The Lost City of Londonistan

Earlier today a terrorist attacked pedestrians with a knife on London Bridge, wounding several people before being shot to death by police (see the Breitbart report on the incident). The attack prompted our English correspondent Seneca III to send the following essay.

The Lost City of Londonistan

by Seneca III

Before the perfectly naturally angry and precisely directed response to today’s atrocity on and about London Bridge is officially designated ‘wrongthink’ and generates the inevitable screams of ‘Islamophobia!’ from the collective entity ultimately responsible, perhaps a little dose of facts and history may help level the playing field.

The noun ‘Islamophobia’ is a compound oxymoron concocted to obfuscate historic reality, and it is the reverse of the same propaganda coin the obverse of which reads ‘Religion of Peace’. Consider: how could such a long, fully documented record of fourteen centuries of relentless Islamic aggression during which Muslims launched jihad after jihad spreading death and atrocity far and wide across the globe now be ignored in order to enforce a revisionist dialogue totally contrary to recorded facts?

Europe itself was assaulted on every quarter from Iceland to Ireland to Scotland and England to Scandinavia and the Low Countries; from Spain to France to the Balkans and Austria. The devastation caused by this incessant slaughter and the after-effects of Islam’s scorched-earth policy was immense, and rendered vast swathes of Europe uninhabitable. According to some sources it was during these periods that approximately 15 million Europeans, close to 20% of a population of roughly 78 million, were either killed outright, starved to death, died of diseases spread through displacement or were taken and sold into predominantly sexual slavery in the souks of Arabia and the Barbary Coast.

The Italian scholar Franco Cardini wrote: “If we ask ourselves how and when the modern notion of Europe and the European identity was born, we realise the extent to which Islam was a factor (albeit a negative one) in its creation. Repeated Muslim aggression against Europe between the seventh to eighth centuries, then between the fourteenth and the eighteenth centuries was the ‘violent midwife’ to Europe.”

That we Europeans became less involved in internecine conflicts and more militantly oriented beyond our borders is not an indictable action but a natural product of the will to survive and a growing awareness that offence is the best form of defence. It was not a case of the West being the aggressor and Islam the victim, as the cultural relativism narrative would have us believe; if anyone has a grievance to air it is the West, not the demented slaves of Allah in the occupied territories now established from Londonistan to Glasgow and blighting the whole face of Europe like a human pox.

Remember, nothing in Islam changes. In the final analysis we would be mad to accept the claim that we Westerners are in any way responsible for the current state of affairs, other than that in our sublime stupidity and fear of being labelled ‘Racist!’ we have allowed our corrupted academic and political classes to physically impose this pre-medieval abomination upon us without much more than a fearful murmur of disapproval.

Thus, now we are fighting another battle in a war that has rumbled on for 1,400 years. It is a battle we are losing, because those who should be defending us — including the Church and the State and its executive arms — are instead close-ranking with the enemy and conspiring to prevent us from fighting back with the ruthless efficiency that, thanks to Islam, became an abiding and sustaining characteristic of our culture.

Furthermore, when examining the motivations of the stabby-stabby enricher (now thankfully amongst his virgins) who is purported to have heroically killed two woman, probably because they simply were women, it is worth bearing in mind that in 1631 the Muslim Pirate Murad Rais led a group of raiders to the village of Baltimore, Ireland, and abducted over a hundred women and children bound to be sold as sex slaves on auction blocks throughout the Umma (shades of Rotherham etc., anyone?).

Later, in 1627, Murad occupied the island of Lundy in mouth of the Bristol Channel, using it as a holding pen for captured Europeans prior to sending them on to the slave markets of Barbary. Thus it came to pass that in 1632 a small English force stormed the Island and put the pirates to the sword, a practical solution to the problem and a solution worth bearing in mind, considering Lundy is the only place where the black flag of Islam has ever flown over English soil — until recently, that is — and that is why we need to respond to today’s events in a similar manner before it is really is too late. There is nothing new in the Great Game.

