Panic in the World

I might as well out myself: I’m a COVID-19 skeptic, a.k.a. a Coronaskeptic.

I have to be careful when I talk about the ChiCom flu with my friends and acquaintances. The vast majority of them, both liberals and conservatives, have succumbed to the general hysteria that has been propagated by the television and greatly amplified by social media. Conservatives are slightly less likely than liberals to have joined the mad rush of panic, but most of them have been infected by it to at least some degree.

I don’t think Corona 2019-nCoV, a.k.a. COVID-19, a.k.a. the Chinese Crud, is “the most deadly epidemic in human history”, or whatever hyperbolic designation that is currently being peddled by the media. Rather, it is a pandemic of mass hysteria.

That doesn’t mean that I think that the Wuhan Coronavirus doesn’t exist, or that it isn’t killing people. I’ve simply come to the conclusion that it is no more dangerous than the seasonal flu, and possibly less so.

If I posted the above on social media, it would immediately be taken down, and my account with Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/YouTube would most likely be closed. The major social sites have joined hands with the legacy media and governmental agencies to suppress any opinions that contradict the coronavirus narrative.

I’ve waited this long to post about it because I’ve been patiently collecting data on the disease since long before the hysteria began. The first thing I can tell you is that ALL the models that predicted the trajectory of the pandemic are useless. None of them seems to have remotely reflected the reality of the spread of the disease. As a result I won’t be referring to any of them; there’s no point.

Before I outline my general conclusions about what’s happening, I’ll go over some of the data points here.

The single most valuable resource I’ve encountered thus far is a Swiss site called Swiss Propaganda Research. Yes, they are avowed Coronaskeptics, but they have compiled their data carefully and thoroughly, and they source everything they assert. My favorite quote from them is this one:

Danish researcher Peter Gøtzsche, founder of the renowned Cochrane Medical Collaboration, writes that Corona is “an epidemic of mass panic” and “logic was one of the first victims.”

I recommend their page as a useful source for links to detailed, sober scientific data on the spread and virulence of COVID-19. It is updated frequently.

Peter Robinson’s interview with Dr. Jay Bhattacharya, a professor of medicine at Stanford University, is lucid and informative (hat tip Power Line):

Scott Jensen is a physician and — horrors! — Republican state senator in Minnesota. In the following video he reveals to an astonished interviewer that the state government had given doctors instructions on how to tweak death certificates to overstate the incidence of COVID-19 as the cause of death (thanks to Vlad for uploading this video):

For some interesting analysis of the WuFlu data, see Vlad’s two interviews with former CIA station chief Brad Johnson.

Video #1:

Video #2:

We are far enough into the pandemic now to have ample data on its lethality. At this point it seems to roughly comparable with the seasonal flu — maybe slightly worse, maybe not quite as bad.

The data from Germany have proved particularly useful. According to this article from Reason:

Over the last two weeks, German virologists tested nearly 80 percent of the population of Gangelt for antibodies that indicate whether they’d been infected by the coronavirus. Around 15 percent had been infected, allowing them to calculate a COVID-19 infection fatality rate of about 0.37 percent. The researchers also concluded that people who recover from the infection are immune to reinfection, at least for a while.

For comparison, the U.S. infection fatality rates for the 1957-58 flu epidemic was around 0.27 percent; for the 1918 Spanish flu epidemic, it was about 2.6 percent. For seasonal flu, the rate typically averages around 0.1 percent. Basically, the German researchers found that the coronavirus kills about four times as many infected people than seasonal flu viruses do.

More recent studies indicate that the infection fatality rate is generally less than 0.1% — on a par with the seasonal flu.

As of the middle of April, it looks like the coronavirus may kill about 60,000 people in the USA. In comparison, according to this CNN report, 80,000 people died of the flu during the 2017-2018 season. And, funnily enough, the CDC recently revised its number for that flu season downwards, to about 61,000. A cynic might say that they decided to push it down to make it appear not as bad as COVID-19.

To add an interesting twist to the coronavirus story, see my post from earlier tonight about Professor Luc Montagnier, the Nobel Prize winner who maintains that COVID-19 can only have been produced by genetic manipulation in a laboratory.

Finally, see this compilation of worldwide government crackdowns on the populace, plus a digest of a Rockefeller Foundation document about the “global governance” response to a pandemic. It will almost certainly be taken down by YouTube (if it hasn’t already), but Vlad kindly uploaded it to 3Speak:

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

What conclusions can we draw from all these data points?

The account below represents a “line of best fit” with the data accumulated so far. As more information comes in, the application of Occam’s Razor to it may change this analysis, but here is a snapshot of my conclusions as of April 19, 2020.

