Silent March for Mia Attacked by Antifas

The following report by Egri Nök, including her translation of the video, was published earlier at Vlad Tepes in a slightly different form.

These were the “Nazi” marchers attacked by Antifas

Germany: Leftists Protest Silent March For Murdered Teen Girl

by Egri Nök

On Tuesday evening, between 400 and 600 Germans attended a silent march for the teenage girl who was stabbed to death by an allegedly only 15-year-old Afghan refugee in the town of Kandel.

Mia, the 15-year-old girl who was fatally stabbed by an Afghan “refugee” last week

About 30 leftists protested and attacked the mourners. They waited at the drugstore where the murder took place, and when the march arrived, held up rainbow-striped umbrellas, to protest “for a colorful Germany”. Shuffling and poking with umbrellas ensued. Police removed the leftists.

The local press reported that the march was “far right”, but local police refuted that and pointed out that it was “ordinary citizens”. According to police, as the march went on, more and more passers-by joined in.

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Video transcript:

00:01   In silence, more than 400 people took to the streets in Kandel
00:04   in the evening to mourn the murdered 15-year-old Mia.
00:08   In front of the drugstore where the schoolgirl was stabbed, a ruckus broke out.
00:13   Counter-protesters with colorful umbrellas attacked the participants in the silent march.
00:19   Left against right; the atmosphere was heated.

18 thoughts on “Silent March for Mia Attacked by Antifas

  1. The really ominous part of this is it was “silent”.

    Our Lords and Masters will also realise this and in Pavlovian fashion will put more weight on the pressure cooker.

    Ah well, matters will unravel as they will at this point.

    What an almighty mess.

  2. Sad and heartbreaking, for whole Germany and for her parents. Rest In Peace, Mia.

    Thank You, Merkel for help murder own citizens and our children in a high risk, court is waiting for You …

  3. This woman ( Merkel) made an unthinkable and horrible mess, and now generations have to pay a big, big price.

  4. There were eyewitnesses to that poor girl’s murder, weren’t there? If so (and if Germany gives a spit about her citizens’ safety, peace, and freedom), take the witnesses’ statements [then perhaps swift justice should be applied, the kind of justice not permitted to be voiced in these comments].

  5. It goes on and on and on, and Merkel woman is still in power. Seems impossible to remove this woman, and all idiots traitors who are supporting her. It’s beyond insane.

    Like Hitler, she surrounded and supported by blind death thugs, who don’t realise what they doing. I wish I could wake up from this continuing nightmare.

    Tomorrow will be another truck jihad, another stabbing murders, and still, Germans do 0.

    So we all can only sit here and wait for our rape or deaths, silenced as well by Stasi Marxist hate speech laws,

    • Because she was brainwashed, as are many of her generation across the West. A lot of them don’t have fathers like you. I can imagine the scene if an Afghan ‘boy’ showed up at your door inquiring after your daughter…

      • I imagine many parents are unhappy with their children, especially daughters, dating such scum, but, given previous cases in Germany, are afraid of the authorities investigating them for racism or something similar. It’s probably the same case across most of the West. The “white guilt” card is going strong, as nobody would bat an eye over an Asian father prohibiting his daughter from seeing a member of a different ethnicity.

        And the fact that they get constantly bombed left and right about how good and cool it is to date foreigners, most of them don’t have the critical thinking abilities yet (and many never will, considering it’s not required in schools anymore) and will probably tell their parents they’re just old-school for being against it.

        Last, but not least, I’m afraid in most cases it’s simply the fact that those migrants aren’t teenagers but adult men, who naturally act more mature than actual teenagers, which would be appealing to any girl at that age. I remember back during my teen years girls were pretty upset with us champs getting a tent at every opportunity of closeness (like holding hands or hugging), if you know what I mean.

    • The teenage girls and their parents are being encouraged to.
      By the school teachers, the headmaster, the church, television, newspapers.
      It would take redpilled parents to prevent that. Not all kids are so lucky.

      • Egri (and AK-47 above),

        The propaganda is out of control.

        Just look at the Christmas adverts running on TV this year.

        An alien from outerspace would see these adverts and think that 99% of women of European descent are in perfect marriages to sensitive males of color with perfect physiques that are the ultimate husbands, lovers, and fathers.

        But what can one expect from the controlled media?