— Seneca III, in what is left of Middle England, this Friday the 29th of November, 2019.

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47 thoughts on “The Lost City of Londonistan

  1. ‘Europe itself was assaulted on every quarter from Iceland to Ireland to Scotland and England to Scandinavia and the Low Countries; from Spain to France to the Balkans and Austria.’

    Not only was Europe assaulted, but also America in the early years of its Republic; Christians, Jews, Zoroastrians, and Yazidis in the Middle East were assaulted; Hindus and Buddhists in Asia were assaulted. There is a pattern here.

  2. Seneca, a well-written and concise summary of life in the UK today to which I have nothing to add. I moved to Thailand to escape this fate and every day I rejoice at my decision to do so.

      • When the rats have taken over the ship, a lifeboat may be your only solution. The object is to not depend on the lifeboat but find a safe harbor and then defend it from ever becoming rat-infested.

  3. It’s written well and that’s it. But it seems to me that time has passed for such exalted speeches. You, it seems, the last few centuries, the problems were solved, mainly through dialogue.
    Unfortunately … only provocations and guerrilla warfare remained in the arsenal. When was the last time in your territory?

    Islam sent everyone to the “time machine” in the past.

  4. I blame European Kalergi-Quisling traitors more than the Mohammedans themselves.

    If an evil and insane family member opens the back door to rabid wolves, and the wolves attack the family, do you blame the wolves or the evil and insane family member who opened the door?

    • The finger of blame should be pointed at the politicians – then see how they hide behind the terrorists.

      • One finger on them, three pointing back at us. Every one of us who in the last forty years shunned ethnic jokes, criticizm of other religions, who promoted and defended refugees from moslem countries. All of us who forgotten our Christian beliefs, who voted for the present liberal politicians. Close to 50% of the population support those traitors. One gets to the point to ask if this modern “culture” of ours is worth saving?

    • This comment is from France.

      You are absolutely right Mister Bracken .
      If and when the day comes, I would fight to the death the wolves/ Islamo-invaders, but I have no hatred for them, and even sometimes a grudging respect. After all, they advertise their aim clearly ( the destruction or submission of Infidels is clearly stated in the Koran) and they are willing to die for their beliefs. That’s cool with me.

      It is for my compatriots and all the other abject “Kalergi-Quisling,” as you call them, that I keep my most profound disgust, hatred and rage.

      If we loose this final battle of the long war of Western Civilization against Islam, these submissive traitors who govern us will be the ones responsible.

    • Spot on matt!!!

      I agree 200%,

      The real enemy are people who supposednto be our leaders protecting us, our countrys, waynof life, culture,

      Its these tyrants that have opened the gates and letbin people want murder us!!!

      Its these bastards we are going go after,

      Left wingers, beauracrats, political conmen-women,
      The eussr cabal, and people like g soros and his whole family must be [redacted].

    • I blame the media whose job it is to hold these rascals to account. Instead all we get is propaganda.

  5. Who will represent the shrinking majority .certainly not Johnson who likes to boast of his forbear the the grand mufti of Istanbul,His cabinet must be the most non native in the history of U.K. politics
    Farages Brexit party has two senior members who sympathise with I,R,A, so they can hardly critisise Islamic terror with these two in their ranks