It seems likely that COVID-19 is a genetically modified antigen that escaped from a Chinese bioweapons laboratory in Wuhan. Based on espionage arrests in the last two years, the virus itself may have originated in North America and been stolen from a Canadian laboratory (in Winnipeg, I think) by Chinese spies.

Whether the virus was released deliberately or accidentally is an open question. My guess is that it escaped accidentally. I can’t see any advantage for the Chinese to have released it in Wuhan. Any damage done to the West is far outweighed by the ongoing harm to the People’s Republic of China. Just two examples: (1) The British government has decided to cancel their contract with Huawei as a vendor of 5G network hardware, and (2) the value of Australian real estate is projected to drop by 50% in the coronavirus recession, and the Chinese oligarchs have invested heavily in Australian real estate.

OK, so maybe the Chinese government failed to foresee outcomes such as these. If so, they would seem to be stupid. Generally speaking, however, the Chinese are anything but stupid.

My guess is that they intended to release the virus somewhere in the West where it would do the most damage. Alternatively, they may have wanted to stockpile it and use it as a carefully targeted threat to accomplish their strategic objectives. However, the safety measures at their Wuhan laboratory were so inadequate that the virus managed to escape and spread from Wuhan to the rest of the world.

The resulting epidemic was exactly what the global media/political conglomerate had been waiting for. The Rockefeller Foundation and Bill Gates’ outfit make it clear that a global pandemic was a crisis that they couldn’t afford to waste. The media went all-out spreading coronavirus hysteria, and the general public played right into their hands. Panic ruled the day.

Governments all across the world were unable to withstand the popular panic, even if they had wanted to. Any national or regional leader who didn’t immediately get with the program was liable to be voted out of office, or impeached, or assassinated.

And not all of them were averse to the idea — to a progressive politician, the ChiCom flu provided a golden opportunity to implement the total political and economic control they’d been longing to impose. Time to shut everything down, and send in SWAT teams to quell dissenters!

In this manner the economies of the West were systematically destroyed. For a dedicated leftist, this wasn’t a bug, but a feature: on the ashes of the capitalist system they will be able to build the perfect Socialist State.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

Consider the simple numbers:

A severe flu season can kill 60,000-80,000 people in the USA. The coronavirus may well kill 60,000-80,000 Americans.

But the media weren’t eagerly chronicling the daily death toll from the flu. Yes, the flu made the news. But nothing was shut down. Schools and restaurants weren’t closed. The flu was simply in the news, and citizens were urged to get vaccinated. That was about it.

Heck, 40,000 people die in automobile accidents every year in the USA. We could prevent those by banning driving. But that would… destroy the economy!

COVID-19 was deliberately, systematically, turned into something else. It was made into a tool to totally transform Western society, a goal that Barack Hussein Obama always dreamed of but never managed to accomplish.

The pandemic of coronavirus hysteria is designed to realize the goals of the transnational Left.

For links to any materials mentioned above and not covered by Swiss Propaganda Research, see Gates of Vienna news feeds from about January 15 to mid-April.

The title of this post is a reference to the song of the same name by Be-Bop Deluxe, from their 1978 album Drastic Plastic (audio and lyrics here). It’s not particularly appropriate, but it makes for a good title.

35 thoughts on “Panic in the World

  1. Excellent analysis and conclusions. The panic over the “pandemic” seems tailor made to further the goals of both leftists and nationalists everywhere.

    I would add that at least with regard to Trump and the actions taken thus far by his administration with the complicity (albeit sometimes grudgingly) of both the left and the right, that there is another game at play hidden in the shadows by the media focus on the medical fallout and the blame game over what Trump should or shouldn’t have done.

    Mr Trump has a history of using bankruptcy strategically, and I don’t believe it is an accident that the federal debt which had gone plaid long ago, has been pushed far beyond the breaking point by actions taken thus far, along with debt on every level of this society, both household, business, local and state government included. Without anything to back my belief up but a strong hunch, I think that there is collusion behind the scenes between the leadership of both parties and likely between other governments around the globe to deliberately engineer the total financial collapse of the world’s economies in such a way that the Chinese can be the scapegoat while simultaneously writing off hundreds of trillions of dollars of obligations in what will amount to a total reset of the financial system; a modern day debt jubilee. There is no other way out of this financial catastrophe triggered by the panic that I can see that doesn’t result in bloody revolts, world war, or violent reactions by governments everywhere. The medical authorities have given both parties cover to do this, and even the bankers and global oligarchs have to realize the current financial situation is unsustainable without a dramatic reset.

