“Stick with the science” is the mantra of politicians and public health officials during the COVID-19 era. Our Israeli correspondent MC takes a peek behind the curtain of politicized “science”.


by MC

The problem with propaganda — the idea of lying to the populace — is what happens when the lies are exposed.

This is highly relevant in the current scenario of lockdowns and face masks. See this article. The science raises questions as to the motivation of lockdown authorities, and those authorities have to respond with Lysenkoised ‘science’ in order to defend their actions.

At the behest of Joseph Stalin, Trofim Lysenko used politicised junk ‘science’ to validate lies.

Lysenko forced farmers to plant seeds very close together since, according to his “law of the life of species”, plants from the same “class” never compete with one another. Lysenko played an active role in the famines that killed millions of Soviet people and his practices prolonged and exacerbated the food shortages. The People’s Republic of China under Mao Tse-Tung adopted his methods starting in 1958, with calamitous results, culminating in the Great Chinese Famine of 1959 to 1962, in which some 15 million people died. At least 30 million died of starvation.

Outside the Soviet Union, scientists spoke critically: British biologist S. C. Harland lamented that Lysenko was “completely ignorant of the elementary principles of genetics and plant physiology” (Bertram Wolfe, 2017). Criticism from foreigners did not sit well with Lysenko, who loathed Western “bourgeois” scientists and denounced them as tools of imperialist oppressors. He especially detested the American-born practice of studying fruit flies, the workhorse of modern genetics. He called such geneticists “fly lovers and people haters”.

Unable to silence Western critics, Lysenko tried to eliminate all dissent within the Soviet Union. Scientists who refused to renounce genetics found themselves at the mercy of the secret police. The lucky ones simply got dismissed from their posts and were left destitute. Hundreds if not thousands of others were rounded up and dumped into prisons or psychiatric hospitals. Several were sentenced to death as enemies of the state or starved in their jail cells (most notably the botanist Nikolai Vavilov). Before the 1930s, the Soviet Union had a strong genetics community. Lysenko gutted it, and by some accounts set Russian biology and agronomy back a half-century.

One can immediately see the model here: the mal-educated Lysenko develops an opinion that catches the attention of technically illiterate, but powerful politicians. Lysenko’s opinions are in accord with political (religious) dogma and ambitions, so they MUST be correct.

Rather than validate the opinion using such tools as observation, peer review and the repeatability of experimentation, the ‘science’ becomes ‘settled’ by consensus and opinion rather than open, reviewable research.

Millions starved to death because Lysenko’s erroneous opinions became official state ‘science’.

In Lysenko’s case, the subject matter was the growing problem of falling crop yields due to the inherent problems of collectivisation, which was a mandated (but unproven) ritual belief of religious communism. The communist ‘New Man’ would become a super-farmer if he would just do as the regime demanded.

Lysenkoism is not just limited to agriculture. We can see it working in medicine (face masks, lockdowns and vaccines) and climate change (the great carbon dioxide hoax).

But it also works in social ‘science’, particularly when applied to such things as immigration. What worked with Jews in 1900 should work with Muslims in 2000 — Nah!

A set of powerful politicians worldwide hold the opinion that because humanity is just another animal, then people can be moved willy-nilly around the world stage without consequences — Nah!

My mother was raised a Roman Catholic. She believed the idea of papal infallibility. Her father was a converted Jew; her mother was born into a family of Scottish Orangemen. When she married into Jewish Catholicism they cut her off. I don’t know the ins and outs of the family history; there was a conspiracy of silence. I was told that my mother’s father was dead, when he was actually in a psychiatric facility and died when I was 16. I found out when I was 23, but still nobody would talk about it — I never knowingly met my maternal grandfather.

The problem with lies is that they create a very hostile environment when exposed, so the idea that “Islam is a religion of peace” does not sit well with the idea of 9-11 and “Allahu Akhbar” in general. Those nice porky pie soundbites are the political sciences’ equivalent of Lysenko’s naïve opinions, and potentially every bit as damaging.

The current Pope expresses an opinion that all lands belong to everybody. Does he really understand what he is saying? Or is he just parroting his political masters? Maybe he has forgotten that his ‘God’ created the ‘nations’ at Babel.

