A Survey of Holiday Terrorist Attacks

In the following interview with Vlad Tepes, retired CIA station chief Brad Johnson discusses the various terrorist attacks that occurred during the holiday season this past December:

4 thoughts on “A Survey of Holiday Terrorist Attacks

  1. The main point of this interview is
    1) The lone terror attacks are not only Islam-inspired, but are a result of organized outreach efforts by ISIS agents who systematically ferret out, encourage, and probably instruct, Muslims who are open to committing murder and terror in the name of Islam.
    2) The mainstream media, particularly state-supported channels such as the BBC, actively engage in covering up even the most obvious evidence of Muslim and Islamic involvement.

    My own reaction is that the US needs to pull out of any military involvement in Islamic countries such as Afghanistan, Syria and Iraq. Simultaneously, the US should refrain from criticizing, or allowing globalist agencies such as the UN, to take measures against, any measures the actual governments take to maintain control. Nasser and Mubarak of Egypt ran prisons that were just large torture chambers. They knew their people. Like making sausages, the West should not look too closely at the methods used by friendly governments. Similarly, the US should not be materially involved in those efforts, but should focus on maintaining our own security.

    Incidentally, any military actions deemed to be vital to physical US security need to have a kill list and a mandatory pullout date, both defined in advance. The decimation of the Taliban in Afghanistan and the almost-successful attempt to kill bin Laden were perfect examples. The operation would have been eminently successful as a response to 9/11 had not the Bush administration indulged its usual idiotic bungling and pulled back because of the objective of “nation building”.

    Perhaps if Bush had not dodged the draft and his Air National Guard duties during the Vietnam War, he would have gotten a feel for the experience of a country attempting to impose a government on a people who want nothing to do with it.

  2. The main point of the interview begins with the statement that “the media has become Soviet”. The Russian word “soviet” is equivalent to fascist. Both older terms that is today what they refer to as Public-Private Partnerships (PPP) where corporations and government work together against private citizens. This is the whole point of the interview with a CIA Intelligence Officer. The MSM suppress information and attack anyone who exposes their lies. Opinions are irrelevant here. The reason why US forces maintain bases in the region is because the Islamic Republic of Iran’s military forces are now in Syria and control most of Syria. At some point they will cross the Golan Heights and attack into northern Israel. That isn’t opinion either. It is what the Islamic Republic of Iran has said it will do and at no time ever were they in a better position then now to begin world war three to usher in their Mahdi. But of course nobody knows any of this because the MSM keeps everyone distracted and in the dark.

    • “At some point they will cross the Golan Heights and attack into northern Israel.”

      Then, let the Israelis handle it as they see fit.

    • PPPs (more accurately I think, PPIs) in the UK are more about governments (especially New Labour under Blair and Cameron) loading public bodies in healthcare and education with future debt, rather than funding them by government borrowing, which attracts lower interest rates but shows up sooner in the balance sheet.

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