László Földi: “A 4th-Generation Military Operation Against Europe”

Yesterday we posted an interview with the Hungarian intelligence analyst László Földi about the deliberately engineered “refugee” crisis in Europe. Below is another interview with Mr. Földi on the same topic in which he breaks down the modus operandi of the migration into different tactics used within a 4th-generation warfare strategy to deconstruct the nation-states of Europe.

The discussion on the program centers on recent news stories. More details about one of them — the mass sale of SIM cards to the terrorists — may be found in an article below the video.

This interview was conducted as part of a radio program, so Vlad has added relevant file footage to accompany the discussion. Many thanks to CrossWare for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

The following article about the SIM cards (also translated by CrossWare) is from the Magyar Idők. The translator includes this note:

The Hungarian phone provider mentioned in the article, Magyar Telekom Nyrt, is the largest Hungarian telecommunications company. The former monopolist is now a subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom.


The translated article:

SIM Cards for the Terrorists, Too

To initiate an ISIS action, a single text message is enough.

Using the personal information of a single homeless person, organized criminal circles bought 200,000 prepaid SIM card from the Hungarian Telekom, according to information obtained the Magyar Idők (Hungarian Times).

As we know, some of the cards ended up in the hands of terrorists who executed the Paris (Bataclan) massacre and the Brussels (Airport) bombing.

Based on our information, the homeless man bought only a single card in person; even then he was just running an errand for foreign person. The rest of the cards were bought later in smaller batches using his personal information. The transactions continued for months.

For the question of why the terrorists and criminals needed so many cards, our source said usually one SIM card is used only once and then thrown away. For actions coordinated from the ISIS command center, most of the time a single call or a text message is enough.

Some of the cards ended up in the hands of the murderers of Paris and Brussels.

It’s almost impossible to track a communication if the cards are constantly replaced. The organized crime circles are utilizing a security gap, because a prepaid card can be bought at hundreds of fuel stations, newsstands and many other retail stores. The card needs a activation call in which the customer has to give his personal information, which is then forwarded to Ministry of Internal Affairs by the phone company. If the information matches, the device is activated. Of course that takes a couple of days, because the provider will send a messages to the customer’s address, which requires a second code to make the activation permanent. If this is not completed the service will be cancelled, but in the meantime — for days — the phone can be used.

The Magyar Idők inquired with Hungarian Telekom whether they brought to the attention of the authorities the exceptionally huge number of purchases. The company’s response was the following: ”There is no legal limit on how many cards a customer can have, so the provider not required to examine this.” The statement by Telekom may be legally correct, but there is no way a normal customer would own 200,000 SIM cards.

As you remember, our magazine reported on multiple occasion that more than ten members of the terrorist cells who were responsible for the massacre in Paris and the explosions in Brussels spent some time in Hungary. A large portion of those terrorists utilized the migration wave that arrived the territory of our country BEFORE the fence built on the border. The logistics organizer of the attacks, the Belgian-born French citizen Salah Abdeslam, visited Hungary three times before the terror actions. His primary task was the organization of travelling and housing for terrorists, and also communication, which included the acquisition of the necessary mobile phones.

Video transcript:

