Radical Imam Returned to Casablanca

A “radical” imam in Padua has been deported to his native Morocco.

Many thanks to FouseSquawkMY CURSOR WAS HEREfor the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   During the days, he was a mechanic [unintelligible]. The 41-year-old resident of Padua,
00:04   where for his co-nationals he became a point of reference.
00:08   When he wasn’t working, however, in his messages to his jihad associates he was praising jihad,
00:12   exalting Adolf Hitler and threatening his followers in the Venetian city (Padua) mosque.
00:17   No festivals celebrating Christmas or New Year’s – death penalty
00:21   On Friday he was expelled from Italy. For 14 years he had a residence permit,
00:25   which now has been revoked. Here the police escort him on board a plane which took him
00:30   back to Casablanca, where he was handed over to anti-terrorism agents.
00:34   In recent months he had given sermons at various religious locales in Padua.
00:38   On his profile page on Facebook he had shared propaganda jihad videos,
00:41   even indoctrinating an Italian woman.
00:44   Not lacking were messages establishing the superiority of Islamic religion to that of Christianity,
00:49   and those who exchanged Christmas greetings would have to face the wrath of Allah.
00:54   Since last year the imam has been under surveillance by the Questura [Police HQ]. The wife,
00:57   also Moroccan, had reported him for mistreatment and injuries
01:02   She had refused to wear the niqab, and he is accused of beating her several times.
01:06   He was supposed to present himself before a judge to respond to these crimes,
01:10   but now, after the expulsion, he will not be able
01:13   to be admitted to the Schengen zone for the next ten years.

3 thoughts on “Radical Imam Returned to Casablanca

  1. Real cheerful lot, those muslims.

    I would sooner have a Jehovah’s Witness for a neighbor, or go out for some beer at the pub with some Mormons than live anywhere where the followers of the Religion of Peace fouled the community.

    As for being able to return to the Schengen zone after ten years, there is a spot of good news in that the Schengen zone will not likely exist within that time frame, and the attempted entry of such a robed and unkemptly bearded buffoon into the post-Wars of Islamic Expulsion Europe would likely result in his being shot on sight.

  2. handed over to anti terrorism agents in Morocco: this serves him right, them not being choir boys

  3. The problem we are making over and over again with these agitating imams is, we continue to let them live to spread more of the foul God forsaken hatred of us in the west. This needs to stop now, time for more direct action to put a stop to this in our own countries.

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