  6. If I may add a few words to an altogether excellent summary of what is besetting England and Europe, and America as soon as the former two are disposed of; this was not unexpected but the sad consequence of the redefinition of humans.
    You mentioned the Island of Lundy and how the Muslim pirates were holding women and children ready for transport to the slave markets, and how a force of Englishmen put the Muslims to the sword and rescued the captives. What do you suppose was their motivation in risking their lives for the sake of nearly total strangers? I would contend that the Englishmen valued life knowing that it was a gift from God Almighty and that they would stand before Him in judgment for good or ill for what they had done with the life that the Lord had given them.
    That same ethos gave birth to the United States and a constitutional republic that declared itself to be one nation under God. In that same spirit the Marines and the Navy were launched against the Barbary Pirates and their slave trade was all but put to rest.
    But then along came Darwin who denied the Creator and the sanctity of life by insisting that all life was a product of random chance and vertical development. Never mind that entropy and gravity never once entered into his calculations, as those were figments of a god-fearing imagination. Darwin’s theory was seized upon by the monied powers-that-be as the new progressive wave of thought and the salve for their consciences as they roundly mistreated their fellow humans in dingy factories and harsh farmlands.
    The gradual acceptance of evolution resulted in the Harvard MBA project of 1972 that stated humans are simply assets to be used as tools of production and disposed of when no longer fit for service. Also, there appeared to be a surplus of humans who were depleting the resources that could otherwise be used for production and profit, thus the population growth needed to be controlled. The called for restrained population growth led to Roe v. Wade and the resultant slaughter of the innocents.
    Now with bloodied hands, empty churches, and virulent apostacies in what once was a thriving Christendom, is it any wonder that Islam is obligingly filling the vacuum our own godlessness and lusts have created?
    Islam is a religion of peace, as long as you are properly submitted of course which is what the Elite want, properly submitted sheep who will serve as vassals (and vessels?) and serfs in the new world order which is nothing more than Medieval Feudalism (complete with feuds?) with Islam as the enforcer.
    The elite will have their way, but not in the coin that they expect. The population will be reduced, but by rampant disease and not their management. They will then be left alone to face a certain judgment as they throw their gold out into the streets because it doesn’t feed them. The Muslim hordes will be slaughtered on the hills of Judea as they riot with each one’s hand turned against the other with nothing left but a feast for the carrion fowl.
    My household and I are looking forward to a better day when the Lord is truly in charge, the hills sing, and the trees clap their hands for joy.

    • “The gradual acceptance of evolution resulted in the Harvard MBA project of 1972 that stated humans are simply assets to be used as tools of production and disposed of when no longer fit for service. ”

      It would be interesting to read more about this, do you have a soure or a link?

      • Let me see what I can dig up. Much of it is anecdotal. I know in Bus. Admin. Curricula humans are resources, not personnel as they once were, which is why you have Human Resource Departments, the operative term being resource, or even outsource. BTW, I have a Bachelors in Bus. Admin. so I am one of those sheep who can go BBA, BBA.

    • All due respect, acuara, but Roe v Wade was about women’s right to control their bodies, not population control. You may disagree with the ruling, and should be free to do so publicly, but I don’t believe opponents or defenders of abortion have the right to impose their views on others, any more than vegetarians who may be equally sincere.

      Regarding your last paragraph, if the Lord were truly in charge, I believe He’d be far more compassionate and understanding than many of his professed followers over the last two millenia.

      • “but Roe v Wade was about women’s right to control their bodies, not population control” vis-à-vis “[H]is professed followers.”

        It is astounding that you accurately use professed in your latter observation but fail to allot an iota of disbelief in your former one.

        Acuara was correct in pointing out the political atmosphere in which Roe was decided.

        For sure it is not easy to admit Acuara has a point. It runs too contrary to the accepted narrative and might upset many sheep were you permitted to agree even that iota.

    • acuara ; A [ad hominem redacted]. You are [ad hominem redacted] to see that religion is the problem. It is a so sad that our species is so gullible that people still believe that all the different religions are true stories. Those of us that have not been brainwashed at an early age can see the insanity in believing there is sky daddy watching all of us,all the time…and we must fear him or he will burn us forever and ever……oh my dog, what a load of nonsense. The ark story really cracks me up …12 million species from all over the world……what a joke. Noah was 600 years old….wow! The earth is only 4000 years old…er…no. Around 15,000 children under 5 die every day of treatable conditions and many of these die in terrible pain and fear and [ad hominem redacted] to write that you are waiting for the day when the ‘lord’ will truly be in charge. Whats he waiting for then [insult redacted]……

    • Lodesman, your very relevant question is answered by acuara, above.

