owners of this site decide whether you “represent” their readership?

  16. One major power who will have some choice words to say to anyone who thinks the dominate the world is China. By nature, the dominant Han Chinese are much too practical, pragmatic and down-to-earth to go for any type of religious extremism, and they can muster weaponry and soldiery that puts anything Islamistan may have to shame.
    I’m not exactly sure why European leaders insist on committing high treason against their own people and countries, but I think they may already have overplayed their hand. In France, for example, it has taken an amount of political acrobatics to keep the Front National out of at least a coalition for 30+ years already. The Swedish Democrats are gaining ground – in a country that is perhaps the mothership of the social-democratic welfare state of the politically correct – the Danes and Norwegians may be waking up to finally see the hell that surrounds them, and if a ‘right-wing’ party can gain that kind of support in super-ultra-liberal Holland, maybe there is hope.
    Now if the Germans could only shake the collective bellyache and guilt-complexes transferred onto them by their war- and post-war generation parents, grandparents and great-grandparents……..

    • I hope they can, in time. But I wonder. Brainwashing 2 or 3 generations goes very deep. I recall the Communist victims of Stalin’s show trials who went to their executions shouting “Long live comrade Stalin! Long live the revolution!” Many Europeans will passively wait in corners for their jihadist throat-cutter, saying to each other, “We will show them that we are better human beings by not fighting back.”

      That suicidal mindset was intentionally injected into them by the cultural Marxists.

      • I think the condemned in the show trials behaved as they did because they knew they were doomed but clung desperately to the hope that if they shouted what they did they might somehow appeal to Stalin who would see that they were in fact loyal to him and overrule the judgment of the tribunal. (Stalin apparently observed the trials from behind a screen if memory serves me.) At that late hour I don’t think they were afflicted with a distorted view of the world. They tried one last useless, desperate measure to save them from death. Whether they were homosexuals I cannot say.

        The mindset engendered by the cultural Marxists is a lot like that of the condemned above. This time, people say and come to believe the most palpably ridiculous stuff to keep from suffering professional, social, and economic disaster.

        However, I have some hope that where Europe and N. America are far from totalitarian states there can still be an epiphany. I have in mind a book about the Winter War I read years ago which described the mobility of the Finns who were able to attack the confined Soviet columns at will. However, the author wrote that at some point the Soviets just got fed up with this small country’s resistance and their own abandonment of the initiative to it. The Finns still fought it to a draw of sorts losing only part of their land but the change in the Soviet mindset led to big changes in the situation on the ground.

        I still think a lot of people will discover their inner European, especially if some kind of a Tet2 is attempted. The police already know that they are on the verge of losing control of the streets and, as I strenuously maintain, the army will be heard from at any appropriate time and that will be a lot sooner than the Treason Class can ever imagine.

        Russian troops pulled officers from their horses while returning from the front in WWI. There’s no reason why traitorous Western officers will escape this fate if they attempt to maintain the status quo madness.

        If there is any class of people I would classify as realists, it is the security forces.

        • I know they are apolitical and unorganised, but will the hundreds of thousands of aggressive/rowdy/belligerant football/rugby fans up and down Europe really just stand idly by?

          • I don’t think they will.

            I’ve seen video interviews of some very rough customers who don’t give a tinker’s dam for establishment sensitivities. I also ran across a comment somewhere that I must run down again that indicated that the former GDR has more of a redneck population and are not shy about stern night time remonstrances with Muslims. Also, some rough customers in Slovakia arrived by train in video I saw and the waiting AntiFa thugs didn’t dare take them on.

            The media does its job to obscure such sentiments and, as always, the governments rely on their street-fighting AntiFa auxiliaries to try to discourage open protest.

        • Yes, I think we can be overly-pessimistic & over-state the depth of brainwashing. The fall of the Soviet Union revealed that the population, far from believing that they lived in a socialist paradise, had been closet Christians for several generations. There has to be a tipping point for suppressed views to erupt. I hope we’re now close to that tipping point.

    • The thing is, there is a percentage that will NEVER vote for the likes of the Front National. Practising Muslims pretty much are also guaranteed not to (ex-Muslims are easy votes, OTOH!).

      Essentially, once the Muslim demographic gets above 20-30%, there is NO CHANCE for a nationalist party to get elected in any country where there is even a leftover of multi-culti brainwashing. The elites know this, and are fully counting on it to keep themselves in power for another 20 years or so, with little concern about what happens after.

      If I were a European nationalist, I would try to fight this by INCREASING immigration. Yes, you read that right. I’d open the door wide to Philippinos, Hindu/Christian Pakistanis and other groups who have a long history of problems with Muslims and generally integrate well. Show me a Pakistani Christian, and I virtually guarantee that I’m showing you a European nationalist vote with very little effort and a little bit of accomodation (as opposed to limitless accomodation into oblivion, like what happens with Islamists).

      The racist side of the European nationalist movements (and, yes, there are such people – though I think that most of them are misguided “culturists”) wouldn’t be too fond of the idea, but I think that it could get through to almost all of them that it’s the better alternative.

      • “The thing is, there is a percentage that will NEVER vote for the likes of the Front National.”

        Yes, but it was a bigger percentage yesterday than it is today. People are being forced to choose sides – and when the SHTF only a minority will choose multiculti.

        • I hope you’re right. Some people cling on to their delusions for a surprisingly long time.

          I expect that in the longer run, if governments don’t sort things out, general violence will cause some degree of population separation.

      • Terrific idea, Mike. I wonder if resources would permit all these folks necessary for dilution to take place.

        • Resource-wise, it’s not ideal, but I think that it’s still better than the alternatives, at this point. There’s not a lot that’s worse than living in an Islamic “Republic”.

          Longer-term, learning to live with a declining population would be the better way. Japan seems to be doing this to a degree. Sure, there are fewer workers per retiree, but there are also fewer demands on some finite resources, so there should be some potential to balance things out.

          Also, has anyone ever noticed how the European politicians manage to:

          (a) talk about the need to for replacement workers; and

          (b) ignore that some European countries have massive youth unemployment

          I have the feeling that the “need for replacement workers” isn’t really all that massive, and to the extent that it exists, it can largely be met within Europe itself – if necessary, by cutting welfare benefits. If the alternative is an Islamic “Republic”, then I’d say that it’s a no-brainer!

          • You’ve hit the nail on the head. Take the UK for example. Any serious attempt to get the long term unemployed (who now constitute a permanent underclass) into work is met with a chorus of ‘no cuts’ opposition, both from the left & within the Conservative Party. This underclass is now so unemployable, lacking the discipline & application to work, that employers prefer migrant workers. But these migrants are from Eastern Europe. I doubt that Muslim immigrants will accept menial work for kuffars when they can live off jizyya.

    • I seriously doubt a sufficient number will wake up. I used to significant amounts of time in the UK, Germany and France. My experience says the average euro is too far gone to save themselves or their culture.

      • I have an elderly English friend with much experience in the third world. I try not to afflict here with political questions but I do occasionally raise the Muslim and immigration issues with her obliquely to see if I can get a rise out of her.

        No response. Nothing.

        • They have not a clue. Their bubble of comfort is watertight, and they would not want to disturb it anyway.

        • I also have an elderly English friend, an expatriate living in the Netherlands.
          He has no personal knowledge of anything but Europe and the States.
          He too remains blank on the subject of the Invasion and Muslims. When I ask “but what about the future of your grandchildren?” His response: “They’ll cope.”

          • The passivity, at best, in that is astonishing. I am tiresome on the point that voters don’t need to endure privation or danger to protect themselves and their own. All they have to do is mark the box for the patriotic parties. It’s risk free but even that is too much trouble.

        • That is not my experience. Here in Norway it is mostly the elderly that are worried about the muslim invasion. The young are just too stupid and brainwashed to understand anything.

    • Don’t count to much on the right wing political parties. Even if they are democratically elected the lefties have ways to impose there will and for sure the right wing polititians are to good ppl to play the dirty game.

    • An alternate theory to the authors might be that the International bankers that control our governments, media, academia and the like are creating the prelude for massive civil unrest using this Islamic invasion to replace the current governments with fascist strong men and nationalist’s that they themselves control.
      All in the name of unwinding this massive debt ponzi which will require the confiscation of everyone from the .001% down to the 99% accounts and assets. Possibly the plan is not to replace the current order with Islam but to use Islam temporarily as a fifth column in order to put in place totalitarian regimes and martial law and have the public, including the liberal left begging for it.

  17. Excellent analysis.

    Whatever the course of events in Western Europe, you can be sure there will be lots of Islam inspired violence.

    Will Western European men stand up a fight? And will the “progressive leaders” who have brought this calamity upon Western Europe be held accountable?

    Never in Islamic history has a conquered society been able to watch in real time as Muslim jihadis “convert” the indigenous population. If the Europeans are lucky, the internet might just awaken them with enough time to save themselves.

    What ever the outcome, get ready. It will not be long.

    • I am 81 years of age and have been in Australia since 1956.

      I have never been back to the Netherlands.

      But if there were an Islamic attempt to destroy my culture I would be prepared to go back and fight.

      Yes, I am old but I was in the army and a few hours training with rifle, carbine, machine gun would be enough to leave me in a place where I could cover other people and die there myself.



  18. Very impressive, but our side,the Nations is very weak(I write from Ireland),as for the USA it is as bad the population is unaware of its situation,the border is porous psychologically and really and it is already speedily being colonised by Islam.How to fight back?

    • “Never sell America short.”

      The American elephant will wake up before this is all over, I would say.

      Americans are much less brainwashed than Europeans. Some are, and they’re very noisy, but there are a lot of “Bubbas” out there who couldn’t care less what the elites have to say. “Bubbas” aren’t usually bad people, and they’re actually pretty hard to anger, but it *can* be done.

      If there’s another 9/11 type event in the USA, expect a reaction, is my guess.

      Russians also don’t deal well with being invaded or told how to live from the outside.

      And then there’s the “Sleeping Lion” of China. If it ever gets *really* bad, on a worldwide basis, they would get involved.

      Islam will not triumph in the *end*, because of the above, and because it’s an ideology/culture that is dependent on outside development to stay alive.

      I would much rather the Americans deal with it than the Russians or the Chinese, because when it’s all said and done, for all my petty grumbling about them, I’d much rather live in a U.S. dominated world than a Russian or Chinese dominated one.

      • And neither eastern Europe, Russia, or China will give any quarter to Islamists. Unfortunately, even if eastern Europe comes again to the rescue of Europe ala Poland’s effort in 1683, Russia is a hungry bear ready to devour when one is engaged and busy in defense elsewhere. And one wonders if China wouldn’t like to take advantage of a little chaos to acquire more resources in Asia.

      • I’m a Texas grandma (73 years old) and have never had any desire to own a gun until recently. I’m shopping for a little pocket-sized protection for myself and anyone else who I might be able to help. The *Bubbas* around here are more than willing to fight if they get a chance. The poor lambs at the concert in Paris didn’t have a chance because no one had a firearm to stop the savages. Believe me, if I see something like that happening, I won’t hesitate to blast them. Some guy said, “it’s not my place to judge Muslims, that’s for Allah. My job is to arrange the meeting.”

  19. I would view this more as a cautionary tale than a prediction.

    For it to be a prediction, I would move the date to the 2020s, and the number of attacks to be in the dozens. I don’t think that these guys are organised enough to do more than that.

    Which isn’t to say that the *effects* won’t be close to what you’re predicting. That’s the real problem, as I see it: Europe has very little mental stamina, and it won’t take the level of attack that you’re suggesting before things go south.

    Imagine, for example, a level of attack similar to what Israel endured around in the early 2000s, before “solving” the problem by building “The Wall”. An equivalent period in Europe would leave around 50,000 random dead. My guess is that much of Europe would cry “uncle” and try to “negotiate”, unlike the Israelis, at that point. Many Europeans are really good at trying to “negotiate”, i.e., giving in and selling out, in these types of circumstances. Look at how they behaved with the Nazis, as a guide, is my guess.

    Ultimately, the European situation will come down to the Russians and Americans, with the Poles and possibly the Brits (somehow, I suspect that they’ll wake up at the 11th hour) as supporting actors. A re-take on WWII, really.

    • The point is Mike that they don’t have to be very well organized. They are a distributed movement much like a flock of birds or Army Ants on the march. The coordination is primal, not hierarchical.

      • I do see your point. Stabbings in Israel are an example of what you’re stating. But to time things to a specific hour, it *does* take coordination of the traditional sort.

        • I see the most organized and ready group jumping off on a major islamic day, like Ramadan 2016, which I think starts on Tuesday June 7th. Watch what happens after the Friday sermons when they come out. That’s one way they can fine tune the date. But I see the kickoff being a wave of truck bombs going off. Easy to do by surprise in many locations at once. After that, any jihadist feeling froggy will sense his moment, gather his gang, and jump.

          • What you are saying makes sense.

            The whole culture that we’re talking about is very much one of following the crowd, so if “the crowd” has launched 10 attacks all over Europe, they’ll join in. I hadn’t thought about it that way, but what you’re saying does make a lot of sense.


          • Yep, similar to the battle of Badir I think it was, one mohammedian guy alone charges the enemy army in a suicide charge, gets killed, but suddenly the whole mohammedian army is inspired by his suicidal berserker rage and attacks. It’s like jihad lemmings.

          • But the apologists for islam will say the attacks have nothing to do with islam which is a religion of peace. Traitor politicians will hurry to protect the moderate muslims from backlash and blame
            us.What have
            WE done to make them so angry? Even after the San Bernardino massacre of innocent victims that’s what came out of the traitor in chief’s mouth.We need to have gun control, not muslim control.

    • I hope you are correct BUT I doubt it
      I came back to Australia 2008 from Belgium and France and warened of this


    • If attackers were as wise as you postulate, yes, they would wait and gradually ratchet up over a few years. Even wiser, just keep the invasion going “peacefully” until the attain 20% or so population everywhere. But overconfidence by attackers is common, their group think makes them feel unstoppable, and they often overestimate their ultimate capabilities. Napoleon and Hitler in Russia, the Greeks in Anatolia, Japan in the Pacific, etc. And I would put their planning ability far ahead of the jellyfish borg-mind of the insane jihadis. They will jump off too soon, thank goodness, and we will have a chance to wipe them out on the rebound. Maybe.

      • You make good points. From that point of view, better in 2016 than later.

        I predict that it’ll take something major, along the lines of what you’re describing, or a radioactive attack, in order to cause a serious shift in attitude.

    • “Europe has very little mental stamina…”

      I’m not so sure about that. Europeans are still what they were, they knew how to fight and we know how to fight. And once we get the leaders we shall fight. The problem as always is the leaders not the led.

    • I believe it is too early yet, they don’t have sufficient numbers just yet and the leadership is not yet in place but it WILL happen when the CFR Tri Lateral Commission Bilderberg Group relay the orders to the Saudi’s and the Saudi’s relay those orders in turn to the Imam’s they control in western countries.
      US immigration lowered standards in regards to terrorist supporters last year and to my mind that means to enable leadership to come here that normally wouldn’t be allowed in. The CFR is also arranging to allow foreign extremist fighters back into the US for the same purpose as has already been done in Denmark.
      See here


      and here…..


      It is mind boggling that they are getting away with this

      Here is the text of that grant solicitation, moderator please post this first so as not to double post

      CT [Bureau of Counterterrorism] invites organizations to submit proposal applications outlining a project concept and capacity to develop and manage such a program across three or more geographic regions. In pursuit of CT’s goal of reducing the recidivism of many released violent extremist offenders, this project supports the following CT objectives: build the capacity of civil society actors for the purpose of reintegrating violent extremist offenders and returning foreign terrorist fighters into communities; facilitate relationships of trust among civil society actors and governmental civilian and security sector authorities as concerns reintegration and the creation of supportive interpersonal networks; draw upon civil society capabilities to counter radicalization in prisons; and formulate, validate, and share good practices in this thematic area.

