Antifas Evicted to Make Room for Culture-Enrichers

Well, it seems that I was wrong last night when I said that the eviction of the Antifas from Liebig 34 in Berlin was a NIMBY issue. According to the tweet below, the anarchists had to be put out on the street so that refugees could be welcomed into the building:

Many thanks to MissPiggy for translating the tweet:

This is the real point of the eviction of Liebig 34: The building owner wants to accommodate “Refugees” in the building. Thanks to the uncontrolled mass migration forced by leftists and “We Have Room” propaganda, this is only logical.

[According to a SPIEGEL article] Padovicz wants to accommodate refugees in the house in the future. It is “the most likely scenario,” says his lawyer Mr. Wrobel. Talks are being held with possible new tenants.

The question now is: Will the anarchists take umbrage at being displaced by culture-enrichers?

Also: If so, will it make them reconsider their long-time advocacy for open borders?

12 thoughts on “Antifas Evicted to Make Room for Culture-Enrichers

  1. I don’t know wether to celebrate because antifa gets its what it advocates for, or puke at the whorish opportunism of this “ Padovicz”

    • The irony sure is priceless, but not unexpected at all. The government pays above market rate for housing of its favourites, thus pushing out natives who can’t jump that high. The house owner must be desperate after years of fending with non-paying squatters and progressing disrepair and is likely more than happy to oblige, not only for the money but also for not having to do too much about renovation at once. This sort of opportunism is just making business sense, or even the only way of saving his existence if he doesn’t have enough other more profitable dealings. The anger is more justly directed against the powers setting the conditions. Berlin is profoundly a red-red-green land, which is as good as being the enemy in person.

  2. Probably for the worst in the long run.

    Just means more orcs will be imported into Europe and the West dies a little more. Antifa hardcore squatters are not likely change their viewpoints on the desirability of replacing the native born with orcs just because they were replaced in their squat by orcs. If they choose to take it out on the building owner it will be for the wrong reason, namely being evicted rather than the much greater crime of betraying ones own countrymen and ethnic heritage.

  3. I’m going to guess that Padovicz has been unable to get rid of the anarchists, and figures that he’s “unassailable” wanting to do to move in “refugees”, and probably figures that the State will at least pay rent on those.

    It’s opportunistic, but in the environment that he lives in, I can see where it would come from.

    The whole thing is sick.

    Though it serves that Antifa right, maybe they’ll learn where their ideology eventually gets them in the big picture, too.

  4. Who will be pay for this savages, parasites???, they not gonna work fir life time !!, good luck with this horror project, vote AFD , that’s the only hope for this suicidal insanity ( Merkel&CO)

    • I do have to laugh at your naivety my friend, you are not going to vote your way out of this catastrophe, that time has come and is long gone. Democracy as we know it is dead, the idiocracy has taken over and now you have to roll up your sleeves and shoot your way out. History is replete with examples yet we keep doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result. The days of the strongman is coming, mark my words.

      • Hopefully our Generals have been working day and night for quite some time now. The key to success being planning and preparation. I cannot really imagine great nations like France and England being scuttled by a bunch of sick femin women and their mirror image savages.

  5. Poetic justice!

    And no, this won’t probably cause any change in thinking among the Antifas. Though we should see some nice wailing from them, about having to make way for the newcomers they so adore…

  6. If the building owner went to court to get the antifa guys evicted it would cost him money, and it would take years. Even if he won in court, the police would always find something else to do other than getting rid of them.

    But if he says he wants to allow the government to pay him for the building to be used by illegal immigrants, all road blocks magically disappear.

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