Nobel Prize Winner Violates the COVID Narrative

The French virologist Luc Montagnier headed the team at the Pasteur Institute in Paris that discovered HIV in 1983. In 2008 Professor Montagnier was awarded the Nobel Prize for Medicine in recognition of his work.

In the video below Professor Montagnier discusses his conclusion that the COVID-19 virus is a product of genetic manipulation in a laboratory. He says there is no other plausible explanation for the HIV gene sequences that have been inserted into the RNA of the virus.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   So what I’m interested in this morning is, you’re working on the virus right now.
00:07   I’m working, but not necessarily in the lab.
00:11   Work is done on the computer with a colleague and then that’s it.
00:15   We don’t do experiments, but we collect data from the disease itself, from all the measurements
00:24   that are being done in the labs right now on the patients. —And you came to certain conclusions.
00:32   So, you could say that I came to the conclusion
00:36   that there actually has been manipulation done on this virus.
00:41   What do you mean? —Well, some of it, I’m not saying all of it, y’know. There’s a part which is
00:47   Obviously the classic virus and there’s another mainly coming from the bat, but that part
00:56   has added sequences, particularly from HIV. The AIDS virus.
01:01   But when you say added, who added it?
01:06   I don’t know. —It’s not natural, is that what you mean?
01:10   No, it’s not natural. It was a professional job.
01:13   It was a job for molecular biologists. It’s a very meticulous job.
01:17   You could say clockwork of sequences.
01:21   So, with what goal? —It’s not clear what the goal is. I’m not exposing it. If you like, my job is
01:30   to expose the facts, that’s all. I’m not accusing anyone. I don’t know who did it or why.
01:37   There is a possibility that maybe they wanted to make —
01:41   we don’t know who “they” are — but they wanted
01:45   to make an AIDS vaccine.
01:49   So a small sequence of the virus is taken and put into the larger
01:55   coronavirus sequence. —I’m not sure, I’m not sure I understand what you’re saying.
02:04   You mean, in this virus, there’s a bit of HIV. —That’s it. The genetic material of the virus is
02:13   a long ribbon of RNA, correct? Like DNA, except it’s RNA and in this long ribbon at a certain place
02:22   someone placed a small sequences of HIV and this small sequence isn’t small like insignificant;
02:31   they have the possibility of modifying, for example, something called antigenic sites. That means,
02:38   if we want to make a vaccine, we can very well modify the protein for the vaccine by adding
02:44   a small sequence from another virus. —Are you certain? Because I think that was a rumour,
02:50   that it had human origin after all and it was then refuted by most scientific authorities anyway.
02:57   There’s still a willingness to stifle it. If we’re working on it, and we’re weren’t the first.
03:06   A very, very, very famous Indian research group had published the same thing and
03:13   they were forced to retract it. —So how were they going to force them to retract it?
03:19   By cancellation, if you look at their obligations, you can see big block of cancellations because…
03:27   Then what you’re saying here is that most scientists
03:30   are just saying otherwise anyway. —More or less.
03:33   More or less. Look, this happened at the beginning of the year
03:39   and we’re seeing more and more evidence
03:44   that suggests this. You see, I’m aged out.
03:49   I’m a Nobel Prize winner and I can work freely.
03:54   So there’s no pressure on me to do anything.

10 thoughts on “Nobel Prize Winner Violates the COVID Narrative

  1. This is excellent. One of the best overviews I have seen. Unfortunately, too many people do not want to hear this message. They prefer to think that government is protecting them. Thank you so much for clarifying things for those of us who do value the truth.

    • “Unfortunately, too many people do not want to hear this message. They prefer to think that government is protecting them. ”

      Actually, you are on to something. Too many people are on the Chinese Communist Payroll – the Biden’s, 95% of the Democrats and RINO Republicans like Romney, Mike Lee and so forth.

      They will prevent any investigation of China in Congress. Watch the progress of Tom Cotton and Mike Crenshaw’s proposed legislation that will allow Americans to sue Communist China over the flu they let loose that cost many lives and utter economic destruction:

      Watch what Nancy Pelosi does in the House and push back by RINO Senators saying, “This is not helpful” or some B.S. like that.

      • How does Nancy have a 100+ Million Net Worth. Feinstein 400+ Million. All Collusion. Remember, there were plenty of Nazi sympathizers who aided the Nazi’s during the War. Not unusual, but Treasonous… See the Collusion now with our Enemy China: Same with Congress and the ChiComms! Treason! Selling us out for Pennies on the Dollar.

  2. The frequent references to RNA indicate that the source of the findings about COVID-19 are based upon findings developed from the application of Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) procedures. This use of PCR was opposed by the person who discovered its principles, Kary Mullins, who also won a Nobel Prize for his findings.

  3. Utter nonsense. Montagnier is a fraud. If Kary Mullis was still alive he could have vouched for this fact. He and Gallo were involved in the biggest (up until this ‘pandemic’) fraud in the history of medical science.
    The HIV virus doesn’t exist and neither does the corona virus. They are simply using RT-PCR to detect a stretch of RNA that they CLAIM represents a retrovirus. They have not proven that it exists by isolating it and purifying it. And they have also not proven that it is infectious. Why is it that no journalist asks them these very basic questions. Where are the scientific papers proving isolation of the virus and where are the tests with proper controls?

  4. Dr montagnier // dares bring more of the TRUTH of the GERM warfare of the COLD war , being hidden to the whole WORLD /// cold war is military / Agri / Pharma / chemistry of the WESTERN world mixecd with the 5 EYES media control propoganda // prop agenda of the FAIRY tale that the diplomats (the professional liars of politics international ??? WE are now ALLIES against them ??? G7 /G40 / NATO / 5 eyes / media by monopolies od capitalism . THE WORLD banks / the WHO / GAVI / are all $$$$ before HEALTH Creation // they are the WAR against LIFe for Economic Dominance by ??? USA / British / French / German / Western christians AGAINST all OTHERS ??? COLD WAR // Globalisation of the ELITES owners ??? MALE dominance toxic ABUSE of the WORLD /// CBC the main FRAUD of the TRUTH believed ,,by Fairy Tales protecting the WHITE Capitalist Christian Dominant Belief of the WORLD ??? TOTAL PR / by trivia / disinformation of the whole TRUTH for the Spin to create for the next Spin of the made up story of the next BIAS of truth ??? Accumulated FRAUDS defended ,, then denied , then avoided and denied ??? MANUFACTURED Fairy tale making hiding the VAMPIREs of Capitalism // WAR against HUMANS for BANKING and power profits /// WAKE up to the media Corruption and collusion of the dominant WHITE suit men of slavery of OTHERS for profits . lets DECLARE our MEDIA to be the FRAUD of democracy . Michel joseph Palmer

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