  20. While generally a very good treatise on the direction that present events will take, Mr. Bracken did not consider the possibility of divine intervention. Please allow me a thumb nail sketch of a possible end-game scenario.
    In response to the 2016 Tet in Europe, the rest of the world of Islam decides that the time is right to rise up en masse and remove the insult that is Israel. Iran and Libya will ‘remind’ Putin of his commitments to them and insist that He ride in the vanguard and supply them with the needed war material to overrun Israel and then proceed on towards Europe raping and pillaging along the way so that the Muslim Crescent flies from Damascus to London and beyond. It may be flying over America by this time but not with national support.
    On their way to conquer the world this vast horde that covers the earth like a cloud meets its demise in the mountains of Judea when YAH stirs strife among the hordes, causes the weapons to fail, and then rains fire down upon them working a slaughter so complete that only one-sixth will remain to return home with their tails between their legs. The rest will require seven months to bury by hazmat teams.
    The public embarrassment to Islam as the result of the slaughter will remove all the pillars so completely that mass repentance and denial on the part of those who remain will be the order of the day. The power void and the empty stage will be the perfect opportunity for the “Prince that is to come” to take credit for what YAH has done and demand worship as God Himself.
    This possible scenario is a summary of the Book of Ezekiel, Chapters 38 and 39, Daniel Chapters 7 and 11 to the end, Revelation, Chapters 6-19.
    Something to consider in light of Mr. Bracken’s rather cogent analysis.

    • You want to rely on divine intervention? Holy cow, with allies like that, who needs enemies.

    • With all due respect it’s not going to happen that way. Additionally I’ve come to the forlorn conclusion that European people’s did themselves no favor by attaching themselves to a faith that came out of the lunatic Middle East. I’ve seen the Christian Bible in particular and Revelation in general interpreted every which way from Sunday, very bad pun intended, and have come to the conclusion that it just isn’t going to turn out like you evangelicals think it is. We’re on our own and right now and things don’t look all that good.

      • My thoughts exactly! (on religion) Why indeed have westerners embraced another loony desert religion?

        For some reason it does not seem to have occurred to Scandinavians, e.g. that their old Norse gods were/are just as relevant, real, and a damned sight more sensible.
        BTW, when I lived in Norway back in the 50’s I was told only half-jokingly that “By day we are Christians, but by night we revere the old gods”.

        • Dead on! I was raised Catholic in what was then a 99% Catholic Austria (just outside of where the Gates of Vienna would have been in 1683, btw.), and everyone around me was either Catholic to the bone marrow or at least paying lip service. To me, however, none of it ever made sense – I even successfully resisted Confirmation, which took many major battles with the entire family as well as school officials. As far as I’m concerned, Europe lost a great deal tribes of Gaul were unable to stop the Roman war machine, and a great deal more when the Roman Emperor declared Christianity the official state religion.
          At this point, however, I’d say whatever rallying force is required for Europeans (including those in North America, Australia, maybe even South America) to band together in every way possible to stop the Afro-Asiatic onslaught will have to be accepted.
          There are quite a lot of Christian fundamentalist sects in my new home, and while I think they are quite crazy, their crazy is definitely preferable over the Imams’ and Mullahs’ crazy.

          • I must recommend to you a book called ‘The Great Siege’ by Ernle Bradford. That’s what it took then, and without more of the same now, we’re all screwed.

    • Divine intervention? Oh come on, you’re pulling my leg!

      If your god has not already intervened with all the hideous atrocities carried out by muslims just in the last two years, (never mind the last 1400) then believe me, there will be no divine intervention–now, or ever.

      Mr Bracken, a thoroughly depressing, brilliant essay! Bit long-winded, but often necessary to clarify a point.

    • I’m not into divine intervention, but I do suspect that if an event such as predicted happened in Europe, the “hordes” would think that it’s their time to have a run at Israel.

      That would probably be the day that Israel pulls out ALL the stops. It would not surprise me to see a “horde” be gassed or worse, “consequences be damned” – and a whole lot more fun “fireworks” that the Israelis are keeping in reserve. Just think about it: a technologically-sophisticated country, with a high degree of (justified) paranoia. They’re going to have lots of “toys”.

      A defeat on that front, in those kinds of circumstances, would probably kick the ideology into the gutter for good. The Israelis may take a fatal blow at the same time, but my guess is that they’ll just take a bad injury – and the outcome will be similar to a lot of “suicide stabbings” that we’re seeing recently: the Israeli in hospital, the Islamofascist dead.

      Unlike many Europeans, Israelis *do* fight back, and that counts for a *lot*. It’s largely because they know what’s waiting for them otherwise.

      • And any Marine (or other branch of the services) will tell you: there is no bad plan, only an unexecuted one. Behind that is hope — hope for success, faith in it to make a bad pun, or you will second guess and thus fail to execute.
        Hope right now is the only thing that can keep people going — it is a thought for a future; you quit it and you are no better than how Mr. Bracken here has described Mr. Keynes.
        Some call it “divine intervention”, some call it other names, but it is worth remembering that there have been many times in history where the outcome looked hopeless, only later to be not so.
        And sometimes it is due to the actions of those who appear the most unassuming. I for one will not discount the adherents of that “weak Middle Eastern religion” (and its equally Middle Eastern progenitor) in going up against the crazy Middle Eastern one. It may be that the faith and hope of Christians and Jews may save the day in the end.

        • I wouldn’t be too quick to rule out divine intervention in one form or another, either. When Bismark said “God takes care of idiots, babies, drunkards and the United States of America”. He was not speaking out of piety or any faith in the U.S.’s perspicacity, but out of observation of events.
          Actually, if I had the the power to destroy one common misconception, or leftist lie, if you will, it would be the identification of the essentially Marxist Nazis (National Socialists) with nationalism. Hitler used nationalism to advance his agenda, but his addiction to mass murder came straight from Marx and Engels. The Soviets helped him in the initial stages of setting up his extermination machine, after all they had had about 10 years experience in mass murder against Ukrainian peasants and political dissidents etc. They did think he was killing the wrong people, but had no problem in helping him anyway. Of course all that ended when Hitler broke the non-aggression pact and invaded Russia. Then, ironically, Stalin had to call on his people to “save Mother Russia” and World War II from the Russian perspective has been called the “Patriotic War”.

  21. None of these scenarios are valid as you have completely neglected to include the actions/reactions of the East. Neither China nor India will sit on the sidelines while this unfolds. While I agree that significant conflict is in our near future with all of the players cited I just don’t see it happening without those major world forces involved.

    • They are on the other side of the Euphrates and will have to wait their turn. Actually, India is already 1/3 Muslim and China about 1/5. China is already in Iran as oil well servicing companies. India does not want anything to do with China and less to do with Europe due to some rather bad memories and experiences.

      • India is not one-third Muslim. Muslims form between 13% and 18% of its population, and their relative numbers are growing (although not as fast as the number of Christians, thanks to a lot of conversions). But they’re not close to a third yet.

        I don’t know about China, but in 2004 its Muslim population was estimated at 3%, so your figure is definitely incorrect.

        It behooves us to be accurate when we assert such statistics, insofar as we can.

        • China is fairly “safe” on the overall.

          It’s possible that India could end up having a bit of a demographic battle. How this would play out if things got ugly in Europe is an unknown to me.

        • sorry about that, I was relying on un-vetted sources. Thank you for the accurate numbers. Maybe my source relied upon Chinese propaganda that is overstating the threat from the Uighurs.

    • China possibly but India has hidden the historical reality of the islamic invasions since the became independent and before that the Brits didn’t care. Indeed the British PTB have always had a fascination for the ME tribes.

      • I don’t like to carry water for my British friends; they can carry their own. However…

        When the Brits arrived in India, they put a stop to the Moghul jihad, which probably would have consumed the rest of the subcontinent in another century or two. They did this out of self-interest, of course. But the fact remains that the British Empire halted the advance of the Great Jihad in India. It resumed only after they left.

  22. I get it, you get it, much of the world would prefer to stick their collective butts up their tuchus.

  23. These predictions are sure to be admixed with chaos: A world flu epidemic. A small nuclear war between Iran and Israel. Some new weapon development. Paradigm changing of elite minds re Islam or Socialism/Critical Theory….whatever. Nevertheless, this list seems as realistic as sober minds might imagine–at this time.


    We need more free speech. Viz. we need to attack Islam and its apologists with constant logical criticism. Just as we got rid of tobacco. Just as we learned to accept the varieties of sexuality. That is what this site does.

    This may seem anemic, but do we want to start killing? And what else is there?

  24. THERE IS ALMOST NO-ONE SPEAKING UP FOR THE WORTH OF EVERY SELF-DETERMINED HUMAN LIFE. Unless this changes, as the writer says, we are doomed.

    This comment is very true and worthwhile to contemplate. In my humble opinion. Much of what I read here today is a little above my head but I will re-read it — that used to work in school, anyway!

    Thank you all for such … um, food-for-thought material. While it boggles the mind, is sure does keep it (the mind) busy!

  25. I am speechless, so brilliant is this essay. The seeds of Tet 2016 are in place not only in Western Europe but also the USA. But I do not feel fear; rather, I am hardened by the Islamic agenda and by the Traitor Class that’s allowing it to happen. This is a brilliant insight into the near future. It is darkly similar to the Revelations we all fear.

    • Thanks, that’s why I write stuff like this. In fact, I wrote EFAD and the other books years ago hoping to build a track record at prognostication, so that when it really mattered at crunch time, some folks might actually listen.
      Now is crunch time.
      And let me say this while it’s on my mind: Obama wants to accelerate the schedule so that WW3 will initiate on his watch, so that he can sabotage the West most effectively. I have no doubt the shoot down of the Russian jet was roughly coordinated between Obama and Erdogan. They want this to happen while Obama can scuttle our military, etc.

      • I knew Obama was in on it, that is why our radar of the incident was unavailable. O’Bama has also called Turkey a ‘staunch ally’ and has scrupulously avoided ISIS targets in favour of the Kurdish ones, at aleast according to Debka File. Debka also reported that ISIS has been selling oil through Erdogan and allowing him to take his cut. So everybody in the theatre has their proxies, Russia has Syria, Iran has Hezbolla, Lebanon/Palestine has Hamas, and turkey has ISIS, and no, not the Egyptian god. I wonder who O’Bama’s proxies in the theatre are?

        • Debka is not, repeat NOT, a reliable source. Never use anything from Debka unless you have confirmation from a second, independent source,

      • Matt, Re your tet analogy. There was a Classified Intelligence Report put out days earlier to a wide distribution ranging from WH, State, and DOD down to MACV and major in country subordinate levels. It predicted that major country wide attacks were imminent and provided much detail but not the exact date. Many thought post tet was most logical. This fits your analogy well i.e. For none are so blind as those who refuse to see. Sound the alarm all you want but truth and correctness are always subjugated Political policy when vanity not integrity rules. Yesterday the political SECDEF overroad a Warrior on woman in combat in my Corps. Marines not politicians will pay for this with their blood

        • “Marines…will pay for this with their blood.”

          As will the Marines’ Navy Corpsmen, which my brother was for his entire Navy service. I cannot (still cannot…) believe the ukase that “women WILL serve on front lines,” despite the Marines’ own studies that women cannot be as efficient or effective in hand-to-hand, room-to-room combat as men, mostly due to our generally shorter stature and arm length/leverage capacity.

          Unbelievable, even yet….

  26. Thank you! That was the best prediction I have read on what is happening.

    I do not think that the European “leaders” will have the stomach to do what is necessary to stop what is coming. They will continue to “turn the other cheek” and deny that islam is the cause of their suffering.

    I would like your opinion on whether or not this could be happening here at the same time that is happens in Europe. I believe that the invasion is happening here at the same time. Some through our government bringing them in and some through our open border. It could be ten times worse if the Paris style attacks happen here as well as in Europe. Our current traitor representatives will do nothing to slow it down or stop it once it breaks loose. It will be up to us.

    You should contact the people at redicecreations.com. They would probably love to host you as a guest.

    • In the USA, the “regular people” would fight back in many areas, and fight back quite hard, so I think that it would be very unlikely to spread. That, plus most American Muslims are MINOs and generally fairly Americanised (compared to Europe, anyway), so it likely wouldn’t “start” beyond a few individual crazies, anyway.

      Now, those crazies might do a lot of damage, and hopefully if that happens there will be a “foreign policy” reaction, but in terms of actual LOCAL directly society-altering damage, I doubt it.

      Not without another 20+ years of an Obama-type administration, unbroken, anyway.

    • I don’t know how actions in the USA will mirror Europe. I hope it provides a warning, and we seal the borders and put major security on mosques etc.

      • I agree that it “should” provide a warning. Most of us who have been reading the writing on the wall would love to secure our borders and deport islam from our land. We just need for congress to agree and quit giving the left everything that they want. If Trump isnt a shill or if they dont destroy him, he would do what is necessary to secure our borders. I agree that some muslims here are MINOs, but I also believe that we have been infiltrated and when it starts in Europe, it will carry over to America and not just a few college shootings and recruiter shootings as we have seen recently.

        Our leaders do not have the desire to stop what is coming. IMHO, they have been bought/blackmailed and will do as they are told by the controllers, not as they are told by We The People.
        Our saving grace is the 2nd Amendment. I just hope that enough Americans take action when it starts to stop the MSM from making it sound as if it is just a few “racist radical right wingers” as they always try to do.

        Please keep writing this type of essay. Thinkers read these types of articles and plan accordingly. We need brutal truths at this point, not fairy tales like a lot of the alternative media is putting out.

        • The Muslim population of most US cities is tiny compared to what they have in Europe, which is one of the factors that makes the US a much harder target: Lack of a local support system for jihadists. There aren’t any Brussels Molenbeeks, Paris St. Denis, Vienna Favoritens or Berlin Kreuzbergs here.

        • I would predict that if Trump were elected his entire cabinet will be dominated by CFR Tri Lateral Commission members like every administration has been for years, forever maybe, going as far back as Woodrow Wilson our government has been controlled by this Rockefeller Rothschild international banker cabal. I would expect no change from any Republican. I think it is about time we declared the false narrative of the two party system officially deceased, dead, kaput. There has only been one party in government and that is the CFR party. Whether it is Nixon CFR going to China with Kissinger CFR by his side or Carter a complete unknown nationally getting his invite to join the Tri Laterals from David Rockefeller and then becoming president 2 years later or Clinton also a complete unknown joining the CFR and becoming president 2 years later or the Bush family linking up with the Rockefeller’s 100 years ago via Samuel Bush all trails in US politics both Republicans and Democrats always lead to central banking, international banking and the Rockefeller’s.

  27. Gee, and to think, I was roundly mocked on these pages no so long ago when I predicted Merkel’s Germany would light the fire of yet another war.

    Looks like I now have some pretty good company in Matthew.

    • It’s always the same with Germany: the arrogance of thinking itself greater than the rest of Europe, but feeling humiliated because others don’t share the opinion. This time it’s not about being ‘arian’ and exploited by WWI reparations, but about being richer and morally superior, mingled with lasting guilt for WWII. Merkel’s unbelievable arrogance in trying to force other European countries into taking in her ‘refugees’ was truly shocking.

  28. Thank you Mr. Bracken. I hope this essay receives wide distribution, and thank you for your books.

  29. A very good article by Mr. Matthew Bracken.

    Good to know that there are more people, especially from the USA, who observe correctly that the EU socialists, supported by the global banking and corporate lobby, are promoting and facilitating the current Islamization of Europe and deliberately aim to destroy the national, cultural, and ethnic identity of the European civilizations.