      Lack of faith that has been wiped out over the last 200 years in the west esp. since it was triggered by the “higher morals” of the Frenxch Revolutuion.

      1. Cowardly rulers. 2. Selfishness : they prefer positions over the dark fate of the nation and their citizens. 3. It is not sin of colonization as the traitors claim. 4. Anyone who promotes sharia and islam is being lavished with money, praise and positions. 5. Anyone who put checks on islam and immigration is condemned and not elected/ selected by the sheeple.

      6. Don’t think we are rational people in generality and we know our interests. 7. we have sold our soul to satan, Qatar and petrodollars. 8. Hedonismm, don’t believe in afterlife, live in the now and always see the glass half full , you only live once, care only about #1.

      9. Do you remember novels and poem we were taught about how religion (Christianity) drums are fading away, how free they felt about shaking off the yoke of religion. 10. If you find yourself, you lose it.

      11. Fascination and romance about everything new and novel: Base human nature: The new religion fulfills that. 12. Aggressiveness of the new religion that appeals to wo . . . and wo . . . . nized. But not to real intelligent women like Hirsi Ali, Janice Fiamengo, Geller, Katy Hopkins, E Wolffe. These earn their respect without involving in empty femenist ideologies.

      Do you know how sweet Jacinda got? Very sweer.

  7. What the hell is ‘Your comment is awaiting moderation’ about? This is stifling all discussion about a very, very serious matter.

    • Lodesman writes, “What the hell is ‘Your comment is awaiting moderation’ about? This is stifling all discussion about a very, very serious matter.”

      Huh? You seem never to have seen the warning, “Comments are moderated; that is, they must be pre-approved by the blog’s owners. This means that there may be a delay between the submission and the eventual appearance of your comment.”

  8. All monothestic Abrahamic cults are a curse on mankind. Christianity is not innocent, but atleast the West have been civilized enough to counter it’s excesses, though missionaries are still wreaking havoc in Africa and Asia. Islam is the neanderthal cousin of Christianity which is admittedly 1000 times worse. The day that these cults vanish off the face of the globe is the day mankind shall have true peace.

    • Having preached the Gospel cross-culturally, I see this comment as part of the problem rather than part of the solution. The Abrahamic religion of Christianity made all that is good, decent, and honorable in Western civilization.

      Vanishing cults bring peace and justice? The 20th century alone saw governments kill, imprison, exile, and otherwise ruin more people in the names of nation, social justice, and people than suffered for heresy in the 19 centuries between the forcible Judaization of the Idumaeans by the heirs of the Maccabees and Ruggles v. New York (1811–decided by a NY state supreme court made up of associates of our own John Jay).

      Maybe Christianity, with its awareness of human sinfulness (especially Protestantism, with its view of redeemed man as simul justus et peccator), also taught us Westerners imortant lessons in honesty, which secularization is undoing.

      Indeed, our evolutionary naturalism may constantly pretend to innocence because it knows there’s a Christian adult in the room.

    • Please be informed Islam is not an Abrahamic religion, in my view and probably some other readers’. It has some superficial adoptions but at the core it is exactly the opposite. I put three reasons for that:

      1. In one occasion (Sura 113) Muslims swear and seek refuge in Lord of the Dawn, Lucifer.

      2. The alleged founder of Islam practiced Lucifer’s methods. Killed, looted, enslaved and raped. In one occasion, according to Islamic stories, he married his daughter-in-law by force (his adopted son’s wife). BAsically there is no evidence of a holly living in this man and I do not believe he has anything to do with teachings of Abraham.

      3. Aside from Koran, there are lots of statements about sex slaves, how to jump on nine at once, sodomy and other kind of pervert sex in Islamic texts. Shia is probably richer in this area, but maybe I am more aware of Shia texts. Just compare all these pervert pornographic texts to seriousness of Judaic texts.