0:00   We listened to the report together with László Földi, the ex-Director of Operations at the
0:04   Hungarian Intelligence Services and a security expert. Good morning.
0:09   Good morning. The starting point for everything is false information.
0:13   Even overriding logic, as we heard here from the reporter. They are just incredibly outrageous lies.
0:22   Yes, I now believe a serious attack will start against Hungary,
0:28   and from three directions at the same time.
0:33   One of them will be a formal political attack from Brussels,
0:38   another one an informal attack with the help of the mainstream media,
0:41   which will be the significant portion of the Western media outlets,
0:44   but also the local media which are financed from outside of Hungary.
0:48   The third one is a concrete attack against our borders —
0:52   as we can see it beginning (in Serbia) — “civilian” organizations are cooperating
0:56   with Muslim soldiers to bring in the masses.
1:00   And this report we just heard was the first step of this combined offensive.
1:07   This is where we have to look at this not as a random occurrence,
1:11   but this type of information is spread methodically?
1:15   Because it is easy to recognize the pattern as things happen one after another,
1:20   whether they come from “humanitarian organizations” or some other sources.
1:25   But we can see this information is moving the migrant masses.
1:30   That is correct. However the “civilian organizations” have a double logic.
1:36   One of which is judged by the community as correct because it’s about helping people.
1:42   This has an effect on the average citizen and he is taken in by it.
1:48   But building on that, there comes the secondary purpose: as based on
1:54   a very conscious logic, they try force a strategy on states
2:00   by using vulnerable and desperate people.
2:05   Because would it not be more humane for the people who arrived in Belgrade —
2:09   illegally, I might add, without any travel documents and visas —
2:18   to suggest that they visit the Hungarian consulate there and ask for a visa.
2:23   From that moment, all problems would go away, not for the people who arrived,
2:29   but no problems for the Hungarian border patrols and soldiers,
2:35   Who have only to check the valid visas at the border.
2:40   As this is not happening, which makes it very clear this is not a normal humanitarian issue.
2:45   And why would it be the task of a humanitarian organization
2:49   to tell migrants which direction to go? — This is another question.
2:54   Because if the source of this false information were the smugglers, we could understand, but why
2:58   would a “humanitarian organization” want to move these masses?
3:01   The reason why they doing this because they were
3:04   not really created for this purpose (humanitarian help).
3:08   This is a well-established system, built years ago.
3:12   What we seeing every day here is a 4th generation military operation against Europe.
3:22   Not using traditional weaponry to enforce a strategy, but using economic
3:26   and social infrastructure, and one element of that is the actions
3:30   carried out by civilian humanitarian organizations.
3:35   If we are talking about 4th generation warfare, let me bring into our conversation
3:38   one of the articles from the news.
3:41   The Magyar Idők (Hungarian Times) wrote that last summer someone bought
3:46   around 200,000 SIM cards for a single name, from one of the Hungarian phone providers.
3:58   They buyers were the ISIS soldiers who executed the attack in Paris (Bataclan).
4:06   So this is part of the tools they use now.
4:10   These are not the classic weapons we would expect in a war.
4:15   We do not even see this situation as war, as you mentioned:
4:19   no guns; there is no artillery or carpet bombing,
4:23   but there are still changes our normal and peaceful lives in a way we do not expect.
4:30   But the other message of this case is: what is the way to prevent this?
4:43   If an intelligence agency wanted to have access to some data continuously,
4:48   independently of whether this is part of an ongoing investigation or not,
4:54   which would help to filter out a suspicious transaction like this one.
4:58   So if the provider realizes what is happening — and they definitely knew about this —
5:02   and gets suspicious that something is wrong with some transactions —
5:06   not necessarily thousands like here — but a couple of dozen
5:10   based on the same name, someone should have realized that something was wrong.
5:13   In the company’s IT system will it be shown clearly,
5:17   for example with invoicing, what name will they use?
5:20   These were preloaded phone cards so they never got to the point of invoicing.
5:23   and there is a mandatory activation information which was required,
5:27   but there was a two-day gap and they used that.
5:30   This is true, but it would still be possible to digitally watch and accumulate
5:35   this information; it’s only a matter of technology.
5:40   And they should have brought the authorities’ attention to this. If someone is doing this with no
5:45   malicious reason, then nothing would happen to them, but if yes, then we could defend ourselves
5:49   before it happened, and not after. Let’s go back to the point
5:52   where we said in this 4th generation warfare we see
5:55   these movements. One part is active, which brings masses in the direction of our borders,
6:05   and then they have more informal attacks. What makes it visible,
6:11   that these attacks are getting stronger in the future?
6:18   It was not a coincidence that I said it is a formal political attack directed at Hungary
6:23   from Brussels. They want to kill off at the roots any rebellious attitude,
6:28   which is represented by Hungary, against a strategy they planned well ahead.
6:33   That goal is to convert Europe into this multicultural system.
6:38   A system which is above nations. Hungary is refusing to go along with this.
6:42   Of course Hungary is not the only one that does not want this, but we actually took steps against it.
6:45   In one part we try to stop the illegal migration; in other parts
6:52   we are creating new laws which will defeat this strategy over the long run.
7:00   So this is one column of the attack, the media is another,
7:03   and the third one is the activities of the “civilian organizations”,
7:06   which aligns with the Muslim soldiers’ and terrorists’ objectives.
7:10   Even so if that is not direct cooperation.
7:14   This is well-coordinated; it is not separate that Brussels wants something,
7:17   the MSM wants something, and the civilian organizations want something, too.
7:20   But this is a very well-coordinated effort, where it is only that tasks are divided
7:24   between the branches of the same attack force.
7:28   I have been talking with László Földi, the ex-Director of Operations
7:32   at the Hungarian Intelligent Services and a security expert.

