Björn Höcke: “The Murder in Kandel Was an Attack on us All”

Björn Höcke is a prominent and popular leader of the AfD (Alternative für Deutschland, Alternative for Germany) whose speeches have been featured here several times in the past. The following video is an excerpt from a talk given by Mr. Höcke not long after the murder of Mia in Kandel*.

Many thanks to Oz-Rita for the translation and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

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Video transcript:

00:00   Dear Friends, KANDEL,
00:04   KANDEL, Kandel has become
00:08   a symbol of the state of this country.
00:12   And to start with, I want to formulate a few sentences
00:16   about Kandel that seem right and important to me.
00:20   This country’s political-media establishment tries to convince us
00:24   that Kandel, that is the murder
00:29   of the 15-year-old Mia by a likely NOT “under-age”
00:33   unaccompanied “refugee”, is simply an ordinary
00:37   domestic incident of merely regional
00:41   significance. So we hear it from morning
00:45   to night in the established
00:50   media, and this was also the tenor of statements from the “Old Parties” politicians.
00:54   Dear friends, we always have to keep in mind,
00:58   and now I am also looking towards Cottbus, where a demonstration is taking place today,
01:02   a city to which I am very attached, because my wife comes from this city,
01:06   (a city) which for weeks now has been beleaguered by knifemen.
01:10   We must keep asking ourselves and remember how
01:14   these murders are carried out.
01:19   They are carried out with a knife, and they are carried out
01:23   with extreme brutality. And it’s always about
01:27   mutilating the face of the victim,
01:31   to deface her. So that is what it is all about,
01:35   and I express that with the necessary seriousness,
01:39   you feel that, and that’s important too, because this country needs seriousness
01:44   when it comes to ourselves. It is about
01:48   destroying the face of a person, the expression of her soul and its uniqueness.
01:52   And those
01:56   Knife-murderers kill for a reason
02:00   that is abhorrent, they kill for a trivial
02:04   notion of honor, they kill brutally, they disfigure the victim
02:09   and they kill for base motives. And there is no
02:13   excuse for that, but there is an explanation for it.
02:17   And this explanation is as obvious as it is plausible.
02:21   These young men who have been allowed into our country
02:25   come from archaic, tribal contexts, they come from
02:29   tribal societies, dear friends, they come from states
02:34   in which there is little statehood, in which the right of the
02:38   stronger rules, in which the rule of the fist applies. And with this cultural
02:42   imprint they come across our borders, and of course they
02:46   do not abandon their cultural imprint at the border, rather they also live it
02:50   here in our country. And what happened in Kandel is more than
02:54   an ordinary murder. I say it clearly: this is nothing less than
02:59   The — previously described by Samuel Huntington in the ’90s —
03:03   “clash of civilisations”.
03:07   Over there: Mia,
03:11   a young girl who has not been enlightened, but who, on the contrary,
03:15   has been encouraged in her school, by the TV shows
03:20   she probably watched, encouraged in a negligent and life-threatening manner,
03:24   to engage with a culture that
03:28   can be deadly. Mia as
03:32   a human being, offspring of our people, which has gone through humanism,
03:36   has gone through the Enlightenment, which is pacified through and through,
03:40   ergo peaceful. A people that has learned to
03:44   respect the monopoly of power of the state, which has learned
03:49   that the Law of the Strongest can never lead to the accomplished statehood
03:53   such as we have built and how we were allowed to live it.
03:57   A people that has, over centuries, built a society of trust,
04:01   that has been the product of centuries, and this society of trust — which is also the
04:05   basis of our economic success by the way — is now being
04:09   destroyed in the space of a few years. This is Mia,
04:14   that is us, and on the other side, there is this
04:18   young man, from a country
04:22   where the law of the stronger applies. It is not just a “clash of civilizations”,
04:26   or a clash of cultures, it is, as Martin has already hinted,
04:30   a clash of different ages.
04:34   Mia is the present, Mia is an enlightened society,
04:38   Mia — that is, us. The Murderer of Mia is archaic.
04:42   The murderer of Mia comes from a tribal society.
04:47   The murderer of Mia is the Middle Ages, and we, dear friends,
04:51   we do not want to return to the Middle Ages.
05:03   The murder in Kandel,
05:07   the murder of the 15-year-old Mia: that was
05:11   an attack from a time that — thank God —disappeared long ago in Germany.
05:15   It was an attack on our values. It was an attack
05:20   on the equal rights of men and women, which for us
05:24   is not negotiable. It was an attack, at least
05:28   indirectly, on ALL our daughters and women, dear friends.
05:32   The murder in Kandel was an attack on us all.
05:44   But the place Kandel could also
05:48   stand for a change, for a turnaround, because in Kandel
05:53   something that happened a few years ago in Bonn Bad Godesberg
05:57   has not happened, and hardly anyone still remembers this event in Bonn Bad Godesberg,
06:01   (I have unfortunately mislaid the date, it must have been before
06:05   the day of the total border opening on the September 4, 2015) when a young
06:09   man was attacked by a migrant horde
06:13   and was kicked to death. At that time, the politically
06:17   correct, the establishment of this country, could still keep the lid on the pot