Jesuits have a history of political machination and manipulation, and they even experimented with communism in Paraguay in the redução (1640-1800). The current Pope’s roots are in revolutionary theology, which in many ways could be a modern day working out of the reduçaões, which were not unsuccessful and only lapsed when the Jesuits fell into disrepute in Europe and were withdrawn.

There is an overwhelming social scientific opinion that ‘soft communism’ is a viable way forward for society, and this is the Lysenkoism we are seeing at work It is unproven, and we are the experiment that our betters want to use to prove it. When the socialist utopia is achieved, we will all be grateful and elevate the betters to deserving sainthood: St. Bill, St. Joe, St. Hillary fighting the satanic dragon ‘Don the Redhead’.

Of course the one thing that these modern-day Lysenkos are ignoring is the uniqueness in history of the Judeo-Christian culture that built up particularly around the Ten Commandments with its radical directives such as “thou shalt not steal”, “thou shalt not murder” and “thou shalt not bear false witness’, and the idea that the same rules applied to everybody, not just the plebs.

Instead we have the same old, same old “the ends justify the means”, with the implication that in order to make an omelette, you have to break eggs.

Unfortunately, life is just not that simple. Western Civilization was built on trade, and trade was built upon the honesty of the bankers who wrote the ‘letters of credit’ that meant that cargo from Haifa could be paid for in London without huge amounts of specie being carried as treasure in the merchant ships at enormous risk.

Those honest bankers were mainly practising Jews.

Even then, Islamic piracy destroyed the system in the Mediterranean area.

When we are taught to despise those who are different; to despise without thought or reason, then we have a problem, because we stop listening, and only seek to shut down criticism.

Lysenkoistas don’t listen to criticism because they KNOW that they are right, and thus criticism is just unwanted noise. So when a Lysenko-like person gets into power, and his erroneous opinions become de facto ‘truth’ then we are in trouble, especially when that lie becomes the basis of government policy.

Lysenko’s personal pseudo-scientific fantasy world was a prime cause of mass starvation that killed millions at the hands of socialist political religions in the USSR and China. Lysenko was a mal-educated peasant who got work in a university. But as a peasant he was of a politically ‘correct’ victim group and ripe for placement far above his level of scientific ability.

STEM subjects are difficult and demanding in a way that humanities types fail to understand. Science does not care for religion, either political or spiritual, and is terribly unforgiving for the careless or the sloppy.

If I pour the acid into the water, I remain in control of the experiment; it just gets hot. If I pour the water into the acid it explodes. This was demonstrated to me in my first science lessons at the age of 11.

But it is hard for a snowflake to accept that actions have consequences, whether politically correct or not. To many, hard facts are inconvenient, and can be ignored or changed. A safe space is a bubble where truth can be ignored or bent if required.

Very few Americans alive today have kept slaves, but prior to 1865 many Americans owned slaves. Most of the slaves were black; some were white. Most of the slave owners were white; some were black.

But most of those slaves who came from Africa were captured by Muslim Arab traders and black African despots. They were shipped by ‘Yankee traders’ and sold by northerners to southerners…. Quick, head for the bubble; the truth is painful and inconvenient.

Slavery is nasty, but it is nuanced. If one wants to only consider a tiny and isolated part of the slavery problem, the part in the USA, then yes, ‘Whitey’ has a case to answer.

But at the same time, that does no justice to those British and American soldiers and sailors who gave their lives to stop the slave trade — worldwide.

If reparations are due to the descendants of slaves, then they are also due to the descendants of the widows, children and mothers of the fallen. That bubble calls urgently.

This is Lysenkoism in history, but Lysenkoism also operates in medicine. Whilst COVID is not a hoax — it kills the elderly and infirm very quickly — the COVID mass hysteria is contrived by bending ‘science’ to the political imperative à la Lysenko and Stalin.

I suspect that, at the back of the political imperative is the financially-driven desire to sell billions of doses of liability-free vaccines to a public desperate to be delivered from lockdown and stifling facemasks.

Lysenko had a sponsor that made him untouchable, but when Stalin died, Lysenko’s lies caught up with him.