      Why they claim Islam is an Abrahamic thing? Because devils do and say exactly opposite of what they think. They want you to believe Islam is some sort of continuation of Abraham. No it’s not. This “religion” is designed to destroy name of Abraham and his true student Lord Jesus.

      I do have a few more reasons but you are not familiar with our old texts, and you probably don’t know who is who and which is which in these areas. So I omit these things. Maybe one day I publish them, but Bible contains enough answers and my other findings in Persian and Greek are just redundant. They exactly point to same same thing that Judaism does.

    • I say get angry, spit on your hands, hoist the black skull and crossbones flag and begin [redacted], make it a great RED day!


    He was released early for good behaviours, which is appreciated by the British, indeed by infidels everywhere when it is displayed by muslims.

    They did not keep him in prison longer since the British have a sublime sense of respect to the law. Or because being nice to him and cowardly would remember it after release and give some regard to that low attitude. Be nice when we are nice to you.

    The government is not bad: We all know democracy is the cure for every human disease on this unfortunate earth. Just see what noble things did democracy bring to Libya and Iraq and Iran.

    Just look how democracy fights the decent people who love their countries and sends them to prison or are fired.

    As long as it is elections and democracy don’t focus on what outrageous things the elected do after being thrust in positions of power.

    This is how democracy works: colonisation by the process of democracy.

    In a democracy you have the freedom to deny anything you like.

  10. @ Lodesman,

    Government is the problem and they are not your friend. Any cargo cult goodies will be revoked right when you need it the most.
    Moderation is so the site admin doesn’t have to shut down his whole operation because someone got a little too rowdy.

  11. Brilliant essay Seneca III, one of your best. (although they’re all so good it’s hard to decide which I’d place in the top 5).

    Knowing all that we know and have experienced, it is inconceivable that we still have to deal with the problems of the Religion of Peace. Europe and the UK appear almost unrecognizable these days as the Muslim savages are given free rein to rape, kill and plunder throughout the land.

    Here in the USA the Somali colonists have elected fellow culture enricher Ilhan Omar to Congress- imagine that! A miserable and disgruntled she devil who hates the country she was elected to serve and defend.

    In my suburban enclave the Catholic Church sold one of its prime pieces of real estate that was a wonderful Catholic school which they refused to support, to a Muslim organization. That was years ago and back then, no one uttered a peep. The truth is that the Catholics are not supporting their schools or their churches. Let the followers of Allah and Mohammad have the real estate. They need the Benjamins.

    We are lucky to have President Trump who is our man on the white horse. He is standing up for us, utterly brave and unafraid. We Deplorables will follow him to the gates of Hell if that becomes necessary. He was sent to us via Divine intervention as many believe. If anyone can save Western and European civilization it is our President. I don’t know of anyone else out there who has the courage or the cojones.

  12. Nice summary. Left out the castration centers set up in Europe. Apparently six out of ten captive males died from this procedure. It was therefore cheaper to do it in Europe, rather than go to the expense and effort of transporting them back, castrate them there, and then have them die.

    Also, epigenetics is a thing. Briefly, this means genetic damage due to environmental insults…starvation, abuse, etc. The damaged genes can then be transmitted to offspring. Given hundreds of years of Islamic raids into Europe, generation after generation, would count as extreme stress, I would say. Knowing they were coming back, but not when, and how many. Where to run, where to hide. Crops abandoned, dwellings destroyed. It doesn’t surprise me that Islamophobia exists, and because it is written into the genetic material of Europeans, it is not something they can be trained, threatened, or talked out of. It is a legitimate fear, even when it morphs into hatred or loathing, and a disturbingly disproportionate number of misbehaving migrants have confirmed for individuals of European extraction that this fear is still well founded.

