World War 3 Started in 2001 With the Attack on the Twin Towers

Bishop Guy Leven-Torres has commented here frequently in the past, but this is his first guest-essay for Gates of Vienna.

World War 3 started in 2001 with the attack on the Twin Towers

by Guy Leven-Torres

I left this comment on YouTube on 2nd January:

The New Ottoman Imperium is trying to form. We live in a truly multipolar world. Then there is the Beltway involving Russia and China but also Iran. The Iranian regime is actually quite weak and it would not take much to push it over. They will make a limited strike against the USA to save face in the eyes of Hezbollah. My question is: Where is the EU in all this? Europe looks weak and fit for client status (dhimmi) of this possible new power, now in process of forming. Russia will not risk a war at present with USA. The EU is a wet soggy paper tiger with huge a Moslem population. Iran will conduct a campaign of asymmetric warfare using its jihadi colonists in Germany, France, Holland and possibly the UK.

There will be a huge increase in illegal migration from Islam, a surge already threatened by Erdogan. Our “Useful Idiot” multiculturalists have become trapped by their own fixations and goals. If they had any sense they would cease Moslem migration forthwith. The EU has made the same mistake as Stalin did with the wooing of Hitler and the 1938 Molotov-Ribbentrop pact…

I will use this comment now to expand my paradigm of what I think is underway. Nobody can be 100% correct, but the method of modelling I have used in past theories and analysis has worked well.

The Romans were past masters of the strategy of Divide and Rule. They controlled an Empire from Southern Scotland to the Persian Gulf. They were above all else pragmatists and saw no shame or contradiction in bribing aggressive German tribes, to assuage their invasive ambitions to enter the Imperium. Often this was done to buy time before sending in the Legions to finish the job. Edward Luttwak described the Roman system as an “Economy of Force” that utilised the seeming invincibility of the Roman legions to come back from the brink and strike at the heart of the enemy with terror of gladius and scutum. In these affairs reputation is all.

It is truly amazing how the Romans controlled such a large part of the known world with but 28 legions and an almost equal number of lightly armed auxiliary troops. Tiberius was one particular master of the Great Game, as was his predecessor Augustus. Both realised that Roman arms could not take or control the known globe, despite having immense reserves, as seen in its seeming ability to create and rearm its forces after disasters such as Cannae in 216BC, and even the destruction of three crack legions under Varus in the year 12AD on the Rhine. Each time Rome rallied and re-established its hegemony.

Rome suffered when hotheads and over-ambition took hold of less experienced minds. What we see today is the result of over-ambition and ridiculous ideas of exceptionalism spouted by the likes of Globalist Neocons like former President Obama and his predecessors.

Donald Trump is very different from any of these earlier leaders, and this is why they seek to depose him by all and every means. It is Hillary Clinton and Barrack Obama’s exceptionalism that has led directly to the current impasse and situation. The void they created by weakening the US military, combined with foolish military cuts across the West and the wholesale dilution of the West’s culture and morality by cultural Marxist ideology, has led to the emergence of a new “Wannabe” Caliph in the form of the Islamist Erdogan, now seeking to extend his sway across the Inner Sea or Mediterranean into Libya. I feel he has over-extended himself, and in a while he will find it difficult to maintain power in Turkey, let alone Libya.

Erdogan is a blusterer, and like the Mullahs in Iran, his actions are designed to preserve his hold on Turkey, or in Iran, in the case of the Mullahs currently fulminating against Trump — who in truth has struck at Iran by killing its murderous Commander of the Revolutionary Guard, Qasem Soleimani, after the regime, relying on perceived US weakness and appeasement by Washington and Europe, continued to taunt the West to appear to the Moslem world as the new global imperium — all of it nought but bluster and ambitus — hyped up emotive screeching and the show of large masses of Moslems from across the Near East screaming and rioting for blood and revenge.

While I don’t dismiss the probable Moslem response entirely, I think Trump’s act was correct and well-measured. The fact that the ghastly Warren and Pelosi are accusing Trump of overstepping the mark should inform the reader of the truth. These two and the Clintons seriously misjudged the situation in their crazy schemes of regime ‘change’ under the “American Century Plan” that is now blown away by the winds of reality.