    I do not expect much opposition from the European population, so in the medium term, if the outcome is an Islamic victory, I can not envision that the socialist dictators and the world’s top elite of the financial sector and multinationals, all will submit to the new sharia leadership. Some of the cowardly politicians will; but in my opinion the global banking and business sector assigns the political leaders and not vice versa.

    The Socialists open the borders to the Muslims to shatter the Nationalists. Assuming that tactic is successful, then the Islam should be contained again, when it threatens their exclusive world. The financial and military resources of the corporate powers and their political lackeys will still be superior in the near future to that of the Muslim world. The (1%) elite was and is largely untouchable and unaccountable. They are not sensitive to civilian casualties in regional wars or terrorist attacks, even if the body count will go well into the millions.

    Currently, the Sunni Muslim jihadists in especially Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan will not directly attack the Socialist rulers in the Western world, since they are well aware that they facilitate and encourage their Islamic advance in specifically Europe.

    Now a part of this global socialist elite is already infiltrated by Muslims in both the US and the EU, so that’s a Trojan horse within the socialist clan. Although their purpose is the same, a form of global dominance, the vision of how to construct this and exploit the servants and slaves (meaning us) are too far apart.

    Despite the Islam monster they have unleashed now, (which vacuum was already created after the collapse of the Soviet Union but has no tremendously accelerated), I can not imagine that the Socialists will not curb Islam, after the Nationalists are disabled.

    However, two dangers lurk in this Socialist tactic:
    First, that the Socialists will aim for some kind of appeasement, by continuing on feeding the Muslim crocodile, hoping it will not eat him. (Freely quoted from Winston Churchill re the Nazi’s)
    Second, that the (conservative) Christians in primarily the US, see an opportunity to regain lost ground, as they may fear and despise a religious immoral, socialist-atheist worldview even more then a true believer in a Devine creature, even though its called Allah and not God. This will lead to the same misjudgment however towards Islam; see the crocodile metaphor.

    I would like to hear Mr. Brackens’ view (and others) on this scenario.

    The world is diagnosed with an extremely persistent and aggressive form of cancer, Islam, which after a period of remission during the cold war, is back stronger then ever since the collapse of the Ottoman caliphate.
    If a person is diagnosed with cancer, you do not try to negotiate with the cancer cells. The sane patient will fight it, with all the amounts of radiation and/or chemical weaponry to his disposal to exterminate it, permanently.

    If not, one will suffer an unpleasant death, sooner or later.

    • I think Islam just swallows Socialism in the end. Socialists say the Shahada, after they are promised some sop like calling the new regime “Islamic Socialism” or some such twaddle. Socialist leaders, (paid off or blackmailed by threats), will advise all their little socialist minions to submit to Islam, and they will.

      • Sadly, I predict that you are right on this one.

        Where does it happen first, in your opinion?
        My money is on Sweden or Belgium. My reason for thinking this is that in both cases, there are neighbouring countries where the “native” population will feel relatively at ease, and that are similarly prosperous (Sweden->Norway, Wallons->France, Flemish->Netherlands), and so native *emigration* might accelerate the process when things start going sour.

        It might well happen/complete in Lebanon first, but Europe will not pay much attention to that.

    • I think that you fail to the consider the possibility, even scarier, that the Socialists and “Banksters” are in over their head with this one, and aren’t really thinking long-term. For 20 years or so, they can stay in power this way perhaps, but then? They probably all think that they’ll have made so much money that they’ll be able to buy their way into some of the remaining decent countries left.

      These types make their money by dilapidating the social capital of societies as built up over generations.

      The worst of the lot is Soros, but he’s far from alone.

      • Fabulous forum. My head is gonna explode.

        One point no one is raising is economic collapse. When (NOT if) the world economy implodes due to massive debt, then what. “Stimulus” efforts won’t be an option. There will be mass poverty and probably a new “dark age” for a hundred + years. This will play right into the Muslims hands. I believe this is probably even more significant than the Islamic invasion. Taken together . . .

  30. The broadcasters are talking about your article right now on The Intelligence Report on Liberty Tree Radio. They’re on-board. You can call-in to the conference line to listen / get into the conversation at 1-712-432-0900. Access code is : 957464#

  31. When I read ENEMIES FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC a few years ago, I enjoyed the book but wondered if Matt Bracken was wearing his tin foil a little tight. I still fostered a tad of hope for the American people. After watching Obama get a second term, I concluded most all was lost.

    Reading Bracken’s description of the status of Europe and the likely only method of saving any vestige of the continent, I concede his accuracy and vision.

    To change any behavior, a suitable impression needs to be made on the subject of the behavior change. In the case of Islam, only a complete erasure of the idea will save Western civilization. Islam must be stunned into cessation, then removed from the world. And indeed, there seems to be only one way to eliminate this cancer. Whether the Western world has the stomach for such an excision, will dictate the governing force in another generation. And, I doubt the guilt ridden religions of the Western world have that fortitude.

    I thought I’d be dead in my grave before the maelstrom, but it appears not. I fear for my children….

      • 4-5 strategically-placed nukes would almost certainly do it.

        In some cases, it could even be done “Israeli-style”, i.e., with prior notice to evacuate the area, and still be effective, perhaps even more effective, in a strange way.

        Hopefully it doesn’t have to come to that. If the problem doesn’t get brought under control by conventional methods soon, however, it might, and that won’t be a good thing – just a “least bad” scenario.

      • Matt, probably the only point I disagree with you on is the destruction of Mecca fully demoralizing muslims for two reasons. First, some imam will claim that allah teleported the rocks to a safe site and all will continue with more motivated and insanely angry jihadis. Second, to muslims, all that happens is allah’s will. So if Mecca is nuked, it was his will. Not demoralizing, but a show of allah’s displeasure with the jihad, again resulting in more motivated and insanely angry jihadis.

        • Not only that, reverence for the black rock and other shrines in Mecca is considered idolatry (shirk) by the Islamic State and other Salafists, and those who revere Mecca are idolaters or polytheists (mushrikun). The jihadis of the Islamic State would actually cheer if Mecca were nuked, and would consider its destruction an omen of their imminent victory.

          Unfortunately, nuking Mecca is not the solution.

          • We might all find out soon.

            I have heard about those who want to stop praying to the black rock. How do they explain their desire to drop 2 of the 5 Pillars of Islam? I suspect Iranian wishes, or disinformation campaigns.

            And it might not just be Mecca, but Mecca, Medina, Karbala, Qom, etc. Plus Riyadh, Teheran, etc.

            What amazing irony if the bookend on Islamic history was put there by Muslims themselves.

        • We’ll find out. I have a hard time accepting that a faith where 2 of 5 pillars, (and the only two “physical” pillars), can be wiped out and just carry on business as usual.

          If Mecca, Medina, Karbala and Qom are glowing craters, where, pray tell, are they all going to pray? You understand that the do pray to the magical Allah force field emanating from the Kaaba, which is their “doomsday book,” the hard-drive of Islam, where Allah took away all the sins of the faithful Muslims?

          Christians don’t pray “to” a holy city, but Muslims do. Are you telling me that the day after their holy sites are obliterated, visibly on global TV, they will just keep on chugging?

          Where will they pray? To each individual Koran? Who will tell them to do that? Just because a few fringe actors in Iran talk about replacing Mecca with Karbala, doesn’t mean that a million billion Muslims will just carry on after they see that their holy cities are GONE.

          We might not do it, but the same day that Moscow or Tel Aviv are destroyed, all of the cities I mentioned will be glowing craters.

          Then, we’ll see what happens next. I don’t suspect it will be “business as usual, pick a new city to pray to.”

          I see an Inca/Aztec complete fracturing in the future.

          Inshallah, so to speak.

          • Matt, can I recommend a book you might find interesting, called ‘The Mahdi’ by AJ Quinnell. They put all his other books out on kindle recently … but not that one. So you’ll have to get a second hand paperback from somewhere.

          • I’m not sure, but Islam seems to be a bit of a power cult, and so I’m willing to guess that a MASSIVE destruction of something important (and note: I’m not saying Mecca – there are many other scenarios also – that is just one that some people here are mentioning) would cause a “civilisational collapse” of sorts. It might take a few “rinse, repeat” cycles. The religion would probably continue to exist, but it would be in a different form, a phenomenon similar to post-exodus Judaism, perhaps. Or maybe it would just start to shrink and become marginal.

            Or maybe the pessimists are right, that it would just strengthen them. But I doubt that it would. In fact, I don’t think that nukes are needed, even – just a couple of big thermobaric bombs causing massive destruction would probably be enough.

            The same way that Hiroshima+Nagasaki finished off Japan as an imperial power. All the left-wingers “regret” it today, but here’s one guy who thinks it wouldn’t have ended otherwise.

            I don’t think that Muslims or Japanese are unique in this respect. Any civilisation would probably keel over and comply at that point. Which is why it’s important to make sure to keep the technology of massive destruction in the right hands only.

          • The rout of the Turkish forces at the Gates of Vienna gave birth to the Wahhabi Sect of Islam, from which came Al-Qaeda and ISIS. The belief of the Wahhabi is that the victory only goes to the purest of the Submitted Faithful. This is a distinctly Sunni belief. This is why Al-Qaeda and ISIS are so intractable and resilient. They espouse Islam to its fullest, purest and most fundamental extent.
            If the most pure of Dar-al-Salaam were routed in battle by a neutron bomb that melted the flesh off of their faces, the few that survived would come away with one of two worldviews. One, even the most pure human cannot depend upon Allah to have his back in battle, or two, Allah was never there in the first place and all of the Qur’an is a made up and mistranslated myth as a son of dogs and pigs just cleaned my clock for me.
            BTW, neutron bombs are described in Ez. 38 & 39. The burial of the slaughtered horde as described in Ez. 39 is straight out of the Navy protocols for ABC warfare (Atomic, Biological and Chemical). You don’t hear a peep about marching on Jerusalem to rid Allah’s city of infidels until about 1000 years later when Satan is released on parole form solitary.

            I have been monitoring world events for the past 30 years in a sometimes desperate search for rhyme, reason and continuity to events that are seemingly random or disconnected. My conclusions are the same as Matthew Bracken’s but from a slightly different worldview.
            The seeds of all this goes back 200 years at least to the industrialization of London. The industrialists would use whatever means was at their disposal to maintain the control and power they enjoyed. A latter day example can be found in the print by John Heartfield, “Die Sinn des Hitlergrusses.” They did that to America in 2012 in the choice they gave the electorate, a rapacious capitalist or a rapacious communist. At the end of the day when the voting was over there was no real difference, and therefore no point in voting.
            The Elite will get theirs, so I am not sweating it. They will throw their gold out in the streets as trash when it won’t buy them so much as a crumb of stale bread. They will crawl into caves and ask the mountains to fall on them to hide them from the coming wrath.
            My biggest concern no is keeping my rather extended family safe through all this. Thank you all, and Baron especially for moderating and fact-checking. I have learned quite a lot from this thread and a great many gaps in my knowledge have been filled in.
            Acuara, MRICS

          • Muslims pray in the direction of a single point i.e. Kaaba in Mecca.

            It is not necessary to be touching it, or be mm away.
            So, in your Talibanesque scenario, Muslims would pray at the most safe & convenient distance to the direction point.

            Peace be upon you.

  32. I don’t know if I totally agree with this assessment. I think a bigger issue with the rise of Wahabi/Salafist fundimentalism is the Shia/Sunni divide which may end up consuming the Middle east. Any given population in a culture is not monolithic, and to assume so is unrealistic. That being said, Islam will do a lot of damage to Europe, and will awaken a response in the native European population. The more problems, the more the native Europeans will start to align with the anti immigration parties regardless of current political affiliation.

    • It will be too late after Europe explodes in 2016 to “invite” the Muslims to behave, or to leave. After Europe explodes, history will follow a kinetic ballistic trajectory, and what Europeans wish won’t matter a whit to the outcome, any more than Central European farmers in 1915 might have wished WW1 away.

      • Thank you for finally adding an actual prognosis to all your propaganda. I will be glad to come back to discuss all the actions of the Socialist European elite with you, in January 2017.

        Until then, if you could be bothered to, I would love to hear a specific statement on why you think socialism and its “elite” leadership are bad. Before you refer me back to your article, consider that your statements are based on Socialism not being prepared to

        The only implied criticism I read in your article when you talk about Socialism is this:
        “The international socialists have believed […] that it was their duty to impose a top-down feudal order upon the ordinary “dumb masses,” […] managed by self-proclaimed experts chosen from among the correctly-educated elites, both for the benefit of the ignoramuses, and as a way to line their own pockets and continue to live an elite lifestyle of wealth and power.”
        And I simply do not understand who this is directed against.
        – How would democracy work in your eyes, without an established leadership?
        – If you accept the system of representative democracy, then how do you think the leadership in Socialism is different from whatever you prefer? Why do you think it would be ‘static’?
        Because individuals do not need risk their livelihood, if they want to become educated and strive for success? Because the people who do not strive for constant commercial growth do not die of starvation/are shut out from society?
        – Which parts of these Socialist systems do you find unacceptable? [Note: Not “which of them?”, but “which part of them?”]:
        — Social care for retirement, unemployment and unexpected Medical Expenses.
        —– This care being provided to anyone who has been part of the state system for a considerable amount of time with the prospect of remaining within the system. [Note: If you are going to continue your rants against “foreigners”, then you might want to keep in mind that most cities in Europe are the tenth of the size of American cities that have the same, if not better employment rates. I doubt I have to explain to you how economic growth of a city does not have a limiting factor.]
        — Government led by those who have proven their ability and understanding of a field in academic institutes [I really do not see how this is Socialist, but it is something you put in that category, so I would really like to know what you would do instead of that]

        There. Those are the arguments you will have to face in some of your texts, if you want people like me to not consider you to be the same “static” denier of progress as any of the extremist movements you have been referring to.

        Note that I will be perfectly impressed if you just send me links to statements where you mention your opinion on the addressed subjects. At this point, I just think your criticism is completely void of any actually existent target.

  33. Great read. I can visualize the utter horror of living in the circumstances explored here. Having just spent time with with my grand girls, it is not a world I could possibly leave them to endure.

    Since I don’t a Global Climate summit is going to change the philosphy of terrorists, I guess the time has come to dig out that old shotgun and make sure it is ready if needed

    • Even more immediate, make sure that your granddaughters don’t grow up to be brainwashed Socialists. For their own good.

  34. Brilliant summation- In Canada we are becoming victims of Hizra under a new left wing leadership with Gerald Butts former head of the World wildlife fund pulling the levers of power.

    • I’ve been going around telling people that within 2-3 years, they’ll bitterly regret Harper. And they will, too.

      • I agree. It terrifies me that people calling themselves Canadians actually had the stupidity to vote the leftist, vacuous, muslim-hugging, oil-hating, windmill-loving trudeau into power, when we had a PM the world grudgingly looked up to….

      • I’m surprised you expect them to understand. All I get when I broach this subject, is a glaze-eyed, vacuous stare. The same stare I got when I asked folks what it was that they hated (and I mean “hated”) about Harper.

  35. Far to insightful and and historically factual. It will naturally then be dismissed by the left as a fabrication and or far to complex to be considered as relevant.

  36. Yes, I too fear for my children and grandchildren.

    This has been a very interesting discussion, but tomorrow morning I will re-read the whole thing just to really um. . . brand it into my brain? Yes.

    Baron, thank you for moderating this lengthy discussion.

  37. So where would the European citizenry including the soccer hooligans and other tough guys get the weapons to fight? My impression is that the nationalist citizenry across Europe have no weapons. Are you intimating that the governments would open up storage depots and somehow hand guns out? And we already know at least some Muslim groups have stashes of weapons.