    Furthermore, xenophobia per se is part of the human (and animal) evolutionary survival kit. (We teach children ‘stranger danger’.) It is hardwired, and anyone who is not at least somewhat xenophobic has a defective survival kit. You can see this on display in people standing in train stations waving signs and throwing teddy bears at arriving strangers about whom they know pretty much nothing.

    • “ train stations….throwing teddy bears….?

      Men are not prone to using teddy bears as a sign of affection. You refer here not to people as such but to German women under 30 at German stations e.g. Munich.

      This was in the last part of 2015 as shown in photos and eyewitness statements.

      The German press wrote approvingly at the time how one woman had taken about 10 male “refugees” (my quotes) home to her apartment.

      There they will have heard only learned disquisitions in a common language on the state of Arab philosophy in the 21st century and the nature of the Levantine natgas market, while sipping non-haram mocca from exquisite little gold-filigree china cups she bought in the souk in Tunis on her last sun-soaked vacation from rainy Germany.

      So Jane is referring actually to the “batikhäxa” phenomenon recently discussed at GoV.

    • You are right on, Jane. Thank you. My only addition is that epigenetics is a little more general than “genetic damage”. It is methyl groups, CH3, or ethyl groups, C2H5, attached to DNA or histone proteins, thru many different environmental effects, that cause genes to be transcribed at faster or slower rates. It is affecting the gene switches. And these added molecules can be passed vertically through one or several generations….at least in some animals. We are a long way from knowing exactly what in the environment can cause these attachments. It might be in-utero chemistry. It might be some stress or shock later. It might be from training or sports. Think of genes as being written in ink and epigenetic markers written in pencil. But for sure sometimes having a gene switch on or off is going to affect survival advantage.

      But epigenetics has spoiled the purity of one of the canonical rules of Darwin’s theory of evolution. That was the dictum that “there is no inheritance of acquired characteristics.” It is still mostly true, but not completely true. The evolutionary biologists haven’t yet interpreted the impact of epigenetics upon evolution.

      So you are on the cutting edge….

      • “…spoiled the purity of one of the canonical rules of Darwin’s theory of evolution. That was the dictum that there is no inheritance of acquired characteristics.”

        Had to laugh at this, because I always secretly thought that the biology texts were too hard on Lamarck.

  13. Imagine a future where the leading parties in the UK have names such Jamaat-i-islami, Jamiat-e-Ulema-e-Islam, Tehreek e Islami.

    – We have a bright future ahead.

  14. I often wondered why ‘a demented slave of Allah’ could not be enticed into further discussion of the issues raised by Seneca III and others, so I decided to take up the challenge, albeit tongue-in-cheek, or not, depending on your viewpoint. PC speech is for parties and picnics, so I left that at the door. Furthermore, I do not live in Europe or North America so I have no obligation to respect anybody, as long as I am searching for the truth. If anybody is offended, it will make my day.

    1. Islam deceives no one. We have published not only our aspirations but the methodology as well. If infidels choose to ignore 1,400 years of history, and the changing landscape of their own societies, they do so entirely at their own peril.

    2. Europeans often criticize the Koran, which surely includes a great deal of nonsense, but it is no more barbaric or backward than the Old Testament of the Bible. If religious leaders had confined Christianity basically to the new gospels, there may have been a different outcome, but, as the Man said, do not throw stones if you live in a glass house.

    3. The claim that Islam is a Religion of Peace. That is true in countries where Muslims are small minorities, but Islamic authority has never claimed it, since Jihad is central to our mission. In fact, it cannot become a Religion of Peace until we have conquered the entire planet and every body has either submitted to Allah, been subjugated or killed.
    “Western politicians should stop pretending that extremism and terrorism have nothing to do with Islam,” Yahya Cholil Staquf, general secretary of the Nahdlatul Ulama (NU), the world’s largest Muslim organization with 50 million members, said in an interview with the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (translated into English for Time magazine).