    • The U.S. federal debt is still quite manageable, and will remain so for as long as the dollar remains the world’s reserve currency. It is the many times larger private sector debt that has been exploding and has once again blown up. Unfortunately, the Federal Reserve will probably, again, pay off their clients’ gambling debts, in full, and make that private debt public. If history is any guide, the rest of the world will eventually grow tired of paying for this.

      • I am not sure how you define “sustainable” in terms of US debt. While it is true we are the world’s reserve currency and have the power to export the inflation worldwide from our monetizing of the debt, we are still running trillion+ dollar defecits every year not to mention the national debt which was over 22 trillion dollars before the start of the pandemic. This is well over 100 percent of the US GDP and into serious economic danger territory.

        These sums, as unimaginable as they are, neglect to include the true nature of the US government’s indebtedness, which when one includes unfunded future liabilities such as Social Security and Medicare obligations are anywhere between 50 trillion to over 200 trillion dollars depending on what obligations are included and who is doing the counting. And yes, even this sum is small compared to corporate and financial debts and liabilities, which when derivatives are included (which are extremely vulnerable to financial disasters btw) is in the range of multiple quadrillions of dollars…

        Obviously there is not enough money or even a fraction of it in the combined economy’s of the entire planet to pay such debts, and the trigger for the implosion of this perversion will be the meltdown in household financing and ability to service household debts which will quickly spread the panic through the global financial system in the same manner that the Chinese coronavirus has spread panic through the global population via pandemic. In my opinion, the can has been kicked as far as it can be kicked and we are now out of road.

        There will be a jubilee and total wiping of the slate because when millions of households are out of income due to being unemployed by decree there will be simply no other option but to not pay any bills except those which are absolutely critical until even those cannot be serviced. At that point there will only be two choices remaining to our overlords – wipe the slate clean for everyone in order to prevent riots, armed uprisings, and lynchings of politicians and bankers, or attempt to violently suppress the same in the most heavily armed country in the world where the entirety of the police state and the military are severely outnumbered by armed Americans.

      • There is a talk in the slavic conspiracy circles, that the real endgame for Russia and China is to get rid of the world reserve currency Dollar, just for this reason, that the world has been paying off Federal Reserve debts for too long.

    • I also agree with your “debt jubilee” scenario. Regardless of the who, what, when and why of the coronavirus itself, someone (Trump perhaps?) has had a moment of clarity involving a very dramatic reset of the world’s financial systems with China becoming the unwitting fall guy. It would amount to their surrender in a war with no shots being fired. The world’s debt obligations are just not sustainable any further. This would be a perfect gambit for that reset.

    • yes, and trade in your paper money which can transmit the present contagion for a piece of plastic with your block-chain worth tied to your local financial institution. Soon, but not quite yet, your body will be required to ‘chip in’ so as to make you a properly functioning member of the gnu whirled order.

  2. I just posted a comment, but I intended it to refer to this very excellent analysis by the Baron. I may have posted in the wrong place. Really, thank you for your very insightful analysis of what is really going on.

  3. I just remember the ’57 asian flu pandwmic (death rate 1 to 2 million world wide), I was in my first years of school and we were sent home for a week maybe 2. It was all very confusing for a 5/6 year old.

    I suspect the panic over CV is there because that is what the modern media do news must be entertaining (shocking) in order to get good ratings in order to get advertising revenue blah blah. In ’57 UK few people had TV and the BBC still had a reputation for reporting NEWS truthfully.

    When the MSM is reporting something but the alt-media is reporting something else, I usually go with the alt-media since their biases are generally either known or less ‘religiously’ political.

    I did not lose my income over this, but to many, the lockdown must be terrifying!

    • The lockdown is indeed terrifying especially for us who are living in already hostile part of the world. I think the world should not follow China’s inhumane, draconian ways of severely violating our freedom in their typical Asiatic inhumane handling with their spread of virus from Asia. We are not their slaves. People should be aware this is how most Asians treat their slaves even in normal times. We should avoid supporting Asian economies or else we may be forced to be under perpetual lockdowns. Globalisation have given those Asian countries a so-called upper hand in spreading their authoritarian culture to the West. It is time we say NO to Asian inhumanity.