    And based on my reading, not terribly wide I admit, I see most of the armies of at least Western Europe down to somewhat slender threads. The French police are pretty tough guys, and I suspect the Germans too, but the other police forces? Sweden? Ho ho I kid. Across the Channel most cops don’t even have guns. Who knows if they even know how to shoot or have the required training and courage to shoot assuming some are stored for them.

    As far as I’m concerned these Muslim jihadis and those that follow the teachings of Mohammad have lost the right to be judged as people when they partake in slavery, rape, kidnapping of women, etc. Too bad our college students when they take courses on Islam don’t study that about this one of the world’s “great” religions.

    To Mr. scherado you are doing no good going overboard trying to protect gays/homosexuals because you didn’t like Bracken’s wording on Keynes. The accusation and popular perceptions about homosexuals are that they are weak. Give them the dignity of not having you, though no doubt with the best of intentions, support that claim. Hey Israelis and some Jews it get worse every day.

    Mike from Brooklyn

    • There are plenty of weapons in Europe. Actually, very few nations in Europe are completely disarmed. In France, millions of shotguns are not even registered, as they are considered to be “farm implements”. Germany has a very strong hunting culture. Czech Republic has a very liberal gun legislature, even by American standards. Finland, a small nation of only 5.5 million, has 1.6 million registered firearms. And so on… The guns, or lack of them, will not be the problem.

        • I don’t know if this has changed or not, but I remember that in Switzerland, not only was military service compulsory for every male over 18, but they have to go back for refresher courses, exercises, maneuvers, etc. every few years or so, as well as maintain their firearm (at home) in good working order, which essentially creates a citizen militia of somewhere around 2-3 million.

  38. I’d like to make a statement about what I’ve posted in this discussion.

    With respect to the survival of Western Civilization, it is well long past the time to get serious. I think we can agree on that. There is much talk and writing about “existential threats”. If that is to be taken seriously, then we are in a war of annihilation. Among those of us who believe this and believe what is presented on this site, there is not uniform seriousness.

    Pseudo-psychoanalytic deconstruction is not a serious critique of Keynesian economics. When I read the reference to Keynes being childless and homosexual, I sensed the foul odor of malevolent, deconstructionist pablum–an odor with which I am very familiar and have come to loathe.

    It is my opinion that in this context and this medium, and within the intellectual realm of “the choir” as it may exist, a “separation of the men from the boys” is needed. Everyone expects this to be done within the military as an expression of common sense.

    As I do believe we are in a war of annihilation, you have seen responses that comport with this belief.

    • What would be taken as evidence of “seriousness”? Never mentioning anyone’s homosexuality? Showing it uniform respect?

      What is “serious”?

      And what “separates the men from the boys”? Are those who speak disparagingly of homosexuals “boys”, and those who speak respectfully of it “men”?

      In a word: what is your agenda?

      These are the facts: until very recently (within the last five decades or so) homosexuality was universally disapproved of and widely condemned — even loathed — throughout Western Civilization. Those who practiced it had to do so in secret, without drawing attention to themselves.

      These facts are true, regardless of my feelings about them, or my own opinions. Or yours.

      Must everyone view the post-modern embrace of “gay” as acceptable, normal, and something to be applauded? If so, why must we do that?

      Where is the rationale and evidence that speaking supportively, rather than disparagingly, of homosexuality is a social good?

      And I mean OBJECTIVE evidence. Not how anyone feels about it, but real, measurable data.

      • You should rethink your position. Not respecting homo sex killed Alan Turing. A very great loss. It also drove some gays into the arms of the Soviets. Burgess and McClean. That was very expensive.

        In this fight the gays – if we accept them – will be tolerable or better allies. They would prefer to keep their heads. That is a strong motivating factor.

        Where Christians go wrong is in assuming that unChristian practices are catching. I have been friendly to gays all my life. They used to come out to me before that was safe. Am I interested in practicing gay sex. No. Way.

        The Christians must go back to the place where they could survive and thrive in a sea of pagans. And they must hold that attitude even when they gain majority status.

        The thing is. America MUST give up its pogroms. All of them. Israel attracts gay Muslims. We should be doing the same.

        Well. All this will be clearer when the war starts.

        • I suggest that you read my comment more closely. I did not take a “position”. I first outlined a historical overview of a cultural norm that existed until very recently. Then I asked the commenter to make his agenda clear. Then I asked for empirical evidence — not based on feelings or personal opinion — that a cultural norm formed by thousands of years of social evolution and millions of years of biological evolution is in fact wrong in some demonstrable sense. That is: how do we know that the new (less than fifty years old) normative stance is in fact beneficial to the culture, and to the human race generally?

          That was a series of clear, factual statements, followed by a series of questions. It wasn’t a position.

          The conservative position would have been to affirm that cultural norms established over thousands of years should not be discarded without overwhelming evidence that their abandonment would be beneficial to the human race.

          No one has provided me with that evidence, because no one can. The evidence will be provided when our culture either destroys itself, or doesn’t. It’s a pretty high-stakes wager that our mandarin overlords have made, using millions of hoi-polloi as the gambling chips.

          • Making permanent war on 2% of the population because of their sexual practices is dumb.

            You get:

            1. Enemies
            2. People used to living underground – they live tradecraft. Easy to recruit and train as spies.
            3. A waste of government resources. Plus vice cops are always the most corrupt.

            Corrupting the agents of civil order seems like a bad idea to me.

            You lose good people: Alan Turing.


            So how do Jews – who have a much longer history – deal with the ancient proscriptions? They encumber them with so many rules (20 witnesses to the act or some such is one) that they are impossible to carry out.

            Christians are in an even better position. The ancient laws have been abrogated. You can choose those that make sense and eliminate the rest.

            We should be making a Muslim 5th column by attracting their gays.


            There is good evidence that hormones in the womb affect human sexual orientation. For pigs the evidence is excellent.

            What kind of moral government makes war on biology?


            Christians used to tout their adherence to nature. It would seem that as our understanding of nature improves, doctrine should conform. The Catholic Church has gotten in a LOT of trouble over the centuries by not adhering to that principle.


            How was Michelangelo ever tolerated?


            We used to understand the difference between vice and crimes. Policing consenting adults is very difficult. It requires secret police.

            I personally do not care to live in a recreation of the Soviet model. For any reason.

          • My reference to seriousness pertained to the magnitude of one’s reaction to “existential threat”. Let’s put that aside for the moment.

            My reference to “separating the men from the boys” refers to and is meant to apply to the intellectual realm.

            Intellectual “boy”: Someone who doesn’t place principles above personalities. This includes the aforementioned method of deconstruction, which I characterized as “Pseudo-psychoanalytic”. (Neurosis or sexual predilection being unprincipled or, better non-principled.) This also includes placing a higher value on style over content. This is the reason I made reference to–as an example–evaluating the content of Fredrich Nietzsche’s work based upon whether he had sex with his Sister, which some may recognize.

            I found your references–within your two posts above–to the historical and evolutionary implications of homosexuality to be humorous. I spent the last two years debating biological evolution, origins and religion on a fine so-called Christian forum. My OBJECTIVE evidence on homosexuality that I presented to them–and you may need duct tape for your head before you read this–was that if one is to insist that homosexuality is not a choice and that it has a genetic origin (cause), then the logical conclusion of this line of reasoning (or fact, if discovered) is that homosexuality is a birth-defect. My implication was that those who peddle that line of argument had better reconsider the implications. Do you follow? (Put another way, homosexuality is a luxury in terms of a species’ survival. Eh?)

            If you require a link to the post where I stated this, then I will be happy to provide that link.

            Read the following very carefully: When I objected to Mr. Brackens use of J. M. Keynes’ homosexuality as a basis for an argument against the man’s academic work, I was defending intellectual integrity, nothing else. A proper reading of my prior entries to this one should lead to that conclusion. No offense to anyone.

            I have not categorized the above as “my agenda”. If you chose to categorize the strength of my intellectual conscience as an expression of an agenda, then that is your choice and you do so at your own peril: We all know the insinuation of “agenda” and what it connotes, as in “hidden agenda”.

            You have raised in my mind exactly what is your agenda.

            I understand fully that you might place a defense of a guest-writer to your site over intellectual integrity. This is an oblique reference to my oblique reference to requesting money for fund drives.

            I will wait for your reply, but will understand if you take a very long time, or don’t reply at all, as I took a very long time to address yours. (I imposed my own “ban”–for reasons of health, at least.) I still consider your site to be fine and valuable.

            I thank MSimon for the post marked ‘December 2, 2015 at 3:06 am’.

    • Oh [redacted suggestions and epithets]. There are far more important things to worry about in the world today than your personal obsessions about the men and the boys.

      The funny thing is, you’re making the other guy’s point for him – think about it!

  39. Mr Bracken explain the following passage:

    QUOTE”This pattern of secular strongmen being followed by fanatical Islamist leaders has recurred many times over the past millennium and longer. Do not be fooled by modernists like King Abdullah of Jordan. To the true believer of Islam, any king or strongman is never more than a rifle shot or grenade toss away from being kinetically deposed, and replaced by another Islamist fanatic.”

    There is an obvious problem with this in that we have witnessed US Imperialism and other western Imperialisms such as British being involved in intervening on the side of the enemy of civilization, that is of Islam.

    I will give you some examples all of which are of great importance to our lives in the modern world.

    There was the intervention in Indonesia of the US in support of Suharto against Sukarno (founding President), and the result of this was a massive genocide of mainly Young rural communists of the Stalinist “peaceful road to socialism” persuasión…talking big numbers here maybe a million massacred in the Indonesian countryside, a massacre I hardly ever see mentioned in print. That was in the 60s.

    There was the epochal event of the 1990s when the US and EU/NATO/UN intervened on behalf of the Islamist Supremacist Izetbegovic in Bosnia, broke apart a sovereign country Yugoslavia, provided Bin laden with his bridge from where he went on to plan and carry out 9-11

    There was the Arab Spring which was anticipated by events in states like Ukraine, Georgia and then went on to the intervention of US Imperialism and the above EU in order to overthrow largely secular leaders like the Tunisian ruler Ben Ali, Gadhafi, Mubarak, Gaghbo and some others.

    The biggest event though was the 2003 war on Saddam which as Raymond Ibrahim says “uncorked” the Jihad.

    There were two positions taken on this by the left. There was the pacifist position of people like Corbyn who opposed the war and in doing this they were leading people astray on the danger from Islam. There was a second position, my own, and I opposed the war on the basis that it would “uncork” the bottle, a bottle filled with all kinds of fizzy Islam Nasties.

    This is the problem I have with your above paragraph. These dictators were not overthrown by the Islamist Supremacists. They were overthrown in the major part by the intervention of the forces of capitalism, the forces of the US British and French jets against the forces of as a good example those of Gadhafi.

    It is a very simple point that I am making here. And simple points need to be answered in a simple and straightforward way.

    • That’s a great point. I was already at 9K words, so I needed to keep it succinct anywhere I could, but yes, you are correct.

      Just as somebody else pointed out that the Muslims never “found” oil under their feet. The British did. Also true. But to include every last aspect and detail would require a book, not a 9 or 10K essay.

      But you are certainly correct. The fanatical Islamists usually have help from outside. Like today. Bastards, all of them, the Islamists and the international socialists.

    • You forget that the Kenya Embassy, the bombing of the Cole in Yemen and 9/11 PRECEDED the invasion of Iraq, which had UN approval, I might add!

      My understanding at the time was that the US government wanted a friendly ally in the ME which was not fanatically Muslim. Obviously SA was where OBL came from, so they weren’t to be relied upon entirely.

      Iraq was the most secular of the Arab nations and had a small but well educated Middle Class. Not only that, but they were suffering under a dictator, so Bush assumed that being rational, they would welcome the opportunity to establish a democracy once Saddam Hussein was out of the way.

      You can accuse Bush of being naive in not comprehending that Muslims are NOT rational. That they prefer psychological slavery under Islam than freedom of choice. That the Sunnis and Shias enjoy hating each other and that Saddam’s army would not disappear into thin air but hang about poisoning the political atmosphere.

      Despite all of these blunders, Bush still managed to hold onto Iraq and it was Obama who walked out, shut the door and ISIS jumped into the empty space!

      OBL was determined to begin an Islam V the West war, and in that he succeeded. Whether Bush had gone into Iraq or not would have made NO DIFFERENCE!

      • Obama did in Iraq what the Democrats did in ‘Nam in ’75. I had seen that movie before. (‘Nam Vet) It made me scream.

        But Nixon and Reagan made some very huge blunders we are living with today. They made 10% of the population who were situational enemies into permanent enemies. Very bad move.

        “Look, we understood we couldn’t make it illegal to be young or poor or black in the United States, but we could criminalize their common pleasure. We understood that drugs were not the health problem we were making them out to be, but it was such a perfect issue…that we couldn’t resist it.” – John Ehrlichman, White House counsel to President Nixon on the rationale of the War on Drugs.

    • In the first Afghan War (modern era) the jihadis were useful against the Soviets. The error was that after the war (unlike the war against the Germans) we failed to turn on our “allies”. Instead we embraced them.

      We saw them as “godly” and useful against the atheists. And socialists. Failing to see the inherent socialism of the jihadis because they were godly. Or so they claimed.

      It turns out that we have more in common with the atheists than with the Islamics. Not a LOT more because they are not economically literate. But still…. They would prefer to keep their heads. That is a uniting factor.


      We also have a little problem with the drug trade. A good look at that from a prior era is “The Politics of Heroin in South East Asia” by McCoy (free on the www). Or if you want the movie version, “Air America” with Mel Gibson is not too bad. We have used the drug trade to fund our black ops. A trick we inherited from the Brits post WW2. See China – Opium Wars. These days it not only funds black ops. It also funds our enemies. We should spike it by legalization. The only way to kill a black market.

      Horrors you say? Heroin was before 1914 an over the counter drug. The troubles it caused with that status were minimal compared to what the black market is doing to us politically today.

    • I would like to add the loss of Iran to the fanatical mulas due to the loss of support to the secular Xa government by Peanut Farmer Carter. Some believe it started (or added more fuel) to the big mess the world is in now.

  40. I did my best, in the name of all that is right, to punch holes in this account.

    I have failed.

    Perhaps the addition of a strong emerging Caliphate can be added to the article which would hasten the first ‘signals’ of war, but nothing else. It’s well implied, however, so it may be my tendency to overstate.

    Thank you for the courage,

    Peter Hyatt

    • I put my own name on what I write, to give others courage. Every day I get emails with tips and insights from folks who say, “Don’t use my name, I have a family!”

      The victory of Islam depends on this. Islam means submission. Just not speaking up, due to fear, is submission.

      We all need to be brave to face what is coming. They can’t kill us all. Like the Mafia, they prefer to just terrify us into submission. Don’t submit.

  41. In contrast, when the socialist economist John Maynard Keynes was asked if his self-styled Keynesian credit expansion could continue in the long run, he replied, “In the long run, we are all dead. Tra-la-la, who cares? It won’t be my problem.”
    I have not had the time to go through all the comments, and there seems to have been a lot of dispute regarding Keynes, albeit on a different matter than the one I’m bringing forth. But I’m afraid I may throw some more oil on that fire. The passage I quoted above is just wrong. Keynes’ citation is not an answer to a question; he wrote it in a 1923 treaty titled A Tract on Monetary Reform . It’s better appreciated with context: But this long run is a misleading guide to current affairs. In the long run we are all dead. Economists set themselves too easy, too useless a task if in tempestuous seasons they can only tell us that when the storm is long past the ocean is flat again.
    JMK was opposed to collectivism and was caring about the future. In this passage, he is talking about the need for better economical models, that what economy can tell is only something that will happen in the long run if applied and nothing else happens. He’s calling for better judgment, better tools to be able to make decisions.
    I’m not an advocate of JMK’s economics policies, but misquoting or misusing a quote will not help, on the contrary.