06:22   and no-one had the courage to show his face and take to the streets
06:26   and to clearly articulate: STOP at this point, and no further!
06:30   And in Kandel it was different this time.
06:34   In Kandel, which is the DEEPEST WEST,
06:38   which is the part of this country
06:42   in which re-education, materialism and
06:46   the consumer society has turned the brains of our compatriots
06:51   into mush over the last 75 years.
07:03   And I have always said that if there is still a chance
07:08   for a turn to the good for this country and this people, then the impulse
07:11   will come from the East and it will go westward from us.
07:20   And how often —
07:24   and I also travel a lot in the West
07:28   (and it’s not true that Höcke is disliked in the West, let me emphasise that
07:32   there are also many friends there);
07:36   there are so many who tell me: “Björn, we look to the East. We look
07:40   to Saxony-Anhalt, we look to Thuringia, we look to Saxony; yes,
07:45   your approach is right. You have to be the party of motion and remain so.
07:49   Yes, you have to be the faction of movement and remain so.
07:53   Yes, your big demonstrations in
07:57   Erfurt and above all (and I see the friends here from PEGIDA,
08:01   this great organisation)…
08:14   …they have also encouraged us in the West,
08:18   and they have taught us that it is worthwhile and necessary
08:22   to live out our civil rights on the streets.”
08:26   And that is why 600 people in the deepest West have now
08:30   taken to the streets in Kandel, and that, dear friends, is a sign
08:34   that should give me and all of us courage.
08:47   And then I always hear, when it comes to the
08:51   murder in Kandel, or the many knife attacks that happened here even today,
08:55   in this very country, that all that has
08:59   nothing to do with Islam.
09:04   But, dear friends, this has something to do with Islam.
09:08   Islam, in contrast with Christianity, is
09:12   a religion known as a “Religion of the Book”,
09:16   meaning that there is no interpretation of the scriptures, as for example
09:20   in the Bible which has repeatedly been adapted to the time context.
09:24   Islam is a religion that says what the prophet
09:28   Mohammed preached and what is written down in the relevant scriptures; that is
09:32   the word of God, and that must remain valid, unchanged. That is why
09:37   there is also Sharia with corporal punishments that are horrible
09:41   and perverted and are to be rejected without ifs and buts.
09:45   But they are being adhered to because they have never been through the Enlightenment,
09:49   because there has never been any critical reflection on the faith, and above all there is
09:52   a very big difference to Christianity: the Christian — we are all somehow marked
09:57   by Christianity in this country, even if Christianity, DESERVEDLY looking at the puppets
10:02   in the church leadership, thank God,…
10:10   …deservedly
10:14   suffers from a significant loss of membership, deservedly.
10:18   Nevertheless, Christianity is a belief system which assumes that we
10:22   humans were created in the image of God,
10:26   and from this image of God, dear friends,
10:30   arises the uniqueness of each one of us
10:34   and this uniqueness makes the value of the individual.
10:39   This is explainable within Christianity.
10:43   The Muslim is infinitely far removed from his Allah,
10:47   infinitely far.
10:51   Christianity, dear friends, and I remind you
10:55   of Jesus Christ, I am educated in the Christian faith, but have then lost
10:59   my certainty of faith through my occupation in philosophy, but I’m not one who
11:03   would call himself an atheist; I am convinced that there is something
11:08   that guides us, but God is more within me. I do not need the institution.
11:12   Christianity…
11:16   Christianity and Jesus Christ — and remember,
11:20   Jesus Christ was the son of a carpenter — he preached
11:24   peace, Mohammed was a general, he preached and practiced
11:28   war, that is the difference between Christianity and Islam.
11:37   And that is why we have to take Islam
11:41   seriously as a threat, dear friends. It is and could be
11:45   a deadly threat. It is not so automatically: because if we had not
11:49   lost ourselves, if we still knew who we are, if we still had an intact identity,
11:53   then Islam could not threaten us at all, so I’m
11:58   not an…
12:02   therefore I’m not an enemy of Islam. I’m indeed
12:06   tolerant in religious matters, but I say that Islam
12:10   is incompatible with our values, with our way of life.
12:14   Islam has a homeland: that is the Orient and (if you wish) even black Africa,
12:19   but its homeland is not Saxony-Anhalt, Germany and
12:23   Europe!
12:35   And that is why
12:39   it is clear, and we have articulated this self-evident material now as AfD
12:43   with our proposals in the Bundestag, in our applications in the State parliaments,
12:46   during the demonstrations organized by the AfD:
12:51   what we cannot enforce now, because we do not yet have the power, but we will
12:56   get the power, and then we will enforce
13:00   what is necessary, so that
13:04   we can live our lives in freedom in the future.
13:08   Then we will issue the directive that the Bosphorus with the three big “M”s,
13:12   that is, “Mohammed, Muezzin and Minaret”, is over, dear friends.
13:25   Then it will no longer be possible to push through the construction of a minaret
13:29   that has been repeatedly interpreted by leading Islamic statesmen as symbol of power-grabbing
13:33   via the “freedom of religion”;
13:37   that will no longer be possible. A Muslim who lives here peacefully
13:41   and who obeys law and order in public space without ifs and buts,
13:46   has to be tolerated, all others have
13:50   no future and no home here.