  4. The two characteristics that made COVID-19 (Kung Flu) the perfect candidate for globalist enablement was the incubation period and the asymptomatic aspect of the virus until the patient’s condition was serious. The incubation period has been documented to be between 10 and 14 days during which no symptoms are present but the infected person is still contagious. The standard quarantine is 14 days and that period of time hearkens back to the 1930s and 1940s during which my mother was an RN at Queen of Angels in LA. As one who did survive the inoculation for the 1958 flu as a 5 year old whose left shoulder was sore for the next week after the vaccine that was administered at our local Sears store and has been ‘horizontal’ on occasion since, the most recent being the December 1999 Christmas Present that had me in bed for nearly a week, this virus is a joke in extremely poor taste. My wife has bought into the hysteria so the hands are washed continually, the shoes are left outside, and face masks and gloves are worn whenever we go out in public. I grabbed and oversized table napkin and tied it up to look like a good cowboy (the napkin is white) and a cowboy type hat to poke fun at the charade. I can respect her concerns and our efforts to be certain that we do not spread the contagion to those around us, (love your neighbor as yourself) and I wouldn’t wish that virus on my worst enemy. However, I see the political machinations for what they are. They failed to bring down President Trump and his nationalism on two previous occasions so they opted for the ‘nuclear’ scenario with Nancy “let them eat ice cream” Pelosi leading the charge. I can only mourn for what this country has become, a divided joke in poor taste, while my wife and I spend time on our knees before the Lord imploring His grace and mercy over those who would just as soon see us dead and put out of their misery. By all accounts these are the beginnings of the last daze mates, and it be high time that ye be settin’ yer soul straight before yer maker as He be comin’ for ye very soon.

  5. I am a coronasceptic too. And I am afraid that it is just the good old globalist agenda being pushed further down the road.

    What strikes me the most is the drive to isolate everyone, “social distancing” etc… I mean – they made bottled beer 10 times cheaper than the beer in the pub, and I believe it was intended so that people wouldn’t go to pubs. Ban smoking – because tobbaco is the peace pipe stuff that make people nerves rest, and truth be told – pubs and bars are not what they used to be when people could smoke there… I am not saying that excessive smoking is healthy, but I do believe that it was a sort of nice social thing to do.

    And now, our social distancing agenda is getting even further! No more than two people may come together at any time. Do not go to parties, do not meet anyone, stay at home, don’t talk to anyone!!! Or you may die!!!!!

    They want to make us fear each other.

    • yes, Barn, you have a point there.
      I have not been hanging out in pubs for decades now, but I still foster the nostalgia of my youth in the sixties, The places I went to were a perfect social mix without any hassle: there were workers, bricklayers, car vendors, gay home decorators, students of the humanities, free artists, musicians and even an occasional small-time pimp. Not to mention the girls of all persuasions….and never a brawl.There was always muscle around to stifle hotheads.

  6. Thank you Baron, I thought I was the only Coronaskeptic. I have had a feeling from the beginning that it was just a globalist scam. Greetings from Eurabia.

  7. Portugal, just anounced they now extending the lockdown to may 17!!’,
    This nightmare will never end,

    People in portugal are now starving, they are the truly vulnerable, people with no savings, other illneses, people who cannot ride this out, have no money,

    While the Portuguese goverment keep issuing phony press statements, that everyone will be looked after, and they vhanged the law, to allow all migrants who afe waiting for ongoing delayed residence applications, to be allowed to recieve full social security benefits, and health care indefinatley!!

    But the portuguese social security have abandoned all native tax payimg european natives!!! They are giving 0 to europeans who are in desperate need, living or trapped in portugal!!

    Its a f**k SCANDAL!! Its racism against europeans. While they are now handing out everything to arabs, african phony asylum invaders,
    Its a SCANDAL!!!
    Portugal is a socialist-communist hell hole, corrupt to hell, and they are now denieing emergency social security allowance to europeans,
    But give all to muslims, arabs, africans!!!!
    Portugal, must be a investigation against this country,
    They are making genocide against native europeans, disctiminayiong, and denying soc sec support!!! This us anti-white racism in action!!!

    Spread this story about portugal!!!

  8. Global governance is the dream of every continent’s oligarchs.

    The next step before that is regional governance.

    Regional governance requires that nation states die.

    Debt (primarily) and social decay via Marxism and Islam (secondarily) are what are really responsible for the death of the West’s nation states at the oligarch’s hands. Not the virus.

    Wuhan Flu is the scapegoat the oligarchic power structures had made available to them (I too think this was a bio-weapon in production stages that got into the wild by accident) to deflect the blame of the inevitable debt based nation state collapse.

    Successful deflection and scapegoating of the virus (due to the propaganda of MSM and Big Info) has the potential to keep positions of power for the transition and the new regional governance realities in oligarch, not citizens, hands.