Iran will probably wage a limited form of terrorist attacks across the West, but a full blown strategic war as in the previous century is not on the cards for now. If Iran overreacts, then that may change, but I do not believe the Russians or Chinese will risk their populations, nor their own political regimes for the sake of Moslems who have been a thorn in their side for aeons.

The difference will be seen in Europe, in a continent already in thrall to over-ambitious and arrogant despots in Turkey and Iran, simply because they have foolishly imported millions of illiterate Mohammedan colonists who bring their attitudes and cultures with them, and directly threaten the remains of the former nations of Europe.

This could be a real threat if Erdogan were to act in the way the German barbarians did with Rome in the Later Empire. If our ‘leaders’ had any courage and moral fibre they would immediately halt all migration from the Moslem world, with severe penalties for those who aid and abet it or enter Europe illegally. A tough stance must also be taken with those “Do-Gooders” who demand open borders and endless immigration.

Severe legal penalties and sanctions must be applied in these cases, including capital punishment for severe malefactors and internment of those convicted of supporting these mass importations. It is either our own survival or theirs.

Trump has reasserted US power and respect on the global stage. Appeasement is over. Like the Romans, he understands power and how to use it, so ensuring the enemies of Western civilisation learn once again not to trifle with Western arms. Trump now needs to build up a myth of seeming invincibility, as did the Romans in days of yore under the Pax Romana. Like Rome did, too, on occasion, America forgot to support the Pax Americana and has paid an awful price. Iran would not dare to take on Western might directly, but like the German barbarians will deploy a form of ‘hit and run’ terror raids to hit back. The Americans, like the Romans, must maintain their modern legions, and Boris Johnson must do the same once we are free of the madhouse of the dhimmi EU.

— Guy Leven-Torres

16 thoughts on “World War 3 Started in 2001 With the Attack on the Twin Towers

  1. Yes, I agree. Leave it to Trump to get down to ‘business’ and play his “Trump” card on the world’s stage.

    • If only President Trump has been President then. Instead George Bush and his buddies got millions of hostile fanatical Muslims ashore. Armed to the teeth with highly explosive no just death wishes for the US instead of dreams. That mutants book says it all. We have a problem. Hopefully a response will finally build.

  2. Well, once again a Western article completely ignores that Europe isn’t just it’s Western part, so this article is relevant only to those in France, UK, etc., not those from Central and Eastern Europe (which includes Russia). Maybe those parts are ready to loose their culture. We are not. We will fight to keep it. And like always in history, we will come out victorious!

    • In many ways one can say that “the Central and Eastern Europe represent the West now” …

      Go to Warsaw and walk in the streets of their (from ashes rebuilt) old town: THIS IS THE WEST. I was there recently and returned home amazed by what I saw and felt.

      Budapest, Bratislava and Prague pretty much the same.

      This is the West now – the West as we knew it 30-40 years ago.

      • Yes indeed. I spent a few days in Budapest recently. It was like coming home for a few days.

  3. I agree with your premise that Russia and China will not back Iran in any kind of serious action with the USA. Iran is useful to them as a foil and a thorn in our side, but that usefulness only extends so far before the juice is no longer worth the squeeze.

    The biggest problem I see with Trump reestablishing Pax Americana is that Trump, while shrewd and skilled beyond measure at playing the game, at most has only five years remaining to affect outcomes of problems that are multi-generational in nature. Domestically, he has already left his imprint on future generations through his appointments to vacant seats of the various circuit courts, and his two appointments to the Supreme Court, as well as possibly a third when Ginsburg’s decrepitude and senility become too great to hide. Internationally, he can set events in motion but he will not be there past a few years to guide those events and thus it will be left to lesser minds and mediocre functionaries of his successors to bugger up his intentions.