11 thoughts on “Björn Höcke: “The Murder in Kandel Was an Attack on us All”

  1. A wonderful speech, spoken by a man who is rooted in reality, who understands, who tells the truth. Which part of this speech is untrue? There is no part!

    I can here now from so many Germans: “But all people are equal. This man is an extremist, a Nazi (and so he must be silenced, through defamation, through denial, through whatever means are necessary)”.

    I challenge any leftist, any person at all, to tell me which part of Herr Höcke’s speech is untrue, is wrong.

    • That’s it, isn’t it? They call us homophobes, Islamophobes, racists, xenophobes, mysoginists, (not sure of the spelling) but they can never call us wrong.

  2. I hope Mr Hoecke gets to deliver this speech in Parliament. If the German people don’t listen to this then they don’t care about their future.

  3. This speech explains why the establishment is determined to neutralize this voice. Truth, delivered with power and passion i.e. charisma, is dangerous to the ongoing project of the 68ers. This is the man who started the AfD on this path, survived a purge by Petry, and will not go away.

  4. Merkel is about to arrest the AfD from stories I hear from Germany. Merkel is a tyrant and GDR Communist. Their way of dealing with opposition is the Gulag. The gloves are off now. The EU is fully revealing itself for what it is -Evil.

  5. Their Islamic communities are taking away our freedom and yet they seems to think that they have a right to take over the West with more mosques.

    They have no right to demand for freedom or human rights when they failed to respect our freedom and human rights.

    The reality is Muslims are not the refugees or people who are in need of a home as they frequently like to depict themselves in the media. They together with their endless cruel, oppressive Islamic expansion are causing us nonbelievers who refused to submit to their Islamic nonsense to feel homeless.

  6. Great speech, this has to be the MAN! the chosen one, this is the new, next leader of Germany!

    A Great speaker, a superb warm voice, speaks with true passion, emotion beaming from his face,

    This man is the face of the new post-Merkel Germany.