    • If that’s how you wish to perceive JMK, fine with me. But you are just making excuses for the disaster he set in train. Naturally, politicians will always hew to a “famous economist” who says, “We can just print money forever! And if it ever blows up, it’ll be after we’re gone!”

      Well, they’re gone, we’re here, and it’s finally going to blow up.

      Keynes’ “long run” has arrived, and the bill will be paid.

      • Keynes did not set the disaster in train. His advice was to save for a rainy day and then when the rain comes spend what you have saved.

        What the politicians took from that is “spend”. Saving not being something they are inclined to do.

        It wasn’t Keynes (although Hayek had a better grasp of economics and the limits of knowledge). It was politicians who heard what they wanted to hear. And what they wanted to hear was “no limits”. Savings are not required. Pain is unnecessary.

      • Well, I agree with most of you wrote. And I am not particularly fond of JMK. It’s just that the quote did not mean he didn’t care about the future. I’m making no excuse for anyone, but using this quote this way is akin to be giving the stick to be beaten with. There are enough reasons to fight islamism and international socialism not to bend snippets of old texts into evil declarations.
        I think your essay could attract more diffusion keeping away from it. Isn’t that the whole point? Trying to kindle awareness and confidence in those who stand hypnotized by appeasement maneuvers and humanistic doctrine?

    • JMK visited the Soviet Union and wrote – ‘A Short View of Russia.’ He also married a Russian ballet dancer. ‘He dismissed the economic aspects of Leninism as an “obsolete economic textbook, which I know to be not only scientifically erroneous but without interest or application in the modern world,” But the religious fervor accompanying the doctrine he found impressive. … “Russia, the beautiful and foolish youngest son of the European family…in a changed form and a new setting, contribute something to the true religion of the future”…’

      This is quoted from ‘Ludwig Wittgenstein, the duty of genius’ by Ray Monk. (Wittgenstein knew JMK at Cambridge.)

      So although a State-run economy was not to his liking, JMK was romantically engaged by the ideology of Communism, as were so many of the intellectuals of the time, as Matthew points out.

  42. Matt – Thanks for a masterful essay. For all of the readers who have not read Matt’s trilogy you are missing out on three great books. S/F Bob Nye

    • And the Enemies Trilogy is free to download on Kindle for the next couple of days. This is a good time to share that link with your moderate or liberal friends, who, after Paris, might be willing to open their minds a bit.

  43. Wow this was very insightful and so true. I suggest the author be a guest on the Alex Jones’ show: http://www.Infowars.com I understand the globalist lust for power and control, and this also true about political Islam. Mohammed to Muslims was the perfect man, so to true believers it’s “what did Mohammed do?” It is also called Al Sunna or the way of Mohammed. I see so many misinformed Leftist and Christians wanting to cut our collective threatens by bringing in thousands upon thousands of unvetted Muslim Syrian refugees into America. Will there also be a simultaneous attacks in America? I hope this articles is on the GofV Facebook so I can post it from my android phone. It is so informative I will tell my friends about this article.

    • Yes, please do. If you have any contacts at Alex Jones, that would be great. Even mentioning “Tet Take Two” and “Bracken” in any comments on any websites helps a lot to spread the word.

      It’s going to happen in 2016. See my comment about mobilizing the reserves in 1914 posted below.

      • It is early days yet. Avoid Alex Jones for now. He is tinfoil hat territory. For now.

        What you want is Drudge. Or David Harsiani (sp?). Look for a major newspaper columnist.

        First you want credibility. Then exposure. If you do it the other way around you will quickly get limited.

        • Try to keep up. Matt Drudge has been appearing more and more often on Alex Jones’ show.

          Besides which, the numbers don’t lie. That amount of people hearing your message is a good thing, end of story. And btw Jones does interviews, unlike your non-alternative.

          Given your ridiculous non-response to the Baron’s earlier comment, one has to wonder if you are serving another’s cause.

  44. It should not be forgotten that there is and always will be a conflict between the Turks and the Arabs whatever Sunni commonality they may have. The Turks have not forgotten that the Ottoman Empire was the seat of the Islamic Califate in the past. Their duplicitous actions in dealing with events in Syria and northern Iraq just demonstrates that the present regime harbors revancist desires for both past empires and mastery of the Islamic world as the seat of the Califate.

    Putin and Ergodan are both revanchist imperialists. As such they will always be in conflict. Tiny Georgia that is wedged between them might just become their conflict zone.

    • All my life I’ve looked at the Dardanelles Straits and wondered, “What if the Turks and the Russians ever go to war?”

      Unstoppable force, meet unmovable object.

      Everybody remembers Gallipoli, right?

      • You say that like it would be a bad thing. Only if NATO doesn’t tell the Turks to go and sleep in the bebeof nails that they made. Let them bleed each other white as far as I’m concerned. Then let the Kurd, Armenians and Greeks slice up the remains and then re-Christianize western Anitolia and change the name of Istanbul back to Constantinople.

      • They have, several times. Bloodshed of hair-raising proportions. For a first-hand account of the Crimean War, for example, check out Leo Tolstoy’s [I]Sevastopol Sketches[/I].

      • Gallipoli was a huge mistake which TE Lawrence, who was in Syria at the time, blamed on the fact that the French INSISTED that after the weakening or demise of the Ottoman Empire, they would get the area around Aleppo. Aleppo was the OBVIOUS place for the British and ANZAC forces to land, but the French wouldn’t have it and Churchill, to keep them happy, chose the Dardenelles as an alternative with the consequent carnage – including my own great uncle!

        • Gallipoli was not a bad choice had the general in charge been more energetic. He thought he had time. He was mistaken.

          Had he taken the high ground on the first day of the landing (it would have been a walk on that day) the odds would have been in his favor. But he was solicitous of his troops. They were tired. So he rested them.

          The planning for that operation was poor. The execution worse.

          Time is not on our side either.

        • The Allies needed to open the Bosporus in order to provide material support to the Russian campaigns in the Austro Hungarian front and which eventually dwindled to a halt through lack of supplies in 1916.

  45. Very insightful essay, to bring up the point about the dangers of a multitude of Paris-style attacks. But I’m curious, as to why you think this should happen in 2016 – as opposed to 2017, or later years?

    With every year that passes, demographics (both due to birth rates, and the migrant Hijra) ensures that the followers of the Religion of Peace in Europe are more numerous, and more powerful… therefore, why launch a Tet offensive and risk “jumping the gun” (something to which you alluded), when they can just sit back and wait, and maybe even indulge in a little silent Jihad? (drug dealing, grooming, protection rackets, aggressive behaviour towards infidels, harassing infidel women etc)… surely it’s just the few hotheads who can’t bear waiting for their 72 virgins, who want to blow themselves up right at this moment?

    • They will launch the big jihad in 2016 for the same reason that WW1 launched in 1914, after all of the vast military reserves were called up and mobilized. Once you have a million fighting men assembled, there is going to be a fight. They won’t go home or take up knitting, while waiting for non-existent jobs at the VW plant.

      Out of a million new hijra invasion migrants, 1% are stone cold fanatical killers who can’t wait to pull a Paris or a Beslan. They will trigger the onset. Then another 10% will jump in with their own attacks.

      1% of a million is ten thousand. Paris was 8 guys. About a hundred (at most) “active IRA” kept entire British divisions busy for 25 years. And the IRA won (sort of) when the Brits capitulated (sort of) after a series of extremely expensive car bombs went off in the London version of Wall Street.

      That was what a hundred IRA did. Now, imagine ten thousand jihadists, eager to get to their 72 virgins.

      If they were smart, they’d wait until they reached 20% or more population, but they are not smart, and the self-reinforcing group-think will make them feel more powerful than they are.

      They will launch the Great European Jihad in 2016. Count on it.

      • Point taken about their numbers. But large numbers have been coming in for years now – not just in 2015. As has been noted elsewhere – the largest number of illegal immigrants in Britain are not those who’ve crossed on dinghies across the Med – but have simply overstayed their visas. I’d imagine it’s similar in other countries – except for perhaps Germany and Sweden. Millions have been coming into Europe every year for a long time – yet so far, this has not resulted in a Tet offensive… So why now?

        I do mostly agree with you though. Something like the scenario you described may well happen – I’m just not sure it’ll be 2016. IMO next year will be the “make or break” year for Europe – either it halts the influx, or the influx grows much greater, and it’s on a very rapid road to destruction. With a “Tet Offensive” scenario to follow – perhaps in 2017… Muslims like their symbolism – and what could be more symbolic than, on the centenary of the revolution which was (back then) meant to spell the end of Western civilisation, to attempt a repeat? This time though, with far more explosives, and with a weaker Europe to counteract it.

    • The Neo-Ummayyad assault on European women has been going on for decades.
      Back in the 80’s, there were already scores of men – most of them from the former French colonies in North Africa: Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, Tchad- patrolling Mediterranean and Atlantic beaches with little coolers on their shoulders, out of which they sold popsicles and soda. Those guys would squat down beside every not-too-hideous White girl they saw (blondes and redheads preferred, but others were not ignored, provided they were hot enough ) and hit on them in very aggressive ways not used by European men since the early Middle Ages. They did not even care if the girl was with a boyfriend, husband others, their lack of respect for non-Arabs is that complete. They would do this all day, every day for as long as the beach season lasts in their particular area, usually from about mid-May to the end of August., and continue the same strategy at night in the bars and night clubs. The most frustrating part was when there was a boyfriend who actually had the [manly wherewithal] to stand up to the intruder, but the girl would then turn on him and take the aggressor’s side, calling her boyfriend racist, etc.
      I’m not sure I even want to know what it looks like now.

      • The answer is to learn to be men. Be more manly than the Muslims. See http://therationalmale.com/ for more. Also study female hypergamy.

        The lack of understanding of female nature (something we used to know) is the core of our weakness. Females are socialist. Males are capitalist. Generally.

        Women prefer to mate with bad boys and then want a provider to support the raising of the children. If they can’t get a provider – socialism will do. We must destroy socialism because it undermines manliness.

        In the coming age women are going to want protectors. Bad boys. Learn to be one.

        And for the ladies. You must learn what is no longer taught. Surrender to the man of your choice. For life. Choose well.

        • “The answer is to learn to be men.”

          Feminists and the GLBT brigade are busy making sure that doesn’t happen. One-parent families aren’t helping either. And neither, as you say, is socialism – a system which rewards someone lying on their back doing nothing more than someone prepared to make sacrifices to be succesful.

        • All true, but it should be mentioned that most European (and many American) boys are raised in ways that leave them extremely ill prepared for what’s waiting for them in the real world. They are fed an unending stream of lies and fairy tales regarding the true nature of the ‘dating market’, and have absolutely no support system other than ‘manosphere’ websites – which have only existed for maybe a decade or so. Fathers or other male relatives are no help, in fact, they are often even more brainwashed and clueless than the young’uns.

      • And what did the French do about it?

        Sounds like what was happening in Sydney, Australia with the Lebanese gangs harassing women on beaches, back in the early 2000s.

        But then the Aussie surfer gangs organised, ordinary Aussies joined them, and they all got together and descended en-masse onto Cronulla beach in 2005, a short while after the famous riots in France. Predictably, all the media called them “racist” – as opposed to the rioters in France, who were merely “rallying against injustice”.

  46. Does International Socialism have a base? It had a base in the Soviet Union. But at the moment of truth Stalin had to call on love of Mother Russia to rally his subjects in the fight to the death with Nazi Germany. He called on Nationalism. What I’m saying is that though the International Socialists/International Bankers have great wealth at their disposal they do not have great loyalty, the loyalty that commits to a fight to the death. Historically that intensity of loyalty has only sprung from love of ones country, ones people, the defense of ones own. As the Muslim invasion of Europe continues and the inevitable horrific attacks ensue where will the loyalties of the French Army/French Police, German Army/German Police go? Will they stay loyal to the Socialist rulers of those and other European nations who will insist on restraint, in effect insist on surrender to the Muslim horde? Or will they rebel and go over to the forces of Nationalism in France, Germany, the Netherlands, Norway and yes, even Sweden, forces that will be rising precipitously as the people of those nations, in dire straits, turn to those who WILL defend them to the death, the forces of Nationalism? Don’t count Nationalism out.

    • ricpic … You are right. Spot on.

      Our hellish looming problems do not come from muslims per se, but from decision made by cad traitors, who have adopted a strange language and stranger attitudes. French so-called revolution’s goal was to stop the kings from oppressing and lying to people. NOTHING has changed. Actually things have changed for the worse.

      My goodness. You have to read, notice, observe and follow up to know the truth. Watch who created ISIS.


      People will know the truth unless they are druggists, drunk, sex-addicts, afflicted heart bleeders, kind but in a perverted way ( caring for invaders but not for their own fellow citizens), creators of false gods like Malala, perver ted in thinking.

      Our problems come from traitors who have no values. . . the only overarching value is embracing our enemies/invaders.

      Traitors have no stance or feeling of resistance to evil invaders, so they kill us with “kindness towards invaders.” Even that one is pretentious.

      I wish the traitors would love and lavish goodies and respect on their own citizens half as much as that lavished on invaders.

  47. I agree with most things in this article, except for the nomenclature of “nationalists”. The third party defending European civil liberties, the way of life, the culture, should properly be called “liberals” with a small-L, because they are the inheritors of the Enlightenment. There is no conflict between religion, nationality and humanism under the Enlightenment, because each has its proper sphere. In religion, we have free choice. In nationality, we are not absolutely bound anywhere but feel an allegiance. In humanism, we are all human and accept each others’ flaws and transgressions. In all things, we strive to be tolerant — of everything except gross intolerance, which is what we are facing now. We should not abdicate those ideals. But we must recognize the situation.
    Too often, “nationalism” has been an excuse for genocide. I am a Jew. One who would have probably leaned to the right and away from the culture du jour in Weimar Germany, but one who would’ve certainly been executed by my compatriots as per orders from the Hitlerian nationalists. Is there a middle ground? If so, where do you advocate for it in your article?
    As said, I agree with much of what you put forward. What I find problematic is drawing the line at national culture. We, as the West — Judeo-Christian as you say — have gone beyond nationalism. We who aren’t socialists but believe in the historical rights of Man as defined in the US and French Constitutions, are a dying breed. All that is true. But that is exactly the reason that people of a common mind need to band together across national boundaries in this case.

    You’re quite right that the movements opposing rational, conservative, traditional and enlightened thought, are trans-national organizations. How do we expect to oppose them piecemeal and without a any consolidated front, on a country-by-country, or ethnic basis? Do you see what’s happening to Israel now? The slandering of Hungary and Czecha and the other countries that oppose this onslaught? There needs to be a trans-national unity based on common values, the values that mean something to the silent majority of the West, to oppose what’s happening. Otherwise they will just fall like dominos.

  48. What a [series of epithets] this piece is. A Christian with a gun: you cannot even see the hypocrisy, because all you care about is Self. Please provide links to some of your spurious claims, such as the people that were raped at Beslan and the truck carrying the 800 guns allegedly found in Italy. And as for the ‘childless homosexual John Maynard Keynes’, what relevance does the fact that he was childless and homosexual have to the argument, except that it doesn’t fit the didactic Christian narrative that is, in actual fact, as intolerant and fascistic as jihad in the hands of deluded hypocrites; but again, you are unlikely to see the irony or cast even a glance to the countless children [redacted] by the Christian church and its emissaries in the wider world.

    The notion that a relatively small number of Islamic fanatics will achieve anything near the European civil war that you predict is naive in the extreme. You completely underestimate the resolve of people who have a true sense of what humanity really means to withstand anything that a group of brainwashed clones try to force upon them, regardless of whether that threat emanates from bomb-wielding pseudo-Islamic extremists or gun-toting pseudo-Christian crusaders.