    What people should be panicking about is the fact that nation state guv’ments, filled with oligarch meat puppets, are being used in tandem with the Wuhan Flu by the oligarchs to destroy said nation states, in favor of regional governance. And the propaganda arms of the oligarchs are trying to make people feelz good about the deaths.

    The oligarchs aren’t afraid to be genocidal in breaking 10 or 11 of the dozen eggs in the carton to make that omelette.

    The intended victim of the fiasco are nation states themselves. Nation states are not intended to make it out of quarantine.

    It is vital the citizenry of the West’s dying nation states recognize the real threat is not a virus, but the power hungry oligarchs using it as a weapon wherever and however they can.

    Oligarchs with insatiable greed and lust for power are the real enemy. As they always have been.

  9. ,
    Mass murder, not only mass immigration, is
    administered by the social democratic power
    establishment in Sweden

    “Significant increase in the number of deaths
    among pensioners in Stockholm.
    New data from Statistics Sweden.”

    “Strong increase in the number of deaths in
    the age group 65 years and older living in
    retirement homes”

    How is that?

    No oxygen is available!
    Alternativelacking palliative care is inserted – high doses of morphine are given (which further complicates breathing)
    – instead of oxigen + broadspectrum antibiotica
    against pneumonia + high doses of vitamin C

    Result: the patient dies quickly and painfree.

    The so-called “consuming meat mountain” has been
    reduced by another unit.

    • .

      The stupidity and inhumanity
      at the Svedish Socio-Lliberal
      ‘Folkhrmmet’ (Folk’s Home)
      are boundless.

      No oxygen for the infected at Gävleborg’s elderly homes
      April 21, 2020

      The directive that Region Gävleborg issued on April 17 stipulates that covid-19 infected persons in the region’s elderly housing should not be given oxygen, since the staff lack the skills to administer this. Instead, the elderly should be offered opioids to weaken the respiratory function and thus provide a more comfortable death process.

      The directives , which Fria Tider points out, include:

      “Oxygen therapy in palliative or curative care at home and at SÄBO is not relevant at covid-19. In palliative care, the association between hypoxia and perceived dyspnea is low, so the symptoms should be monitored rather than oxygenated. Most often, opioids have better symptom-relieving effects than oxygen delivery.”
      SÄBO is an abbreviation for Special housing for the elderly , also called the elderly housing.
      The same directive also states that “oxygen therapy and intensive care with respiratory therapy improves survival and the chance to recover completely in severe covid-19”.

      The employees’ lack of competence is stated as the main reason why the elderly should be denied oxygen.

      “Oxygen is a drug that should be prescribed and dosed like all other drugs. Oxygen treatment requires special technology and training both by the patient and by the staff [?!].

      The treatment is usually given in hospital care. There are exceptions, for example in certain lung diseases, where individually tested treatment can be given outside hospitals. Treatment is initiated after careful diagnosis, testing and training of the patient. Inserting oxygen treatment outside hospitals without the above handling is not relevant.”

  10. You are an old guy, you should be afraid of this virus.
    Cudos to you for being brave.As we say in Romanian “ the trees die standing “

    • Afraid of virus is one thing but it is another matter when there seems to be a sinister, draconian agenda to force us to be afraid of China.
      Prolonging our suffering while some governments continue to waste so much money on buying useless stuff from oppressive China, a country that constantly seek to dominate the world via spreading their authoritarian Asian culture and pretending to ” cure” diseases via imposing all sorts of draconian measures onto the world. Their China should be investigating for spreading diseases, panic and chaos in the world, since centuries ago.

  11. I follow G of V just to see what kind of cookoo articles you publish , for me the most amusing are the comments…this article was the most idiotic I have seen for a while
    People are dying, this is not a joke, indeed we cannot be locked down and that was a mistake, but it gave us a chance to buy some time to better understand this virus.
    The bloody economy will recover, we will survive ,many will die because Americans don’t understand limits and personal respect. But we will open the economy and we will pay the price , however this virus is not a joke, and you are a big old idiot to even underestimate it.Boris got his lesson, maybe you need to encounter this ARN strand yourself to get what it actually does.I hope you don’t.

    • I have noticed that the believers in the dangerous COVID virus usually call their opponents names, like idiots for example. It sure makes for good credibility.

    • You are right, people are dying. But people are dying from many other diseases all over the world. Huge numbers of elderly and chronically ill people die of flu every year. The 2009 swine flu killed hundreds of thousands, but it has not caused a global scare. Pneumonia is nothing new, it is in the top ten causes of death in developed countries.

