The Iranian Heydrich

Ehud Yahari is an Israeli journalist and political commentator. In the following video from Israeli TV Mr. Yahari asserts that the killing of Qasem Soleimani — the Iranian general who was killed in a targeted attack in Iraq a few days ago — is the most significant political assassination, from a Jewish perspective, since the killing of Reinhard Heydrich during the Second World War.

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Video transcript:

00:00   First, to you Ehud Yahari. If we were looking for an explanation, an example of
00:05   how important this man was to the Revolutionary Guard, what would that be?
00:10   Let’s have your answer. I told you in the dressing room that I would surprise you,
00:13   and my surprise is the following:
00:17   The assassination of [Qasem] Soleimani is the most important one,
00:22   from a Jewish perspective, of anyone since the assassination
00:26   of Reinhard Heydrich — the architect of the Final Solution — in Prague, 1942.
00:34   Is it so? My friend told me that, and he is right.
00:37   This man was the brains and the engine of the Iranian machine,
00:46   which is trying to wrap the whole Middle East in its tentacles like an octopus.
00:52   He is the octopus’ head in this. It means that for the last 25 years at the very least,
00:59   he has been the one who is building Hezbollah, the one who
01:02   is responsible for Iran becoming established in Syria,
01:05   for Iran being established in Iraq, Yemen, etc.
01:09   He is the one building connections with Islamic Jihad, Hamas and the like.
01:15   He is the driving force behind the idea of how to slowly but surely
01:19   create a chokehold on Israel’s neck.
01:23   That’s why I say — second only to Heydrich.
01:27   Those are very dramatic words.

8 thoughts on “The Iranian Heydrich

  1. The only pity about the whole mission is that the targeting happened in Baghdad and not in Tehran or somewhere else in Iran, like one of their nuclear weapons facilities. Then the point would have been even more clearly made to the islamofascists running the country; namely that we know where they are and can kill them anytime it suits our fancy. Nevertheless, I daresay their are now none among the heirarchy and their syncophants, their mistresses, castrated boys, etc, who are anywhere near a mobile phone on pain of death.

    • I disagree, Baghdad Intl Airport was perfect, because his presence there was indefensible during attacks on our embassy and American bases. In the eyes of the world, even our enemies, it gave him status as a legit military target. It was brilliant.

  2. Heydrich is a perfect analogy. Even better than Admiral Yamamoto, assassinated in WW2 in a airborne raid by P-38 Lightnings.

    Trump has done the world a great favor by blowing away the smoke hiding Iran’s use of proxy forces as a cutout from Teheran. Any action taken by Hezbollah or various Iraqi or Yemeni (etc) “Shia militias” can be laid right at the Ayatollah’s feet.

    And everybody should know that Al Quds means Jerusalem. The name of Soleimani’s Iranian SS Quds Force is the name of their ultimate target destination.

    • Following Heydrich’s assassination, the Nazis liquidated Lidice in Czechoslovakia, where it took place; several towns in the free world renamed themselves “Lidice” in response.

      • Correct. There are still heated discussion in the Czech Republic about that operation; I, being Czech by birth and trying to understand history, am leaning towards “approving” the assassination. The Prague Butcher deserved to die, and his death was extremely painful.

  3. The Middle East is our problem only because so many Middle Easterners live amongst us and because our elites insist on poking their noses into Middle Eastern affairs. Expel the Middle Easterners from amongst us and leave the Middle East to sort out its own problems – on the proviso that that doesn’t impinge on the West.

    • My understanding is the modern era of western involvment in the Middle East has more to do with the strategic importance of the Suez Canal to the British Empire, and later as the Royal Navy converted from coal to oil, the necessity to secure a guaranteed source of supply for it’s warships. WW1 removed the Ottoman threat to the Suez, but the British and the French became entangled in the region through their involvment via the Balfour Declaration that recognized their respective spheres of influence following the dismemberment of the Ottoman Empire.

      The artificial borders and countries that were created from that declaration have much to do with the dysfunction of the region today. Throw in the British mandate in Palestine, the Zionist movement and the return of the jewish diaspora to their ancestral homeland, the strategic importance of the region following the discovery of supergiant oil fields in Saudi Arabia and Iran, the necessity to prop up or overthrow regimes due to Cold War politics and one can begin to see why the region is and will continue to be a colossal goat rope for the forseeable future. If oil had never been discovered there the region would still have strategic importance due to the Suez Canal but the arabs wouldn’t have the money from the sale of oil or the support of the world’s socialists and anti-semites to do much of anything about Israel, and wouldn’t be able to export the most virulent strains of islam and islamic terrorism to the rest of the world.

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