      • Yes, I have of course heard of Google, but I used a different search engine that came up with no results, but thanks for posting these.

    • Badly put. Any sane person who understands what the intrinsic intolerance of the koran means to humanity has to oppose it.

      As regards their messages the New Testament is for tolerance and morality. Christians behaving in the way you describe are not Christians. Muslims committing violence do so under the sanction and instruction of the koran however.

      I could only loosely be described as a Christian and I don’t have a gun.

      • Christianity is bi-modal. At peace it is very nice. At war it is more unmerciful than any enemy. Very unChristian.

        If fact that is true of any civilization of over 100 years age.

        If they don’t do war well – Carthago delenda est – they go under.

      • You appear to have a seriously skewed opinion of both Islam and Christianity, imho. As with the author of this piece you are totally misrepresenting Islam to assert that the extremists in ISIL and other jihad organisations are true embodiments of the religion. Both ISIL and Christianity are responsible for many of the great atrocities over the ages, and I believe that the world would be a better place without either of them. Let’s stop using some fictional notion of God as an excuse to hate and as an excuse for insular tribal cliques. The most relevant points delivered by this article for me were those about the corporate bankers, who are perhaps the greatest evil of all, although the fact that their support of socialist ideologies was emphasised and their support of fascist regimes was downplayed again displays a skewed stance and a right wing agenda that goes hand in hand with a support of gun ownership that most other civilised societies do very well without.

        • As I am unable to edit the remark above, just to clarify, my words should read: ‘Both Islam and Christianity are responsible for many of the great atrocities over the ages.’

          But let me take a moment to expand my thoughts: notwithstanding my earlier assertion that both Islam and Christianity are part of the problem (Christianity has largely moved on from the dark atrocities of its crusading past, unlike much of Islam, but its modern corporate connections are equally dangerous), it is still unfair to castigate the Muslim faith per se, rather than to acknowledge the part that the West has had to play in the current problems of the Middle East due to its corporate and capitalist imperialsm, and additionally to acknowledge that the Islamic extremists are partly products of societies that offer little positive hope or opportunity for many of their people, and that a less selfish world would see the advantages of spreading wealth and education in these regions rather than seeing them merely as global assets to plunder.

    • “Please provide links to some of your spurious claims, such as the people that were raped at Beslan and the truck carrying the 800 guns allegedly found in Italy.”

      Regarding the latter any number of links can be found searching “800 shotguns italy” including BBC and Rueters reports. It is difficult to see why ‘allegedly’ is used to qualify ‘found’ or ‘spurious’ is used to qualify ‘claims’, or indeed it is difficult to see why the word ‘claims’ is used at all. If one wanted to question the author’s sentence it might have been to query the basis on which the Winchester’s were categorized as ‘assault-style’, other than that they were ‘combat-style pistol-grip’.

      In respect of the former claim the ‘spurious’ adjective is itself a claim, i.e. redundant. Also jarring is why the author’s reference to this claim has been depersonalized by referring to the children and teenagers raped as ‘people’ rather than ‘girls’ or ‘female students’, which is what they were.

      Those aspects aside the author does make a ‘claim’ rather than refer to universally accepted facts. In press reports at the time there was very little said about the female students being raped. However it s not the author’s claim but one made in various sites such as GoV itself.

      See for instance http://gatesofvienna.blogspot.com.au/2010/09/place-of-mourning.html where the comment by trencherbone refers to “The mainstream media were very reluctant to report the Beslan child-rapes and tortures”.

      • Thanks for your comments. I’ve already acknowledged that there are indeed plenty of links to prove the veracity of the shotgun story, which my own search engine failed to deliver, although I would contend that the story about rape victims at Beslan is indeed spurious and that it was put in for effect as an additional slight to Muslims in general.

  49. One of the things America is going to have to do is give up Prohibition. It is a waste of resources and creates enemies. It also denies us effective medicines. Cannabis cures (some? all?) cancer. And many other things. We are going to need it. Especially for PTSD. There will be a lot of that in the coming years. We will have the choice of alcoholics or pot heads. Pot is way less debilitating.

    And second off we must remember Alan Turing. He was effectively hounded to death by the Brits. And that general hounding of homosexuals led to others to defect to the Soviets. We should avoid repeating that mistake. And in fact we need to end all the social warfare backed by government guns. We have one enemy. Islam and its enablers.

    • The only thing pot cures is an overabundance of brain cells. We should just ship all our pot to IS, it’ll make them giggling doofuses who can’t remember where they left their AK’s.

      • They’ll sit around gorging on Ben and Jerry’s while they watch I Love Lucy reruns.

    • I hope you realize Alan Turing didn’t crack the Code – the Poles did. He simply got fame because he was gay.

      Earlier you made a comment about how it was wrong to wage war against biology, yet excused homosexuality. Sense this does not make.

      Ironically, ‘homophobia’ is more genetically inherited than homosexuality. There is some evidence that a pathogen causes it.

      “There’s ample evidence in pigs” – Can I see that?

      • Turing’s reputation doesn’t depend on whatever role he played in cracking the Enigma cipher, which people couldn’t even talk about for many years until it was declassified because encryption systems had moved sufficiently past its technology.

        Rather, he’s remembered for developing one of the two theories of computation that can be directly used in programming computers, based on the famous Turing Machine, along with the lambda calculus developed by his doctoral adviser Alonzo Church. He also gave us the famous Turing Test.

        He’s also not much of a “gay martyr”, seeing as how that was generally tolerated in the U.K. by then, what was not was falsely claiming to the police that your ex-boyfriend had committed felonies.

  50. Too many of you seem to have way too much faith in your fellow countrymen, whatever that country maybe, to actually rise up and defend their nation, home or even family. The only truly enlightened comment in of all of this, is referring to the fact that if it cannot be said in 140 charters or less, they don’t want to know.
    The whining wussies, of the “also participated trophy” era have no idea or concept of actual competition, let alone all out war for survival.
    There are no skilled people left to build and repair and re-invent the basics of life which is what will be needed when the dust settles.
    Those that want to destroy western civilization need not plan another 9/11 or even a Paris type scenario. Take out the cell phone towers!
    The masses will react like vampires at sunrise on a clear day as their reception bars disappear and they do not have the knowledge, will or fortitude to find their way to the next street corner never mind protect or reclaim their way of life.
    A woman in the USA just recently got arrested for letting her child play outside unattended. What chance is there, never mind hope? Even a deity will throw in the towel and move on, so divine intervention is not happening either.
    A well written article no doubt, but a little over done. Bottom line

  51. Over-intellectualised. Islam does what it says on the tin. We all know what the ingredients are.

  52. I am not quite sure what point you are trying to make here. 5 minutes research of your own will confirm those points which you have already decided are false.

    You seem to have a closed mind, maybe you are a believer in a political religion and cannot stand what is in your selfish viewpoint, blasphemy.

    If you don’t like the first and second amendments then I suggest you emigrate to Sudan, Somalia or Saudi Arabia and find the real ‘freedom’ in submission.

    On September 1, 2004, terrorists stormed a school in Beslan, Russia, and perpetrated one of the most heinous terror attacks in history. Though many people may have heard of this attack, it is very likely that most do not know what really happened there. The reality is so dark that few dare speak of what went on.

    “There are predators in wait lurking everywhere searching for unsuspecting victims. If a person has a proclivity or a secret desire, that inclination can easily come out if an opportunity arises. And that is what happened at Beslan. The terrorists immediately killed the men because they wanted no resistance for their plans. Then, when they saw the helpless girls in front of them, the temptation became too much. Their perverse dreams came true.”



  53. An interesting read. The part about the Tet offensive was particularly educational for me. That said, I have a different vision of how this will play out.

    1) When the Muslims launch their offensive, they will be far too disorganized to spare their socialist allies. Especially since they will see the socialists as just another group of infidels.

    2) Europe is a lot bigger than Vietnam. Even factoring in the larger number of invaders, that will be fewer terrorists per capita. I figure this mostly not all of the immigrants will be in on it. At least at first. After #3, I expect it to turn into every Muslim versus every European.

    3) Even before Paris, far-right sentiment was strong enough that the traitors had to keep future refuge housing secret to avoid it getting burned out. In the event of Paris-level attacks occuring daily, I expect Europeans will get angry enough that they will kill everyone in the Sharia-ghettos, even the women and children.

    4) Following that upsurge in far-right nationalism and violence, the socialist traitors will panic. Some will convert to nationalism, moved by personal maiming or the loss of family members during the Tet 2.0. Some, particularly the moles and sleeper types, will blend into the woodwork. They’ll be good little nationalists for the rest of the generation, before going back to treason. The rest will be killed when the nationalist mob turns on them.

    5) The question is what America will do. If the US suffers its own shakeup, such as Black Lives Matter erupting into (worse) rioting, they’ll be too busy dealing with their own [offal] to get involved. If the traitors in the US can keep a lid on things domestically, though, they’ll knife Europe in the back. I can already imagine the media baying for US troops to save the ‘innocent’ refugees from Neo-Nazis.

    So in conclusion, I really hope SHTF in America while things kick off in Europe. Otherwise, we’ll all get front-row seats to watch watch Western Civilization drown under Islam.

    • First you write that outraged Europeans will kill everyone in the Sharia- ghettos. This I agree with. Then you close by saying “Western Civilization [will] drown under Islam.” Makes no sense. If Europeans, angered sufficiently by the coming Islamic attacks wipeout the highly concentrated Muslim population – and knowing the French I am confident they will act with total brutality once sufficiently aroused – how does it follow that Western Civilization will fall to Islam? It doesn’t.

      • What I meant was that Europe could clean out the Sharia ghettos if no one else got involved. I do not, however, have such optimism if America sides with the Muslims. Thus, my hope that something keeps the US busy while this is happening.

  54. Baron,

    The goal is not to save Christianity. The goal is to save civilization. You widen the goal – you get more allies.

    • MSimon,

      I didn’t say a word about Christianity. I’m talking about saving Western Civilization.

  55. To Global Fightback:

    Have you ever actually read the Koran? Do you know that there are more than a hundred injunctions in the Koran for good muslims to kill, maim (e.g. crucify or cut off hands and feet), or enslave the unbelievers–and/or make unbelievers submit to Islam (Shariah)? Don’t you know this? For example, the verse: “Kill the unbelievers wherever you find them.” And this doesn’t even take into account all the murderous passages in the authoritative Hadiths. Or the wonderful (just a bit of sarcasm here) examples in the biography of Mohammed.

    The Syrian-American psychiatrist, Dr. Wafa Sultan, has stated that she has come to the conclusion that no one can read the biography of Mohammed–and believe–and emerge mentally and psychologically health.

    Find us an equivilent one hundred passages in the bible mandating Christians to kill, enslave, crucify, etc. unbelievers?

    So Christians have behaved in un-Christian ways, doing terrible things that one can say did not comport with the teachings of their Founder.

    Whereas, when Muslims kill, maim, torture, enslave, etc., they are only doing what their Founder did and what their Founder explicitly told them to do. What their Founder insisted that they do.

    Get it?

  56. One can hope and pray that the majority of police, army, and security services will side with the native peoples of Europe.

  57. This is all nice and whatnot, but the screed against the bankers is nothing new. Is anyone really surprised? Let’s get real here. Money is its own machine. Socialism and nationalism likewise is powered by money. I can’t help but remark that the tidbits about big corporations and crony bankers controlling everyone being a socialist creed – and indeed it is. Is it not Communism itself to abolish both?

    Also, this:

    “The international socialists have believed at least since the French Revolution that it was their duty to impose a top-down feudal order upon the ordinary “dumb masses,” a new world order managed by self-proclaimed experts chosen from among the correctly-educated elites, both for the benefit of the ignoramuses, and as a way to line their own pockets and continue to live an elite lifestyle of wealth and power.”

    Well, like it or not, feudalism has existed long before socialism has, and it was actually the socialists’ belief to ABOLISH this.

    “For example, American bankers funded the efforts of Lenin and Trotsky both before and during their returns to Russia.” – Yeah, so? This isn’t surprising. It’s about who you know. On certain sides most saw it was a Jew job.

    “Once you understand the grand machinations at work behind the forces directing international socialism, this seeming paradox actually makes sense.” – It actually has more to do with altruism and how we evolved with it. Socialists just take it to ideological levels; it’s not really a grand machination.

    “It’s about control, and brainwashing the idiot proles into the unthinking herd behavior required to manage them under socialism directed from above.” – I hear this a lot: ‘I’m more enlightened than you.’ Okay, alright. But really – nothing you’ve said is anything new. It’s stuff we’ve all heard before.

    “But at the very pinnacle of the proletarian worker-bee hive, the controlling nomenklatura elites live like Communist dictators, or Rockefellers, or both at the same time, as they meet at Davos, Aspen, Jackson Hole and elsewhere over champagne and caviar to arrange their next self-dealing international trade agreements.” – Switch the arguments around and this sounds like a Communist manifesto. Same sides of the coin.

    And like it or not the Rockefellers did have a lasting influence on America, including some positive things. Like the oil and railroad boom. And do I smell a hatred of wealth?

    Anyways, I get the point, yet I don’t. It doesn’t strike me as anything worth keeping. In short:

    – Bankers and internationalists are socialists
    – Socialists serve their own desires
    – Bankers serve their own desires
    – Bankers fund socialists
    – ????
    – PROFIT!

  58. Long as this article is, I can’t help but think that it’s just rehashed stuff we already know. The main argument of bankers and internationalists being against us is a long, long held belief – and yes, sometimes, many times, it is true. But the irony is, is that the Communists held this belief, too; that it was bankers and internationalists that were the enemy. Except in their case, Western decadence would bring their societies to ruin.

    “Bankers funded Lenin and Trotsky” – So? Bankers funded anti-Communists, as well. It’s called betting on the person or group most likely to win. It’s just a big poker game. Not sure why anyone is surprised.

    “Once you understand the grand machinations at work behind the forces directing international socialism, this seeming paradox actually makes sense.” – The actual grand machination is altruism, something that we evolved with, and socialism simply takes it to its (il)logical conclusions.

    “It’s about control, and brainwashing the idiot proles into the unthinking herd behavior required to manage them under socialism directed from above.” – Isn’t this the mantra of most people that go, “Ha ha, I am more enlightened than you, you filthy swine.” Or, the feudal system made electronic.

    By the way, what bank do you use, sir? I’m sure you bank. If not, well, that’s calling your bluff, isn’t it?

    “But at the very pinnacle of the proletarian worker-bee hive, the controlling nomenklatura elites live like Communist dictators, or Rockefellers, or both at the same time, as they meet at Davos, Aspen, Jackson Hole and elsewhere over champagne and caviar to arrange their next self-dealing international trade agreements.” – Communists say the same thing, just with different words. Same sides of the coin.

    And hate them or like them, the Rockefellers DID have a big role in America’s oil and railroad expansions. They’re not all that bad. And the Rothschilds aren’t a unified force, either; the children are separated. Besides, bankers aren’t exactly loyal, either. Give them enough bait and they’ll tear each other apart.

    Personally, I simply didn’t find this essay moving, as, like I said before, it doesn’t have anything new to offer us. There is the usual talk of the Frankfurt school and other Jacobin institutions, but with no real meaning. We know that these things are happening.

    “Meanwhile, the former Soviet Communist KGB Colonel Vladimir Putin evolves to become a Russian nationalist who always advances Russian interests, at least as they are perceived by himself and his cronies.)” – Putin is Putin, and Russia will always be an enigma to the West. In a strange twist, the Russians despise both Liberalism and brown-shirt socialism; their view and implementations of Communism was actually an expansion of Russian imperialism, and, likewise, the Chinese Communist rule was just an expansion of Han dictatorship.