      The economic effect of the global confinement will be so severe that it will increase mortality on its own. Many of those who will be ruined by it will have heart attacks, stomach and intestinal ulcers and other stress-related diseases. Some will commit suicide. And in poorer countries some people will literally starve.

      And, in any case, we are all mortal. You may dodge COVID, but you will not dodge death. This simple truth seems to escape many people.

    • 80000 Americans died of normal flu in 2017-18. Where you hysterical about all those deaths? No, you weren’t, were you. So stop spreading panic. Yes, people are dying of Covid. People are also dying of flu, malnutrition, abortion and terminal syphilis. It’s called life.

    • Here we go, the old “we have to pass it to find out what’s in it” excuse, or in this case, “we had to shut down the world before we knew how dangerous it is” excuse.

      Millions are dying (they are not).
      People are literally dropping like flies (they literally are not).
      This is a catastrophe (the virus not so much, the governmental overreactions most definitely).

      I’m guessing that you are one of those D-party voters who is upset that Mr Bloomberg just spent One Billion dollars on his failed presidential campaign when he could have just given everyone in the country One Million dollars instead. (Hint: It would be more like $3.00 and some change, but whatever).

      Now here’s the really cuckoo part, it’s your math lesson for the day so try and pay attention.

      First recorded case: Nov 17, 2019, China.
      Today’s date: Apr 21, 2020

      So, 5 months into the worst pandemic since the 2018 Spanish Flu (another hint: not even close. That pandemic killed approx 50 million and estimates between 10 and 30 percent of the global population).

      The running death toll of COVID19 to date: 175,621. That’s global. Total.

      Now here comes the tricky and cuckoo math part (I hope your still paying attention):

      I’m going to do what we call a “round up” on the death toll and a “round down” on global population:

      176 Thousand Dead
      3 Billion Population

      Now, take 176,000 and divide it by 3,000,000 and what do you get?

      Answer: 0.00005867

      Let’s change that number into percentages (you remember those don’t you, back before your Gender Studies and Crackpot Feminist Theory courses you should have learned how to do this). Let me help


      Not 6 percent. Not even 0.6 percent which is 6/10ths of one percent, but 0.006 percent (I know I know I’m doing that tricking round up/down thingy again.)

      In other words 6/1000th’s of one percent. Or, if you prefer 6 dead for every 100,000 people on the planet.

      Or maybe you prefer to deal with gross numbers?

      In that case, may I suggest that a comparison between COVID19 deaths at 160,000 (in five months) versus 300,000 deaths by malnutrition and related illnesses per year every year in India of children under the age of 5.

      Or, maybe 22000 dead in Italy out of a population of 61 million (you do the math yourself this time. I showed you how. I know you can do it.) Of those, 90% over the age of 80. OF THOSE, 80% with at least one co-morbidity factor and many with two or more.

      Again compare and contrast with 300K under the age of 5 every year, year after year of MALNUTRITION in just one country: India.

      So there you have it. Your cuckoo comment with wacky math for the day. I do hope you enjoyed it. And I really hope you have enjoyed giving up your constitutionally guaranteed (that really has no more meaning does it?) freedoms and liberties as we closed down the world because 6 people out of every 100,000 have died from a disease.

      Just an aside, when it’s a family member, or a friend, or colleague, or even a mere acquaintance, a death is never a light matter, however, returning to the Italian numbers, it has been my experience that when someone over the age of 80 dies, the first words spoken after my “My condolences” is generally, “Well they had a long life.” And, when the person is over 80 and had heart disease coupled with diabetes, cirrhosis, and maybe COPD thrown in, the words after my condolences are usually, “At least they’re no longer suffering.”

  12. Thank you for this excellent analysis. I too have been a corona- or chi com virus-sceptic from the beginning. And though I belong to the most “vulnerable” group (my age) I have not used any different common sense precautions than for the seasonal flu. What is different though is the extra ordinary economical damage the various governments have been inflicting on their populations and that will create an undisclosed number of also medical conditions like serious depression and yes …. suicides. Clearly the powerful ones couldn’t care less about it and may actually desire this outcome. Keep them in fear and the sheeple will agree to everything!