  6. How sad is it that I’m surprised the police didn’t ask the marchers to go home after the attacks?

  7. These German girls are well brainwashed in the schools and unis, and tv, media, Marxist indoctrination, like Hitler youth. In fact, Breivik claimed the youths he wiped out were same as Hitler Jugend, only disguised as Norwegian labour party youth summer camp, but these left wing orgs have and are still are indoctrinating our kids.

    So this girl has for sure bought into these lies and insanity of refugees welcome, love and peace. PC, just hand over our countries, cultures, money, wealth, and create the genocide of us all, so these do-gooder brain-washed socialists can feel good, save Africa, but destroy us, their own people.

    I’ve no sympathy for the girl; I don’t know her, but it’s more than likely she’s one of the millions of brainwashed girls off of the refugees’ Welcome Conveyor Belt.

    Maybe it will take many more of them to be raped and killed in order for the others of them to wake up out of the lies they have been told and to think for themselves.

    These German women, many are ruined feminazis, and they will go to bed with an Arab or a black man — Just to spite there own white men! They think it’s cool, a fashion statement, gets them attention.
    I lived in Berlin from 2009 to 2013. It was a very scary place and must be more so now. I got out there, before we knew what was in the cards with Merkel and opening the borders to 3 million ++ muslims — fake refugees.

    Not only Berlin but places like Kiel in the north are plagued with Afghan criminals robbing, raping, beating Germans day in and day out.

    They use texting to summon flash mobs to beat you down if you resist. They can summon a mob within 5 minutes, a mob of 50 people.

    Be careful in Kiel around the train station, there’s a kebab food place inside the station named “Sultan”. This kebab shop summons gangs, flash mobs to bash people up.

    Watch out.

  8. To me the most disturbing part was where the police merely dispersed the violent felons, rather than arresting and charging them.

    We see the same phenomenon in Washington DC, where violent, destructive street protesters were acquitted on technical grounds. but people fighting in self-defense in the Charlottesville “Defend the Right” demonstration are still being held without bail.

  9. When Pegida first marched in Dresden, the state spend tens of thousands and bussed antifas in.
    “The slogans ‘Humanism’, ‘Equality’ and ‘Tolerance’ were shone on to the surrounding buildings, just as 25 years ago the Communist authorities would have proclaimed ‘Unity’, ‘Equality’ or ‘Peace’. Pegida’s organisers themselves took part in the ‘Wir sind das Volk’ marches in 1989; one had the impression on Monday that they had marched in vain.”
    Establishment double-think was apparent in their denunciations of Pegida “for exaggerating the Islamist danger, while approving the cancellation of the previous week’s march because of a credible threat that the movement’s leader would be assassinated.”
    Merkel vilified the marchers and was publicly praised by the OIC for calling Pegida leaders people with “prejudice, coldness and even hatred in their hearts”.

    When peaceful protest in the West is demonised by Western leaders and applauded by some of the most repressive nations of earth, one realises not only the depth of betrayal of current EU leaders like Merkel but just how distant they are from their own people’s concerns.

    One wonders just how far that can stretch before it breaks.

  10. Protesting such a vile act in silence guarantees that the message, whatever it might have been, was not heard.

    • I think their message got across loud and clear, given the speech constraints under which they suffer. This was a break-through and was recognized as such. Which is why Antifa showed up, which is why the police understood their message, and why others joined them after the march began. Those late joiners understood what was being communicated.

  11. These antifa thugs have no shame. Mourning is something untouchable. For …. sake, what world are we living in?

  12. Mia had a stupid father who should have known better. What type of dad would allow his 15-year-old daughter to “date” an obviously much older Muslim refugee? The one man who was supposed to protect her didn’t and it cost this naive young woman her life.

    Of course this Muslim should never have been in Germany; Merkel’s policy allowed him in, and Mia’s father’s policy allowed him to get close enough to “date,” get dumped, and then, in offended outrage (“How dare this infidel slut drop ME, a Muslim!!”), kill. Of course the Muslim is the murderer and ultimately responsible, but Mia is still dead. If I had been Mia’s father he’d never have been allowed access to my daughter as long as I was breathing.

    I’m lucky I wasn’t in that peaceful march in remembrance of Mia. I know me, and if I witnessed those disrespectful Antifa scumbags shamefully ruining a remembrance walk in honour of a murdered young girl my reaction would have gotten me arrested. I have had enough trouble as it is dealing with the Moroccan-Belgians here in Brussels. I’ve had to deal with the local Brussels police over Muslim “issues” more than once. Luckily I was in the right every time, CCTV cameras proved it, and the police have always been on my side in my forceful actions against Muslim criminal actions.

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