The modern renegade Democrat party has many more heads than did Stalin, and we are hesitant to grind the number of headsman’s axes necessary to deal with this hydra. Undoing twenty years of bubbleoid brainwashing is not easy. It is very difficult to pull down a well-presented lie, especially when political thugs control access to the liar and the media…

Will the sheep vote for Biden the bribery bully, despite overwhelming suspicion of nepotistic blackmail? The guy is innocent till proven guilty, but if elected, then proven guilty, what happens? Does Kamala Harris become the new Woman of Steel to sponsor the new wave of Lysenkos?

It is a sorry thing when the leaders of society lose respect for the people and begin to hold them in disdain. A vote for the Democrats is a vote for a new slavery. It may not be slavery based on skin colour, but it will be the slavery of a two tier-class system: rulers and workers. A slavery akin to the feudalism of old Europe. A feudalism renamed as ‘communism’ to make it intellectually fashionable. But slavery is slavery, and it is a throwback to our dark and dreary past.

Price’s School, Fareham, 1969/1970 Upper Sixth
I am in there somewhere…

Uniquely, Judeo-Christianity fought slavery and delivered us from the warlords, but it took hundreds of years. My own 70 years have been years of liberty; I was taught it in my diapers, in my school uniform and in my academic gown — it will be a crying shame if my granddaughters are destined to be the enslaved playthings of Lolita express passengers because I cannot see the writing on the wall, only the whine (sic) in the stolen temple goblets…

MC lives in the southern Israeli city of Sderot. For his previous essays, see the MC Archives.

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  1. and for the record my great, great etc. grandfather was an indentured servant who arrived in the Carolinas Colonies in 1723. We’ve been working folk ever since being reminded on occasion of our place.
    Well, I know my place, and it is with Jesus Christ, and not with those who would enslave us again. BTW, in the Torah, to kidnap a person to sell into slavery is a capital offense, and so is purchasing a slave, who was presumably kidnapped. I wonder where those Southern Plantation owners are, along with the Muslims who supplied the slaves they purchased. I believe John Newton knows, which is why he repented.

    • The question is non specific so I will attempt a generalized answer because I suspect that you are making a point here.

      Rlatively, very few. Slaves were expensive, and only relatively few could afford them. There was also much tension and resentment in the non-slave owning population relative to the risk of slave rebellion and the vulnerability of peaceful, settled society to bands of escaped slaves burning, looting, and violating the womenfolk. Each community had its militia just in case.

      For specific figures you need to refine the question – Slavery was legal in most of the 13 original states, but from about 1800 slavery was phased out in the North (and replaced by the indentured servant system), usualy in a way whereby slaveowners could ‘sell on’ their slaves in the South rather than liberate them. Few slaves were actually liberated until 1864.

      Slavery was legal in New Jersey right up until 1864.

      Of course indentured servants were basically short term slaves, and in the last years of their contracts could be worked to death, and if they protested, they could have extra years added to their contracts. In many ways, this was even worse as the victim lost all the protection of ‘value’ and investment in the last year, and indeed it was expected that a bounty be paid on completion of contract, it was very easy to meet with an ‘accident’ at this time.

      It really depended upon how unscrupulous the contract holder or slave manager was, how much people were abused (and they were!). Slaves were expensive assets, and the indenture contracts were not cheap either, the shipper wanted his profits up front!

  2. Twenty years ago, we were told diesel cars were a good thing, and dairy products were bad for you. Science is never settled.

  3. Wait. How are vaccines Lysenkoism when there is nearly two centuries of research on their development and the person who came up with the autism-vaccine connection, Andrew Wakefield, actually was exposed as a fraud. Nothing’s more Lysenkoist than germ theory denialism.

    • A late reply to a late comment, Andrew Wakefield was not exposed as a fraud; The high court turned the British Medical Council verdict over as biased and prone to vested interest. The research and the verdict had nothing to do with vaccines, Wakefield reported finding MMR processed viruses in the gut of aome autistic children he tested and reported it in his study, this finding has since been confirmed many times over.

      However, as with many things, Big Pharma owns the game, and can control what the media reports, and also it can pay trolls to dispute any anti-vax comments and deplatform any opposition.

      An in depth analysis is here:-

  4. Requesting permission to provide this article to those who I am conversing with regarding the COVID-19 conditioning they are voluntarily accepting.

    Also, I noticed a typo. Please change “loose” to “lose” in the following sentence:

    “It is a sorry thing when the leaders of society loose respect for the people and begin to hold them in disdain.”

    Thank you very much!

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