  13. I too am very skeptical; not because of the hype or media but because of my background and education. ( spent most of my life in law enforcement, embalming and health care via a pre-med education. Hey, life created opportunities and I followed them). Years ago, a mentor of mine quipped, “World War 3 wont be fought with guns but microscopes “.
    I chase outbreaks worldwide and saw this begin to emerge in November/December. The corona virus is not new….. Please note, I’m not saying it’s not serious or real, it is. However it is NOT end of the world serious nor does it warrant the response given in the USA of a shut down.
    I believe, via research, the following;
    Trump responded based on intelligence he was given and acted as he should have. ( remember the initial models – which didn’t make sense to me based on the etiology of corona virus- unless they believed it was weaponized)
    Second; Based on that, a response, nation wide, was devised and implemented.
    Now; I believe that the powers that be, are in over their heads with the response and must follow through with the game plan or lose TOTAL credibility.
    Just an observation.

    • Good comment. Much as I despise most pols, it has been an impossible situation for them. However, this hysteria has also brought out the inner fascist of many of the left wing leaders such as the nutcases in Spain and Michigan, USA. Most people I know watch the MSM and are scared, but there will come a point where even they will say enough, and life has to restart.

  14. I always maintain that freedom is more important than safety. If you allow safety to be more important then freedom, then that provides the hook that authoritarians exploit to justify anything they do. “It’s for safety”, they will say (bring a stopwatch to time how long it takes to bring up children). Everybody eventually dies of something. Death is guaranteed. Freedom is not. Freedom is a precious and expensive commodity. It must be paid for in blood. The blood of patriots in war, and the ‘blood’ of citizens in pandemics. It is a price worth paying. Less than 100 years ago, people sacrificed their lives in the millions to ensure freedoms that we are willing to give up to save a couple of hundred thousand. We spit on their sacrifice.

    • @Jason
      I agree with you. Freedom is more important than any so-called safety measures that meant to limit our freedom to make our own decisions.
      We who are of healthy and of sound mind should be allowed the freedom to decide what is safe for us as long as we are not endangering others. It is certainly a slippery slope towards losing our freedom if we let others used or misused a virus from China to spread more fear about losing what little freedom we may have.
      It is bad enough with those Islamics dictators restricting our freedom but it is even worse when the world lets a virus from China to spread so much damage and fear for our freedom.

    • Absolutely. As Ben Franklin said, those who give up freedom for safety deserve neither. However, much as I loathe the MSM and most pols, it is ordinary people who are to blame for the loss of their freedom. Most don’t care about liberty at the best of times, but with the internet there is no longer any excuse for not digging deeper behind the fake headlines to get to the real truth.

  15. My wife has a degree in microbiology and is currently teaching a virology course. From the very start of the pandemic she considered that the whole thing was exaggerated. She has spent quite a lot of time researching what virologists and epidemiologists of the world think about it and is now sure that COVID is hardly more dangerous than the worse kind of flu stems. It may be more contagious, but a vast majority of infected people have no symptoms and thus do not even notice that they have the virus which is not the case with flu.

    In fact, the 2009 swine flu epidemic was as bad, but nobody suggested to shut down the world and destroy the global economy.

    Of course, the available statistics is so unreliable that it is impossible to calculate the death rate. However, it cannot be more than 10% and it can be as low as 0.85%. Thus, it is a far cry from plague or Ebola or quite a lot of really deadly diseases.

    It spares children and young people. There have been reports of a few deaths of teenagers and people in their twenties, but they seem to be extremely rare exceptions. Or they may be cases of misdiagnosis.

    In fact, there must have been a lot of wrong diagnoses, as there is a shortage of tests and people are often diagnosed on the basis of clinical symptoms which are in fact the same if you get a pneumonia caused by COVID, flu viruses, other viruses or bacteria.

    And, of course, governments and not only governments, exploit this pandemic to attain their own goals, which have nothing to do with public welfare, and the media sensationalise it out of all proportion.

    Summing up, COVID is real, it is a bad virus, but it is not apocalypse now, there have been other pandemics on the same scale over the last few decades. Apparently, the economic damage from the global lockdown will be worse than the damage from the disease itself. Poor people and poorer countries will suffer most. For example, in Kenya, Somalia or Ethiopia, which are now suffering from an apocalyptic locust plague, much more people will die from hunger than from the COVID infection.

    Moreover, this virus will not disappear no matter what measures are taken. From now on we will have to live with it just like we live with seasonal flu.

  16. ““the most deadly epidemic in human history”, or whatever hyperbolic designation that is currently being peddled by the media. ”

    Strawman. Nobody, anywhere, has made this claim. The only people using these phrases are the people trying to claim it’s not worth reacting to. That is to say: liars.

    You’re a liar.

    “I’ve simply come to the conclusion that it is no more dangerous than the seasonal flu, and possibly less so.”

    Measurably false. 2018-2019 flu killed 34K people in the USA over the course of the year. 2019-2020 flu has killed 24K people in the USA over six months. Chinavirus has verifiably killed 40K in six weeks.