    “There is a clear relationship between fundamentalism, terrorism, and the basic assumptions of Islamic orthodoxy. So long as we lack consensus regarding this matter, we cannot gain victory over fundamentalist violence within Islam. The West must stop ascribing any and all discussion of these issues to ‘Islamophobia.’ Or do people want to accuse me – an Islamic scholar – of being an Islamophobe too? The West cannot force Muslims to adopt a moderate interpretation of Islam. But Western politicians should stop telling us that fundamentalism and violence have nothing to do with traditional Islam,” the scholar declared. “That is simply wrong.”

    4. The bleeding heart liberals in your countries are no longer deceived by facts, but rely on feelings; feelings of universality, brotherhood, inclusivity, relativism and the commitment to the global village. Central to these feelings is their support for the perceived underdog, and that means the victim, which is why Muslims always pretend to be the victims. When Brenton Tarrant killed 49 Muslims in New Zealand, that was a major coup for Islam, providing us all with the cover of victimhood. You think I am heartless? We killed 320 Christians in Sri Lanka, so who got the better deal? Plus, of course we had the exquisite pleasure of seeing that cow dressed in a hijab and apologizing so abjectly.

    5. The erosion of family values in the West, combined with the genocidal recognition of equal rights for women, has resulted in hundreds of millions of young men being raised by their mothers and grandmothers, and today their children are still trying to decide what gender they belong to and which toilets they should be using. Young Muslims know how to deal with your gays and lesbians, in fact, with all your children, the only people who pretend not to know are those in authority. Over 100,000 young girls were said to be groomed and raped in England, and until Tommy Robinson and a few other ‘trouble makers’ made a fuss about it, nobody cared. The government, local councils and politicians, the police, social workers, nobody had the gumption to stand up for these kids, and you pretend to be civilized?

    6. The day that women got the vote in Europe, the death of Europe was sealed. Men who take a back seat to their sisters and mothers do not make strong leaders, and women, by nature, will always try and appease the enemy, rather than confront them. Do what you will, you are doomed, and Islam will conquer your wretched society. Any chance you had for the continuation of your society and your cultural values were erased when you legalized abortion, you are now not even replacing yourselves! And this despite the fact that your women are increasingly living the life of whores, who put no more value on sex than having another cup of coffee.

    7. Some Westerners who have had their eyes opened, are talking about a future conflict between European natives and my Muslim brothers. Talk about reacting after the horse has bolted! In Sweden the Muslim community is said to have more weaponry than the Swedish army, and they are a great deal more fanatical. When conflict does break out in Sweden, the native Swedes will submit, and their elite political class, to avoid justice, will emigrate to new pastures.

    8. Islam also has the strongest weapon on their side – time. Every year that goes by we become more and more entrenched, we invade, infiltrate and ultimately conquer your institutions and cultural values; just take note already how many Europeans are embarrassed by their Christian traditions and the achievements of their forefathers.

    9. All discussions about the conquest of Western countries lead inevitably to the role of ‘the useful idiot’. European travelers, writers and philosophers have been warning the Europeans for centuries about the effect of Islam on their culture, but the useful idiots have become the Trojan horse for us to establish ourselves in European countries. These include socialists, communists, progressives, academia, the queer community, and lately, of course, the globalists and their media. The use and exploitation of these naïve role players, who are often the elite political class, has given Islam all the tools to succeed in our ultimate quest, which is to subjugate you, as prescribed by our beloved Prophet.

    10. There is only one outcome that may prevent us from spreading Islam to the rest of the world, and that is the rapid growth of hostile technology. China is already using invasive big brother technologies, to ‘re-educate’ Muslims in China. Surveillance technology is mushrooming everywhere, to monitor and control us, and the ability of governments to prevent organized resistance, through sophisticated software, is growing daily. In this case, we shall all end up the demented slaves of the State.

  15. You will lose, Haj. Tommy Atkins, Hans Schmidt, Piere Poilu, and millions upon millions of American rednecks can’t wait to clear you out. Our time is coming.

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