    My analysis is the problems the West faces are generational in nature, especially where Europe is concerned. A population explosion in Africa, an islamic invasion of Europe from the teeming hordes of islamic lands worldwide, and a loss of faith, purpose, and self-doubt and self-loathing amongst the leadership classes of the West are all not problems that are going to be solved quickly or at all without a catalyzing event or crisis that shocks the West into action and imbues it with a new sense of purpose and self-confidence. The parallels with Tolkein’s “Lord of the Rings” are astonishing. Hopefully it will not take the modern day equivalent of the fall of Constantinople to shock the West into action, yet too many remain asleep to the threat or worse, willfully and treacherously are involved in silencing the night watchmen upon the ramparts while unbarring the gates of the city to the invaders.

    • Well I agree that Trump has limited time but there are a number of hawks in Congress like Ted Cruz who took quite a verbal lashing from Trump in the presidential race in 2016. Now however he has come to see that through all the mire and attacks by the media, e-GOP, and Democrats Trump has been winning for the American worker. I think his next term will buy him enough time to not only bring the Republican party to fight for America but encourage the next round of presidential candidates to understand what
      the Trump doctrine is about. Maybe even one of his own children will carry the torch.

    • Actually the fall of Sweden will probably be the next Constantinople and that was never reversed, then the fall of France ? It can’t be reversed as they have welcomed and ensconced their enemy in their country. The enemy can never be rooted out. The best weapon at this point would be cutting off welfare which won’t happen in time to stop the massive breeding campaign of Orcs which is currently going on. All Western Europe funding massive breeding of Orcs. Eastern europe has been too poor to have massive welfare, even for their own citizens, making it a less attractive destination. Once they ramp up welfare they will start to have the same problem. STOP the welfare to STOP islam.

      • Sweden wont be the first to fall. For all its faults, there are other countries who are in more trouble – Germany, The Netherlands, Italy, France, even the UK.
        New cultures are going to arise from the foreign populations, they will include native people but they wont be native cultures. These nations are all going to see a patchwork of ethnic enclaves form with all the attendant sycophantic behaviour that will give rise to.
        Europe is on its way back to tribalism. I suspect the elites are holding out for some technological solution, have machines produce everything so people wont fight over anything – that’s not how people work.

  4. The Dhimmi EU hold on Europe(unelected leaders pushing for millions of Moslem refugees to be export to Europe) must be broken ,hopeful Boris Johnson is the man to start this. Thank God Trump is the President now in America ,the truth can be ugly ,hard, and blunt ,but we must face it, Trump is the man to bring this truth out to the American people.

  5. Importantly, following the targeted assassination of Il Capo Soeimani, every other Teheran-backed “militia leader” (or ISIS or AQ leader) will be looking up in the sky and wondering when his day will come.

    If Trump was not afraid to take out the 2nd most powerful man in Iran, the leader of the Quds (Jerusalem) Force and Iran’s external proxies, he sure won’t be afraid to take out sub-leaders.

    That changes the risk equation for terror leaders who are very content to send pawns to their death, while remaining personally safe in their villas.

    • For sure. You are right about that. He has just begun taking on our economic enemy China and has put the EU on notice to do their part. Trump is not playing as the Iranians have recently discovered.

  6. “World War 3 Started in 2001 With the Attack on the Twin Towers”

    Of course you have to remember things not only that happened 2 decades ago but all the relevant things that happened in history and compare them to our present situation or we will stay in darkness that we are in today.

    We expected that after 9, 11 door would be barred in the face of those who want to murder us and wise measures would be take. What happened was exactly the opposite ever since. Not only in the USA, but in the Cowardly Continent, NZ, Aussie, Canad. . .

    The fascination and the perverted romantic infatuation stared after the bloodshed exactly 9 twelve. Nay hours after watershed of the beginning of WW3.

  7. While not excusing empires in general, I must admit to a sneaking pride in the way we British held ours, with similarly meagre resources, though it’s a shame our “divide and rule” left so many problems behind.

    • Nothing to be ashamed of. The British brought civilization, rule of law, and an end to superstition to vast parts of the globe. They ended the slave trade at great expense of life and treasure, and lifted millions out of poverty and gave opportunity to indigenous people with motivation and ability like Gandhi. The tragedy was that two world wars made the cost of empire unsustainable before civilization had been completely transmitted to subject peoples.

    • The correct and complete saying is: ‘Divide and conquer. Unite to rule.’

      ‘Divide and rule’ isn’t any kind of rule at all.

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