    You’re still a liar.

    “he reveals to an astonished interviewer that the state government had given doctors instructions on how to tweak death certificates to overstate the incidence of COVID-19 as the cause of death”

    Oh, you want to play “question the numbers”? Okay. How many people in Italy and Spain and NYC died at home of sudden severe pneumonia, were never tested, and the ambulance crews just shrugged and said “yeah, it’s the same damned thing all day, we can’t do anything, sorry”?

    Based on the information I’ve seen, a hell of a lot.

    Not specific enough? How about this: in Bergamo, Italy, from March 8-16 of 2019, 23 people died. Same period in 2020: 330 people died. Rome’s major newspaper, Corriere Della Sera, looked at similar numbers for some other towns in northern Italy and found a multiple of 4 to 5 times as many deaths in most of them. New York City has seen 10 thousand deaths in a period that last year had half that – but reported only three thousand COVID deaths. (3700 after they guesstimated that excess undiagnosed deaths were probably COVID – which was likely exactly correct.)

    Yes, let’s question the numbers. The deaths are being UNDERCOUNTED. The data is very clear on this.

    “The first thing I can tell you is that ALL the models that predicted the trajectory of the pandemic are useless. None of them seems to have remotely reflected the reality of the spread of the disease. ”

    Nor has any society or any state or any community proceeded to continue with life as normal without taking any anti-disease precautions whatsoever. Of course the predictions are wrong. That was the goal. Implying otherwise is dishonest and disingenuous.

    Disingenuous arguments are totally your thing though, because clearly, you’re a liar.

    Which measures had which effect, which were more or less effective, is a discussion worth having. Basing anything whatsoever on “but the projections were wrong” is not.

    “It seems likely that COVID-19 is a genetically modified antigen that escaped from a Chinese bioweapons laboratory in Wuhan”

    No, because nobody builds bioweapons out of coronaviruses, because coronaviruses are fairly common and nobody has ever successfully made a permanent vaccine for one. The first rule of bioweapons is that you want to be able to protect yourself from it.

    Talking out of your [nether orifice] isn’t lying, but it sure smells bad.

    “The Rockefeller Foundation and Bill Gates’ outfit make it clear that a global pandemic was a crisis that they couldn’t afford to waste.”

    And Trump has shut down immigration. He’s in on it too.


    “Any national or regional leader who didn’t immediately get with the program was liable to be voted out of office, or impeached, or assassinated.”

    This is categorically false. No such consequence has occurred yet, anywhere. Sweden and multiple US states have resisted calls for lockdowns.

    Again: you’re a liar.

    “The coronavirus may well kill 60,000-80,000 Americans.”

    Let’s wait 3 months and come back to that. In fact, let’s check in again in December. See just how well this holds up.

    “COVID-19 was deliberately, systematically, turned into something else. ”

    No. It IS something else. It is a virus that we know, as a matter of experimentally verified fact, is new to human beings and for which the effects on humans are not well understood. The flu, we know. Car crashes, we know. Chinavirus, we don’t know.

    It blows my mind how the right and the left have totally swapped ideological positions on this matter. The right, normally the ones saying “do not do what cannot be undone”, is now gung-ho for charging forward and letting this thing do whatever the hell it wants and to hell with whoever gets it.

    It’s enough to get me voting Democrat, just to shut down this kind of antisocial psychopathy. Democrats are a known evil. Willingly torpedoing attempts to restrain a potentially fatal disease is psychotic.

    “The pandemic of coronavirus hysteria ”

    There is no hysteria. There are a lot of individuals looking at the facts and drawing their own conclusions. I was following the news from Wuhan on foreign-language news before ever the US news started making a big deal about it, and I was preparing to shut down all my in-person interactions by early to mid February. No lockdown anywhere – except maybe China – would be successful if the people were not willing to go along with it. Gallup reported last week that 70% of Americans will voluntarily continue social distancing for a while even after lockdowns are lifted. The fact that you are completely unable to accurately judge threats does not negate the ability of hundreds of millions of other people to do so.

    This entire piece is a massively dishonest piece of gaslighting and propaganda. There was a time when I thought better of you than this. Unfortunately I’m not surprised; half the right wing and far too much of the dissident right has taken this opportunity to go stark raving loony, denying what is right in front of their noses, just because they are in the habit of recasting everything they’re told as “someone is lying to me somewhere in here”.

    You’ll be flirting with the flat earth next.

    This guy, though – this guy gets it. Now.

    There’ll be more.

    But like I said. Let’s check back in December.

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