    Bjorn Hocke is a winner, he’s the best I’ve seen out of all of them.

    The Germans need him in power asap.

  7. The trouble is the present government of Germany will punish and try to censure people like Bjorn Hocke in small mean ways. Make people who support him and his people publicly less likely to be employed ,mentoring their internet use to have police and other “officials” question you at different hours of the day and night {think Tommy Robinson in England}.Band over seas internet sites that go against the current government line in the near future (this sight ,Jihad Watch and others).Creeping censurership under the flag of hate speech laws as define by a leftist government that hates main stream Christian and Jewish culture that has made the West a true place of individual freedom and equal law for all.

    • A bit off topic. I think for example in UK, it is paranoid people like Sadiq, together with his tribes, who tend to be mostly intolerant for free speech. I just hope he together with his Asian Islamic tribes will just go back to their Islamic homeland or where their Islamic families came from.
      It is absurd that they considered critical speech against their Islamic tribes as hate speech while their Islamic tribes were allowed to spread real hate speech and terror in the streets, their mosques, etc.
      If they want one law for them and one law for us nonbelievers, I don’t see the point of them being in Europe.

    Chancellor Merkel’s decision to allow unlimited numbers of muslim migrants including terrorists and criminals to move to Germany is a colossal misjudgement and a betrayal of the German People, it will have catastrophic consequences for the whole of Europe.
    The social fabric of France has already been destroyed by the malign presence of millions of muslims.
    There is a vast muslim horde on the move and terrorist muslims stalk the land. Many of them carry diseases and viral infections with the added risk of the contagion spreading. They will never socially integrate in Germany and the countries they enter in such vast numbers, but live in already established muslim areas, essentially zones of occupation, and bizarrely, financed by tax payer funded state benefits of the host nations. When their populations reach critical mass due to much higher birth rates, they will supplant the mainly white indigenous population and impose a muslim caliphate by force, threatening death to all people who do not convert to islam and become muslim. Consider the fate of Christians in muslim countries. Islam means submission to a malignant, vicious, evil creed conspicuous by its cruelty, barbarism and savagery. Article 1 of the German constitution cannot be applied to these people. They are not human beings in the normal sense because their minds are congenitally diseased by the poisenous evil and murderous ideology of islam. They are innately terroristic and inherently incapable of living with other people, predisposed to violence against Christians and non muslims they will cause an increase in terror, murder, rape, child abuse, drug trafficking and all types of crime and corruption, destroying the social fabric of Germany and all of Europe. To all those who dismiss these words as racist bigotry and scaremongering, consider this: It is a statistical fact that socially, economically and culturally they contribute absolutely nothing to society, their malign presence in any european country places a huge burden on national resources to finance the increasing costs of social security, housing, child benefit, education, national security, counter terrorism, police and criminal justice. There are already at least 55 million muslims in Europe, millions live in Britain, many thousands of them support a war of annihilation against western countries aka ‘jihad’. Muslim terrorists have killed many thousands and they are actively planning death and destruction in Europe and across the world.There are frequent warnings of imminent attacks, supects are routinely arrested and the situation is going to get worse the more numerous they become. Anybody who dares to speak out against muslims risks being murdered and butchered by their killers. Their expanding population blights the whole of Europe, if they are not stopped and removed and returned to their countries of origin,Christian Civilization will collapse in violence and chaos and a Satanic Dark Age will descend on us all.
    99% of muslim migrants are not working – they will never work in Germany and they will never socially integrate. Muslim higher birth rates aided by German Social Security and Child Benefits will result in a massive increase in the muslim population. Within a generation German People will be a minority in their own country. Muslims are Parasites and will always be a huge burden on the German Taxpayer. They must be removed and sent back to their countries of origin/muslim countries NOW . We must all defend Christian Civilization against the muslim hordes whose ultimate objective is to wipe us off the face of the earth.
    There is no surrender, no compromise, no middle way, it is either the survival of European Civilization or a muslim calipate of terror and barbarism and the triumph of evil.The German Government must protect The Fatherland and STOP the resettlement of a vast muslim population on German Territory.

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