    But eh, it is what it is.

  59. Well I don’t know about anyone else, but I downloaded the books & I’ve started to read them. I’m quarter of the way through the first one at the moment.

  60. How strange that we never hear a mention of the biblical Abraham and how his choosing to get his wife’s handmaiden with child was the beginning of all the troubles the author writes about.

    • It was Sarai’s impatience and decision to offer her handmaid…which created a bad atmosphere in the household due to jealousy and mockery by Ishmael and Hagar, even after Isaac was born, an enmity that has continued through the millennia.

  61. Scherado – how can I put this? Your concerns, as a social justice warrior, are pitifully irrelevant (even dated) in the context of the end of Europe as we know it. You do know, don’t you, about the men convicted under sharia of homosexuality in Palmyra who are, as we speak, being bound and thrown off the roofs of tall buildings to their death? Your comments define the phrase ‘non sequitur’.

  62. Matt’s work is always a treat.

    I read several comments questioning “why” 2016. Matt said it himself:

    “There will be no means of finding or creating permanent quarters for them before the Central European blizzards come. When the snow is deep in Germany and across Europe, these men are going to enter local houses, demanding to be taken in as boarders—or else. Where it is useful, small migrant children will be held up in front as human shields for their emotional blackmail value; elsewise, they will be discarded. One way or the other, Muslim migrants will be attempting to move inside of German homes and apartments seeking heat and food, and the young Muslim men will be seeking undefended infidel or kafir women to slake their lust (which is their right, under Islamic Sharia law).”

    Aside from the whole issue of the critical mass of the “1%” of 100K “refugees” itching for a fight, the simple fact of the European Winter will push things to a breaking point.

  63. What the author of this piece does not realize is that ISIS is being orchestrated by Putin via his control over its leadership. Putin also controls the hard-core neo-Nazi element in Europe (i.e., he has the Hitler-Stalin pact basically put back together all under one roof).

    In other words, he has his finger in every pot.

  64. What is likely to happen is that volunteers from Eastern Europe – most likely Poland, Hungary and Russia – will travel to Western Europe and establish death squads to destroy the Muslim strongholds. Not only these, but also Middle Eastern Christians who live in Europe as refugees.

  65. In an excessively hostile act against Christian Europe, Muslim Turkey was made a member of NATO by the New World Order.

    Savage Turkey is unrepentant over its barbaric slaughter of millions of Christians in the Armenian Genocide. Warmonger Turkey invaded and illegally occupies Christian Cyprus. Turkey is perpetrating genocide on Kurds, including shooting to death pregnant Kurdish mothers and children. ISIS partner, Turkey, has invaded and is illegally occupying Iraq. Because genocidal warmonger Turkey was made a member of NATO, our nations must support evil Turkey and even fight an immoral, illegal war for Turkey? The world has descended into HELL.

    Turkey Drags NATO Into Quagmire as Iraq Threatens Military Retaliation. Iraq’s readiness to take military action against Turkey if Ankara fails to withdraw its troops from Iraqi territory has increased the possibility of NATO involvement on the side of Turkey and its territorial ambitions, reported the German press on Thursday. Over 22,000 Iraqis Killed, Injured in 2015 in Acts of Violence. Even though Iraq is aiming for a diplomatic solution to its dispute with Turkey, its government hasn’t ruled out using military force in order to remove Turkish troops from Iraqi territory, thus raising the possibility of NATO involvement, German Economic News (DWN) reported on Thursday. “If it comes to war, NATO must be on the side of Turkey in Iraq,” the newspaper pointed out.

    Cruel, excessively wicked Turkey must be kicked out of NATO and never allowed entry into the European Union.

  66. We have wonderful European leaders such as Geert Wilders and Marine Le Pen. Nigel Farage CANNOT be included with these heroes. Farage wants to get Britain out of the EU, but he will not do one single thing about the biggest threat the human race has ever faced: ISLAM. People who belong to patriotic groups such as the EDL and the former British Freedom Party, are barred from entry into UKIP, Farage’s party. Muslims are welcome to run as MPs for UKIP.

    Intelligent, articulate Paul Weston, the leader of political, patriotic, anti-Islamisation party, Liberty GB, has made many powerful speeches (on youtube and on the Liberty GB site) for years about our terrible danger from Islam. He would make an outstanding leader for Britain. However, our party is still small and we’re running out of time.

    European and British leaders are the biggest traitors that ever walked on God’s earth. May our Precious God help us now and in the years to come.

  67. And to think that thousands of men and women , native and foreign as allied troups, fought and died so Europe would be free of the Nazi’s domination on WW II. No we see Europe submit to islam, handed to the mahommetans by traitor politicians and a brainwashed zombied unarmed citizenry. The soldiers and other
    liberators must be rolling in their graves.

  68. What an article. Well done, this is very well put:

    “The motivation lies within the words of the Koran and Hadith. Most simply distilled, in the earthly realm, these Islamic texts offer immoral men sanction for thrill-killing, looting, raping, and capturing infidel slaves, and when these jihadists are killed, they are promised a perpetual orgy with seventy-two nubile virgin slave girls in Mohammed’s sick, evil and perverted Muslim paradise. Unlike the Jewish and Christian Bibles, the Koran and Hadith appeal not to man’s better angels, but to the darkest aspects of human nature.”

  69. Thanks for this Matthew Bracken, quite a depressing read, but I thought it was excellent. There was very little in it that I could dispute and it describes everything I’ve come to understand over the last 18 months about the three forces you describe. I first learned about the true danger of Islam and then after understanding it, I learned about the true nature of its facilitators, the collectivists of all stripes using the Muslims to engineer their twisted social order. Without them, Islam would never have had a chance. As you say, I agree, if we are victorious, future historians will study these bizarre events, just as we’ve recently debated the origins and inevibility of World War I.

    I also grasped what we are fighting for as well as against. Our countries, our people, our freedom. Nationalism, which has been so devalued by the people who are betraying us.

    Like you, I also thought about the Tet Offensive, I made a short book about this battle a few years ago and why it changed the course of the Vietnam War. Even though the military strategy was flawed and the war aims unclear, I know that this surprise battle helped the media spin the war in favour of the enemy, as they spin everything in favour of the enemy today. When I saw the attacks in Paris, it occurred to me too, that this could be a dry run for another Tet. So reading your essay was gratifying in that way for me…

    I honestly thought we had more time to prepare, I didn’t think it would come this soon, but if I’m being as objective as possible, the sooner this confrontation happens the better it is for us, the native people of the West. And reading some of the comments and your replies, the overconfidence of the other two forces could be their undoing. Right now, we in Europe still have the numbers and I believe we still have the will, in spite of all the efforts to destroy it.

    The Tet Offensive was a battle lost but it helped the Communists win the war because it ultimately broke the will of their enemy to fight. It will be different this time. So thanks again, I will pass on this essay.

  70. Re: “Another painful European history lesson has been largely forgotten since the days of the Troubles in Northern Ireland. In the 1990s, the IRA forced the British to the peace table when it became clear to all parties involved that the Brits could not prevent car bombs from exploding in the heart of the London financial district, costing billions in repair and lost-opportunity costs after each new blast. Essentially, a competent terrorist organization can hold a modern city hostage in this manner.”

    The I.R.A. did not force the British to the peace table — the British forced the IRA to the peace table.

    Take it from someone who knows: the IRA were forced to come to the negotiating table when the Ulster Volunteer Force (UVF) — the Protestant terrorists — started killing more IRA supporters and volunteers than the IRA could kill Royal Ulster Constabulary members and British soldiers. In short, they engaged the IRA in a war of attrition the IRA couldn’t win.

    Part of the reason for the UVF’s success lay in the fact that British intelligence was feeding them the names of targets and other information useful to assassins. Contrary to claims put out by the BBC (and, I see, repeated by know-nothing sites like Wikipedia) very few of the UVF’s victims were “innocent”. Nearly all were either members of Sinn Fein (the IRA’s political wing) or active IRA members or enablers.

    The only reason this is less widely known (at least among people with no knowledge of British intelligence activities) is because political and media elites did not want this to be known. Better to pretend “both sides” were sick of violence, that Bill Clinton could make peace wherever he went and so on. After all, to acknowledge that the British state had engaged in such activities would be to drive a coach and horses through the modern liberal view of how states are supposed to behave. The fiction was more palatable than the reality (it also allowed the IRA to “save face”).

    But make no mistake, the IRA lost (their goal, lest we forget, was for a united Ireland) because their opponents, the Ulster Unionists, beat them at their own game (with clandestine help from the British state).

    Indeed, the lesson of the Northern Ireland suggests one way the Islamicists may be countered in Europe — illegal European paramilitary forces retaliating in the way the UVF did against the IRA. I can certainly see (at least in the UK, but I expect other countries following suit) elements within the intelligence and police services passing on information to European nationalist groups and deliberating botching attempts to suppress them.

    We can only hope.

  71. What an absolutely brilliant, intelligent, and exceedingly perceptive essay. Bravo, Sir, for such a gem! A truly exceptional work that is at once extraordinarily informative yet also easily accessible in terms of clarity of thought.

  72. didn’t read the whole article, but my impression is that it is intellectually weak and [insulting characterization redacted].

    the main objection is, the large number of simultaneous attacks will immediately leave muslims and non-muslims effectively separated.
    that already happened after Cologne attacks – the distrust between German women and non-White men.
    after Tunisia, Paris, San-Bernardino – casual hate to muslims is palpable.
    yes I know, ivory dwellers can miss it. it is on the streets.

    the next one, – the formation of local militias will be inevitable, that will happen in about 2-3 months. they will be well equipped – oligarchs will find everything in secs, when their survival is on the line.
    in Ukraine, it took 1 to 2 months after attacks started.

    next point, don’t forget that all life-sustaining infrastructure is maintained and manned by Westerners.
    muslims, especially newcomers, simply don’t have qualification to do so. and Westerners will avoid muslims as plague.

    another one, – relations with Saudis, Qataris, Turks etc. – will be cut, borders enforced.

    now, just imagine these jihadi gangs, even well armed, even scoring initial success.
    what would they do when every door is barred, every road is blocked or ambushed by army, police, and by local militias?
    who will bring them ammunition, food, medical supplies, fuel?
    do they have their own ammunition factories?
    will their communication devices continue working properly? 🙂
    will google maps still be loving them, telling truth? 🙂
    how would they cope, against heavily armed troops, artillery, air force, drones?

    the whole point of this jihadi conquest, is that it only could succeed if implemented gradually.
    when local population more or less peacefully submits and acknowledges domination and special status of sharia.
    but it looks like it is already too late for them, they took it too far – people have awakened.
    from now, nobody will listen seriously to all these MSM shamans, sweet-poisoned speeches of “takiya artists”, and especially to the discredited politicians, like this Cologne mayor gal.
    and BTW in gradual confrontation, islam also has no winning chances. because it is NOT civilization, but essentially, an archaic leftover of the cultural/genetic mainstream of humanity.

    summarizing, – this article is defeatist [I spare work for you Baron].

    it doesn’t mean that there is no dangers.
    there will be retreats, losses.
    but even catastrophic scenario of islam’s demise – isn’t realistic.
    islam will be quietly strangled by the friendly, heavy, hands of globalism, feminism, capitalism, socialism, zionism and political correctness :). aka, the West.

  73. One day, millions of men will leave the Southern Hemisphere to go to the Northern Hemisphere. And they will not go there as friends. Because they will go there to conquer it. And they will conquer it with their sons. The wombs of our women will give us victory.” (Houari Boumedienne, President of Algeria at the United Nations in 1974)

  74. Thank you so much for this brilliant and chilling essay. Your writing is crystal clear and compelling. I found my way to it after your recent dustup with AT and I will continue to follow your work.

  75. If you want the word spread, it would be helpful if it could be shared on fb google+1. Also, a link to your books would be nice. I would buy one one on Kindle if the price is reasonable.

  76. The author is horribly confused about socialism. The new world order is lead by the wealthy, they are fascist in their politics, not socialist. While both communism and fascism are authoritarian and share a number of similarities they hold one major difference: communists are comprised of the working class, fascists are comprised by the ruling class (and those who support it and its tennants). What he have had since the 1970s is a decline of democracy and an expansion of Fascism, which is now replacing Capitalism (which has finally died… re: returns on investment finally reach zero). Further confusing the matter is the fact that leftists have sided with fascist islam, and rightists have sided with fascists of the west. The looming conflict will be a fascist vs fascist war much like WWII but with considerably greater casualties, and a truly global perspective. It is likely to be fought in every nation and in every major city on the planet.

    • “The author is horribly confused about socialism. The new world order is lead by the wealthy, they are fascist in their politics, not socialist.”

      No it is you who are confused.

      Fascism/Nazism is NATIONAL Socialism. When Hitler sullied the brand the socialist elite did their usual propaganda tricks to redefine fascism as far right. That does not mean they tossed the idea of fascism they just resurrected under a different name; The Third Way. Today The Third Way is linked to the Fabian Socialist Anthony Giddens, Director of the London School of Economics 1997–2003; to Fabian Socialist UK ex-prime Minister Tony Blair and to Progressive ex-president Bill Clinton.

      Here is a video of Fabian Socialist co-founder George Bernard Shaw praising Hitler.


      Shaw is very explicit about what socialism is too:

      “The moment we face it frankly we are driven to the conclusion that the community has a right to put a price on the right to live in it … If people are fit to live, let them live under decent human conditions. If they are not fit to live, kill them in a decent human way. Is it any wonder that some of us are driven to prescribe the lethal chamber as the solution for the hard cases which are at present made the excuse for dragging all the other cases down to their level, and the only solution that will create a sense of full social responsibility in modern populations?”

      Source: George Bernard Shaw, Prefaces (London: Constable and Co., 1934), p. 296.

      “Under Socialism, you would not be allowed to be poor. You would be forcibly fed, clothed, lodged, taught, and employed whether you liked it or not. If it were discovered that you had not character and industry enough to be worth all this trouble, you might possibly be executed in a kindly manner; but whilst you were permitted to live, you would have to live well.”

      George Bernard Shaw: The Intelligent Woman’s Guide to Socialism and Capitalism, 1928, pg. 470

  77. One of best articles I’ve read in a long time that really summarized a lot of what I already knew but put the proper context to the situation. Well done! Now as a Westerner, have to think about our next steps and what’s happening on our front. As a Christian, this all plays out in our favor but the foreseeable future looks very painful. It feels as the four horseman are set to be released…

  78. You’re spreading fear and you terrorize the poor people, just to get some attention, or what ?? We will see how much of what you say will happen, and if nothing, you should go to jail for inciting violence, for 50 years.

    • […]

      Matt is not inciting anything nor is he spreading fear or terrorizing. He is only putting into words what many of us have already figured out.

      If you think Socialism/Communism and the Elite are all sweetness and light I suggest you read
      DEMOCIDE: Death by Government by Dr R.J. Rummel

      During the 20th century governments murdered 6 times more people than died in combat in all the foreign and internal wars of the century.

      1,883,000 Murdered: Turkey’s Genocidal Purges ( 1900 to 1923)
      61,911,000 Murdered: The Soviet Gulag State (1922 – 1991)
      20,946,000 Murdered: The Nazi Genocide State (1933 – 1945)
      38,000,000 Murdered: The Communist Chinese Ant Hill (1947 to present)
      2,035,000 Murdered: The Khmer Rouge Hell State (1975 – 1977)
      1,670,000 Murdered: The Vietnamese War State
      1,585,000 Murdered: Poland’s Ethnic Cleansing
      1,503,000 Murdered: The Pakistani Cutthroat State
      1,072,000 Murdered: Tito’s Slaughterhouse
      1,663,000 Murdered? Orwellian North Korea

      The 20th century total of citizens killed by their own government = 262,000,000 people

      People “… [redacted]…murdered in all the other ways creative and imaginative human beings can devise, I have never been so happy to conclude a project. I have not found it easy to read time and time again about the horrors innocent people have been forced to suffer. What has kept me at this was the belief, as preliminary research seemed to suggest, that there was a positive solution to all this killing and a clear course of political action and policy to end it. And the results verify this. The problem is Power. The solution is democracy. The course of action is to foster freedom.” – Dr R.J. Rummel

      And people want to know why we want to keep our guns!