11 thoughts on “László Földi: “A 4th-Generation Military Operation Against Europe”

  1. Foldi’s assertions are a bit fuzzy.

    He spoke of a coordinated, 3-pronged attack on the present Hungarian government, to quell the resistance of the Hungarian government to the multi-cultural diktats from Brussels. But, what is the objective: to kick the present President out, to topple the parties in power, to change the constitution, or to create anarchy to institute a dictatorship. Or, is the objective simply to make possible a series of massacres on the level of Paris, to let the Hungarians know they had better buckle under? It’s pretty unclear.

    Similarly with the SIM cards. He said someone bought 200,000 SIM cards with the same (invalid) personal information. They required 3 days for activation, while the information is being verified. Apparently, the information is not verifiable, so the cards will be good for only 3 days. But, when does the clock start ticking: at the time of purchase, or at the time of the activation phone call?

    This seems a huge security breach on the part of the immigrant army. Any security agency worthy of the name would be watching the activation of those cards like a hawk. I can’t imagine not being able to get whatever warrants or court authorizations necessary to track a HUGE red flag like that.

    • “what is the objective”:
      I think what they want to is to place a bunch of migrants in the country, open the borders so the country become infected. In the meantime Soros paying really well the Liberal/Socialists parties to howl at everything which can be construed as failure from the government. However Fidesz and Orban enjoys the trust of the majority of citizens, but that could change if the country is flooded with robbing/raping migrants and the government could not do much against it…

      “SIM cards”: The clock starts ticking when the card is activated. (Not when it is purchased).

      “Any security agency worthy of the name would be watching the activation”
      They will not activate it on that name, they can use someone else’s name with a fake address. While the search going on they can use the card.
      Right now the Fidesz fraction, security committee is urgently discussing the issue and they will plug this hole real fast. (They have to make some law so the provider must report cases like this, because the German owned company seemed to be too content with the sudden sales profit and considered security very very secondary…

    • Yes. A bit like those Saudi jehadis getting flying lessons in San Diego. You remember – only interested in the “steering” bit? We are in the middle of a very big war. Mr Foldi’s assertions could uncover and discover impending disaster before and not after. Godless, merciless and without compassion or compunction Islam is fully occupied with occupying the west. Once they get enough guns and ammo what then? The EU is a readymade so called caliphate.

  2. Great video. I would say the purpose of the multi pronged attack is to make Hungary the ‘Dog’ of Brussels. I think this intel chief is right on the money.

  3. The “danger” Hungary represent for the NWO, – despite its small size -, it show an example which gives hope to the people living in UK, Germany, France or Sweden or any other western country under siege. It makes the Globalists leader’s job much harder to lead their own citizens to the slaughter and keep them docile in the meantime. I think by leading the migrants to the border they try to force the Hungarians to use deadly force so they can step in like NATO did with the case of Serbia to “protect human lives”. The media attacks mean to prepare to show Hungary as an “evil totalitarian fascist regime” which does not respect human rights. The political attacks from Brussels meant to show Hungary “lack of commitment” to “cooperate” with “civilized democratic” institutes.
    So far the Orban government by sticking to international and EU laws and having a democratic referendum to show the support for their policies helped them avoid most traps, which most likely annoys the NWO and Hungary from small insignificant annoyance become a larger threat to their plans. They breaking out the big guns against us.

    • I agree with you completely. NATO and the still-forming EU military force present a deadly threat to Hungary. And Organ is playing it just right by not further openly defying the EU, but playing along with the actual laws.

      There are further covert actions, I think, that could be taken to remain under the tripwire for NATO military action. If invaders break through the border fence, rather than shooting them, intern them and drop them off in Somalia at a later date. It’s still illegal according to international law, but doesn’t constitute an open defiance.

      It’s very painful to see the US military being used as a tool of oppression in so many countries. The best way to step back is to exit from NATO totally. If Germany, France, and Belgium want to use military force to enforce their diktats, let them use the forces and budgets of their own countries. Hopefully, their own citizens will start to have some say in the matter.

      • I believe when Orban was talking about an “EU army” he in reality was talking about a Visegrad Four army (plus extra members joining) to replace NATO so this external dangers can go away. With new army comes new doctrines which can be limited to never use it against member states as a tool of oppression. However at this moment this idea is very dangerous because it will be a direct replacement of NATO with the same purpose.


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