  79. Matt, nicely done.

    I would like to add a bit to what you have here.

    First a SWAG on a bit of history.
    Facts seem to point to Karl Marx being an agent of the Banker/Aristocracy elite. Feudalism lasted for a thousand years until the enlightenment/industrial revolution when the middle class arose and completely changed the social order. As far as I can see Marxism is a replacement for the old Roman Catholic Church and the Divine Right of Kings. The goal is the same enslavement of the peons and no middle class upstarts to challenge their betters.
    For full explanation SEE:

    Second what is the actual goal of the socialist elite?

    I think there are two goals and three actions.
    #1. Since the end of a fiat currency system is always hyperinflation and a collapse of the monetary system the International Bankers have to do a reset of the system as you suggested. A third world war does that nicely. (Some where I read the banks are now amassing gold)

    #2. Reordering world structure according to the plan called Agenda 21.
    Rosa Koire explains the desired goal here in ‘The Post-sustainable Future’:

    The Demise of Christchurch City New Zealand shows the implementation of Agenda 21 in action:

    In Christchurch the destruction was from an earthquake but if the Elite want to sped things up, destruction via ‘terrorism’ works very very nicely. The citizens will be in shock and unable to resist as the rebuilding follows the plans outlined in Agenda 21. Private property is lost or ‘taken’ The bankers get their economic reset and they get to loan out fiat currency to enslave the next generations.

    An added benefit is they will get the green flag to wipe out everyone in the Middle East, a complete genocide of islam and ownership of all that nice oil and gas as reparations.

  80. The Three Actions:
    #1. The deliberate destruction of our social structure. First by an attack on farmers, then an attack on our mid-size national corporations via the 1980s leveraged buyouts/ hostile takeovers and finally via multi-culturalism. As E.M. Smith put it, we are now itinerant workers seldom staying one one job for more than five years. This makes us look to the state instead of each other for support. It makes renting not property ownership attractive since we have no economic security.

    #2. International trade treaties and the Global Warming idiocy. This is used by the big international corporations as an excuse to move assets out of the EU and the USA in to areas not affected by the up and coming wars.
    #3. A major influx of immigrants putting a major strain on our social and financial structure. In the case of the EU the influx of immigrants is hostile and bent on conquest. No other action is needed except to let them in.

    What about the USA?

    I think the danger in the USA comes from another direction and it is two fold.

    First is the combination of the sudden resufacing in racism and hatred (on the part of blacks) It is deliberately fanned by the MSM and agent provocateurs paid by George Soros. The recent deliberate economic depression leaving young adults hopeless, unoccupied and restless making young blacks and some whites easy pickings for islam recruiters. You can then add in the police/black confrontations. This combination means the inner cities are now bombs waiting to go off.
    The stark contrast between the Great Northeast Blackout of 1965, where people faced the problem calmly and the 1977 Blackout during a troubled times in New York City where NYC exploded into violence is an illustration of why our inner cities are now bombs. In 1977 there were 1,809 stores damaged in looting, rioting and fire, 2778 fires of which 60 were major.
    , 2,931 arrests, two civilian deaths,
    and injuries sustained by 436 policemen, 204 civilians and 80 firemen.
    Comparison of the two blackouts:


    The second part is the tinder.

    Duke Energy, the largest electric power company in the US is centered on the East Coast. Duke Power and PanEnergy merged in 1997 to create a new company, Duke Energy. Cinergy, a major energy player in the Midwest, merged with Duke in 2006.

    Why interest in Duke? Because Duke lent the Obama campaign mega bucks and then ‘forgave’ the loan. The Duke Energy president is a rah,rah green energy fan replacing coal with wind and solar. Duke is blowing up the old power plants they are closing so re-opening is impossible. Retirements will shutter over one-fifth of the U.S.’s coal-fired generating capacity with most of that lost capacity on the east coast. The EPA ‘model said 16.3 GW of electricity capacity would close when the reality is 43 GW of baseload capacity calculated in January 2011. An update a couple years ago shows a total of more than 72 GW of generation retirements.

    If you look at the map of the coal plants shutting down (as of 8/2012) most are in the Duke Energy territory.

    Night view of the USA

    There is another piece to this. Installation of EPA mandated equipment will take nearly half of the remaining coal-fired units off line for the next three years.

    ” NERC estimates that nearly a quarter of our coal-fired capacity could be off-line by 2018 and that as many as 677 coal-fired units (258 gigawatts) would need to be temporarily shut down to install EPA-mandated equipment.[ii] These EPA regulations must be implemented within a 3-year window and the mandated equipment takes about 18 months to install. Because EPA’s three year timeline is so tight and the regulations affect so many units, utility companies are not sure that they can meet the standards and ensure reliability of the electricity system at the same time.”

    Duke can easily do an OOPS and blackout most of the east coast.

  81. It is incredible to read this. I sent a document, kind of Essay written in very simple English, to very specific people. It was the 2nd phase of one email sent in 2003. Both warned about the same plagues you describe. Communism. Islam.
    And the solution in the hands of THE FEW (USMC)

    Now I see a SEAL writing substantially about the same, in a very sophisticated American I can only afford in the language I was educated, French. Our lives couldn’t be more different but in the end, our vision is feeding at the same Source.

    I wish this SEAL could read what I wrote as I can read what he wrote now.

    It is very surreal. And this comment is addressed to the SEAL. From a genuine & most unfortunate Mystic. In common, the highest price to pay for what we know and perceive the Truth beyond the Veil of Mirages deploying in a labyrinth of mirrors, each reflecting in another till the original, Truth, looses the Memory of its own existence. That is why Paradise was Lost. The Lie seems to be an Islamic Patent because Islam is the only Cult praising, glorifying Lies more than the only Glorious Being they pretend to pray on a rug 5 times a day.

    The Creator can’t be Fooled by Liars. That is Impossible. That is why HE decided that Marines & SEALS would be the New Knights Winning the present Crusade.
    For a limited time only. Even if the Race of the Free Souls is Immortal, necessary cleansing earth phases will be. Soon.

  82. Your analysis would be bettered if you substituted imperialism for “international socialists”, which as a concept is quite obscure nowadays (and when it was of current use, it had nothing to do with your banksters). And forget Communism and Marxism as a threat, for they are past. On the other hand, don’t forget that Communist leaders were also very nationalistic (the Soviets from Stalin for sure, the Vietnamese, and the Chinese, also the Cubans, prove it). They wouldn’t allow the invasion of their borders, and they stood for their national sovereignty.

  83. After reading everything, yes, I think there will be a confrontation and more attacks like the one in Paris. No one mentioned what Spain did – the Reyes Catolicos – pushed out all who did not “submit” and be baptized. Even the peaceful Jews were forced out. I read that St. Teresa of Avila was of Jewish family that converted… But, the important thing is that Spain was cleansed of Muslim or Moros, as they called them. I love the stroy of how the king of Asturia defeated the army of the Moros at Covadonga. In a cave in the Picos de Europa mountain he had a vision where he was told that they would triumph – farmers with shovels against an invading trained army did triumph under the banner of the cross and Our Lady of Covadonga (now called by the local Asturians La Santina). Any way, they waited in the mountains and when the army climbed up the dry riverbed it started to rain and the armor was heavy, so the farmers hit them hard and continued to hit them until they were all gone from Spain.
    The Berlin walls came tumbling down after a united consecration to the Heart of Mary was made by Pope John Paul II. So, yes, there has been and will be divine intervention. France had Joan of Arc, we have apparitions of Mary at Medjugorje, Bonia. Things will happen to straighten everything out. There is life after death, and there is a plan, God’s plan in the works that started from the beginning with the fall.

    • Having been a soldier, I pray for divine intervention! I pray that God is truly all seeing and all knowing. I pray that God smites those who cause such grief as we have had as of late. I pray that God gives us the knowledge to know friend from foe. I pray for the souls of those who choose ignorance. I pray for the children of all races and religions. Mostly, I pray that mankind will set aside our petty differences, that we use our God given common sense and we stand strong. Never Forget, Never Stand Down, Never Give Up!

  84. Looks like this winter won’t be the one where Islam makes a move. It never got cold enough, and enough shelter was provided. Another 2-3 million Muzzies will be entering Germany this year, and since this winter was tame the odds are much higher next winter will be brutal. 2017 is probably going to be the big year, although I expect to see terror attacks all over Europe in 2016.

    Also, I beat this essay’s predictions by about 1 month. I made the same calls at Matt on Nov. 3rd 2015. I sometimes wonder if you read the RooshV forums, 😉


    Regardless, anyone who’s studied history would make the same predictions, because Islam is Islam and never shows mercy.

  85. “Short of finding oil under their feet, most Islamic nations are backward and impoverished”

    Please correct me if I am wrong but it is my understanding that an American company searching for WATER found oil in KSA and, a British company found oil in Iran.
    In short, not only didn’t the Islamic world find oil, they couldn’t even find water without western help.

  86. ” in America, open-border traitors bribe politicians to pass laws to allow them to import unlimited numbers of H-1 visa foreign workers to directly replace Americans at their very desks and work places, and these traitors do not lose one wink of sleep over it. ”
    And these mega billionaires like the founder of Microsoft, Facebook and Google use their weight to lobby for more H-1B workers… Because they haven’t made enough money off the backs of Americans…
    Meanwhile, my highly skilled husband with 30 years work experience fears being replaced.

  87. Cronkite was a traitor to America, but he is a hero to the cultural Marxists.

    Yes, Cronkite was a traitor to the over 50,000 soldiers that lost their lives in Vietnam not to mention those wounded or addicted while there…

    But he sure did live well in retirement. Our family anchored our boat in NE harbor ME in the 80’s and would row out from the wharf past Cronkite’s boat. There he would be fiddling with something on the deck. Many times there was a traffic jam of limos lined up to deposit the well heeled to “Uncle Walter” for some kind of a pow wow.
    He was very much against the wind farm off Hyannisport MA. The joke was that he was too old to tack the boat…

  88. The reason for the objection to the wind farm was that it was in sight of the Kennedy compound on Martha’s Vineyard. The Kennedy’s did everything they could to stop the wind farm and tied it up in court for years. They even got down to the clams and mussels being disturbed…
    So, the next time you hear something from that environmental Kennedy loon, keep in mind that he and his family spent untold sums to stop a wind farm from disturbing their horizon or Walter’s as he was a frequent guest.
    Not your horizon of course. Your opinion doesn’t count.

  89. if large areas of europe are taken over by islam, if there is anyone in authority on the european side that still controls the nuclear weapons, cannot the enemies gains be negated, by using them on enemy occupied areas and then the muslim home territories. also other powers may add there own wmds to the mix, such as israel, russia and america. this is drastic i know but it may be the only way to defeat the enemy.

  90. I just saw you on Caravan to Midnight with John B. Wells. I was trying to find more stuff on the Belgium attack and I happened to type in the right keywords and your website came up on top. You really called this one right on time. You really put it all together. I always knew something like this was happening and the elites were behind it to bring in some type of communist system out of the Muslim invasion but you really go into detail. Thanks for your great work.

  91. I’m always trying to learn how the world really works and the more I learn the sicker I feel. There is no hope in this world. Everything is an illusion of perception engineered by the sick psychopathic elites. I feel like my soul is slowly eroding away. I feel like there is no future for the human race. The more my eyes are opened the more pointless it becomes. Knowing about the dark future that is upon us makes it very difficult for me to have a nice day. These thoughts consume me every waking moment of my life. I keep thinking is today the day when Obama starts WWIII or when the dollar collapses? Everyday it gets worse. More financial problems, more terrorist attacks, more propaganda, and endless wars. Things never get better. Sometimes I envy the useless slaves who are still plugged into the Matrix.

  92. Fantastic essay could not tear myself away from it. Thank you for taking the time to write and publish this.

  93. If they ever take over europe (which it will never happen) gess who would be the next terrorists????????
    WE would be the next terrorists, and i would be the first one in line to blow up those satan worshipers to hell.
    We are dealing with people who did no evolve, monkeys have more sense, all their countries are still primitive, brutal.
    They worship a man who did have sex with little girs and killed people who did not agree with his religion.
    Women are below dogs.
    They can rape any woman/girl they want and if she complains, she is the one who is panished because it was her fault.
    They claim they are the religion of love, and they do kill to prove it to everybody.

  94. So I was in the process of leaving a comment, and my computer re-booted all by itself!
    That freaked me out, so now have no idea what I was going to say! I am sure this website is being monitored by the forces of darkness! After I run a virus and malware scan I may return.

  95. There are two more possibilities to consider, which coups and military to take power (military coup) by the inefficiency of politicians occur, or that nationalists make alliance with Russia against traitors socialists and Islamists ..

  96. Having read the quran, hadiths and the bible, I see that islam is the beast. The quran was delivered to the false prophet mohammed from hell itself. The book from hell describes revelation from hell’s perspective. This book actually describes the war they will attempt to wage against Christ. It contains info on the false prophet, who calls himself Jesus Christ, and who comes to declare he is just a man , never died on the cross. He will be the right hand man to islams evil mahdi who is the Anti Christ. I believe islam will rule a large part of the world, for a very limited time, then the destruction of islam will come at the divine hand of Jesus Christ.

  97. The secret to dealing with Islam is to fully understand the following quote from the beginning of Bracken’s thesis.

    “Islam is similar to a self-replicating supercomputer virus. It is a hydra-headed monster, designed by its creators to be an unstoppable formula for global conquest. It’s almost impossible to eradicate, because it has no central brain or control center. Islam is like a starfish: when you cut off a limb, another grows to replace it.”

    But – Islam is stoppable. Imaging no mosques, no mullahs, no money flowing between Islamic entities, no group “worship”.

    Imagine a non-PC politician demanding Islamic “theology” put under the public microscope. And further demanding the hate filled Islamic passages be exposed as crimes against humanity and treated as a capital crime.

    We today sit at the beginning of the end of Islam, or the end of Western Civilization.

    Mohammad’s game plan has worked for 1,400 years because it has been unviewable in its entirety. Without modern mass communications (the internet), Islamic “theology” has managed to spread like the blob, slowly consuming 20+% of humanity. This is no longer the case. We all need to demand “Islamic transparency”.

    The force that has allowed Islam to successfully spread can be deconstructed.

    Islam’s (large and dificult to see) circle of violence (http://gatesofvienna.blogspot.com/2011/11/islam-is-fear-part-i.html) can be broken.

  98. This is one of the best pieces I’ve read on here. It’s logical, well thought out, and really scares the hell out of me for the future and the future of my kids!

  99. The essay is very interesting and the secearios proposed are for the most part quite realistic. I think the analogy of the Tet Offensive and the Lebanon civil are very much to the point. I don’t think it will heat up as much as you think precisely in 2016. It will take longer. My hope is that the ordinary common folk will send Merkel & Co packing. If the M[uslim]s do bring about huge massacre, there is likely to be a great backlash against the elite, and the likes of the National Front in France could get into power and begin to deal with the M[uslim]s. As for the analogy of the IRA, I don’t agree. I am Irish and do know something about it. The British intelligence had it infiltrated and the British actually won that war as the IRA and its political wing Sinn Fein decided that they would get more out of being in politics than continuing the slaughter. It also gave the British army good experience in urban guerrilla warfare.

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